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  1. Bodi

    [ESL] Colonial Trading Post

    Nice build! The warehouse and the tower both look very good. The water, the sand beach and the rockwork look great too.
  2. An interesting archaelogical discovery, nice job Professor.
  3. I was hoping to see some scenes in which Ragnar uses the force to neutralize these clerics. The build looks good, I like the courtroom. It's recomforting to see that there's still someone who was in disagreement with the Order, this magistrate, hope he could do something to cancel this sentence.
  4. Looks good, I like how you built the landscaping, the river bank, the vegetation, etc, and the bridge, without mentioning those proud Oleanders foreign volunteers.
  5. I like the roof technique, and ofc the base, which looks really good.
  6. Luke's arresting his master's master. Nice build, and intriguing story. Looking forward to the next episode.
  7. Excellent writing, capt.Wolf!
  8. Thanks. I bought the Ninja boat set for my son a few years ago, I still got the instruction booklet to use as reference. Thanks Corweena, glad you've the section of hull in the background.
  9. Bodi

    [COR - FB1 - June 620] Dispatch

    Here are some nice shots, the last one reminds me of some WWII photos. I wonder what made your men look so serious though.
  10. Thanks Khorne! By the shaping I guess you meant the curved hull? It's just an adaption of the Destiny's Bounty's technique. The samurai accessories come from
  11. I understand your enthusiasm in procuring OL uniforms for your guys, though anyone wearing our uniforms are expected to act properly.
  12. Thanks Fraunces. I like how it looks too.
  13. Earlier, the Olean privateer captain Surlecoup and his aide-de-camp Mr.Fish, went to the Kingdom of Lotus to inquire about the sudden appearence of Lotii forces in El Oleonda. There, they met with an old friend, who was able to provide them with some precious information. Now, our privateers, after having joined the rest of the OL fleet, engaged in naval actions with Lotii warships. Though superior in number, the Lotii junks were ill-equipped to stand to line of battle, their bow-mounted gun (no plural, since most of the warjunks used to carry only one gun on the bow) had made their situation only worse. The commanding junk was boarded by captain Surlcoup & Co, which marked the end of this one-sided slaughter. Some of the privateer were of eastern origin, in fact they were Kojima, Haruna and Takahashi who have decided to prove their valor in combat, again.
  14. I agree with BD, the longboat looks very good. Shooting at the survivors, it's...very piratey.