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  1. A nice build, you are an expert in landscaping, clever roof technique too.
  2. Yep, that's all I was about to say. Great! You could also ask @Mesabi about how this game should be played, it involves a lot of calculations and dice rolling.
  3. Great write up as usual and thumbs up for your time spent in keeping this monthly report going, capt.Wolf. On the other hand, I'm surprised to see OL's merchant fleets were unable to set sail this turn, next time maybe, who knows. The mayor of Eltina, maitre Romain thinks it's a good idea but on the other hand, he also think that it'd be inappropriate to host a game right now, since many people in his town have lost their sons or father in the recent conflict. Therefore, he proposes to give this opportunity to another OL settlement, a place that could benefit more from this gathering, a place like Nola Mar for example.
  4. It's him. As you said, it's just a larger BB, so the details are almost the same, you can see it as a BB with an extra hull section. i think I've got that covered, an anonymous member lent me some dbs, if I got lucky, I may even refund him next turn. Why I didn't think of it, I'd be rich now.
  5. Name: Kojima Ownership: Crown Location: Ile sous le Vent Mayor: Vacant Trade Value: Unknown Who can own property in Kojima: Anyone Who can freebuild in Kojima: Anyone Map: Unavailable About the settlement of Kojima Kojima is located on the island of Ile sous le Vent, a remote place that no one wants to adventure there, it would remained in its natural, un-disturbed status, if there wasn't that un-solicitated visit from a certain trade company. Two medium properties exist on that island for the moment.
  6. Bodi

    [OL-FB] Among Thieves

    Very nice, plenty of activities on the pier and in the basement, accompanied with a fun story.
  7. A cute little boat, the rudder/tiler looks convincing and the last photo looks hilarious.
  8. Bodi

    [COR-FB] Repairing for duty

    Nice build, I see Cooke's accomodation hasn't improved much even he's no more in captivity.
  9. It took me a while to realize it was built with Duplo, didn't know they have those pieces now. It looks good as a whole, it's a good way to build large properties, especially the base.
  10. Great show, it's good to see so many ships displayed together, and they are from the same builder!
  11. Welcome Jeff of Clubs. If you are looking for action, you are in the right place.
  12. It's the infamous captain Iron Hook, he's on strike 'cause he refuses to cover his hands hook with dirt.
  13. I spent them all , it's expensive to maintain a fleet, but be assured I'll figure out a way to reimburse you.
  14. Previously... Nola Mar Forgotten Isle Unlike Breschaun or Eltina, jewels of Nouvelles Terres, Ile sous le Vent was a tiny, uninhabitable island. Ironically, the last visitors were wearing red and brandishing Corries colors. On the other hand, this sudden irruption has drawn the attention of some Oleans, making them realizing that something has to be done to put things back in order. The captain Surlecoup, following Duc Boussac's plan, has anchored his small fleet in the bay of that island, soon, settlers composed of veterans of TV campaign, privateers and their families set to work and a colonny began to take its form.
  15. Bodi

    [MOC] Patroling

    Nice scene! Great technique for building roads, the trees and grass all look good too.