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  1. A quick build to expand my shiplimit. Eltina shipyards, Lagaufre was at his office, suddenly a man came in, hearing his footsteps, Lagaufre rose his head behind a pile of documents. -"Good day, monsieur, what can I do for you?" asked Lagaufre -"Good day, monsieur le chevalier, I came here on behalf of mayor Romain, to inquire about the financial status of your shipyards," replied the man in green. -"Hum, we are making profits, I think, no? -"Not exactly, you managed to sell a ship recently, which is a good thing, but almost simultaneously, you ordered the construction of a larger ship, which we, the Eltina treasury was unable to cover the expense. You must ask for a loan, otherwise we'll be forced to sell that ship to highest bidder." -"Very well, fair point, I see I have to write a letter to our venerable seigneur Lavalette and another letter to our highly esteemed Admiral Duke." Thanks for viewing.
  2. The Wonders of Celestia

    Wow, the hill looks impressive, abrupt as it should be, luckily for the minifigs there are stairs, otherwise it will be a pain in the big behind to make their way to the top. An the plants covering the hill are very well built too, and I like that statue!
  3. @Vedauwoo This thing is huge! How many guns does she have? You are making good progress here and I can't wait to see her finished. The custom rigging has certainly better looking than the official, rigid ones, but by judging your current progress, I think you should implement some modifications on the hull if you want to tie knots. So if you are tight on time for this one, the official ones should do the job, and you can still try your hands on custom rigging next time, with a dedicated hull, i.e. with reinforced internally and attaching points on the outside.
  4. [SR] FTA Redtail

    Looking good! The red matches well with grey, the lamp is great and she has got a lot of guns for her size.
  5. [OL] - barracks and prison

    Nice barracks, I like that enclosed prison and the bullet holes on the wall. Now all we have to do is to appoint a firing squad then find some targets to shoot.
  6. It would be a great honour for us if we are allowed to this ball. Although our Lagaufre might have some rude behaviours, as we can expect from a man who has spent the most of time on the field. Lagaufre's family and their friend, the newly promoted mayor Romain (the one on the right, with a red plume).
  7. Very good idea! Non mais, c'est quoi cette remarque. Thank you Maxim! Glad you like my ships, and I look forward to your new Indiaman Terraman.
  8. @Roadmonkeytj they are both very well built, you have here a pair of very decent one masted ships, are they cutters? I like the rounded sails yo used on the grey one.
  9. Nice scene! The carnivorous plant looks terrifying, reminds me of some adventure movies in the 80's.
  10. Cardinal's Shadow

    Wow, what a fine ship! The custom hull is awesome, it's a custome one, right? By judging the nicely curved line, I bet it is. The masts and rigging are very well built too. The loading scene is very convincing, with a multitude of actions, nice minifigs posing! And it's very thoughtful to provide them with plenty of lifeboats.
  11. Thank you BD! Glad you like the rigging. Thank you Bart! The yellow round bricks are there to secure the second part of the mast, they have a transveral hole for technic rod, unfortunately I only have them in yellow.
  12. Nice scene, great depiction of shipbuilding process and I like that rail!
  13. Iron Foundry for Weelond

    Wow, all these details, I especially like the molten iron.
  14. Nice ship! Of sturdy build, and the crew are well protected behind these raised bulwarks.
  15. Great writing Drunknok! It was quite entertaining to follow your internal intrigues, please give us more.