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  1. Anders T

    General MOC-Discussion, WIP-Help, and Teaser Thread

    Just giving a heads-up that the LDD file for my HMS Ontario model is available at bricksafe. I am giving the heads-up it here to avoid bumping the somewhat aged topic.
  2. Anders T

    General MOC-Discussion, WIP-Help, and Teaser Thread

    Thanks for the reply Kurigan: In connection to what you suggest. (…and reject) I also thought they might be some sort of hawsehole, but they are at the far end of the bow. Sebeus I has suggested that some of them could function as evacuation channels for the pumps. Initially I suspect that ports with that purpose are lower. I have usually seen freeing ports at deck level. Another function could be in connection with deployment of studding sails. I have not seen ports for that purpose on any other vessel. I have been somewhat reassured that ports B and C are Sweep ports. E.g. this discussion: And therefore the question still stands. What is the function of port A and D?
  3. Anders T

    General MOC-Discussion, WIP-Help, and Teaser Thread

    I am currently working on a model of HMS Speedy. The smaller holes between the gun ports are sometimes sweep ports, sometimes something else. B and C are placed reasonably for them to be sweep ports, however A and D will be impractical at best. Are B and C sweep ports and A and D something else, are they all something else, or…??
  4. Anders T

    [MOC] HMS Surprise

    The lack of MocPages as a tool for sharing is ever frustrating; however, I posted a new link to the LDD file in July.
  5. Anders T

    [MOC] HMS Surprise
  6. Anders T

    [MOC] HMS Surprise

    Ok! I have now created a page on bricksafe. This is a different format than MOC-pages, so quite new for me. Please take a look there, all of you, and give some response - preferably by PM.
  7. Anders T

    [MOC] HMS Surprise

    Yes, the MOC-pages feature of making digital files available was very useful. I had uploaded a great deal of my old designs, so anyone could see the details. This was more or less like throwing a message in a bottle. Now I have to take an active part in who gets to see them, - why and when they do. Well,.. You could try sending me a PM: Stating who you are, what design(s) you want to see and why. There is a limit though… The older designs, pre-HDMS Lougen (my profile photo), are more or less up for grabs. From HDMS Lougen I made the decision that I would not share a design unless tested, built, by me. However- This means that the current list that I would share is, shown here as LDD pictures: Early designs, questionable builds at best: HMS Ontario HMS Surprise HMS Lively HMS Leopard Tried and tested: HDMS Lougen (my first conversion of a LDD design to bricks, somewhat flawed, but she has some charm) Golden Hind (very tricky) HMS Ontario (version 2) HMS Surprise (version 2) Look above Galley Penteconter (flimsy, small and not found in the pirates forum, but in historic themes)
  8. Anders T

    [LDD] Greek Sacoleve

    Great work Good to see a trading ship, and a researched one at that. Did you find the plan at the Paris Marine Museum? The eastern influence on this Greek ship is evident and wonderfully captured in your version. She looks like she is ready to outrun pirates in the Aegean anytime. Even though I suspect that you have come up with the design technique yourself, it reminds me of the work from cb4. On your question regarding bricklink: Sometimes there is just a lack of certain bricks and you have to gather them from a bunch of shops. I always expect a call from my bank when I have placed all the orders for a project. Keep it up!
  9. Anders T

    [MOC] USS Constitution

    Great! This is so clean and precise.
  10. Anders T

    [MOC] USS Constitution by Jim Beute

    Wonderful rendition of a much loved ship.
  11. Anders T

    [MOC] Late Renaissance Carrack

    Some of the best use of pre-fab hull I have ever seen. Especially the bow works well. -And great work bending and so forth in LDD, it is a hassle. I do think the masts could be altered to something else.
  12. Anders T

    [LDD] [MOC] Ship of the line

    Welcome to the forum! Now another wall of text from me. I do not write a whole lot of comments, but when I do… First regarding the HMS Mirabelle: The overall dimensions are quite good. The layout is spot on for a mid 17th century ship of the line. I really like the color scheme that you have chosen. - And very ambitious Indeed. Some alterations could be: It looks like you have made the gunports 4x4 studs. This is quite huge. The debate about gunports usually is between 2x2 or 3x3 studs. By narrowing to 2x2 or 3x3 you will have a more realistic space between gunports. Generally 6-8 feet, assuming: Feet=studs. I notice that there is almost the same number of studs between alternating height/with change in the main hull. The hull shape, usually, described an arch being steeper at the bow than on the stern. The challenge here is to steer clear of the offset gunports. Narrowing the lower stern: Even though man-o-wars where built with a gun deck as square as possible, the lower hull had to be shaped like a fish or drop. The only propulsion was the wind and a flat-wide backside would amount to a lot of drag. Then, regarding the future: I have also found it a good idea to mess around with something digital before building in bricks. Great to see another one who embarks on making ships with a realistic expression. It is something of a journey you embark on. I understand that you would like to seek heading towards authenticity. Moreover, towards building in real bricks. Instead of writing a long smear about doing something sculptural and ship-like, here is a link to where I have already done that: ...and more of the same stuff: Finally a couple of places to find inspiration: I do apologize to all the obvious other references that I have omitted. Hope to see more from you. Oh! And yellow monkeys as crew!
  13. Anders T

    [WIP] HMS Interceptor

    It is hard to make an authentic tall ship staying completely purist. Good call on the stickers. In the last post you had about HMS Interceptor you wrote that it should be a minifig scale model. Scale models always catch my interest ... - so now I have to participate. For me, building a model starts with a lot of research. Reliable and accurate pictures and information about HMS Interceptor are hard to find. On the other hand, it is quite easy to find a whole lot about Lady Washington, which filled the part as the HMS Interceptor. Here is a link to some line drawings for Lady Washington, and therefore also for HMS Interceptor. There should be no major hassle in converting to HMS Interceptor. The colors on HMS Interceptor are somewhat simpler compared to those found on Lady Washington.
  14. Anders T

    [WIP] HMS Warlock 5th Rate 38 Guns WIP

    Oh how nice to see a new tall ship from you! I remember looking at the HMS Challenger back when I was coming out of my dark period. It was one of the MOC’s giving me confidence that it was possible to make reasonably realistic tall-ships. This one seems to be even better. Nicely shaped bottom hull, and the bow is much, much smoother than on the challenger. It is very impressive that you even make a purist rigging.
  15. Anders T

    General MOC-Discussion, WIP-Help, and Teaser Thread

    Black Pearl that is magnificent. -And some questions pop to mind Are you doing her as a wreck? If, so… Is it going to be a whole scene from Red Rackhams treasure? -With the Shark-sub from Professor Tournesol (Calculus, to some) Is it going to be something like the awesome Flying Dutchman from that very cool Belgian Sebeus I? Are you just using these colors as guides to yourself and pure smoke and tricks to everyone else? Looking forward to see some more.