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  1. An Unexpected Move

    I knew it! We can never trust that perfide Lady de Summer. Can't wait to see the suit of the story.
  2. The Highwayman's Return

    Hahaha, wrong spot, how disappointing. The water is very well built, so as the island on a corner of the scene, I like also the palm trees leaning to one side.
  3. [COR] A Fort for the Refugees

    A brilliant and inspiring build, and I agree with BD, it does have a feeling of the last pirate wave. Nice job.
  4. [COR - FB] Visiting Tortuga

    I like the pier and the small house, it's also great to see that you've added so much details in a relatively reduced space.
  5. Training day [NTSC]

    Thanks BD! The mascot you are referring to is Sandy, she's a member of the team, everyone is welcome to the team! Although Hugo is not wearing his pants, he's still wearing his underpants, dont' worry, the fitness club is a male dominant location, no one would pay attention to his accoutrements.
  6. A very nice and detailed palace. I like the towers on the corners, they give a classic/medieval feel to a modern castle like this. Really impressive.
  7. New Ship Classes - The Transition

    @Bregir As we are talking here, I'd like to ask your expertise about the class of my latest ships, ie, the twodecker and the frigate for the challenge E, the Malto Express, the Ardent and the Fishing/Patrol Boat. They are all unlicensed and before licensing them, I'd like to know in which classes they belong.
  8. New Ship Classes - The Transition

    I should second Legostone's opinion, here's an example of a ship built with 6 midsections, my sotl for the last challenge E: As you can see here, the stern is overhanging extravagantly and length wise, I think it's comparable to a 7 midsections without the overhang, and it does not look disproportionned to me, ok that's very subjective but I kind like my ship. If i'm not mistaken, I recall Captain Greenhair has built a sotl with 7midsections and our illustrious Kolonialbeamter has also built an enormous first rater on prefab hulls. As long as we pay attention to the length/width proportion, by widening the prefab hull with jumpers and inverted slopes, we can manage to build a good looking ship with 7midsections.
  9. A team composed by the soldiers of colonial squadron stationed at Eltina have been created to partipate to the Big Colonial Football Championship, they boarded a frigate and after several days spent on sea, they arrived at Trador. While these men are fine athletes, they never touched a football in their life, it became evident that the first thing came to their mind is to find a football, and the task of procuring a football was assigned to their captain, Thierry LaGaufre. Unfortunately, due to some language and culture barrier, the ball thingy bought by their captain wasn't exactly the one they wished. The traditional team painting painted in the stadium of Trador: The Eltina players had a lot of fun playing with their ball. The next day, LaGaudre went to the local fitness club to train a little, and guess who he met there? The coach of team O from Breshaun, playing THE sport.
  10. The Wonders of Cascadia

    Wow, very well built jungle scene, it's a wonderful replica of the original. Great snot technique for the temple ruin.
  11. A nice Oleondish building, it looks massive! I like the croissants fleur de lis on the door, and these columns.
  12. [COR] Landing on Argentia

    Nice scene Mesabi, I like the shipwreck built with the arch bricks, and the baseplate and palm trees, shame we can't find them anymore in newer sets.
  13. A good looking ship, Bregir! A great addition to the fleet of Bobs. The colour fits very well with the era in which it comes from, and I like those inverted shields on the stern castle, same for the leeboard and the lowering mechanism. Btw, if you need some helps to carry the Maltoans to Alicentia, our Malto Express is at your service.
  14. [COR - FB] Leaving Nova Malto

    Great writing, the Maltoans should be very grateful for Corries's help. Interesting wall technique , it worked perfectly, the roof looks nice too, although I wonder what would be looked like if you cover it with 1*2 plates, and I like also the cutaway house, it surely enhances playability.