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  1. Supersick_

    [LDD] Trinidad Pirate Ship

    Aye, there's much wisdom in this post. The Main and Mizzen work in conjunction (more or less) to drive the rear of the ship. The Fore (and Jibs) drive the front. A ship who's mainmast is at it's center point would have a helluva time turning since the wind would keep pushing the center of mass... downwind. If I can offer another unsolicited suggestion: taper the hull towards the stern! The plan view of ships looked very "tear drop" like @kurigan said: the bluff/round bow, fat waist and then ... the taper! Keep up the great work, I look forward to seeing your new ships every time. Edit: more detail re: the taper - The gun stripe and quarter galleries are pretty accurate, it's the hull formed underneath them that is essential undercut on a post ship/frigate/corvette. A picture is probably more helpful:
  2. Supersick_

    [WIP] “L’Anubis” - 3rd Rate Ship of the Line

    I’m reworking the design so the deck heights are a little easier for minifigs. Annoyingly this is taking a bit of effort but in the end the result will be worth it.
  3. Supersick_

    [WIP] USS Constitution Moc Progress

    Haha, thanks man! Yeah, designing cars pay the bills (I still love them), motos are the most fun (but at 37, also why I hurt in the morning). Lego is such a universal language - I know a lot of people rediscovering their love of the bricks lately. Thanks for the compliments on my ships, your Constitution is looking really great, she's HUGE!
  4. Supersick_

    [WIP] USS Constitution Moc Progress

    Beautiful! And I agree, mods move this to the MOC section so we don't lose track of such a great build.
  5. Supersick_

    [MOC] Charlemagne 74 gun ship of the line

    Really love the updated proportions and details! Great job, she looks beautiful.
  6. Supersick_

    [WIP] “L’Anubis” - 3rd Rate Ship of the Line

    Yes, I’m definitely making instructions for Anubis. Thanks so much to everyone for the encouragement. I’m making progress, work has just been busy for a bit!
  7. Supersick_

    General MOC-Discussion, WIP-Help, and Teaser Thread

    Oh yeah if you want to make it symmetrical just use 2x 3L bars and do a radar dish on each.
  8. Supersick_

    General MOC-Discussion, WIP-Help, and Teaser Thread

    I'm sure there are a few ways to do this but here's what I was thinking. Pictures being a thousand words and all that...
  9. Supersick_

    General MOC-Discussion, WIP-Help, and Teaser Thread

    The smooth reddish brown piece on top looks like a 2x2 radar dish with a nozzle on top. I think these can fit over axle ends, but what I would do is ditch the axle and use a 4L bar. The bar fits tight in the axle holes and will slip through a radar dish to hold it, which is then hidden by the black hose nozzle being used as the spout.
  10. Supersick_

    [WIP] “L’Anubis” - 3rd Rate Ship of the Line

    Update is: work has been super busy lately and I’ve had to travel a bit. Just haven’t carved out the time for the final push to finish her off, but I also wanted to test something so I was waiting for a shipment. I should have her completed within the next week or two. Basically: the design I have for the beakhead uses some REALLY rare rigid tube lengths. In talking with some people about Fer Maiden’s tan slopes now becoming very rare (thus expensive), I considered some alternative designs but I guess once you like something enough you can’t get it out of your head. I ended up finding a near-identical (if not exact) supply of tubing that is still produced (Lego production has ceased from what I can gather, in many of the desired lengths). I am just confirming that this is a good enough solution, and I plan to offer pre-cut and sorted “kits” of the beakhead tubes for my ships (an update to Fer Maiden’s as well). This is not technically official parts (obviously) but I think this would be an understandable exception. The supplier I found is what many top convention-level architectural MOC builds use. There has been talk that this may even have been a supplier to TLG for pneumatic tubing. For background: the material (type of plastic) needed for pneumatics is different/specific compared to the injection-molded brick material. Different materials require different tools and flow optimization in the factory, often different storage of the raw material, and unlikely you are able to “share” anything between the various materials (for instance vats/vessels for heating, pouring, cooling, etc). Tubing is also produced in extrusions which is quite a different process from molded parts. This is why it would not surprise me if Lego used a supplier for tubing required in the relatively few pneumatic Technic kits. I personally wouldn’t do any custom lengths or colors, I would keep everything as-is with Lego’s catalog, just offer it for something like $10+shipping vs $1MM+ or whatever it would be if you could even find them on BrickLink. Any opinions/suggestions on that?
  11. Supersick_

    [MOC] "Fer Maiden" - 36 Gun Privateer Frigate

    Both really nice solutions! I love them - probably the smaller ones would be a good base for Fer Maiden’s theme scale. Run a 2-stud-wide strip of tiles with jumpers to locate the single stud underneath? Can redo the gun deck to flush those tiled runs with the plates if needed to bring the barrels centered in the gunport. Can run the guns in/out along the tiles and stay them into position using the jumper plates.
  12. Supersick_

    [WIP] Full Hull Battleship

    Yes! So cool dude, can’t wait to see this progress!
  13. Supersick_

    A whole lot of Transformers

    These are all amazingly impressive. Fathom has great techniques in general, let alone that it transforms! Prime looks fantastic and I think Miasma and Flashpoint both work great.
  14. This is amazing man! Great techniques and I know the plight of these ancient Egyptians far too intimately, though the offending deity in my case is multi-colored striped instead of grey. Haha. I love the figure, especially her belt execution. Actually I love every part of it, the color for the drink works so well for this palette. Great job, again.