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  1. Thank you Kwatchi! Glad you like it.
  2. topmasts are not the topmost ones, I'm confused, so in fact topmast means the middle one and topgallant is the topmost one, aye. Let's start again, my topgallant masts are made from technic connector, except the topmost cone brick. My topmasts are indeed prefab ones. Yes, a lot of hinge bricks, and they cost a fortune. The sides are quite solide I think, able to withstand the force applied on them during the building and attachment of rigging. Now you mention it, I borrowed the idea of clips from you.
  3. A lively and amusing scene. I like the exquisitely detailed buildings in the background and these flags, nice collection of minifigs!
  4. [COR] A fine day in Tellvok

    i like the exotic feel of this build, nice little fort and the minifigs are very well positionned as well.
  5. Thank you Bregir! My photos are as bad as usual, the topmasts are made with technic connectors, except the cone brick on the very top, and connected to the prefab mast through two technic connector and 2 studs, and one 1x1 hollow brick. The tumblehome is attached on the prefab hull via 1x2 hinge bricks, there are transversal plates attached on tumblehome with clips (the 1x1 plate with a minifig's hand thingy) and discontinued vertical walls on the upper deck to support the superstructure and the tumblehome. In fact, I've learned a lot of cool techniques from the Shipwrights guild thread, a true gold mine to any shipbuilder. Thank you kurigan. I agree with what Bregir said, keep building and stealing borrowing other's techniques. Glad you like it Ayrlego!
  6. [COR] A lap around the bay

    Cute little ship, I guess the white is a xebec? I like the grillage piece on the stern. The color scheme looks good, I think you may use more plates to make the transition between white and brown less abrupt.
  7. Welcome Jonah! We are glad to have you among us. Looking forward to your ship.
  8. Thank you Puvel, glad you like the weathering.
  9. Thank you Mesabi! I used several components of the official sets, such as the towers, which were modded to incorporate in my ship, and the wheel and the clock. She's not called the Silent Mary because I'm not sure if it's ok to name a moc after official sets. Neverthless, as we talk, I find the name Souverain is rather pompous for a class 7 ship, considering we have class 10 ship now. I'll rather name her le Bruyant. She's refitted and should join the colonial squadron based at Eltina. Here's the stats: Range 4, Maneuver 3, Firepower 8, Crew 6, Cargo 0, Hull 6 Glad you like Captain Becker! Yes, she still can deliver some punches, with her 46 guns, 58 if we count the swivels on the towers. Thank you BD! The skeletal Mary can not satisfy us, the TLG should have gave us a real ship. Yeah, an indiaman, noooooo, it's a warship! Thank you KB! I think your Cog is way older, you are still in the lead. Thank you Garmadon! This ship is based on the la Couronne, a french warship of 17th century, I got this idea from a post of the Potc thread, posted by Admiral Bejaune, I just checked it.
  10. Glad you like it! There wasn't any minifig on the deck because it was late and the old blokes were sleeping. Thank you Capt Wolf! I share your opinion on the official set, the undamaged version of Silent Mary in the beginning of the movie is way better than the skeletical one, pity.
  11. Early in the morning, when most of people is still asleep, the imposing silhouette of a ship of the line slipped into the bay of Eltina. At her sight, the lighthouse guard, a veteran of la Royale, could not help but be moved, "Le Bruyant!" For a man who has served twenty years on board of this ship, we can not reproach him for being emotional. Le Bruyant threw the anchor and slowly, people began to gather around the pier, and they were curious about her archaic and unique appearence. "She must be quite old...look at those patches...why our honourable King sends us such an antiquity, our shipyards aren't working 24/24h to spawn new ships?" I just can't refrain myself from building my own version of Silent Mary, hope you like it. Aaannnd an photo of interior for Count Mesabi. Thanks for viewing. C&C are welcome. Vive le Roi!
  12. Nice little build. Good idea to use these round plates as cushion/stool, with a so incomfortable seat, pupil won't fall asleep in class.
  13. Pontelli Platoon

    Wow, green troopers! I just like these decals.
  14. Excellent writing KB, fun to read.
  15. Very nice microbuild Kotz. I like how you've made the walls with bricks with side stud.