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  1. Hello, I'd like to present one of my first attempts at a digital MOC made using Studio. How far digital building software has come since the days of LDD! It's a ferry, built in the Classic Town style using a retro pallette. It is crewed by 1 minifigure, and can be boarded from both ends by 4-wide vehicles. It can transport 2 vehicles at a time (based on 6633 Family Car), as well as approx. 4 passengers on the walkways and 2 bicycles. I based the design on this Playmobil set from a few years ago. I've never collected Playmobil but I saw a review of this set on JANGBrick's channel and thought it was quite good. Here is the ferry, docked at a small pier, unloading 6633 Family Car. And here it is, on its own. I hope you enjoyed looking at this model. It's been a long time since I've posted on Eurobricks, but I've never stopped looking at all the wonderful creations ~ A.S.
  2. AwesomeStar

    What's your latest acquisition?

    Just bought a complete, boxed (though opened) 6081 King's Mountain Fortress from an eBay seller for £35 - BARGAIN! To that other bidder, you fought long and hard my friend, but the Brick God was, alas, not on your side
  3. AwesomeStar

    Winter by Family

    Lovely winter scene. I particularly enjoy the angled bridge across the frozen stream, very cool. You continue to impress with some really great MOCs, brilliant work!
  4. AwesomeStar

    MOC - New Fire Headquarters

    Blimey, that fire station is huge! I love all the detail you've put into both the interior and exterior of this MOC. I didn't quite understand how big it was until I saw that picture, it's massive! Brilliant work, can't wait for more!
  5. AwesomeStar

    [MOC] Raider Ambush

    Nice vignette, would be nice to see a little work on the landscaping though. I like to use lots of green 1x1 and 1x2 plates to create a more varied and realistic landscape, especially around paths, giving it a real worn-down windy look Good minifigure posing too!
  6. AwesomeStar

    [MOC] The Dragons Castle Gate

    Lovely work - nice, clean and simple. If you do want to spice it up a bit though, I suggest looking into other MOCs of castle gates with banners, flags, different architectural details and so on. I imagine a bit of inspiration would really get you going with further MOCs. Once again, great stuff
  7. AwesomeStar

    Gondorian army - project

    Great work! The shield is superb. But could you please resize your pictures to the site guidline? For one image it took an awful long time to load.
  8. AwesomeStar


    You are utterly insane! I am glad it was early Mega Brands though. The Halo stuff they have been producing is nothing short of top-notch.
  9. AwesomeStar

    Excalibur 2.0: Conclusion

    We were keeping Masked alive a little while because we deemed ourselves under the radar enough, and so decided to focus on other PRs. As it happened, he didn't investigate a single one of us.
  10. AwesomeStar

    The Forest II Mafia Sign-up thread

    I'm very interested in playing! 1. What is your favorite FABULAND set? 2. What is your favorite EB Mafia moment? 3. What is your favorite acronym? 1.) Double Decker Bus, or Fisherman's Wharf. 2.) Excalibur 2.0 scumboard! (which ye shall never see...) 3.) WIFOM - I have no idea what it means, but it sounds like a computing company.
  11. AwesomeStar

    Excalibur 2.0: Conclusion

    You really don't want to see the scum writeboard.
  12. AwesomeStar

    Excalibur 2.0: Conclusion

    I agree with this. OH WAIT - I'm being a sheep! Scuba, look away!
  13. AwesomeStar

    Excalibur 2.0: Conclusion

    My mistake, I skimmed. God I'm an idiot.
  14. AwesomeStar

    Excalibur 2.0: Conclusion

    I think the main problem with the Stump was that we were running rings around the town and were doing really well, and then all of a sudden one of our strongest players is taken out on the whim of the host rather than actual action by the town and we're quickly being picked off. But hey, it's all over now and we put up a great fight afterwards.