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  1. Bodi

    [SR-FB] Hush Hush

    Nice scene, I like the rocks/reef and the ramp, the pier looks good too. Though I'm not very happy with this blatant lack of discipline, the subjects of king Philip only drink wine!
  2. Bodi

    HMS Argonaut, 38 gun frigate, WIP

    @Wellesley You've made a lot of progress since the last update, I'm impressed. The railings look very good, and I like all these details on the bow. And Legostone is right about the bow, it would look better if you could manage to recreate that triangle thingy. Concerning the problem of clumsy bow, my idea is to have a low silhouette and build it narrower:
  3. Excellent! With the prefix HMS I imagine you'll join the Corries. I like the cutter, especially the horse head, hilarious. And I have also a pic showing how I've built my custom hull. Interesting, I'm impatient to see how it would look like on your ship. 6 mid sections, to be honest, but without the stern part, and I've added three rows of brick at the stern, so it's comparable to 2 bow/stern pirces and 5 mid sections. Thank you LS for the answer.
  4. Bodi

    HMS Argonaut, 38 gun frigate, WIP

    That's a nice boat, I like the use of hinges plates here, although I'm not very sure how the minifigs would do if they have to use the oars, by removing the seats first?
  5. Bodi

    HMS Argonaut, 38 gun frigate, WIP

    Attached to the upper layers, very clever, I haven't thought of that, I may steal borrow this idea to use on my next ship. As to the slits, I think it's rather inevitable with the technique of hinges, hinges always leave some gaps, alternatively, we may also use some curved bricks and tiles to build a roundish bow, what do you think? And don't worry about not being to build frequently, there isn't any attendance requirements in Bobs, really.
  6. Bodi

    [SR - FB] Lids

    Nice collection of hats, and awesome photos!
  7. @Mesabi I agree, it looks very good, your best ship so far! I'm like it chubby appearance, as it should be. The colour scheme looks good too, dark red goes well with brown, as to the sails, you could consider to try to build some brick built ones, for example using curved bricks to represent furled sails.
  8. Bodi

    HMS Argonaut, 38 gun frigate, WIP

    Looking good! It's huge. Though I'm little worried about all these blank spaces under the bow. Is there any possibility to connect the hinged slopes with the "keel"? You'll have a more solid base I think, but if you don't plan to move it frequently, it's ok to leave it like this.
  9. Emmm, both the first and the second were in beige, I wanted to build something new, other than the commonly seen yellow and black and widely used brick-built hull. But it turned out that my little "innovations" weren't very successful. Iit's surprising to learn that they used black and yellow only to save money, especially considering the astronomical sum spent to build a Sotl. And I think it's true that white stripe wasn't common before the Napoleonic era, and on some of models it's hard to say whether that stripe was white or beige (tan), so maybe beige is a safer choice? PS. Have you considered about joining the BoBS? We have a redcoat faction here, Corrington.
  10. @Wellesley Thank you for your detailed reply and I'm glad that you like my ship. In fact, this one we see here is the third version, it took me half a year to build it, torn apart and build again. Unfortunately I didn't much photo on it, but I still have some photos of the previous versions, maybe you'll be interested. The first version, with the hull shaped with hinges and tumblehome built with plates, it proves to be too fragile and it was structurally impossible to build the hull higher. The second version, with a less pronounced tumblehome, but the problem of fragility remains, so I was forced to torn it apart again and restart from zero. The last version, I've learned from the previous failures that the "basal layer" should be build with solid bricks, and on top of that layer, I can use hinges to shape the hull. The result proved to be satisfactory, and I can lift it from the two ends of the hull without breaking it. The basal layer is made from bricks and covered by 2x2 curved tiles, as you may see on this photo of poor quality. And I find it quite amusing that two major belligerents of the 18th century shared the same colour scheme for their warships, I mean if we look at the historical paintings, English and French ships were all painted in black and yellow, it's hard to distinguish their nationality if we don't look at their flags, ofc if you are a naval warfare expert, you may ignore this.
  11. I have here some photos of a wip, it's inspired from fluyts of Compagnies des Indes (French East India Company), their layout differs from regular twodeckers, they didn't have a faux-pont (spardeck?), to maximize cargo capacity. So I'm not sure if I can license it as a class 7, it has two decks but it's lighter than a two deck warship. What do you think, a class 6 or a class 7? The upper deck can be easily removed, to facilitate access to the cargo.
  12. Bodi

    MOC: Le Fleuron, 1729 third rate French ship of the line.

    This ship looks fantastic! The bow and the stern are very well built, I like all these golden ornaments, and good job with the functional rigging.
  13. Bodi

    On a deserted island

    This cave looks fantastic, so does the layered terrain, and it's good to see Montoya finding his way back to the civilization.