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Found 4 results

  1. Years ago, while designing a Minecraft mine whose rail system can be reconfigured, I came up with a great idea: a castle that can be folded into other layouts within a few seconds using hinges. Now the time has finally come: I can proudly present you my Transforming Modular Castle. Built from a single LEGO set, the Lion Knight's Castle (10305), this design not only showcases versatility but also offers endless play possibilities. Concept and Design Drawing inspiration from traditional and fantasy castles, I designed this model to be more than just a static display. It features a groundbreaking modular design with six transformative hinges, allowing for a dynamic play experience. Flexibility in Layouts From a classic castle outline to a much larger layout with an extensive inner courtyard, this model can be twisted and turned into various configurations, showcasing the potential of a truly modular build. Multiple Configurations The castle boasts six possible layouts just by twisting the sections. If you split them, you can achieve even more different layouts, such as two independent castles. Access and Interactivity Fully open the castle to delve into the extensive interior filled with hidden details like trap doors, a crypt, and even a wizard's alchemy lab. It’s perfect for imaginative play or a striking display piece. Further Information Detailed instructions are available on Rebrickable You also find a video showing the transformation and the interior there. My Question to You How should I name this modular concept? Since I will use this transforming modular layout for other models in the future, I want to find a name for it that makes it easy to talk about it. What do you think?
  2. Just like many others, I would have preferred a full castle wave over a single monolithic 10305: Lion Knight's Castle. While there are other options avaiilable right now, but they contain very few castle-related minifigures. This is why I decided to split each of the two castle sections from 10305 into a whole medieval world. Now, I finally completed that project! You can build all 10 models at once from a single set 10305, using 94% of the pieces included and no spare parts. Read on if you're interested :) Part 1: from bags 14-26 Part 2: from bags 1-13 Review - Part 1 Here it is: my alternate build for the second half of 10305. Considering that this only uses roughly half of the bricks from the set, I think that it shows pretty well, just how much you get for your money with set 10305. From left to right, you see a forest treehouse, a much smaller lion knight's castle, a tournament that is hosted by the queen, a fortress for the black falcons and Majistos magic hut. Let's take a look at the details, starting with my favorite amonst the models: Majisto's magic hut - Tensegrity included! This model is based on the many tensegrity sculptures you find in the internet. A single leaf element is bearing most of the weight of the model while two chains are used to balance it. You can see the wobble effect of it in my (german) video on youtube. Stairs lead from the water level to the entrance of the hut, passing a frog and the sword excalibur that is stuck in a rock. Using a ladder, Majisto can enter his home. If you happen to have a spare door, you can simply add it. To get a better look, you can remove the roof that rests on top loosely yet secured in place. Inside, there is a bed and a fire place with a golden chalice. Furthermore, you find a table with some potions. I also improved on Majisto's staff a bit: instead of the gem, it now features a more organic looking end. Perhaps, a similar design could have been used in the LotR Rivendell set for Gandalf's staff. What I like most about this model is the "floating" immersion, created by the tensegrety concept. If you poke it gently, it starts to wobbles for a while which is very satisfying to watch. Let's continue with the fortress of the black falcon knights. Black Falcon's Fortress The black falcon knights from set 10305 appear a bit lost without an own fortress. Luckily, the set includes more than sufficient parts to fix that. Using the portcullis from the back gate, the entrance of their home is protected from enemies. To enter, you have to pass an additional wooden door, that can also be used to close Majisto's hut. Next to the entrance, a stable provides just enough space for two horses. The 2nd floor houses the portcullis mechanism while the 3rd floor has some simple furniture. Furthermore, you get a small prison cell, currently occupied by a skeleton. However, if you take a closer look at the first picture, you'll find that there is a break-out function for the imprisoned to be rescued. On the top of the tower, there is a catapult, used for launching projectiles at any attackers. As you can see, the fortress can be also be closed. It seems like the leader of the black falcons