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  1. [OL FB] Lavalette Warehouse

    Excellent build. This warehouse looks awesome, I like all these dark red bricks, and the roof technique, consider it stolen. Is it there a torso of miss-pirate from the 90's? And I do agree that the execution of the smugllers is a bit harsh, but on the other hand, it;s very dissuasive.
  2. [SR - MRCA result] Ghost ship spotted

    Very nice scene, it looks like a painting.
  3. [COR-FB2] The Pants Cave

    Funny story and great minifigs posing, I especially like how the Elite turns back and undress the searat captain. Maybe we should recruit a bunch of Bruce Lee to counter this menace? Or JCVD?
  4. Glad to see Emile has acquired such an imposant property, we Oleanders finally got a pretext to drink all day long. A votre santé!
  5. Wow, very impressive, the crane is huge, with lots of nice details, I like how you've recreated the mechanism of the crane, the ship is very well built too.
  6. [SR - FB 1 Dec 17] Il maestro

    That's a quite assortment of glassware, nice wall and floor technique.
  7. Interesting, Corries arresting their own people, I'd like to see where this goes.
  8. Looking good, nice boat, fully equipped and crewed.
  9. Great to see a gathering of the Searats. I like the wall technique, and the round table!
  10. Rimbaud Canal

    Nice build! I like how you managed to recreate all the feature of a sluice, the tavern and the stable are very well built too.
  11. Gunboat No. 1

    Nice gunboat! Small but deadly, I like it. The custom hull is great, although more hinges would allow you to have a more elegant look. I plan to begin to build some gunboats too, to strengthen further the protection of our coasts.
  12. A lovely scene, I like how you've painted the peaceful life of the farmers.
  13. I'm glad to learn more about your characters, an entertaining read, as usual.
  14. Sailor Leon's Letter...

    Fantastic build, and fascinating story! Nice job.
  15. [Esl-FB] Ship - The Messenger

    Oh, this figurehead, l'appel du clairon. Très joli bateau, j'aime bcp son look réaliste.