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  1. Anders T

    General MOC-Discussion, WIP-Help, and Teaser Thread

    Black Pearl that is magnificent. -And some questions pop to mind Are you doing her as a wreck? If, so… Is it going to be a whole scene from Red Rackhams treasure? -With the Shark-sub from Professor Tournesol (Calculus, to some) Is it going to be something like the awesome Flying Dutchman from that very cool Belgian Sebeus I? Are you just using these colors as guides to yourself and pure smoke and tricks to everyone else? Looking forward to see some more.
  2. Anders T

    General MOC-Discussion, WIP-Help, and Teaser Thread

    Maybe it is the blurriness of the picture, but it seems like a ghost ship to me. I am guessing the Octavius. Another guess could be the Unicorn, as you say it is a ship of the line, and the Unicorn was based on the fourth ranked Le Brilliant.
  3. Anders T

    HMS Surprise

    Glad you think so. I too find that the finished look is worth the effort. They are really the most troublesome part of the build. The part where I sometimes think "Ships why?!?". The LEGO part is usually fairly easy.
  4. Anders T

    HMS Surprise

    He, he, my digital models are always intended for being realized as real MOCs. I even posted some back in 2017. However, the next couple of months I confine myself to making digital models. The response and suggestions are taking into consideration when I finally decide that it is building time. So anyone who wants to geek out over anything, feel free. Thanks, I will be sure to give a heads up when it will be on display again somewhere. You can also build it yourself. The LDD file is here.
  5. Anders T

    Galley, La Capitana, Chapmann plate LVIII no.18

    Thanks. The Real is clearly a Renaissance or Baroque era piece of art and there are ornamentations everywhere. Even with the simplifications forced by limitations from LEGO, I really had to go all in on this one. Sail on!
  6. Anders T

    Skuldelev Ships

    Thanks man. Yep of to trade, explore and other stuff. Could also be irish, as the Skuldelev 2 was originally built in Dublin.
  7. Anders T


    Greek fire… Oh! It is there. Notice the boxy thing just behind the forecastle. I even made something that was meant to look like a pump of sorts, pipe connected to the front and then a nozzle at the very front. The platforms on the side could also have Greek fire, but some sources only describe them as intended for archers, besides they should be lighter than the forecastle to avoid compromising stability. Color… Glad to see that someone is geekying away on the color schemes as well. You are right the purple was an exclusive color. On some of the other medieval ships, I have used colors chosen for their heraldic significance.
  8. Anders T

    Galley, La Capitana, Chapmann plate LVIII no.18

    Yes! The loot has to come from somewhere. Actually, I have posted the ships from the last weeks as a topic on the Historic Themes …and on my local LUG. Maybe someone could be inspired to some port building. Thanks, yes I gather from the comments that the period and type is of a sort that is seldom done in this forum. Guess it had people rendered actually speechless. The work on the curves and angles was especially challenging on this one. The ship is both curvy, elongated and open. Yes, it is gold. The Real from Spain has gold ornaments. I would very much like to use metallic/chrome gold, but the finished MOC will probably mostly have pearl-gold. It is a matter of available bricks and price, as you know. I suspected the soaring view-count had to come from somewhere. I do plan to build some of them. Maybe during 2020. I definitely hope to have this one in the mix. I will probably submit these new builds for exhibitions along with some of my older ones. Usually I do not add sails and crew, but that may change on some of the new models, as the sails had ornaments and colors that would be worth showing. It is however unlikely that this one will have a crew. The oarsmen alone would be 2-300 minifigs. Regarding and parts. This is an easy one. I do not use I use LDD. The limit for LDD, at least for me, is 45000-50000 bricks. Then it also tend to crash. The render is done with Bluerender. There is only one gold color in LDD, and it comes out as a yellow-light pearl thing in the render.
  9. Anders T


    And that is why Bricklink was made.
  10. Anders T

    Galley, La Capitana, Chapmann plate LVIII no.18

    Thanks Funny you mention the Thérèse it seems like at least I seem to inspire daydreams, and guess I also should take on a third rate ship of the line sometime. -Oh well, maybe I went somewhat out of everyone’s comfort zone with this one. I am currently thinking about making some of these more humble vessels. After all, just as today, frigates, ships of the line and privateers did not populate the ports. It was rather more common to see dhows (which I actually consider quite elegant), felukas, (a bit more an acquired taste), at least in the Mediterranean/Arabic areas. In the northern European ports, there would be boats like a-: Barge, Bark, yawl, pinnace, felouque, wherry, boyert… Small ships like a-: dogger, buss, smack, hopper, scooner, galleas, hoy, fluyt, scoot… -I guess I am still somewhat the odd one. If I make them, I will probably be a rebel and post them here, even though they would not technically be pirate ships.
  11. Anders T

    Skuldelev Ships

    Thanks They are quite small, even though the Skuldelev 2 is very long. The challenge here was to make get something of the individual ships while sticking to the confines of the dimensions from the archeological data. I also imagine building them along with something else. Maybe someone can use them in a layout.
  12. Anders T

    Galley, La Capitana, Chapmann plate LVIII no.18

    Thanks so much for your comment, for several reasons. For commenting at all, I was actually beginning to think that something was wrong with the topic, pictures not showing or something. - If had done something wrong on the forum (maybe still have)or that the MOC simply was too weird/bad/whatever. Maybe I have been flooding the forum with topics the last weeks. There will be a break from that for at least a month, maybe even longer. For classifying this as a non-MOC. Since this is still only a digital model, it is really just a (more or less finished) suggestion of what the final MOC could look like. At least that is how I see it. That said -she represents a lot of work, for fun - but still. This is also, what I read into your: "Thanks your great work". Concerning. Am I going to build her.(“moc-ed”) Yes! I think at some point during 2020. The plan is right now to do some digital designs of ships, see which ones are best, then build (maybe with suggested alterations) , and submit them for exhibition, possibly along with some of my old ships. For being a fellow history geek. “reading about piracy in the Mediterranean during 16-17th century…”
  13. Anders T

    [MOC] Gotheborg - Swedish East Indiaman

    I always look at these minifig-illusion-scale ships for details, and there are some real gems here. Nice shot with the two ships together. It looks very impressive.
  14. Anders T

    Sir Archibald and His Brave Men (Figbarf)

    I'm diggin the giant axe pipe combo. Nice armor. I wasn't aware of that
  15. Anders T

    Medieval Ships

    Thanks, that was what I was aiming for, although some of them are quite small and I do think they could blend just fine in a castle or town environment. Yep, that was also somewhat surprising for me. Especially the galleys were successful in keeping the types in service. Even the dromon and the Italian style galley are not that different from each other, the latter being developed from the first. I was also quite fascinated about the fact that the Italian style galley was so fast that the development of artillery did not really have an impact before the 17th century, and then only marginally on fleets based in archipelagoes. Even though cogs replaced longships in medieval Scandinavian navies, the Viking ship design is still in use for smaller boats in Scandinavia.