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  1. The Neighborhood Merchant

    [ENTRY] 6278/6292 Enchanted Island Remake

    It has been a lot of fun viewing this contest and all the submissions, but this one in particular is incredibly jaw-dropping for me. I would purchase this so quickly if it were ever a thing... Amazing job with the colors and shaping, and the re-designs for the figures -- INCREDIBLE. You can tell love and soul was put into this remake and it immediately kicks my nostalgia into high gear. Well done!
  2. The Neighborhood Merchant

    [MOC] 10497 Alternate - LAAT

    Ha, love the crossover! Nice design too, especially the wings. Well done!
  3. The Neighborhood Merchant

    [MOC] Croco Island

    Love this design, and the playable features. Great build all-around. Voted!
  4. The Neighborhood Merchant

    [MOC] Classic Space Crawler - Mobile Lab Redux

    Thanks @Brickshipyard! It was a lot of fun working with those wheels. Glad you like it! Now the true challenge will be finding that the old trans-green dome in a decent condition... Forgot to comment on your post, but I love your Multi Purpose Striker by the way. What a superb build that stays true to the original space police design
  5. The Neighborhood Merchant

    [MOC] Classic Space Crawler - Mobile Lab Redux

    So glad to hear you like it @JulianH! Fingers crossed I can finish it in bricks. Yeah, I am totally conflicted with the additional red accents. Didn't look crowded enough without it, but too much with. Will have to see what the difference is in-person when I start building. Thanks for the input!
  6. The Neighborhood Merchant

    [MOC] Classic Space Crawler - Mobile Lab Redux

    @Professor Thaum Thank you, Thaum! The miniature version of the mobile lab was fun to build. Looking forward to sharing more photos to you of the build once I'm able to finish it in brick. @Umbra-Manis Ha, I'd hope so, although I think the little one may have difficulty in the dunes... Appreciate the kind words!
  7. The Neighborhood Merchant

    [MOC] Classic Space Crawler - Mobile Lab Redux

    The Classic Space Mobile Lab 6901-1 set from 1980 has always been among my favorite classic space sets, so I had to do it justice and try reviving it with some flair. I only have the digital build for now, but I'll finish it in bricks one of these days! The crawler has a full interior and detachable lab area, which I will showcase in brick form once it's finished (just had to design it using old gray, ha!) LEGO Classic Space Crawler - Mobile Lab Redux by The Neighborhood Merchant, on Flickr
  8. The Neighborhood Merchant

    [CSE] Spyrius Robot Retreiver

    Wow wow wow, I absolutely love the build. Makes a perfect transport for the old Spyrius robots. Instant Centurion nostalgia too. This is hands down one of my favorite Spyrius MOCs builds out there. I like the way you did the minifigs too. Super sleek and great use of those old windscreen pieces! Would love to see if you made a transporter for the RoboForce series now
  9. The Neighborhood Merchant

    [MOC] Assassin's Creed - Venice 1486

    Woah, I'm absolutely speechless. I don't think I've ever seen an Assassin's Creed MOC this big. You did an amazing job capturing so much life in your build. And the building techniques -- I can't even. Those sail and flag techniques for the ships are sweet. Well done, this is gorgeous! Props too for finding a location for a proper backdrop for this huge build. Great photography too
  10. The Neighborhood Merchant

    [MOC] Armada-Chima

    These are amazing combos. Nice work, especially with the older castle torsos. Love them all!
  11. The Neighborhood Merchant

    Deep Freeze Scavenger

    Oh my, this is BEAUTIFUL! As someone who loves the Ice Planet sets, I can say without a doubt this is one of my favorite remakes. The curvature is excellent here, your defender remake looks so smooth and has a sleek redesign. And you were able to keep the original play features as well, nice job. Love the new part usage and stand too. Wow, what a beauty!
  12. The Neighborhood Merchant

    [MOC] Excellent Shot, Sir

    Wow, what a cute little scene! I think it's very neat that you are expanding to themes outside pirates as well. You are a small diorama expert, Evan! Your minifigures are always well-designed, but I really like these ones in particular.
  13. The Neighborhood Merchant

    [MOC] Mono Jet 2.0

    Wooow! That is a spectacular remake. I love how you kept the center wheel functional. The engine really steals the show, what an excellent build!
  14. The Neighborhood Merchant

    [MOC] The Amphibious Multipla - Mecha

    This is the kind of love the Multipla needs. Absolutely genius and well-executed design. I enjoy looking at this too much.
  15. The Neighborhood Merchant

    [MOC] "Arrrrr!!! The rum is gone!!!"

    I love the building styles you incorporated for that island! The newer and older palm tree connectors/leaves look very good together and the water base looks slick. I definitely will be "borrowing" some of these ideas from you.