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  1. For someone who've grown up with the first pirates wave, I've to say this new Eldorado for looks quite disappointing, especially when we compare it with the POBB. I could change my mind once I have the actual set, but I still think they could've done better than that. On the positive side, it appears that the new set is a sort of 2-in-1, with a fort in its original form and a port when it opens. Also it's thoughtful to include a small trade vessel, though I'm not sure with that raised bow, it looks like they've used some hinge plates to raise the front at a certain angle, not sure if it's the best way to achieve that feature, some railings in place of that sloped bow would look better imho, like the Ideas' sailboat.
  2. Nice facade, and interesting minifigs, are they all from official sets? 'cause that guy with blue overcoat looks raelly cool, I may want to buy one for myself in case I stumble upon one one day.
  3. Bodi

    New Rumored Pirate Set in July 2023

    That would be nice, there's the new BSB for the pirates, the bluecoats may reasonably expect an upgrade to their out of date Caribbean Clipper.
  4. Bodi

    [MOC] Chinese Door Gods

    Nicely done, dude.
  5. Bodi

    [MOC] LA CLARISSE : please HELP

    There's nothing with the build it self, you got a tumblehome, a fully covered gun deck, can't be sure with it but seeing the guns are superposed I assume there's one, rails on the bow and a window-ed stern castle. If you can extend it with a few more hull pieces, you'll get a two decked warship. But if you are aiming to turn it into a brig or sloop, it should be longer, without covered gundeck, and the tumblehome on sloops isn't as pronounced than on ships of the line, basically you can build a sloop with perpendicular sides. From my own experience, it would be a lot easier to build something after a real world model.
  6. Bodi

    [SR-FB] New Sails on the Horizon

    Grey sails do look good, surprisingly, perhaps because it's a pirate Searats ship. Sails plus oars, seems you are going to use it in open waters as well as in shallows waters, I'll tell my boats to flee at sight.
  7. Thank you, Thomas Waagenaar. Now you mention it, I recall having seen a few of one or two masted boats near a dock somewhere around the Af...dike (the large dam with a highway on it) years back. Thank you, BD, glad to see you around again. Thank you Bregir. I've to say I struggle the most with sails and rigging when building ships. Thank you Yperio_Bricks. Small boat are fun to build, we may expect to see more of them since there isn't any arms race going on.
  8. Neat model, the fact that you managed to build a Jeep out of the Range Over makes it even better.
  9. Bodi

    [OL-FB] Haruna Bay

    Thank you, Captain Braunsfeld. Thank you NOD. Thank you Jeff of Clubs. There aren't any horse yet, I'm planning to import some though. Glad you like it. To be continued...Thank you Fraunces. Thank you Keymonus.
  10. Glad you like it. Thank you Fraunces.
  11. Surrounded by sea, with limited cultivated lands, fishing is an important source of protein for the settlers of Kojima. Luckily for these privateer-settlers, there were some skilled craftmen and shipwrights among them, it didn't them to long to launch their first boats. The Aiiro class fishing boat: Time to have homeland products, fine bakery and wine are indispensable to keep moral high. Enough for today, back to port! OOC: I'm once again trying to work with an official set, but not enhancement this time, I rather prefer to build something different than the original, as it's hard to work out an era-appropriate boat with that Thor's ship.
  12. Nice scene. I like these huge and well detailed digital builds.
  13. Bodi

    [MOC] Supermarine Spitfire LF Mk. XVI

    Nice plane! It's interesting to see that this model has cut off wingtips.
  14. Bodi

    [MOC] The Lost Temple

    Very nice scene! You've captured the essence of Chinese architecture very well. And happy to see another countryman here.
  15. The watch on a tower perched on one the cliffs surrounding the Haruna Bay on Kojima Island saw two ships approaching the coast, he quickly shot a fire with his musket to put the little garrison on alert. Minutes later, the settlers were at ease as they recognized these two ships as Kurenai and Forte. They brought in new settlers. At their arrival, the newcomers could appreciate the famous show of "Planting the Flag", representing the iconic moment of some Marines from certain Kingdom planting their flag on this long-forgotten Oleonic land.The settlers didn't hold grudge to these uninvited guests, in fact, without their visit, the dormant Oleon Crown would have never known the existence of this tiny parcel of land in the ocean. Tourists could also pay a visit to the local souvenir & liquor shops.