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  1. Yoggington

    Lord of the Rings Ongoing Discussion

    Do update us as you go, I'd be curious to see how this pans out.
  2. I have looked high and low for set 80085 to no avail.
  3. Yoggington

    Lord of the Rings Ongoing Discussion

    Hah yes, one man's treasure and all that. I do feel like seeing this 'in the brick' might elevate it for me. For now, it's kinda neat, but not €500 neat.
  4. Yoggington

    Lord of the Rings Ongoing Discussion

    I think this is the camp I'm in, and I'm not usually a minifig guy, but the quality of these is what sticks out most to me. I'm not sure what I expected, but it's a bit of a big black blob, and even then, not quite big enough. Not exactly a hard pass, but I'm in no rush to get this. Buying Rivendell is certainly a higher priority and even then I wouldn't hate to miss that.
  5. Yoggington

    Lord of the Rings Ongoing Discussion

    At this stage would you not just treat yourself and avoid leaks?
  6. Yoggington

    Caught on the horns of a dilemma

    Not something I've ever done, but if the area is to be covered with a sticker, it might be possible to sand the studs down completely? Leaving a smooth surface for your sticker.
  7. Yoggington

    [MOC] Bricastle - By JnCe

    I love how organic the shape of this is. Does it have an interior?
  8. Yoggington

    2025 Castle Theme [wishlist/speculation]

    Agree with these two being obvious options. The other way I could see it going that would work with LKC & the Town Square would be a dock. A small shipyard and ramp, the skeleton of a boat, some trading activity and perhaps a marine watchtower. Akin to @Kozikyo86's "Winter in the Raven Wharf" MOC, on a more compact scale. You might even see the Sea Serpent in a set like that.
  9. I picked up this set for birthday, and have now finished the first booklet (Carpenter/Weaver/Cheesemonger side) across two relaxed evenings of building. I'll save the other half for a week or so. It's pretty top notch, without being anything stunning. Like there's no techniques as per the LKC where I've been blown away or inspired - but there is just a lot of very solid thoughts and design put in. Small things like the trapdoor to the loft, or the detail in the side-builds are perfectly clever. I am most impressed by the compact scaling of the whole thing. As with the LKC, they have achieved a feel of larger scale by keeping it small.
  10. Yoggington

    [MOC] 10305: Transforming Modular Castle

    I think you're good so long as you're not just blatantly advertising. In a case like this, the video is helping to highlight all the neat features worth discussing - and better than just the pictures would. At least, that's how I understand it, I'm not a mod. It's super clever though. I am going to trial this concept at a smaller scale in a MOC I think.
  11. Yoggington

    [MOC] 10305: Transforming Modular Castle

    Having just been served your explainer video on YouTube, this is insanely well done! I'm not sure the pictures alone do it justice.
  12. Yoggington

    Kilchurn Castle

    Colour me impressed! I would read this if you ever did write it.
  13. Yoggington

    New Lego Identity by Interbrand!

    Well I for one find it very interesting, as you can tell by my post above. Sure there's a bit of corporate bumpf and buzzwords about the whole thing, but at the same time it scratches the same part of my brain as when some angled connection in lego fits together just right, or when you've ordered your spare parts together just so.
  14. Yoggington

    New Lego Identity by Interbrand!

    Well this sent me right down a rabbit hole for the past hour or two. The official video release is well worth a look: https://player.vimeo.com/video/932665402?h=7a84303a79 There's an additional article here; https://www.thedrum.com/news/2024/04/09/lego-evolves-brand-identity-launching-first-full-set-design-elements And indeed, the paywalled article above is better than the unpaywalled, access is easy enough if you just ask for the free entry version. Overall it's not so much a full rebrand, as a simplification of the many disparate messy old brand principles. Previously: “23 guidelines and over 110 separate principles”. They've distilled this down to just five; design for your audience build from its system-in-play tell stories be playful and optimistic keep it simple In real terms they seem to be pushing a few distinct items; 1) A new typeface (not a million miles away from the old one) called 'Lego Typewell'. It'll be a single typeface across all products/website/social media etc., with varieties of course for light, regular, bold, black etc. I don't expect this will mean no more Ninjago or Duplo logos etc., but all other uses of font outside of logos will likely be 'Lego Typewell' where possible. I quite liked the old Cera Pro they currently use on the website. This is built from / based on the 'system in play' (aka real bricks). Look at these curves for example; 2) Improving & emphasising the 'Key Information Stack'. e.g. The area on the product box that tells you how many pieces, the recommended age and so on. see diagram below; https://i.imgur.com/O9jo6EO.mp4 3) What they are calling the 'Clutch system'. This seems to be the most interesting. See the background of the key info stack for an example. It boils down to any shape or silhouette you'd see on a box, a website, in an instruction manual etc., being something you could build out of the 'system-in-play' (aka real bricks). Specifically these bricks: So everything will end up with the same dimension as lego, like the three plates deep to 2.5 wide. In theory, you can build any of these. And here's some sample usage: https://i.imgur.com/UdhqC2T.mp4 4) Action Graphics This is the commitment to use of language-free iconography for various actions within images, again using lego pieces. So instead of 'generic exhaust fume' behind a racing car on the start line, you'll see a cluster of ice-cream bricks and the like. 5) Colour. Not a lot of update here, but it sounds like the only colours you'll see being used in the future, are the actual lego colours. Plus of course, their traditional yellow will be prominent. 4) Motion Principles This one is for the digital only. It reads like when you see an element on say, the website, in motion - well that motion will now simulate how bricks would work in the physical realms. So objects will click together or bounce with 'Lego physics'. An example is given of the 'add to bag' click affect on the website; https://i.imgur.com/oTxu89c.mp4 All in all it doesn't really give specifics of where we'll see this all used in the future. It shows all kinds of samples of packaging, posters, catalogue, website - but these are things the branding agency would have pitched to Lego, not commitments by Lego itself. If we see follow through, I imagine it means an updated (unified) packaging range, changes to the website & social media posts, differences in the mailing list output, instructions and that sort of thing. ...on the other hand, we could always see it only half-adopted..
  15. Yoggington

    2025 Castle Theme [wishlist/speculation]

    Oh okay, I get you. Sorry, not meaning to pick a fight. You're hoping for things that are recreations of "the classic space theme" of Lego's past. Unfort, I don't think we'll see much of that outside of occasional nostalgia-bait. I see these as very much space-related. But I'm talking about the much more general space, as in, astronomy & vague sci-fi elements. I don't need the blue brick and yellow cockpits to be satisfied. If Lego would release a JWST model I'd be a happy man.