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  1. I see. Thanks for the help doc! Should I have more questions, I'll ask but for now I believe I have all the resources. 👍
  2. I see. thanks for the response. My reply might look a bit long but its actually not too long since I wanted to include all your points that I am replying to to be precise Indeed. And I just hope that my Bricksafe database will save others a lot of work should they want to download more expansions for Studio that normally takes them years to finally add in updates. I add all the connectivity ports and BL IDs to them meaning all the downloaders need to do is open it in PD and hit export but this process is done one by one which is still a grind. Thanks for the advice, Although on the LDraw parts website, it downloads parts automatically as a ".dat" file, and sometimes when I open it in PD, it will give me an error saying its empty and there would be only the connectivity and a destroyed part such as when I downloaded the squirrel part. Any thoughts on that? I did realize that when I was exporting the new minifig horse model with movable legs so the only way to get around that is to export each joint separately. Normally in those cases I don't put a BL ID on the movable joints but only on the main body to avoid color/pricing confusion I really appreciate it. Also I'll need to take a look at that BL forum. Seems promising Also do you by chance happen to know where I can find the minifig gas mask part? this part: 24135 which will be very helpful for my cyberpunk theme series You said earlier that For me, it is fine that the parts are low poly because they are better than nothing and are definitely a lot better than the monstrous placeholders I made in PD so I am wondering where I can look to fetch these parts since LDraw's website doesn't want to use them and only has a select hand few. Again, thanks for your time and help
  3. Cyborg_Samurai

    Custom LDD bricks and fixes

    I apologize if this was already answered but is the parts right here available as an LDraw file? also I found some of those parts but they do not come in color such as for example killer croc's blue pants (found from here I am trying to import parts for studio which will benefit everyone as I upload them to my shared folder thanks
  4. Hi Sylvain, thanks for your time and help as your advice is noted. Sorry for the late reply. I actually saw the message the day it was sent but I didn't have time to sit down until now. I do want to point out for the record that I am a really bad programmer and have next to no programming experience (I tried to learn C++ and I was rather unsuccessful) meaning that I mainly work without advanced console commands. (I even tried to use the superior LDraw before and my head got fried ) It's just that I remember looking at the LDraw website and there would be some things that would not pop up. For instance, this part that is available in LDD is not visible in the LDraw website and a lot of time time, when they are, the 3D model comes disassembled into random bits meaning you need to download multiple files and connect together in PartDesigner I couldn't really figure out how to use that but I don't really see the problem with just directly transferring LDD by opening it in Studio but of course I do not doubt that you are more knowledgeable on that. I hate to be a hastle but I am going to need a very simplified version of understanding what parts are in LDD that arent in Studio. Normally what I would do is that I see a part that doesn't look familiar, check its BL ID since LDD uses official Lego IDs, then place that BL ID in the search bar and see if anything pops up So I think what I have to ask is that you have every single LDD part files and their LDraw versions? Because that would be exactly what I am looking for
  5. I am currently creating a project to help the whole studio community by creating parts that are not available in Studio. This list is constantly updated with new parts being added, as well as deleted once parts that get officially added later in Studio updates since they would no longer be needed to avoid duplicates. I realized that Studio is missing a lot of pieces, specifically parts in LDD that aren't in Studio such as a lot of the minifigure accessories and animal parts Some of the bricks out of many I have managed to export are this dinosaur arm and minifigure helmet So I started downloading files from the community that made sets in LDD, looking for the exclusive parts I need in the sets as I would open them in Studio and then send the part to PartDesigner. Where I need help is if someone may send a LDD file where the file includes 1 of every known part in Lego Digital Designer. This will be very helpful for the whole Studio Community thanks! I also forgot to mention that not to worry about decaled bricks since they do not export to Studio
  6. sadly I couldn't make it 💀 I finished the small set and was almost done with the large set but then I fell asleep on the spot. I pulled an all-nighter thinking that would be enough to complete it but I ended up just giving up when I realized I also had college assignments due as well. Was quite brutal for me but at the same time it was quite a blast as this competition gave me a ton of creativity to work with. I'll be sure to post them tomorrow or the day later for everyone to see
  7. Cyborg_Samurai

    [VOTING] Create a Theme Contest - Best Theme Category

    11 - 2 points 17 - 1 point
  8. Yeah, I dunno either. I am going to submit mine before Tuesday voting so I am just wondering what our judge will decide from there. Oky may have submitted their’s a few minutes late at midnight which is totally fine, but since I am submitting mine several hours later, I really don’t know. Voting wont start yet till tomorrow so we’ll see if submissions before voting day get accepted as well. Fingers crossed btw, is there any rules about voting for yourself? I don’t think people should be allowed to vote for themselves
  9. Yeah… it’s 3 am here and I’m heading to bed. Didn’t sleep much last night day before 💀 There is no way I can finish up by this night anyway so I would need the extra day. I’m a bit disappointed I couldn’t make it but let’s see what Patra may have in mind. When I wake up I’m going to (hopefully) finish my theme up and try to stay optimistic about what the next plan of action is from there on
  10. Cyborg_Samurai

    [CATC] The Great Filter

    Yes it very much is XD I've been obsessed with MGR since 2016 so I'm not like those posers who just meme it lol I'm still trying to finish up my large set and I'm probably going to stay up really late trying to finish it, but my theme is going to be metal af as its basically exo-force with the aggressive aesthetic of 90s space themes. Probably the longest of this project was getting the minifigure designs right and creating their brickbuilt weapons. Lots of trial and error
  11. Cyborg_Samurai

    [CATC] The Great Filter

  12. sorry to ask but would it be ok if I can have everything submitted on the 26th, during midnight of the 25th should the 11:59pm deadline be off by a couple minutes/hours? (My timezone is also 2 hours ahead btw) thanks @Oky wanted to ask, how’s your build progress going my dude?
  13. I agree, I'm in quite a pickle here as I didn't even get started on the large-scale set. Bruh I'm screwed best of luck to anyone here
  14. Gotcha. Just didn't want you to repeat yourself as it can be annoying for others but I guess you've got this heh thanks for helping