is currently not at home. Let's find out where he went. The Queen's Tournament The queen is hosting a tournament where her best knight is challenged by the leader of the black knights. From her podium, she can watch the joust whilst enjoying a drink. Once there's a winner, she would ring the bell. Her guard is at her side, playing the drums or the fanfare to get the attention of the crowd. The weapon rack provides two swords so the two knights can also prove their skill in close combat. The forest guardians did not show up, due to the lack of an archer contest. Forest Treehouse Deep in the dark forest, the forest guardians built a small treehouse next to a small stream. The forest woman made a campfire to stay warm and to cook. For safety, a water bucket is always nearby. Using a ladder, she can enter her modest home that features round windows and a round door. Inside, there is a bed and a barrel with her sword, as well as a table. Her bow hangs on the wall. Below the treehouse, you can find a beehive that provides the residents with honey. But back to the civilized world of the knights! Lion Knight's Castle The last model is the castle of the lion knights that has lost a lot of its size. Nevertheless, it still includes a working drawbridge and portcullis! Similarities with the glorious set 6080 continue inside with stairs that lead to the batllements. Behind the stairs, you find the treasury. A ladder can be used to access the upper levels. Furthermore, the prison cell in one of the towers may remind you of older days. Just like the black falcon's fortress, there is a break-out function. If you don't like the open back of this castle, you can just hinge both side arms to the back to close it. Modularity The two castles are not very big. If you like the two factions to join forces, you can just combine them to a single one! Now that's a castle that deserves the name! I hope you enjoyed this journey through my castle world from 10305 that offers different locations to visit and to explore. While the official build is like the end of a story, this is merely the beginning. There are so many options for play included in these five models, so many stories to be told. If you are interested in the instructions, you can find them on Now, the only thing that's left is to work on the second half and rebuild the more civil part of the castle. Review - Part 2 Here's a picture of part 2 that is finally complete and only uses the parts from the first half of the set! I wanted to focus on the civil side of medieval life and therefore created a medieval village scene, complete with a windmill, a peasant's thatched roof cottage, a medieval Inn, a guardhouse and a merchant ship. Let's have a look at each of the models, starting with the windmill. Windmill Windmills are underrepresented in sets in my opinion, especially in the castle series. There is only a single castle set with a windmill: the 7189 Mill Village Raid. Therefore, it was an obvious choice to include in this project. I wanted to create half-timbered buildings of different color and this is the first of three: white and brown with blue roof tiles. The roof is made from almost all blue parts in the set. Both sides of the building can hinge open to reveal the millstone that is driven when you turn the windmill. Further more, there's a working table for the miller inside and a little bird nests on the roof. Without farmers, such a mill is of course pointless... The peasant's thatched roof cottage The farmer and his son live close to the village in a plain cottage. To do transport, they have an oxcart that offers enough space to hold trees, a chest or some barrels. Next to their cottage, they cultivate a small field where they grow grain and beetroot. On the other side of the building, there's a block with an axe for chopping wood and a dry place to store it. A small stream is their source of drinking water. If you open the building, the sides fit together perfectly at the back. And you can easily access the interieur that offers a fire place with chimney, a table with dish and a straw bed. Medieval Inn - "The Prancing Pan" Let's take a look at the second half-timbered house: the medieval inn with its black and tan colored facade and its black roof. You can recognize the "Prancing Pony" by the golden pan with the guild sign above the door. Next to the covered entrance, a vine grows up the wall and a barrel is waiting to be brought inside and tapped. The yellow flag shows that a room is free. The red-roofed well adds some color to the scene. When opened, it gives the impression that there are two buildings. Inside, a staircase leads upstairs where a hatch can be opened to the guest room with comfortable bed. Below the staircase, another barrel is stored. The other half of the building includes the kitchen with tiled floor. Vegetables are being cut there and a pot is on the fireplace. Upstairs is the heated room with table and stools where