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  1. Supersick_

    [MOC] - HMS Supernaut (48) Heavy Frigate

    Aye, there are a few different sizes of them. HMS Victory’s stove wouldn’t have been the same size as a frigate’s, for instance.
  2. Supersick_

    [MOC] - HMS Supernaut (48) Heavy Frigate

    Today I added a condenser to the Brodie stove for drinking water. I also realized that if that's the point I'm at in refinement then I can order some material. It's upon this day that the Admiralty Board of Bricklink Orders officially commissioned the construction of the frigate Supernaut. Next update will include a physical model!
  3. Supersick_

    [LEGO IDEAS] Return to Sabre Island

    This is wonderful. I love the additional story that you’ve added with your techniques and details while staying true to the vibe found w/ original set. Each building’s distinctive own style roofs make me think about how fun this would to build!
  4. Supersick_

    [MOC] - HMS Supernaut (48) Heavy Frigate

    Some final refinement: - Beakhead proportions more accurate to Endymion (and less expensive) - Adjusted angle of bowsprit to be more accurate to Endymion. - Repositioned hawse holes, again for accuracy/necessitated by previous changes. - New catheads with inside halves "split" at the bulwark so the foreword foc'sle deck can be removed easier. - New boats! I completely redid the boats in a more supersick_ hull style and did what I could to maximize their stability/play.
  5. Supersick_

    [MOC] - HMS Supernaut (48) Heavy Frigate

    First, thanks so much for the compliments, and I'm glad you're having fun with the builds! I really appreciate the support. I was just going to update this thread, you have rather good timing! Aye, there's something about the long term cruising ability, firepower and speed of the large frigates that makes them super exciting. Supernaut updates. I'm about to order my bricklink carts! (Mind the mess, there's still a few cheese wedge slopes missing I'm sure, and some wrong colors here and there) I redid the hullside section, figured out a method to connect the shroud lines to the masts so that there's add'l stability, and indicated the chains anchoring the shrouds to the hull in a way I'm happy with. I also redid the width of the main gun deck 1 stud wider through most of it for proportional accuracy (jumper plate mania to get the odd-stud width to work with an even-stud technic gear-driven capstan system). I also added stern davits, and completely redid the bow, a new brodie-style stove, and new 18pdr cannon and carronades ( @TimoFunk inspiration on the long guns). Comparison with Fer Maiden (~2000 bricks). Supernaut is over 5,300 bricks. 6,600+ with the lower hull.
  6. Supersick_

    [MOC] Disneyland's Pirates of the Caribbean

    Aye, indeed. I remember it fondly from before the movies as well haha.
  7. Supersick_

    [MOC] Disneyland's Pirates of the Caribbean

    This is SO good! You really captured the vibe of the ride perfectly, I really get a sense of being there. Also, great use of lights (and photography).
  8. Supersick_

    [MOC] "Fer Maiden" - 36 Gun Privateer Frigate

    Timo, I took your note about them being delicate and re-worked mine to use a core w/ 1x2 modified brick so they can be picked up as a unit and move position via jumpers built into the deck level. Screenshot attached. Different cones on the end of the barrel for different size guns.
  9. Supersick_

    [MOC] "Fer Maiden" - 36 Gun Privateer Frigate

    She looks great, and I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say thanks for the inside look at those guns haha. I did a version that uses a minifig head at the rear of the barrel to help sell the idea of some extra taper. I'll post pics soon, I think using different size "cones" at the exit of them can maybe even differentiate between ~12pdr and 18pdrs.
  10. Supersick_

    [WIP] “L’Anubis” - 3rd Rate Ship of the Line

    Timo, I'll definitely build her in a way that you can add them haha! I'm leaving them off the upper deck because most reference I have seen for the Temeraire-class ships they are not there; only the lower deck ports have covers.
  11. Supersick_

    [WIP] “L’Anubis” - 3rd Rate Ship of the Line

    Update: I know most of you wish this was a completed L'Anubis, but I assure you we are very close. I took her down to the joists and redid her to a larger scale. I think this is the best for playability as well as accuracy. Rebuilding her with Supernaut's hull technique shouldn't take much time since most of her internals will carry-over... but instructions will probably push this out for a couple weeks. I realize more bricks gets expensive but I'm minimizing costs as much as I can with respect to color and brick choices (going off Bricklink costs). I may include a "color coded" model of L'Anubis so that you can see if you have/find cheaper internal structural components. Life/work balance has been a struggle for a few busy years and unfortunately my MOCs are affected by that. I appreciate all the interest and it really motivates me to finish her.
  12. Supersick_

    [WIP] British Whaler barque

    Aye, this is a great use of Fer Maiden / Barracuda Brig base. She looks terrific, keep us up to date. I really enjoy her colors. All the updates are really cool - the new boats are much better and the stove looks amazing! You could add a few plates to the structure/underside of the lower hull so she's "fatter" in the midsection - as would be a whaler or merchant ship meant for cargo. Fer Maiden's lines are styled after a late 18th c. French frigate, much finer (and lacking stowage). Great work Third Nav!
  13. Supersick_

    [WIP] “L’Anubis” - 3rd Rate Ship of the Line

    Check in: yes, she is definitely getting finished/updated and will have instructions. This year has just been busier than expected at work and I haven’t had the time to focus on Anubis as is needed. Apologies for the delays, I know a lot of you are patiently waiting for her to be launched. She’s coming, and I (albeit a little biased) think the update will be worth the wait. Cheers!
  14. Supersick_

    [MOC] "Fer Maiden" - 36 Gun Privateer Frigate

    This is awesome! She looks great with the recolored livery (more realistic too) and I really love those long guns! Have you finished her yet? Please post more pics when you do. Cheers!
  15. Supersick_

    [MOC] Broadside Brig

    This is fantastic, Sebeus! I love the balance you achieved - it feels perfectly nostalgic/modern.