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  1. @CapOnBOBS Congratulation, a well deserved promotion!
  2. Thank you, that's all I wanted to know.
  3. Thank you Ayrlego for typing all the words above, I have a clearer view of the situation now. Only a question, if I understand correctly, Nola Mar is now a city, even it doesn't have a royal property?
  4. Biensur, sans rancune, allez on se serra la main. I beg you pardon, but the current situation in TV is the outcome of OL's adventure started roughly 4 years ago. If you've some time to spare, I suggest you to re-read the RNTC adventure, it's a long and complicated story, involving COR, ESL, TV, Atwi, Loyalists and OL. It'll be quite interesting to find out how this adventure ended in a war.
  5. I can't see the pics, so I'm using my imagination now.
  6. Who says we are the bad guys? We are the good guys! In the universe of BoBS, OL is a monarchist faction, just as ESL is a republican faction. And players from each faction are supposed to defend the ideals of their own faction, otherwise, it would be pointless to have different factions. So I wonder why we should be called "bad guys" when we try to restore the monarchy in TV, while you consider yourselves as "good guys" when you guys try to defend your faction's ideals on that island. What's the logic behind it? Correct me if I'm wrong but I think we are supposed to be in the age of sail, in that era, almost every nation was ruled by a king, besides, when you overthrow a king and put yourself on the throne, as what happened in TV, can't be called a revolution, it's just a shift of power. Also, about the attack on Aurelia, do you think it's a good move to start another war while we are in the middle of a peace talk?
  7. Thank you guys, glad you like it.
  8. Brickwarrior, cavalry sabre of American civil war, they have gatling guns from that era too.
  9. Thanks guys! He's digging a hole. I have to say I'm a bit lost here, I built it initially as a troop raising build, but as you redcoats have landed at Aurelia, and knowing that we can't raise any more troop from this settlement, I think I'll hold off from licensing it.
  10. Thanks guys, glad you like it. These Roman helmets are the closest things I could find that have a certain ressemblance with Cuirassiers' helmets, another option might be using TLG's helmets from the Dragon Knights, but I don't know if they come in gold or silver. In fact tricornes were more common, but I prefer the casques here, they have a more "pittoresque" look. I meant Eltina. Things are evolving rapidly here in Bobs, it's hard to keep up with, I didn't have a particular location in mind when I put these bricks together, till someone told me that we can still license another company in Eltina.
  11. Thanks guys. The helmets are from Brickwarrior, like Ayrlego said. From a certain distance, without my glasses, they look like the hats lancers used to have. The base piece is an prefab piece from the TLG, a firefighters hovercraft set, my wife bought it for me a few years ago.
  12. Reinforcements from every part of the OL empire converged to the New World, as an result of the escalation of the colonial war. The cuirassiers are heavy cavalrymen, wearing chest armours, called "plastron", they ride on tall horses and are used to pierce through enemy's lines. Troop: 30men Location: Eltina
  13. The capture of King's Port symbolizes the triumph of the Oleon and its allies.At Crecopia, the expats loyal to the monarchy see it as a signal of rallying, and volunteers from the aristocratie refugeed in OL settlement formed a company of lancers. Since the so-called revolution, the former Mardierian nobility, hunted and oppressed by Oldis's lackeys, was forced to live in clandestinity. Now, with the help of the bluecoats, they finally got a chance to express themselves, with a bang.
  14. Excellent! Nice perspective, and nice scene too, it reminds of that famous photo of the WWII.