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  1. Supersick_

    [WIP] Bluecoat sloop WIP

    This is awesome! Nice historical reference of HMS Ontario - I love the hull solutions, the stern tapering works very well. She looks very accurate and I also really like the beakhead. Great MOC, I can't wait to see it progress.
  2. Supersick_

    [MOC] - HMS Supernaut (48) Heavy Frigate

    Cheers! Cheers Marin! I recently saw your amazing Triton page on Rebrickable and it's inspired me to elevate Supernaut's content a bit more haha. Really great!
  3. Supersick_

    [MOC] - HMS Supernaut (48) Heavy Frigate

    Awesome! Thanks for pushing me to get those done, and let me know if anything should change in the files.
  4. Supersick_

    [MOC] Redcoat frigate The Crab

    Love seeing the fleet together! Great work, I wouldn’t want to cross this forward ranging escort.
  5. Supersick_

    [MOC] - HMS Supernaut (48) Heavy Frigate

    Yes, the Lego cannon will fit great. I mocked up a comparison to see. interesting note - Endymion only wore 24pdr's to match the American 44s in War of 1812-5, otherwise 18pdr's were preferred (on all RN frigates). I thought I'd reference that, but also the more realistic long guns definitely look really cool in real bricks!
  6. Supersick_

    [MOC] - HMS Supernaut (48) Heavy Frigate

    Perfect. Adding backstays and add'l string rigging would be great! Here are some shots of the refined lower hull. I will update the Rebrickable page with the full model and instructions in a day or two. Tried to reduce inner core piece count as much as possible... Need to build the stand to support it as well, Supernaut's heavy.
  7. Supersick_

    [MOC] - HMS Supernaut (48) Heavy Frigate

    Ah I see, well then… yeah that email works. Thanks!
  8. Supersick_

    [MOC] - HMS Supernaut (48) Heavy Frigate

    Cheers mate! It’s a really fun build, and yeah I will add the instructions and parts for lower hull this weekend. I wanted to make sure she was sturdy enough in real bricks before committing to the lower hull. Luckily the lower hull technique is already proved out w/ Fer Maiden so I don’t foresee many issues. Do you have a good 3mm tubing resource for the long rigid hoses used in the shrouds?
  9. Supersick_

    [MOC] - HMS Supernaut (48) Heavy Frigate

    Certainly not beyond capabilities, maybe just commitment issues around my work/life schedule! Haha. How about a guest-blog or something? Thank you Phes, it definitely evolved quite a bit!
  10. Supersick_

    [MOC] - HMS Supernaut (48) Heavy Frigate

    Aye indeed, I be a pirate though and don’t have anywhere nearly enough for an Imperial crew. Haha
  11. Supersick_

    [MOC] - HMS Supernaut (48) Heavy Frigate

    Made a dockyard model to show some of the structure a little easier without the masts and rigging. I dig it, haha.
  12. Supersick_

    [WIP] Collaborative Pirate Display

    Exciting! Anyone looking for a large frigate...? I can't wait to see what an Evancelt Redcoat Fort will be!!!
  13. Supersick_

    [MOC] - HMS Supernaut (48) Heavy Frigate

    Her gun deck is 74 studs long and 19 studs wide at the waist. The core of the model is even-width technic structures carrying the capstan axle mechanisms so the odd stud width is fun to achieve. This, oddly, makes some of Supernaut more challenging than L'Anubis will be (20 stud width, plus capstan in the foc'sle) Thank you all for the encouragement, I really appreciate it. The challenges in this build are fun, but doing the instructions was hellish - and cost-reducing what I could to make it somewhat realistic to afford. It's cheaper to build than would estimate but definitely not worth paying for Lego rigid hoses. Go MOC-er spool of 3mm Freelin Wade hose (or buy sections from resellers). Wow, what a compliment. Thank you very much, I am flattered. But I assure you, Sir Thomas Slade was much more punctual when delivering his designs, haha!
  14. Supersick_

    [MOC] - HMS Supernaut (48) Heavy Frigate

    The Supernaut - Heavy Frigate Constructed outside the watchful eye of the Imperial admiralty, Supersick_'s Pirate Shipyard is proud to launch the frigate Supernaut - explorer of time and globe. She is punched for 48 guns: 24 long guns in her main battery and more iron up top - 2 cannon, 20 carronades across the foc'sle and quarter decks, and 2 long gun bow-chasers. Using creativity and advanced hull-shaping techniques, the Pirates have laid down a class of extremely fast large frigate secretly commissioned by the Red Coats but on offer to any fleet willing to pay the chests required. Designed as an homage to the historical HMS Endymion (1797), she's a very large frigate at theme-scale: the pride of your Navy's long-range fleet. Capable of defending herself from almost anything she may encounter on the high seas, she's fast enough to run from Ships of the Line and indeed hunt and capture them if they stray from the Line, let alone the havoc that await Merchantmen without sufficient escort. This model is meant as a "UCS-Style" build. It is completely brick-built with no prefab hulls, no prefab cannon, and no prefab shrouds. These more playful elements can be adapted (except not the hulls). Please be aware to edit the parts list yourself if you choose to build it like that. Features: a working double-deck-capstan to weigh anchor, a brodie stove to feed her crew, a furnished cabin for her captain, brick built accurate cannon (18pdr long gun main battery), standing and running rigging with yards that rotate to accurately portray various sailing profiles, removable foc'sle and quarter decks to allow access to her gun deck and interior, and probably my favorite feature: it separates into 3 sections for more detailed play. Bow, Waist, and Stern sections are fully stand-alone and self-supporting. Please use caution when separating and reconnecting, and don't forget to undo the strings between masts! Whether you choose to add this vessel to an Imperial navy or a Pirate clan, may you have calm seas and fair wind. Now, all hands beat to quarters and let fly the colors! Here be a deal happening between a famous pirate and an undisclosed Imperial Officer. A ship changing hands and letters from Admiralty? There be strategic waters ahead...
  15. Supersick_

    [MOC] 6277 Merchant cutter reimagined

    Awesome! Congrats dude. Can't wait to build her.