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  1. Anders T

    General MOC-Discussion, WIP-Help, and Teaser Thread

    Kurigan, you are a fast devil. Of course it is the HMS Surprise!
  2. Anders T

    General MOC-Discussion, WIP-Help, and Teaser Thread

    Never really used these three reasons for this thread: · Ever thought about posting a WIP but didn't think it would deserve its own thread? · Ever wanted to announce a huge, mind boggling, or simply your next project and ask your fellow EB members what they think about that idea? · Or have you ever just felt the urge to tease everyone with a blurred picture of your creation or some facts about it before releasing it for good? Here it goes… Just placed the brick-link orders for this baby. My goal is to have her finished during October. She is a redesign of an older LDD-MOC of mine. Kudos to whoever can guess which. To all you nerds: some boring details… She will be approx. 1.5 m long and 1.1 m tall (with masts). The model contains about 20.000 bricks.
  3. Anders T

    [WIP] - HMS Providence - 34 gun frigate

    From keel to top
  4. Anders T

    [WIP] - HMS Providence - 34 gun frigate

    Magnificent. There is a lot of effort in making something like this. The amount of hours you have put in to this must be mindboggling. Details, details, overall curve, shape, color and yet more details… Thanks for the credit. Always fun to see the tweaks put on my creations. I see that the overall shape is indeed that of a deadly 18th century frigate. Wonderful post from 24th of july. The detailed description really tells how much you have done. I do feel your pain about the hull shape. This is has to be a compromise, one can always improve but will never be spot on like on a wooden model. However, it is so pleasing to the eye when the square bricks behave and make a curvy, almost organic shape. The stern is always a mindbender. I find that you also made some good decisions here. Moreover, I am a nitpicker: In my opinion, the masts are a bit too tall for a ship from this period. Other ships could have masts this tall, but 18th century frigates the main mast height tended to be about the same as the length from stern to firgurehead.
  5. Anders T

    [WIP] - HMS Providence - 34 gun frigate

    The features you describe places your ship before 1750’ish. Before that, there was even two deck frigates (rare) and sometimes 4th rate frigates (even more rare).The frigate design was (more or less) set after that, and a frigate would rarely have a poop deck later than that. In the age of sail, the helmsman would usually be placed on the quarterdeck. Some ships even had him below on the main deck. On smaller vessels, like a sloop (much favored by Pirates), the quarterdeck could be the only elevated deck on the ship. This is probably why fiction places the rudder-wheel on the poop deck. The fantasy bit gives you freedom to do anything, and you should go for it. Some fantasy designs I have made, would sink the moment they hit water. (With the helmsman firmly placed on the poop deck)
  6. Anders T

    [WIP] - HMS Providence - 34 gun frigate

    And here is another wall of text. The count of ½ gun is not official, but the only way I could make sense of the source material, I have researched so far. On the design of gun-deck: Gun-decks tended to close off as better gunpowder was developed. Early small frigates could have an almost open gun-deck. Like seen on a sloop or brig. On later frigates the gun-deck could be almost closed off just like on the HMS Lively or HMS Macedonian. More on rating: On your color-scheme, I see that yours is a post-Napoleonic ship. On late large- frigates, the upper gun-deck could go all the way through. These frigates were from a period where the frigate took over from the ship of the line as the main battle ship of a fleet. These frigates could be so large that the rating system I mentioned earlier did not apply. Some of them were even classified as 1st raters. If your intension was to build one of these behemoths. Your ship could indeed be a 4th rater. Secondary positions: There was always a balancing act of having maximum firepower and smallest weight. The guns were some of the heaviest equipment on the deck. The main gun-deck(s), held the largest cannons on the ship. On ships of the Line, there was a real threat of being outmaneuvered by a smaller opponent. Therefore, there were gun ports aft. However, these gun-ports were not permanent gun emplacements. Instead guns from elsewhere on the ship were placed here. On a frigate, the name of the game was speed. Therefore, there were gun ports fore. In the same manner as on the ship of the line, but in this case as an offensive option. The guns on the forecastle and quarterdeck were placed as the captain wished. Usually the alternative gun emplacement rule applied here as well. Sometimes there would be dedicated chase-guns. Especially if the ships main armament was not long-guns. However, these chase-guns usually had two gun-ports. This meant that they could be added to the ever-important broadside.
  7. Anders T

    MOC Attack on Puerto Leon - WiP

    This moc blows me away. It is over the top entertaining. Cannons blazing, city in turmoil, wonderful build all over. Sure, there are details that could be different… This is the case for me to (every time). Thanks for the reference. I may steal something back.
  8. Anders T

