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  1. The wall looks fantastic, so does the floor, and those furnitures, wonderful job!
  2. Bodi

    [OL-FB] Floating Battery

    The above IC talks are meant to persuade d'Ablette to approve the outfitting work, OCC I'll license it as a ship ofc, with low range and maneuvre stats though, as we may expect from a ship like that.
  3. Bodi

    [OL-FB] Floating Battery

    Thank you Thaum. Those curves are indeed built with 1x4 slopes. Thank you Fraunces. In fact the minimalist rigging here is due to the lack of reference, the only picture I could find on floating battery was an artistic painting depicting the siege of Gibraltar, on which you could see a trapezoid ship with two rows of guns per broadside, it looks like a CSS Virginia with masts. And there were no clear signs of chainplates or other means to fix the riggings, so I had to improvise. Interesting, good to know. Thanks LM, glad you like it.
  4. Somewhere in Eltina. The Duke d'Ablette was sitting behind his desk reading some newspapers official documents when a naval officer came in. - Monseigneur, I have a message from the shipyards. - Very well, what do they want again? More funds? Asked the Duke. - You guessed right, as always. Answered the messenger with a bow. - They want for more funds to outfit a floating battery. - A floating battery, what is it? I can't remember having ordered the construction of a such thing. - Monseigneur, a floating battery is a ship specially designed to attack forts, it has reinforced hull and is mounted with large guns and mortars. This one was ordered by the Duke de Beauregard. Replied the officer. - De Beauregard! If it was him who has ordered a such ship, then we should complete it. Although I don't know why we'll need a such ship if we don't have to attack a fort. - You are right, monseigneur, but you see, some of our settlements, such as Dragonstone and Acropolis, are still weakly defended, and a ship like this could come in handy. - Vous avez raison, bon, go see the treasurer and finish the outfitting. The officer saluted the Duke and went out. Side view of the floatting battery: Stern. The captain and his crew. A brid view. Bow The mortar. OOC: The floating batteries were built by the French navy for the Spanish, they were used for the first time during the siege of Gibraltar, in 1782.
  5. @Mesabi I like the idea of flooded district, we could work out a number of builds on this theme, you may build a oyster reef, consolidate an embankment, restore a ridge, rebuild a marsh or a barrier island.
  6. Bodi

    [SR - FB] Bastion coast guard

    I missed this post somehow, the fort looks very good and the boat with furled sail is a nice add.
  7. Thanks, it's indeed inspired from star forts, and my collection of grey bricks only allows me to build a corner. Thanks, glad you like it. Merci Thank you Thaum! I hope when you said some factions, you didn't mean Oleon. Thank you. Good point on the top part, luckily it's easy to mend it. Thank you Mesabi!
  8. As part of the new defense plan, a group of engineers from Eltina were sent to Crecopia to build a fort in this remote spot of the Oleon empire. Don't pay attention to the automatic guns etc, my son wanted to play with the fort when I finished building it. Here's a more era-approprite photo: The commander of the fort, somewhat reticent to his new appointment, but an order is an order, luckily he has brought his collection of wine with him. It has a footprint 32X32. Vive le Roi!
  9. Interesting, have you considered to elaborate a plan to bribe invade Oleon?
  10. Thanks LM, I'll build the battlement higher next time. Well said. Glad you like my fort. Thanks Kwatchi, glad you like it.
  11. A fort is purely defensive, we just want to keep our fellow minifigs unharmed from villainous raiders. You are at my all collection of brick bricks here, and a large part of my grey bricks. A true Oleander don't need to hide in a battefield. That's exactly why I've built this fort, from now on, captain Nordau better thinks twice before setting his foot on Olean soil. Thanks captain Dee. The middle part looks deeper because it's a 16x32 baseplate, and I've used 16x16 baseplates for the two cannon towers. In the beginning, I just wanted to build a gate, but then I thought why not add some walls, a brige too, and things went a little bit out of control.
  12. Bodi

    [OL - A-MCRA] Travels to Terraversa

    As I said, that's an impressive build, captain Genaro, it looks very neat and clean, I like the way the windows are built, and echo with captain Dee to the alternance of tech bricks.
  13. Typical Eslandolan tactic, typical.
  14. Bodi

    [SR - FB 1 - Jan 619] The Red Dragon

    Your son did that, and he's only 9 years old, bravo, thumb up. It's a very good looking junk, my only suggestion is to remove the bowsprit, and if your son wants more realism, he may use it as a third mast, he may place it perpendicularly on the bow.