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Found 4 results

  1. Scenario: You are in the situation in which you miss some LEGO parts in Studio but have seen them in LDRAW (unofficial) library. Maybe you tried to resolve all the references to all sub-assembly-files once by hand or had a look at the dependencies with some other tools - as I am working in IT and love to automate things and thought "I can't be bothered with doing this manually". And as I want to contribute something back to the lovely community of people I put it online in May 2022 and gave it some little updates inbetween: The LDraw to Studio Exporter ( Description This tool is designed to import parts which are available in LDraw, but not in Studio. From the LDraw part number, it zips all relevant sub elements (there can be many!) into a part pack. Howto Visit the LDraw Parts Lookup Search for your part of choice & copy the number Enter this number into the below searchfield A list of all fitting parts from the catalogue will show up - clicking the entries will create a zip package with just the needed parts To use the packs, unzip them and place their contents in your "C:\Users\{your username}\AppData\Local\\CustomParts" (Windows) The parts will then be available in Custom Parts palette of Studio Screenshots Entry-Page Example result for query "47373" Details of the zipfile structure of an example part Here is an example of the structure and the needed subparts for one Shock Absorber ("47373-f1"): Some example results as direct links of parts missing in Studio: - Technic Shock Absorber 11L Soft (Extended) - Technic Shock Absorber 11L Soft (Compressed) - Technic Shock Absorber 11L/9L (in Extended Position, not Pre-Tensioned) - Technic Shock Absorber 11L/9L (in Extended Position, Pre-Tensioned) - Technic Shock Absorber 11L/9L (in Compressed Position, not Pre-Tensioned) - Technic Shock Absorber 11L/9L (in Compressed Position, Pre-Tensioned) Updates January 2023: Fix: Nightly refresh of LDraw unofficial files working now, it was buggy before and stuck on the releases from ~August 2022 version Feature: Unofficial files may be downloaded via a new checkbox. Searches are exclusive here, so having the checkbox set means it only goes through the unofficial list (but may grab sub assemblies from the official, where needed) UI: Added Dark Mode awareness UI: Added Font-Awesome Icons for downloads UI: Some tweaks (all professional webdesigners: hush hush, nothing to see here... don't look at my nasty css quirks :P) May 2023: Fix: Textures are now included (they werent before..)
  2. Hello, I recently installed LDD for the first time on my Windows 8.1 laptop. I notice anytime I start it, it says "Installing Bricks" and downloads over 159.50 MB of data out of 159.93 MB... But it never reaches the end, it always stops before the end and says "Bricks Download Failed" with the message "LDD cannot access the web server to retrieve new bricks.Do you want to run in offline mode?" And I have to hit Yes to use the software, hitting No closes it. I've manually added the exe file to the Winodws Firewall exemption list. I've Googled but only finding questions from years ago about an older version- does anyone have any ideas on what could be the problem?
  3. Aqualords

    Hey new here!

    My name is Aqualords and i have a blog I collect LXF files from difrent MOC some make great LEGO models. Like: StarWars LEGO model LEGO orginal model War LEGO model Fantasy LEGO model All great models can you see on my blog i are a big fan of LEGO like, IF you make LEGO model send them to me if them are great i put them on my blog :) GREATEST Aqualords
  4. I want to design a car, but I'm only good at frames, I have no idea how to build a chassis. Does anybody have a .lxf file that I can download containing a non-Technic car chassis? The reason for non-Technic is because I don't know how to use Technic either.