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  1. The long gun looks cool, I like its design, reminds me certain artillery pieces I used to see in the historic books.
  2. Good to see the good ol' Pride of Oleon Belle afloat again, she looks absolutely superb.
  3. Great to see so many bluecoats marching together, these classic torsos look really cool.
  4. That's a proper shipyard! Looks impressive, I like the crane, nice interiort too. Good job!
  5. Wise maneuvre, nice build, the terrain looks good, I like how you've built the river.
  6. Good to see people have time to spend on festival activities. Great use of the sail piece.
  7. Very nice build! It illustrates well the tactic used by the OL troops, making holes on wall to progress from house to house, and the combination of naval riflemen and tirailleurs will prove its effectiveness in the combat. The action shots look really good too, the smoking and exploding effect is just impressioning.
  8. Bodi

    [OL-FB] The Sloop "Draco"

    A lovely little boat, the colour combination is very Oleon-ish, and she got a classic pirate look. Nice harbour scene too.
  9. Bodi

    [OKT] Bumper Boats

    Bumper boats, I'd never thought of it, excellent idea!
  10. Bodi

    [SR-FB] Class 2 Cutter Akela

    That's a nice looking little boat, the hull is nicely shaped, sails and riggings look good too.
  11. Bodi

    [BTV1-TER] Gun Placement

    Interesting, a gun placement, taking note of its coordinates for future reference. The earthwork looks quite convincing, good job with that, I like the canon design too.
  12. Bodi

    [OL - FB] Church of Hades

    Looking good, I think tan and brown goes well together.
  13. Bodi

    [OL - FB] Fort Arltrees Vicarage

    A clean and neat microbuild, I like the use of hinges and sticks.
  14. Nice builds, I like how you've shown the different steps of the construction of a pontoon bridge.
  15. Fantastic build, as someone used to say. The base is really cool, the tan and light green look good together. I like your technique for straw roof too. And it's sad spectable to see ancient combattants go front again, but there's still time for them to go back home now.