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  1. icm

    10283 Space Set????

    You think that would be a fitting tribute to the crew; I think it would be in very poor taste. Guess we'll see if there is a GWP or not, and if so, what it is. Unrelated: Because of the anniversary it makes sense, hypothetically, for 10283 to represent Columbia as of STS-1, but I would much prefer 10283 to represent Discovery or Atlantis. Columbia was visibly different than the other Orbiters in several respects, and Discovery and Atlantis are more representative of what one generically thinks of as the Space Shuttle. Also, the white STS-1 External Tank is not representative of the iconic orange tank used for nearly every Shuttle flight thereafter.
  2. Thanks for posting this. I took a quick look and got all the nostalgia feels. I don't have time to really dig in to these right now, but maybe later!
  3. icm

    10283 Space Set????

    Yeah, I'd say that's a fair assessment. Like it or not, NASA space efforts are much more well-known and iconic in most of Lego's geographic markets than Russian, European, or Indian space efforts. The big three NASA crewed space programs are Apollo, Shuttle, and Station. Apollo is well represented by the Saturn V and the Lunar Module (although I would love to have a Command Module too), and Station has the Ideas kit. There have been a bunch of minifig playscale Shuttles in the past few years, but it's been a decade since the last D2C shuttle. In the meantime, two D2C class shuttles have made it to 10K on Ideas, and there are many AFOLs now who weren't on the scene back in 2011. After all, the Saturn V is (correct me if I'm wrong) the best-selling Ideas kit ever, and it brought a ton of people into the hobby. So between the Saturn V, the Lunar Module, and the ISS kits, a UCS style Space Shuttle is definitely missing; that is to say, it would complete the set. Then there's the anniversary - the LM tied in to the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11, and the ISS to the 20th anniversary of continuous habitation of the Station. So with this year the 40th anniversary of the first flight of Columbia, the timing makes sense. What I wonder is whether 10283, if the rumors pan out, will be: a UCS Orbiter, like the UCS Space Shuttle Atlantis by Snelson42 on Ideas ($200 would be an appropriate price point for a large airplane-like model, as demonstrated by $200 UCS Star Wars sets and $200 UCS Batwing) a 1:110 Shuttle stack, like the NASA Space Shuttle (Saturn V Scale) by KingsKnight on Ideas (the same physical size as the $100 10213/10231, but with 2200+ parts in its updated form on Rebrickable, thus sitting at the $200 price point) In either case, will it be designed to be compatible with minifigs? A true minifig scale UCS Orbiter would be more realistic at a $500 price point, maybe, and a 1:110 scale Shuttle stack scales better with nanofigures, but it's easy to imagine either scale being adapted for play with minifigures. The approximate 1:110 scale already has been, with 10213/10231. Whether or not it's compatible with minifigs, will it have play features? For me, the ideal 1:110 Stack would simply be the Rebrickable version of the KingsKnight model, but I know that's not going to happen. It doesn't have "play features" per se, but the Shuttle has a lot of moving parts and cabin volume that are all well represented. A UCS Orbiter ought to have retractable landing gear, at least: that was my favorite part of the 7470 Space Shuttle Discovery, which is the largest System brick-built Orbiter released to date.
  4. icm

    10283 Space Set????

    Has anyone heard of Brickcatch before? Just the site and nothing else comes up when I google it, so I'm worried it's one of those scam sites.
  5. Classic Space, Adventurers, Lion Knights for me. Hoping for a Galaxy Explorer. Some of the options are surprising because they already have recent modern equivalents: Alpha Team = Agents and Ultra Agents Arctic has had City waves in 2014 and 2018 Divers had City waves in 2015 and 2020 Extreme Team is just Town with 4x4s and there have been plenty of City stunt vehicles, including a rumored summer wave for 2021 Model Team = Creator Expert/18+ vehicles Paradisa = Friends, but with minifigures instead of minidolls Town = City
  6. You know, that makes a lot of sense for that price point. But who knows, we may get lucky and get a cheap Slave 1 that's just as good as the cheap X-wing and TIE Fighter - and those are great sets.
  7. A $50 Slave One with Han Solo and Boba Fett sounds too good to be true to me. The 2019 version was amazing, but I couldn't afford it and all I really wanted were the Han and Boba figures anyway.
  8. Sigh. Yet again, something that many people have been requesting for years is finally released as a limited-run exclusive (Comic-Con/GWP/etc) that'll sell out in five minutes, instead of being made widely available.
  9. icm

    DC Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    The next iconic Batman vehicle for a $200 D2C would seem to be the 1966 TV Batmobile, but that's just speculation on my part.
  10. icm

    Harry Potter 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Since TLG already released a whopping three sailing ships at different price points last year ($100 Pirate Ship, $130 Destiny's Bounty, $200 Barracuda Bay) plus two other large floating vessels ($150 Marine Research Ship, $160 Monkie Kid Base), I doubt that they'll push out yet another $130 sailing ship in 2021, even if it is the much-requested Durmstrang Ship. Having bought all three of last year's ships (plus buying a second copy of Barracuda Bay for someone else as a Christmas gift) I don't know that I'd buy another one this year. But then again, I'm sure a lot of people would buy the Durmstrang ship without being interested in any of the others, due to the Harry Potter connection. And there is precedent for releasing a large number of sailing ships in a very short time span - $100 Brickbeard's Bounty (2009), $180 Imperial Flagship (2010), $100 Black Pearl (2011), $120 Queen Anne's Revenge (2011). I think it's more likely the $130 set is the next Hogwarts Castle extension, though that might be the $90 set instead.
  11. icm

    Lego World Builder discussion

    The press release says it'll be developed for the screen, so I'm imagining an animated TV special or one or two YouTube shorts, maybe with a polybag tie-in but not a full theme.
  12. icm

    Unpopular Opinions about LEGO

    Here's my unpopular opinion (maybe I've said it before on this thread, I don't remember): I like and welcome remakes in all themes, especially Star Wars. Every time I see a multicolored makeshift X-wing or other frequent set subject on Lego Reddit (which is a lot, that seems to be the place to go for humble spare parts builds), I'm reminded of the makeshift models I made as a kid and how much I wanted the actual sets, not just my inadequate substitutes.
  13. icm

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Instagram says the Amelia Earhart set that reached 10K is going to be an Ideas GWP. Is there any truth to that rumor? Edit, I see the Amelia Earhart set in the 4xxxx series is listed on Brickset, so it's most likely real whether or not it's a GWP based on the Ideas project.
  14. It is generally speculated that there's some sort of non-complete clause in the Star Wars license. Besides, Star Wars is generally better suited to Lego than Star Trek because the focus is usually on the small craft, starfighters and tramp freighters, that are easily adapted to minifig play scale, whereas in Star Trek the focus is usually on the large starships. There have been a few Star Wars sets based on larger vessels, but it's easier to build a playset in a large triangular Star Destroyer frame than in the shape of the Starship Enterprise, with its several distinct large structures to support. Mega Construx did a fine UCS TOS Enterprise though, and Kreo did a mediocre minifig playscale Star Trek line in connection with the 2013 movie. I think a Lego line would work best with miniscale models of the starships, like the Eaglemoss collectibles.