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  1. I know that most of the sets I pointed out (everything except the Benny ship) can be disqualified as "Lego Space" for one reason or another. All I'm saying is that perhaps we should cut TLG a little slack and think of "Lego Space" as something more expansive than "minifigures styled like aliens or with sci-fi torso prints doing whatever they do before or beneath a black sky," which pretty much describes all Brickset-acknowledged Space themes. Does Batman have a space shuttle in the DC canon, or is the Bat-Shuttle just a case of TLG designers wanting to have fun with a souped-up Space Shuttle and supposing it would fit right in with the absurdity of the rest of the TLBM line? I don't pretend to know every detail of the old and new Star Wars canon, but as far as I know the Arrowhead was created specifically for the Freemaker show. Of course it has design influences from the rest of Star Wars, but I don't see any one canonical ship dominating its design the way the Stealth Starfighter is obviously an E-wing. If that's the case, why not compare it to other ships designed by TLG for TLG? So, I acknowledge that almost nothing of what I mentioned is Lego Space with a capital S, but it's all "more or less" Lego space to me. I do expect that TLG will find a way to release another Space theme that ticks all the standard Space boxes within the next couple of years, just like I expect there will be another Castle theme that ticks all the standard boxes. I also apologise for getting off-topic by talking about kits that aren't really Space sets in every way.
  2. There are several long ongoing discussions about this general topic on the forums, but this is a fair question. As you note, the record has already been set for gaps, if we don't count the pre-minifig space sets. Despite the long gap and the dominance of Star Wars on the shelves, I don't think the situation for Lego Space fans is as bad as some people on the forum make it out to be. We'll probably see another in-house Space theme in the next year or two, but even if we don't we should consider what Lego has done in the meantime: 2014 - The Lego Movie had several Space-themed sets, notably the 70816 Benny Spaceship and the 70815 Super Secret Police Dropship. That and 70806 Bad Cop Pursuit were practically a Space Police IV mini-theme. 2014 - Ideas Exo-Suit 2014-2017 8 or 9 Space-themed CMFs 2015 - Mini 928 Galaxy Explorer with a DK book 2015 City Space subtheme 2016-2017 Star Wars The Freemaker Adventures, which is practically an in-house Space theme camouflaged under the Star Wars banner - just look at how much 75186 The Arrowhead echoes the design language of Classic Space! 2016-2018 Nexo Knights, which strongly echoes much of Lego's traditional Space design language despite its Castle-inspired trappings 2017 Ideas Saturn V and Women of NASA 2018 70923 The Bat-Space Shuttle, which is very much an in-house Space set despite its camouflage under the Batman banner 2018 - Ideas Moments in Space contest, with the winner to be released in 2019 2019? 2020? There are persistent rumors that The Lego Movie 2 will feature a Space setting. So yes, there is a five-year gap between now and the last dedicated Space theme, but there certainly hasn't been a five-year gap of original content that more or less fits in the niche of Space.
  3. I think a Castle theme that explicitly uses and names the Knights of the Round Table and the other Arthurian characters is the most likely to succeed in the era of story-driven themes with named characters while still pleasing traditional Castle fans. There would be plenty of material to draw on for the stories and no copyright issues, and the more unsavory parts of the legend could easily be avoided. I think a Castle theme branded with King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table would also get a lot of good press outside the usual Lego circles. The only question is, from a business point of view, is there sufficient global interest in King Arthur?
  4. [MOC] Two new builds

    [BUMP] [WIP] [MOC/MOD] Yet Another 928 Redux / Neo-Classic Space Base This is a description for a MOC I hope to make, but I haven't ordered any parts yet. To do first things first, I am writing this post to plan it out and get the idea on paper before I forget it; my apologies if that's not proper forum protocol. Anyone who reads this post is welcome to take the idea and run with it; just please reply to this thread with a link to anything you may do with it. I will edit this post once I start to build this idea in the brick. For brevity, everything is hidden in quotes. Thanks for reading.
  5. HELP! ! !

    Sorry if someone's asked this question before, but I couldn't find the answer after a few simple searches of the site: Is it possible to save a post as a draft and finish it later?
  6. A lot of early sci-fi/action themes seem to have acted as rehearsals or practice runs for later licensed themes: "Look at Johnny Thunder! You can trust us with Indiana Jones!" A very successful sci-fi rescue theme could then be a rehearsal for a Thunderbirds theme, if that franchise had suitable longevity and wide appeal - but I'm not counting on it.
  7. I think Sea-Tron was a prototype theme that developed into what was eventually released as Aquazone.
  8. Lack of original themes

    Well, the "disjointed" Creator sets are usually larger brick-built models; they go together in that sense. The Creator sets with minifigs are essentially a subtheme of City. A disjointed anthology-style Fables theme (as others on this forum have called the idea) wouldn't have the economies of figure production that Creator minifig sets do unless there were, separately, Castle and Space themes in production or its minifigs crossed over frequently with simultaneous CMF lines. The line could probably be made to work both in production and in sales, but it's probably not as simple as "Creator but with Castle and Space sets too."
  9. Lack of original themes

    OK, that makes sense. I would like to see a theme like that. The way you describe it reminds me of the Juniors line, but applied to a higher age range.
  10. Lack of original themes

    OK, I think I see what you mean. But how would that be any different than a bunch of single-wave castle/fantasy/action themes? It sounds like you want to (for example) release Galaxy Squad one year, Castle 2013 the next, and so on, but all branded under the same theme name.
  11. Lack of original themes

    Sounds like...(drumroll)... Ninjago!
  12. "Gorgon" reminds me of the tentacled monster in what is presumably the Kessel Run in the trailer, but I doubt the code name would be so obvious as to make 75219 a Kessel Run Monster.
  13. LEGO Ideas Discussion

    I sure hope they don't reject it as "just another big NASA project." I'm still disappointed that they didn't approve the Space Shuttle by KingsKnight. Even though the model represents a specific aircraft owned by NASA, it's still a modern military aircraft so I expect that, just as they rejected the Red Arrows BAE Hawk despite its non-combat context, they will also reject this project despite its non-combat context.
  14. lepin vs lego

    The difference between Bricklink and Lepin is that parts sold on Bricklink are genuine Lego. The Lego Group (TLG) got paid for their design work and manufacturing expenses when the parts were first purchased. Lepin steals that intellectual property. It uses the design effort of TLG without paying for it. Although TLG may not produce a certain part or set anymore, it still holds the copyright, and that should be respected. Here's an analogy: Say there's a movie you want to have in your home library, but the studio no longer sells it on DVD. (Assume for the sake of argument that you don't download or stream movies). You should get a used legitimate copy on eBay rather than getting a new bootleg copy or downloading it via Bit Torrent. Lego sets are creative works, and the rights of the creator should be respected.
  15. LEGO Nexo Knights 2018

    I see no harm in allowing bootleggers to make similar themes, but any bootlegger who made and sold unlicensed copies of unreleased Lego sets would clearly be committing theft of intellectual property. If you reverse-engineer an unreleased set from publicly available photos and release free instructions for it, that's different.