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  1. Nice build, the statue is very well built, a scary one, the trees look good too.
  2. Bodi

    [SR - FB 1 Jul 18] In Flanders Fields

    Impressive build Professor, I like the terrain separated by a stream, although I wonder why you named the plantation "Flanders"?
  3. @Ross Fisher Nice boat! Good to see our padre got his own ship. The hull is nicely shaped, and I especially like your brick-built sail, it looks very convincing.
  4. Nice job with the interrogation transcript, nice minifig posing too.
  5. I like your characters, and the water mill looks really good, the water wheel is very well built, and nice interior too.
  6. Excellent! I see I have to invent a rogue character too.
  7. Nice build and amusing story, expect the last picture, bizarre turn of events, I'm wondering what will happen next.
  8. Lovely builds, I like the house on the second picture, it fits well with the architecture style of Breschaun, blue wall I mean.
  9. Impressive build, I like how huge it looks like, and the dark red brick bricks work well with the dark green roof. And it's incredibly detailed inside.
  10. Bodi

    Preparations & a messenger

    I totally agree with this, smaller boats are much more fun to build.
  11. As someone said above, Bregir if I'm not mistaken, Searats can also issue LoMs, and I'm sure there are plenty of people who'd like to jump on the occasion to make a small fortune.
  12. I know Prio is in distress and has issued LoM, inviting people to help them on sea, but I'm also wondering if they'll refuse any help on land, for example a fort built and garrisoned by a couple of Oleander volunteers.
  13. Thank you for reminding me, but it would be a shame to let such an opportunity slip. Interesting, a self-proclaimed protector. By imperial power, I assume you meant the glorious empire of Oleon. Let's solve this peacefully, will you, here is my proposal, we recognize Prio as a protectorate of Maestro, or should I say of Eslandola. In return, you let us establish a concession in Prio, preferably a harbour city, to make trade etc. This sounds very reasonable, nee?
  14. Bodi

    Preparations & a messenger

    Very nice ship, great use of small prefab hulls, the golden ornement looks really good, I always wanted to build a yacht like this, I think I'll probably steal your design. I think these planks are leeboards, to lessen sideways drifting.
  15. Really? Can I do that? Express Rampant Imperialism is ready to go, everyone aboard, this is the last wahhrrrrrning.