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  1. The Neighborhood Merchant

    Yet another 918/924/928 remake, plus a 6894 and a 6931

    Woah! These are some of the best remakes I've seen yet that try to stay close to the original scale. I especially like your 928 and 6931 remakes. The base alongside 928 is very well made, I love the look of it. As someone who values play-ability and modular features, I really enjoy the fact that you incorporated all the original features of the sets and then some. Definitely some of my favorite MOCs I've seen this year, very cool!
  2. WOW! Absolutely gorgeous scenery. I especially love the water and rockwork. Amazing work, NOD!
  3. The Neighborhood Merchant

    [MOC] Theo's Trabuchet fishing hut

    Wow, looks great! Love the way you went about making the dock. So many great techniques throughout the build.
  4. The Neighborhood Merchant

    [MOC] [Classic Space] X-942 Launch Hangar

    Well done! I love the modern take on the hangar, yet you still did a great job keeping the original classic space look. The hangar looks very sleek. Is it modular by any chance? Based on the photos, it looks like you plan to expand it in the future. If so, I look forward to seeing what else you do to enlarge it. Hope you make it in brick someday. Looks great!
  5. The Neighborhood Merchant

    [MOC] The Conquered Outpost

    I really like the look of your build. It definitely looks like a modern version of the smaller size pirate sets Lego used to make. I especially love the open cave. Very cool!
  6. The Neighborhood Merchant

    Lego Creator Cyber Drone Multi-Builds

    Very cool! I've always had a liking for this set, but wasn't a big fan of the builds other than the mech. You did a good job capturing more of the spacey aspects the set should have had. I especially love the outpost, looks sleek. Very nice build!
  7. The Neighborhood Merchant

    [MOC] Magnetic North Frigate

    Woah Thaum, this is amazing! I absolutely love the color scheme you got going. It's very sleek. Great job on the sails too. What a beaut! Hats off to you, my friend.
  8. The Neighborhood Merchant

    Star Trek Lego Inspection Pod NX Enterprise

    Awesome build! Looks stunningly close to the actual version.
  9. The Neighborhood Merchant

    A whole lot of Transformers

    Wow, these are AMAZING. My favorite is probably Fanthom, but I love the design on each one of them. Very creative, hats off to you!
  10. The Neighborhood Merchant

    Cedrica City Block(Picture heavy(A))

    This is amazing. I love the concept and how much life the build has. Very neat building techniques used here as well. Excellent job!
  11. The Neighborhood Merchant

    Imperial Armada Fortress?

    I definitely agree with Mr. Phes. Jason's MOC is to me the closest to the design and would have been a wonderful addition. Master0889's fort would have been something closer to what Lego would have actually done with the minimalist part limit. Both are fantastic creations and fit very well.
  12. The Neighborhood Merchant

    Are there any LUG groups in Tampa, Florida?

    I live in Punta Gorda, Florida, and unfortunately have seen nothing of the sort down here as well. It looks like GFLUG is one of the only recognized groups here in Florida. Fingers crossed one comes up in the following years!
  13. The Neighborhood Merchant

    [MOC] The treasure..

    Wow, this is seriously impressive! Well done! I also had to look twice to confirm it's Lego.
  14. The Neighborhood Merchant

    José's Inn - Ye Olde BoBS Drinking Hole

    That's awesome @Fraunces! My favorite MOC you've done will always be the underwater/cave creation with the white shark. So many great creations! Your website looks great, @evancelt! Your creations have so much life and your scenes really do an excellent job of depicting exactly what you're looking for. I absolutely love each of your scenes.
  15. The Neighborhood Merchant

    Seatron ST-4 Scarab

    Very sleek! I love Seatron MOCs, and this certainly looks perfect with the color-scheme. Great job!