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  1. At this point I'd say just stop worrying about it. There's natural variation in parts, and the difference in wing angles looks like it's within the manufacturing tolerances.
  2. 2018 Creator Sets

    Creator has been trending this way for some time, but this summer 2018 wave really is just City by another name: that is, City with alt builds. The alt builds on all of these look really nice, though. It reminds me of the best set + alt build combinations of 1990s Town. And that yacht is so amazing I just might get it.
  3. No, don't go! Just give people a week or two. By the time your next MOC is ready to post people will have forgotten about the little gaffe in how you introduced this one. Seriously, this is a very impressive build and I'd love to see more from you.
  4. Do show more pictures, please, and let's all be more welcoming. But also, note that it's customary to simply describe the features of your MOC without a lot of personal value judgments when you post. Let others offer the comments, criticism, and praise, in some order. From what I see so far, it's much better than anything I could build in Technic, for what little that's worth. I'm confident this MOC is a personal game changer in terms of your skills and confidence, but talking it up as a game changer for the entire Technic community is immoderate. Yes, please make a Flickr account and post more pictures.
  5. Because the series is aimed at the general Lego consumer who doesn't know how to use Bricklink.
  6. If the box and bags were sealed, then the hinges aren't the problem. If you got a used copy, they still might be. But if it's a new copy (sealed until you opened it), and you built it according to the instructions, perhaps the slight difference in wing angles isn't worth worrying about. I can't see it in the pictures in your first post.
  7. If the basic wing structure and attachment lugs are the same on both sides, maybe it's just the extra weight of the droid that makes the left side droop. The extra weight would have a negligible effect on new hinges, but 75038 is four years old. If you've taken the set apart several times or moved the wings up and down a lot, the clutch power of the hinges could be noticeably reduced. Try swapping the hinges on either side and see if that fixes the problem.
  8. I don't see the problem. Can you please explain the modifications you've made, and the problems you're having with the wing angles, in more detail?
  9. Lego Catalog

    They're relevant to kids, who are probably not following the latest Lego news online. The Lego catalog was always my favorite magazine as a kid, and I imagine that the relatively small advertising investment of sending catalogs in the mail to houses with children who send for them pays off handsomely even if the vast majority of children who get those catalogs don't remain interested in Lego as adults.
  10. I would guess it's from this or this. The Jack Stone figures are smaller and have fewer degrees of freedom.
  11. Actually, that red figure in the fifth picture is a Technic figure.
  12. The best place to start is at Brickset.com. Search for the theme names you remember (Pirates, Space, etc) and the years you had Lego in as a kid, then see what sets you recognize. Look for the big recognizable parts from each set. Based on those pictures, some good search terms will be "9V," "monorail," "Space Police 2," "Blacktron 2," "Spyrius," "Imperial Flagship," "Octan," "Space Police," "M-Tron," "Ice Planet 2002," and "Dark Forest." I don't have time to go through the Brickset database and pick out the individual sets myself, but you can start there.
  13. Last night I took a break from my usual pastime of persuading myself not to buy the 70816 Benny spaceship to build a different kind of Classic Space redux, based on 6931 FX Star Patroller instead of 928 Space Cruiser and Moon Base. Comments, criticism, and advice of all kinds are welcome! (The pictures are in the first post.)
  14. New Licensed Theme Rumor Mill

    Where did you get this information? I've wanted Thunderbirds sets since I was a kid. By "Avatar," do you mean the Last Airbender, or do you mean the James Cameron movie?
  15. That's a very nice creation with a fun backstory. Where does the phone part come from? I can't find it on Bricklink.