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  1. Ahoy, matey! What a fine ship we got here, heavily armed and manned by a proud bunch of pirates marines. Though there's one thing, the 36 pounders on the poop deck, usually the poop deck is the weakest part of the ship, not sure if it can bear such weight.
  2. Monsieur Rimbaud The Oleander court is aware of your loyalty and your contributions to our cause, your wish has been communicated to our King, you'll be notified of the result in due time. Duc d'Ablette Ministre des colonnies
  3. That's a entire fleet you're building here, should I be worried?
  4. Nice jungle scene, and I like your version of the story.
  5. Nice statue and monument, it's surprising how Jacques and co dead so easily, I thought le Mechant was the hero of the adventure, he was a bluecoat afterall.
  6. Bodi

    Hugo is pondering (aka drinking)

    Thank you guys, glad you like the tree.
  7. Great battle scene! The underground chamber is a very nice idea, suits well to their identity of secret assassins, and it's comforting to see the legionnaires managed to keep the treasure for themselves.
  8. Neat brig, my favourite part is the stern, and the masts made from drums are quite unique.
  9. Can't wait to see your twodecker done, since I've seen the wip photos on the first page of the guild, I always wished to see completed and posted in this forum. In fact the chainplates (or should I say "chainbricks") on my sotl are tied to the hull through ring plates, here's a photo: And the different sections of the hull are secured with turnable plates and plates, I used turnable plates to allow me to adjust the angle of each section. The whole thing is quite sturdy, the main mast hit the door frame once and it's still intact. Although, if I want to pass the "lift it by holding the main mast" test, I'll have to find a much better solution.
  10. Interesting, the hull is nicely curved and the brick-bricks work surprisingly well here, so far there are 13 gunports on each side, looks promising.
  11. Bodi

    [Era II - Challenge II - Cat C] Suddenly...

    Very nice entry, the brick-built background is awesome, so does the pyramid and the gate, and I've also noticed that you greenies you even got golden walls!
  12. Funny story, there's a lots of humour, I like the assortment of equipment and minifigs, and the microbuild on the last photo is very well built.
  13. We are still waiting for the return of captain Genaro, just be patient please.
  14. This is amazing! It looks almost like a painting, good job.
  15. Great village scene, I like the elevated houses and the planks beneath them, and the joke is amusing.