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  1. While the Captain Hunter was obeserving the garrison, hiding in the bushes, having faith in his camouflage skill, an Olean captain was having a conversation with one of the guards. "Luckily you've sharp eyes." Said the captain. "Thank you, sir! They've been wandering around since a week, spying our defense with their spyglass." "Good, these men must be Corrie spies, continue to act like nothing happened, and don't do anything that could awake their suspicion. They'll well surprised If the redcoats want to exploit that 15 minutes gap." Said the captain with a smile. A reaction to Evancelt's excellent build, "Taking notes".
  2. Hilarious. Looks like the Corries regulars are trying to restore order in Mesabi Landing. But is it the remains of a redcoat in that storehouse, it's scandalous!
  3. Bodi

    [SR - FB]Fromagerie

    Nice! The roof looks good, so does the snotted wall.
  4. Bodi

    [OL-FB] Frigate Leopard

    Thanks. I like building ships. Glad you like it, TomSkippy.
  5. Bodi

    [OL-FB] Frigate Forte

    @Faladrin Thank you, glad you like it, mate. I'm looking forward to your frigate. @The Neighborhood Merchant Much appreciated.
  6. Looking good! The trade of spices is very era appropriate, and I like the use of star wars canopy here.
  7. Bodi

    [OL-FB] Frigate Forte

    Thank you Maxim! And nice to see you again. Thank you Khorne. Here's the link to that model ship, there's no helm visible on the deck, so I assumed that it's placed under the poop deck.
  8. Bodi

    [OL-FB] Frigate Leopard

    @Khorne Thank you, glad you like my ship. It has a leopard figurehead because there was a minifig with leopard costume laying on my table, and that Minecraft figure belongs to my son, he was displaying his men on the ship when I was going to take the pictures, he must forgot to take it back and it belongs to me now. Thank you, glad you like it.
  9. Bodi

    [OL-FB] Frigate Leopard

    Glad you like it, NOD. About the knots, well, once you get used to it, it's quite fun.
  10. Bodi

    [OL-FB] Frigate Forte

    Thanks, I can what you meant by white skull, but I've say that it's supposed to be a window.
  11. Captain Surlecoup, as an Olean privateer, made his first appearance in the Westface, while the RNTC was carrying out a mission in Terraversa. OL's mission in Westface had to solicit the captain's help after having detained by the local authority, despite their prior efforts in rescueing shipwrecked TVsans. The whole thing turned out to be a trap set by the lawless TV militia, and without the intervention of a more reasonable mind, war between OL and TV could have taken place years before. Then, our relentless captain has proved his competence and savoir-faire during the Lotus incident, delivering precious information about the motivation behind that sudden incursion of Lotii in El Oleonda, and in the subsequent sea battle, he, with his samourai friends, captured a Lotii warjunk. It's in recognition of his devotion to the Crown that this frigate was specially designed and built for him. In line with the latest advancement in OL's naval architecture, this ship has the particularity of offering more room for the crew, allowing them to better adapt to a prolonged journey on sea. Captain Surlecoup is going to board his new ship. And he's glad to find his companions of arm already on board. "Captain on the quarterdeck." Said the helmsan. "But where is the helm?" Asked a surprised Surlecoup. "Here it is. under the poop deck." Replied the man. "This should keep your clothes dry in bad weather." "Very well, set sails and head to the open sea." To be licensed as a class 6 ship. OOC: I beat my record on shipbuilding with these two ships, as my family and I endured another turn of knock down due to the virus where I live, which gave me a lot of building time, but the down side is the delivery service was down too, so I had to work with the existing bricks. This frigate was built after a model of French frigate that I found on the net, it's labeled as "a privateer frigate" and has the particularity of having an enclosed weather deck, or some sort of extended poop deck, not commonly seen on other frigates I think.
  12. The Olean fleet has been blockading the Terraversa since months, despite their best efforts, several Corrie and Eslandian ships have managed to pass through the blockade and landed hundreds of troops on that island, complicating the already complex situation. In response to this show of force, the ministry of the colonnies has ordered a couple of new ships to the Eltina Shipyards, where men were working at full capacity since the start of hostility. Here's one example of the newly commissioned by la Royale. Built for speed and firepower, this class of new frigates, along with other heavy hitters, will help Oleon to maintain its naval superiority. Duc de Boussac on the poop deck, apparently happy with the sailing performance of his new ship. To be licensed as a class 6 ship.
  13. Should be a challenging task, considering the current circumstances, I don't envy your roles. Those who aren't interested in political intrigues could find their consolation in the builds illustrating this negotiation, I hope everyone could have fun.
  14. Another instalment of Count's story, good to see Count's personal life being flashed out, the mansion looks good.
  15. @CapOnBOBS Excellent build! So much to see, my favourites parts are the office building and the jetty, and it's very thoughtful to build a shrine, very Oleandish.