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  1. I haven't bought them yet, maybe I should. As long as they aren't manufactured by bat or rat eaters, we'll be ok.
  2. I like the floor, and like other said, nice curtains.
  3. Talking parrots. That's a fine example of nice interior scene.
  4. Very nice scene, full of details.
  5. Bodi

    Rising through the ranks

    Nice architecture, and congrats for the promotion, you deserved it. The expressions of these two aristocrates on the third phto made me laugh, they must be fuming of jealousy.
  6. The gentle curve of the hull looks good, this kind of unconventional technique works well here.
  7. Fun build. Didn't expect to see a genie.
  8. @Wellesley Looking good! I'm impressed by your building speed.
  9. It's good to see so many versions of oriental figs in such short time.
  10. Our esteemed comrade Kolonialbeamter is back, welcome!
  11. Look forward to having you among us soon.
  12. From I've read, these junks had flat bow and v-shaped hull bottom, the flat bow can reduce the ship's pitch significantly, though it had a negative effect on ship's speed, I haven't find any mention about leeway yet, maybe it was not so obvious when travelling at low speed.
  13. The second version looks nicer, but the two masted configuration of the first version looks good too.
  14. Fireship, it was composed of two boats, the larger one carried explosives, the smaller one was in tow, and served as life boat when the fireship is ignited. The larger one measures about 15m and the smaller boat is about 5m. Link boat, it was also a fireship, the front boat carried explosives and the crew was on the rear boat. Wheel boat, hull length: about 14m, it had four man-driven wheels. Boat with 8 oars. Dragon Fire Boat, some sort of wheel-boat, two decked, the hull is protected with cow leather or bamboo sheets, armament comprises all sorts of muskets and fire arrows. All the above junks are sea-going vessels, the book Illustrations of Ancient Chinese Boats also shows a large variety of riverine war junks, don't know if you are interested though.
  15. War junks, they ressemble to cogs, with their high castles built for archers. The wave breaker, also called bird boat, hull length was about 20m, draught about 1m, crewed by 30-50 persons, including soldiers. Vanguard boat, hull length about 20m,. Large war junk, crew: 100 persons. two decks, the weather deck is protected by wood boards. The Eagle boat, the hull is protected with bamboo sheets and armament comprises muskets and bows.