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  1. [COR-FB3] Hurriedly hiring help.

    Nice facade, I like the stud technique you used here, it's quite original to build an arch with hinges, the cannon looks good too.
  2. I like that blue torso, very fitting for Oleon gentlemen, and great use of pieces.
  3. Quite original hull technique, junks are very different of european vessels and your plates built hull worked well here. Nice colour scheme btw.
  4. [TSotEP] 6 - Splish Splash & Fish

    Nicely built scenes and I appreciate the humour of the story.
  5. [MTF] Noise Stoppers

    Neat build, and excellent initiative.
  6. That's a pair of powerful ships, full of nice details. The Oleander admiralty is highly concerned by the sudden expansion of greenies naval power. @Maxim I I recall someone has already said in the shipwright thread that your Gotheborg is better looking than the real one, and I still want to say she's a beauty, and the inverted tumblehome is amazing.
  7. [SR-FB] A visitor halts production.

    Great sequel to Bagheera's story, and nice shipyard, though I hoped to see some interactions between the bigcat and minifigs.
  8. Nice building, I like those columns and the brown wall. Nice interior too.
  9. Great to see another vessel from you, professor. There are some interesting building techniques that I'm gonna to steal to borrow. And entertaining story too, the captain très à l'aise Trezalez and lanceur de patates, hilarious.
  10. Nice build! So much to like, such the wave, the tavern, the statue and the gangplank, and I really like how the dock is built.
  11. [OL - A-MCRA] Travels to Terraversa

    Mlle. de Valois was an agent of the Olean admiralty, shortly after the chaotic encounter between local militia and Olean marines, she managed to find somewhere to hide and disguised in local attire. She made her way to the outskirt of the town and came in front of an odd looking building. This was the safe house, de Valois was relieved to find the old-Jean sitting on the ground, holding a bottle of vine, which means their cover has not been blown. She asked old-Jean to find her contact, then she went up the stairs. A few moment later, Mlle de Valois sat down at a table with two suspicious-looking characters, Captain Surlecoup, an Olean privateer, and his first mate Mr. Fish. Where she asked Captain Surlecoup to find a way to deliver a message to Hollande. Mr. Surlecoup, was a greedy man, but he was also a patriot, agreed to send the message. Late in the evening, they met in a dark street of Westface. The town gate was closed and none can leave the town. "Are you sure you can deliver the message to Hollande?" asked de Valois. "We can't pass through the gate, but I know a passage beneath, you'll see." replied calmly Capt. Surlecoup. "Just tell Mr.Fish what you have to say to Hollande, he'll pass the message." Mr.Fish slipped into water and disappeared under the arch of the bridge.
  12. Excellent photos! It's good to see the minifigs exploring the real world.
  13. Looking good, it's good to maintain a certain degree of uniformity, and I think red legs are very appropriate for the Corries, if you want to make a distinction between army dudes and navy guys, I'll say red legs for army and tan legs for navy. Well, it's simple, generally we use the bluecoats from the last pirates sets, blue torso and white legs.
  14. Funny story and nice microbuild.