guests are served the most delicious dishes. The Forestmen's Merchant Ship The village depends on supplies, which are delivered to the dock. This trading ship of the forest guardians is about to arrive. You can recognize it immediately by the coat of arms on the sail. The bow is decorated with a figurehead that reminds the captain of his missing daughter. And the steering wheel can be used to operate the rudder. On deck there is enough space for many different goods. Including a barrel with fine fruits, some honey and a crate. These goods have to be declared through customs. Lion Knight's Guardhouse The lion knights guard the harbor. From the high bell tower of their guardhouse, they can see approaching ships early on. I'm especially happy with this half-timbering that mainly consists of the nano scale yellow castle from the original set! Just like the other buildings, this one can be opened for play. Here you see that the wooden door can be locked with a beam from inside. A well ensures an independent water supply and there is also a target practice. On the upper level, the guards have a writing table with some very valuable equipment. I also added the possibility to connect the guardhouse to the Lion Knight's castle from part 1. But this isn't the only way to connect it to the models from part 1... Since black and yellow half-timbering is associated with the Black Falcons, you can add it to their fortress too forming an angled building. Please note that this isn't an exact fit and might stress the clips over time. You can find the instructions for part 2 here. The only thing that remains now is to share some pictures of the two parts combined, showing some of the countless stories that could take place here :) I hope you enjoyed these smaller builds from the Lion Knight's Castle! Maybe it inspires you to wipe the dust off your castle and start building as well :)
  3. Two weeks ago, I challenged myself, to build the 10305 Castle, only looking at the pictures that we get so far. After measuring every stud, in each room, tower, or wall section. Figure out most of the mechanisms in the castle, tried every angle I can say, it is done! More and more review appears these days, so it's my time too, to show you, what was I able to create from my own bricks: First: I ditched the Queen, young prince, and mostly female warriors, I think, for the latter, it isn't realistic. Also wasn't a fan of the Lion Knights, nowadays, I build with Wolfpack. So, the army was ready. Second. I changed the interior in some rooms (mostly, the kid's room) Sadly, had some mistakes. Like, I didn't build an extra secret room, behind the tree. Didn't equip the privy chambers, and doesn't put a bell in the belltower. Cause, they weren't detailed in the pictures. The drawbridge works a bit differently too. Didn't use any weight on either side. The bridge goes down by its own weight (in the original, the weight is on the castle's side, so in that way, it is close). I used a gear rack system, sliding up and down a plate, which makes pressure or releases the pressure on the castle side of the drawbridge. (Sounds difficult, but check it out in the video. :D) My proudest part was figuring out how to turn the balcony into a bridge. Anyway, I think, my "Why-to-buy-an-expensive-set-if-I-could-build-it-from-my-own-parts" Challenge is done! And the pictures: Front and back of the castle. I think I got really the look. Minifigs: Here are the most changes. Like, the entire Lion Knight army is replaced to be Wolfpack. The Black Falcons replaced by Bull Lnights, (Cedric Gilbert and Weezil). And instead of the noble kid, I got a stable boy. Interior and extras: Also find more pictures on Flickr,or watch the video here!
  4. The 10305 Lion Knights' Castle is amazing. It's also $400 plus tax. The 31120 Medieval Castle is a great castle for $100 plus tax, but it doesn't have a lot of minifigs. What if you want a really simple, classic castle? As an exercise, I built set 6073 Knight's Castle from 1984 in Studio using only parts currently available from Bricks and Pieces. The result uses 670 parts, compared to the original 408, because the panels are brick-built, and it has no horses, and the minifigs are plain, but other than that it's a pretty close copy. The render doesn't show the minifigs, shields, and weapons, but they're included in my Bricks and Pieces bag. The total cost on is $95.15 plus tax, plus whatever two horses and saddles cost from Bricklink or Bricks and Minifigs. Genuine used copies of 6073 currently go for $175 on Bricklink in the USA, or $150-200 on eBay depending on the condition. Will I go ahead and buy the parts? Almost certainly not. The 31120 is a much better castle for $100 plus tax, except for the paucity of minifigs. But it was an interesting exercise. Maybe in a few days I'll see if Bricks and Pieces can yield up a decent light gray recolor of the Yellow Castle. The horses won't be missing from that one ....