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Found 9 results

  1. Count Vroskri

    [WIP] Building a new hull frigate

    Hello, I didn't plan to start a thread for this frigate but after months of work, I knew I needed creative input. So, here goes: I'm redoing the Hull ship bit by bit, here we go. I'll show you more later. This is just my design for the stern, so I'd like feedback from especially @Sebeus Ion on the custom stern, @Legostone and later on, @Captain Green Hair. She'll be a frigate of 26 guns Any feedback appreciated. Count Vroski
  2. Eddies and currents around Hellion's coast bring crabs to a small beach on the island. The locals have capitalized on this and they often use rowboats to force the crabs on shore and grab them with nets. A building has been built for the equipment and trades often occur near the premises. The boats force the crabs on shore.
  3. Never posted before in Lego Licenced, here goes. This is my mod of the Lockwood Estate, and the JP set. Comments and Criticisms accepted! There are more pictures of it on My Flickr. I couldn't find all of them.
  4. The first big ship built by Greybeard, a Ketch, was given a strong name, Treasure of Poseidon, to help her on her voyages. A swift, strong raider-and-trader, the Treasure of Poseidon was built wide and sturdy to allow her to stand her own against ships much bigger than herself. She is armed with 12 12-pounders, viz, 10 on the gundeck, and 2 as stern chasers. Her sails were large to provide manoeuvrability and speed. The crew works unceasingly to make this ship as efficient as possible. The blunt, cat built bow is designed to provide minimal drag and has a small figurehead.
  5. Black Rock "Black Rock, the Black Flag capitol, a den of debauchery, violence and sin, away from all, reachless, was established by some scurvy outcast, about a year ago... but before them... He came, and made his den up on the hill. His true name was unknown, although he had many names, the most famous was L' Alchimiste, although what he actually got up to was unknown. What science he studied, alchemy or what else, was meaningless - what truly mattered were his plans. When he found the island he thought he that this was the perfect remote place for his plans. Plans that his former country rejected with him. L' Alchimiste dreamed of revenge.
  6. Terraversan officials have hired Guerilla Mercenaries to sneek into Oleonese-held cities to find information and eliminate key individuals. Man people have rallied to the call, from locksmiths, to expert climbers, shipwrights and ex-soldiers. They are all united by one thing - the promise of cash. 'Aah, for Poseidon' s sake! I said Guerrilla, not Gorilla! '. Said an infuriated organiser. The Oleonese invasion plan was flawless - but for one thing. They forgot to fix the destroyed walls they came through, and now Terraversans can easily sneak through. ' For liberty and freedom we fight, to rid this sacred land from the vile invaders-' 'Wait, what, we aren't doing this for money?' OOC. I can't seem to delete that third pic, the one identical to the second. Can anyone help me with this please?
  7. Count Vroskri

    [MOC] Schooner Treasure Of Poseidon

    Hi all. Here's my latest ship, a Schooner, the Treasure Of Poseidon. For some reason the pics came out a bit pink. She is a three midsection schooner with 12 guns- 5 on either side, and a further two below the stern gallery. As a merchant ship she doesn't have the full hull pierced for gunposts, meaning she can use the fore space to handle the large Jib sails easier. The bows. The figurehead is a updated version if the skulls eye schooner. This ship is an actual schooner however. The large Spencer sail, for manoeuvrability. An overview. The spanker on the mizzen is furled. The rather boring and square stern. Small Merchant ships often had little decoration as the focus turned from large indiamen to small, fast sloops and ketches. There is no disguissing the mistake I made with the stern curvature which goes 2, 1, 3. Thoughts, I hope you like it. @Professor Thaum before I post in BoBs, any idea of the class?
  8. Many are visiting Punto Sur this year, to drink, dance and have fun. But to keep the revelers entertained, Punto Sur inhabitants put on shows or street performances. Many shows are put on, for example this one, the tale of Captain White Feather. Crowds gather to watch the tale be told, as the makeshift ship rocks from this way to that, with cast members holding up masts and Captain White Feather steering the ship, in search of the greatest reward on all the Brick Seas...... Treasure. Although very much different, Punto Sur's Street performances all have one thing in common - they are all payed by the highest bidder to advertise their drink of choice.
  9. Count Vroskri

    [MOC] Lateen Rigged Gunboat St Mercia

    Hallo! I challenged myself to build three different vessels with a he creator pirate ship, and here's my first: Gunboat St Mercia. Thanks for viewing, feel free to comment!