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  1. Thank you guys for your efforts in reviewing all the entries. I'm glad for this unconstested win.
  2. I like the trees, nicely done.
  3. Thank you Jeff of Clubs. Thank you Khorne. Glad you like shaping, it's true that there is fewer oriental ships around here, hopefully this challenge could give us a chance to see more of them. Thank you Ayrlego, it was fun to build something different.
  4. Thanks Kai. The shields are from Koruit, the motif offers certain similitude with lego one's, but with different colours.
  5. Thank you, I find it easier to have a source materail to refer to, it helps if we want to have the correct shape and proportion. Thank you Fraunces. Thanks, I think we might be able to see them more often from now on. Thank you, glad you like it. Thanks NOD, glad you like the hull. Thank you Darnok, and long time no see. Thanks you Maxim, as I said above, sometime it's very helpful to read some books when building, but I guess you know it already. Thank you Justsomebrix. I have to say I tried to replace these printed tiles with dishes and round tiles, they work better size-wise, but I also find them protruding too far from the hull.
  6. My entry for category 2: Lotus warship
  7. When we talk about Lotii ships here we know they infer to Chinese or Japanese vessels, which are quite distinctive from European style vessels. I must say that I find It quite challenging to build them with lego bricks, as there are no existing hull pieces, the Ninjago series provided us with some fine examples, but I still want to try something different. I started with browsing my books to find an example of these warjunks and I found this: It supposed to be a large ocean going warship, used by Chinese fleets stationed in the southern part of country, note the v-shaped hull and the pointed bow. People often refer to Chinese junks as flat-bottomed ships, with a square bow, giving them the appearence of a modern landing craft. In fact they were many different types, from large ocean going ships to riverine boats. And that's what I managed to work out with lego. The trickiest part in building this must be how to reproduce the hull, it has a pronounced curve making it difficult to build with lego, and how to integrate these curved parts with a more conventionally built bottom-keel. No glue or tapes were used, just a lot of hinges and plates. Apart from the shieds, the sails and some string, everything else is from lego. Note the cross at the rear, it doesn't have any religious signification, it's there to attach the yardarms when they are lowered. And the rudder was operated by a tiller, as the helm was only used on european ships during that period.
  8. She has the right size, with sufficient amount of details, but let's wait and see if the court could give you a definitive answer.
  9. Thank you! I think this shall be the last collabos unit.
  10. Thank you! I'm glad you like them.
  11. Do you have more details to help the court to decide? For example bow to stern studs count. In comparaison, I built once a custom hull frigate with a length of 90studs, licensed as a class 7. Another question is do you have enough dbs to pay the license and upkeep, if not you could ask a loan from our faction.
  12. Thanks Wellesley, I was questionning about the class 12 in the title, I don't have any issue with this one as a class 2, now I know the class 12 means 6x2.
  13. A homeless man camping on the esplanade of Pilnton was awakened by the arrival of a small group of men and women, he rubbed his eyes and saw again, only to find that the men in the lead were wearing green. "The greenis are attacking us!" He ran away sreaming. A patrol rushed towards the imaginary enemies. "Identify yourself or we'll open fire," said a bluecoat. "Hold on there, messieurs," The Duc d'Eranos@blackdeathgr intervened just in time, "they aren't our enemies, but spec ops disguised in greenies to retrieve the collabos we left behind." Very well, another peloton of proud collabos we got here, today a peloton, tomorrow an army! PS: The term "greenies" is only used for story purpose, it isn't intended to represent any actual IC characters.
  14. I googled searched with an alternative search engine that the legendary Takeda Shingen used to wear nanban dou too, I didn't know that.
  15. Thanks. Here you go. Thanks Jeff. Your gun on tripod looks amazing too.