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  1. icm

    Harry Potter 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Looks to me like the top of the Forbidden Corridor set is the Potions logic puzzle.
  2. The builds look good to me, but that dragster has so many huge stickers, even by Speed Champions standards, that it hardly looks like Lego anymore. Not a fan. But hey! Maybe pictures of the Corvette set will be next, I'm looking forward to that one.
  3. I'm actually glad that the Ulysses non-GWP is so basic and bland. I'm planning to buy the 42115 Lamborghini Sian as a gift for someone else later this year, so I'm saving VIP points to use on that purchase. I expected it would be a tough choice between getting Ulysses or continuing to save those 1300 points for the Sian, but Ulysses turns out to be a hard pass. It doesn't look like it has any building techniques that I haven't already seen in the Saturn V or the Hubble Space Telescope in the main set, and the cone adapter between the rocket stage and the payload is pretty clumsy. (Not that I could do better myself, but I have higher expectations for set designers.)
  4. The cockpit glass looks like the same part that's been used since 2015. The drawing shows the glass as a bit more bulbous, less flat, than the real part, but that's just because it's a simple hand drawing for a magazine.
  5. The summer wave is rumored to be full of interesting playsets with good vehicles, good minifigures, and good prices. You can find a comprehensive list of the rumors on Promobricks, Stonewars, or Zusammengebaut. Those sites are all in German, but Google Translate makes them pretty readable in English.
  6. It's mentioned in the press release for 10283 as something you can get for 1800 VIP points. Who knows how many copies they made or how quickly it'll still out.
  7. I like the set a lot now that it's revealed, but I must say I'm a bit disappointed by the huge parts used for the cargo bay doors. I bet they're going to show up in Technic as body panels, but if not they're an overly specialized part for something that could be brick built without much difficulty (if at a very high parts count). I was going to save all my VIP points for a discount on the Sián this summer, but maybe I'll end up using some to get the exclusive Ulysses probe instead.
  8. Excellent digital build, lots of pictures and great backstory. I look forward to seeing pictures when you build this in the brick!
  9. icm

    Is it ok for Lepin to sell MOCs?

    Obviously not. Mods, do we even need to talk about this?
  10. Hmm, I just read that link and I don't think the particular case of "I don't like this Lego set because I just don't like it" is covered. Missing parts, yes. Defective parts, yes. Not liking the subject of the model or the style of the build, no.
  11. If it's an accurate model of Columbia, you'd need a lot more than extra stickers to make it into a different Orbiter. Columbia had substantially different patterns of light and dark tiles on the heat shield, and later an instrument pod at the top of the tail fin.
  12. icm

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    No, it's perfectly fine for designers to release instructions to Ideas projects, as long as it's for free. They just aren't allowed to sell the instructions or otherwise make money off the projects for three years. Quite a few unapproved 10k projects have free instructions available.
  13. Let's have a $50 T-70 X-wing like this year's T-65, but let's wait until, oh, 2023 at the earliest. Toss in a $40 Special Forces TIE Fighter and a $70 Kylo Ren command shuttle to match the OT TIE and Shuttle at those price points this year, too.
  14. icm

    Unpopular Opinions about LEGO

    That's called Coast Guard, they did it in 2017. I wouldn't mind seeing another Coast Guard wave next summer, the 2017 line was really good.
  15. icm

    Future Castle Sets?

    Ouch. That's an unsettling tale. This thread isn't the place to continue on this topic, but I just wanted to acknowledge reading your post. I'll keep an eye out for other information like this, but I'm not going to go looking for it because I have work and school to pay attention to. On the subject of future Castle sets, the rumor of this summer's Creator set being similar to the old Black Falcon's Fortress make a lot of sense. I don't think it would be possible to do a brick-built $100 Creator castle as large as the panel-built $100 King's Castles from 2010 and 2013, but the old Black Falcon's Fortress has a substantially smaller footprint than those, so I can see it being brick-built at $100. It accords with the precedent of the brick-built $100 Creator pirate ship being substantially smaller than the $100 2009, 2011, and 2015 pirate ships made with prefab hulls, masts, and sails.