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  1. icm

    making original Lego parts exactly the same

    Obviously you would need rights for that and obviously you wouldn't get them. If you want to talk about bootlegs there are other places on the web to do that, we don't do that on eurobricks.
  2. icm

    REVIEW | 10294 Titanic

    Yeah ... the Cobi set has a more accurate hull shape, but the construction experience, features, and overall set engineering of the Lego set are much better. The interior cross sections, boilers, engines, brick built portholes and lifeboats, and especially the modularity of the Lego set are worth the higher price and seem to be a good trade for the less accurate hull.
  3. icm

    DC Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Similarly interesting reading on the Woon Tze Che designer Bricklist for the playscale version: 76239-1: Batmobile Tumbler: Scarecrow Showdown BRICKLIST NOTES 1st October 2021 Release The Tumbler was my very first MOC back in 2014 so having it as an official product means the world to me. Many of the solutions I came up with as a MOC are not at all suitable for production so I had to completely redesign the model. The design objective for the model is exactly the same as when I first started my MOC: • It needs to fit 2 minifigures • It has to be as accurate as possible It's funny how upon scrutinizing my earlier model, what I used to think was an accurate representation suddenly no longer appear to be so. The front wheels were too small and the sides of the vehicle need to be angled towards the front. The main challenge for the model remained to be building 2 stable front wheels without a central axle. The new Speed Champion chassis provided the stability while allowing space for 2 minifigures and the new 2x6 angled plates helped to angle the side of the car. The element I originally used for windscreens (part 6070) though looked great, only has 2 studs therefore did not provide the necessary clutch. The end result of 3 windscreens started as a joke from a casual discussion with Mike, imagine our surprise when they actually fit and turns out to be the solution. The wing element (part 61800) on the side of the car is one that I am most happy about, it is almost perfect in size and shape while provided a secure connection. It is extremely satisfying when the element fit perfectly behind the car spoiler used as the side mudguard. The rear of the car is perhaps the part that stayed closest to the original MOC. The end result is a vehicle that replicated the look of the movie design and also one you can play with, rather vigorously if I might add. And yes, it does come in black. My heartfelt thanks to Jesper Nielsen, Maarten Simons and Mike Psiaki for their help and guidance. It was graphic designer Mark Tranter's idea to include the 2nd head for Batman (which is awesome!), and provided all the cool graphics.
  4. icm

    DC Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Interesting reading on Adam Grabowski's designer Bricklist about the new UCS Tumbler: BRICKLIST NOTES It was decided to re-release the LEGO Tumbler, and since I made the 2014 one, I was asked to do it again. Initially it was supposed to be a simple reissue, but I was allowed to change some things that annoyed me for the past 7 years, but only if I would fit it in within a pretty tight schedule (since it was supposed to be a simple reissue, the timeplan wasn’t laid out like it would be for a kit this size). I started with the rear end, in the first version it was way to narrow, and the tractor tyres (which I already keep on getting messages about how they are wrong, but in my opinion look similar enough to boggers that are on the real thing) didn’t exist either, then I pinched the front end to bring the wheels closer together, which led to a complete redesign of the first third of the model, at this point I managed to add the gunners window in the middle, and some suspension details I didn’t even know existed when I was building the first one (thank you @jaylenosgarage for the crystal clear footage during the day). The rest remained mostly untouched, except for swapping bricks for new versions (like 2x6 tiles instead of 2 times 1x6 tiles), or for more correct colors (like smoke windows), but then, I was quite happy with it in 2014, and I saw no reason to reinvent it from scratch.
  5. I do that too. It makes building X-wings, TIE fighters, and Y-wings so much faster!
  6. icm

    Lego City 2022 Rumours, Leaks, Information And Discussion

    Ooh! Must buys, all of them. I am always down for more semi-realistic Space sets, especially if this is a bona-fide Moonbase. We haven't had one of those for decades, if you don't count a couple of Creator B models.
  7. icm

    Future Castle Sets?

    Promobricks doesn't say it's going to be Creator Expert, it says it's going to be Creator 3-in-1 at the $100 price point like the Pirate Ship and the Medieval Castle.
  8. icm

    Lego combinations

    They did. It's called set 75218.
  9. icm

    [WIP] Alien Moon Stalker

    I usually don't post my Studio MOCs on Eurobricks, but a friend of mine IRL said Eurobricks might get a kick out of this one. I've read in several places online that some 80s kids used to use the old Alien Moon Stalker set (#6940, year 1986) as a substitute for an AT-AT when playing Star Wars with their Lego way back when. That makes last year's AT-AT set (#75288, year 2020) the natural starting point for a remake of the Alien Moon Stalker. This is still a rough WIP, lots and lots left to do, but I hope you like the idea! Comments and criticism welcome.
  10. icm

    Convering 10225 into 75308

    https://rebrickable.com/sets/compare/slow/?1-set=10225-1&1-inv=4094&1-user_list=&2-set=75308-1&2-inv=98037&2-user_list= That tool says there's 39% commonality between the two sets. More than I thought!
  11. icm

    Convering 10225 into 75308

    The builds of the two models are completely different. The old one is stacked bricks, the new one is curved slopes cladding a box Technic frame. I haven't looked into the details, but offhand I'd guess the commonality is less than 10%. Frankly, I don't think it's possible to modify the old version to the new version.
  12. I repainted set 6209, V-wing Starfighter, from the 2006 Episode III wave, in Classic Space colors circa 1982-1983. I think it's kinda cute.
  13. My local Bricks & Minifigs had both of them on the shelves a couple of months ago. In person, the 2019 Falcon really does look a whole lot better than the 2015 Falcon, but the 2015 model is a lot more swooshable because the roof panels are so lightweight that the hinges can hold them when the model is upside down. The roof panels of the 2019 model flop open instantly. It's fairly simple to mod the 2019 model to keep the roof panels closed, but you may not want to do that. If you do buy the 2019 model, make sure to also get a copy of the 2021 Microfighter Millennium Falcon so you can have a minifigure of Han Solo. The 2019 set is the only minifig playscale Falcon not to have a Han Solo minifigure.
  14. Those excuses for the cockpit gaps and lack of landing gear in the Mandalorian Starfighter are pretty weak, considering that the 2012 version had neither flaw.
  15. Wow. It may not look like much, but it's really got it where it counts. So much impressive Technic functionality is packed into that boxy little van. Thanks for the review!