    [WIP] - HMS Providence - 34 gun frigate

    Looking good. Custom made cannons is the way to go, and I really like your lantern. My experience is that the lower hull is more than half the work on a model like this. You already have this down, so just have fun with the rest of it. On facts. -Sorry this is geeky and lengthy-. Ignore if you want to. The HMS Surprise portrayed the HMS Providence from PotC. HMS Surprise is a replica of a 6th rate post-ship. (small 20- gun frigate) The number of guns is a tricky one. Guns on main gun-deck(s) count 1 each. For some reason guns on secondary positions: quarterdeck, forecastle… count as a ½ gun each. Swivel-guns and such does not count. The reason could be these guns: · Were usually lighter than the guns on the main gun-deck. · Were subject to weather conditions. Another tricky thing about guns. The main gun deck(s) usually have secondary positions for guns fore and aft. Rating-system at a glance. Ships of the line 1st rate three deck ships approx. 100 guns 2nd rate three deck ships approx. 90 guns 3rd rate two deck ships approx. 70 guns 4th rate the smallest ship of the line. Two decks with approx. 50 guns. Frigates 5th rate heavier frigates 30-40 guns. 6th rate lighter frigates 20-30 guns. Smaller vessels were unrated. The rating system was a guide to assess the relative strength of a ship in battle. However, it could be misleading and was in many cases. Just like any other assessment-guide.
  9. Anders T

    [MOC] Blow, Harry, Blow!

    And all that jazz. Just the right balance of lumpiness and elegance in the whale. Oh and the whole layout. Splashing over the top and all.
  10. Anders T

    Shrinked Black Seas Barracuda

    The barracuda is one of my favorite sets. So many details in this version. Tilted angles, great use of parts, kosher rigging and so on. And it is minifig scale!
  11. Anders T

    General MOC-Discussion, WIP-Help, and Teaser Thread

    And I'm looking up at you doc. First of all make up your mind on how purist you are. More or less: What is the role of LEGO® in your creation? Are you building minifig illusion scale or scale model? I build in minifig scale 1:38ish’ (not to be confused with minifig illusion scale) I see the brick as an all-purpose substitute for anything that would be made of hard material in any other model: Plaster, plastic, wood, metal… Whether it is LEGO® depends on the hard material for me. This gives the freedom to choose what works best in terms of rope. Size: On my last models I used string in sizes 0,5mm - 2mm. Material: So far I have tried cotton and nylon. -Could be bought in most hobby-shops. …Next up is hemp. -Only found that in special ship-model-shops.
  12. Anders T

    HMS Ontario version 2

    Thanks man She is currently on display at a museum. I made that a separate topic above. I have built the oars, but for now, mainly due to size issues, she has no oars.
  13. From 24. June to 20. August three of my ships will be on display. HMS Ontario Golden Hind A Penteconter Other LEGO ships on display will be Fregatten Jylland by Morthen Falk Poulsen And Jubilee Seaways by the employees of DFDS seaways There is also a smaller version the Jubilee on display. The seafloor below the Golden Hind was kindly built by Morthen Falk Poulsen.
  14. Anders T

    Help Plan a Roebuck Class Fifth Rate

    I find that on early or ships such as a carrack or a galleon 2x2 stud gunports work fine. On later models like brigs, frigates and ships of the line 3x3 stud gunports seem more appropriate to me. In any case you should measure on the drawings. Work on one problem at a time. Either make a decision on your design of a possible opening of the hull and then go to the shaping. Or do it the other way around. -Do measure in LDD. If this is done right it makes the next stages of designing are so much easier. No matter what technique you are going for. On shaping: Here you should decide up front if you are going for something that relies on bending and twisting. - Can work very well: Or drawing with the bricks. Usually none of the standard LEGO® bricks (like guns, hullparts, masts, minifigs) work well on a scale model. This is where the challenge is.
  15. Anders T

    HMS Ontario version 2

    Rating a snow I think Legostone has it right, and furthermore. Snow referrers to the arrangement of masts, but arranging the masts in a snow fashion was usually because the ship was too small for three masts to be practical. Whether a snow would be unrated or considered a 6th rater would be determined by her potential armament. I consider HMS Ontario an unrated vessel. Design Designing something like this with bricks is always a question of experience. I’ll probably look at her again a couple of years from now and decide to do a 3rd version. The sweeps are sticking straight out. Thanks for noticing, I think about making gravity (my archenemy) an ally in this case. Let them rest in a loose fit. Sweeps Thanks man, that was exactly what I needed to see. Pumps Nothing fancy. They are similar to the ones on my HDMS Lougen design. LDD file found here: Thanks. My aim is to make a brick model similar to a wooden model. My process is quite similar to what 3D artists do: Planning-measuring-perseverance. You know it Every flake is unique