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  1. The Neighborhood Merchant

    [SR - FB 1 Nov 619] Botanical Garden

    Great build, Thaum! There are so many unique methods you used here, it's spectacular! The variety of plants is very striking, and you did a wonderful job to make each unique. The Utricularia Tentaculata Giga will surely haunt my dreams, but you definitely did a fantastic job with it. Once again, great build! So many details and a fun read too. Kudos to you!
  2. The Neighborhood Merchant

    [MOC] Cthulhu

    No better color to suffice the omnipotent one than the legendary sand green. The techniques and overall form of this are amazing! Wonderful job! I also would love to have this sitting on my desk. I'd have to light up some candles around it and praise it every morning of course.
  3. The Neighborhood Merchant

    [ESL - CLASS 8] Princesse Margot - a 74 gun Third Rate

    Breathtaking... You truly aced this one, Maxim. The dark red, pearl gold, and dark tan go so well together and the accents are superb. The rigging, sails, and the curves are all perfect and with the colors and accents, it creates a beautiful ship. I've seen the masonry bricks used before, but this may be one of the most fitting color schemes I've seen for them. Not to mention I love how much you added to the stern, it really completes the ship. Like I said before, excellent job. This behemoth is a true beauty. Now, if you excuse me, I'm going to go look at the pictures on more time
  4. Glad to see we're now on Maldria. This is a wonderful fort! The walls look beautiful, especially with the added tiles. The wood plank tiles are also a really nice accent with the entire fort. The landscaping is very nice, and the angles are superb! Love it!
  5. The Neighborhood Merchant

    [COR-FB] The Defiant

    Nice work, this is an absolutely gorgeous ship! The rigging is great! What bricks did you for the top for connecting the rigging? They look like wheels connected with something else, but I'm uncertain. The hull is very sleek and you did an excellent job with the small details and the entire scene. Also, so glad you added the mast lean, it looks fantastic! Once again, great work. You made my day once again, and I look forward to seeing what you cook up next!
  6. The Neighborhood Merchant

    [MOC] Gotheborg - Swedish East Indiaman

    Truly a wonderful choice for a ship. The Gotheborg is and was one of the most gorgeous vessels (in my opinion) out there and this MOC is no exception on gorgeous. The way you did the windows looks fantastic, the proportions and angles are all superb, and of course, the rigging and the sails look great! Wonderful job, I'm truly in love with this ship!
  7. The Neighborhood Merchant

    [MOC] Snow-Rigged Merchant Brig "Boreas's Haul"

    Thanks so much for the lovely feedback! Didn't know how to tag at the time so sorry about that. I just now realized your sigfig's legs are brown, whoops! Once again, really appreciate the kind words and your sigfig will always be stationed on the old trading ship's helm. Thanks for continuing to bring some good loot to the port! I call them hammocks. I'm uncertain whether or not that's the proper terminology, but that's at least what most Americans call it.
  8. The Neighborhood Merchant

    [Moc] Sabre Island

    Another wonderful MOC, @pantelis! The way you did the smoke is genius! I don't think I've ever seen a method like that used before so kudos to you on that. The building of course, is beautiful, as well as all the small details included throughout the build. I especially like the roofing on the smaller building, as it has such a wonderful form to it. Great work, can't wait to see more from you!
  9. The Neighborhood Merchant

    Captain Nordau vs. Montroy

    Like the others said, the story and ships are absolutely fantastic! These are probably some of the best micro-ships I've ever seen, as the rigging, sails, and curves are incredible for such a small scale (I can only imagine how painful it was to tie those lines.) The story and pictures are wonderful! I have no doubt, one of these days Montroy will be captured, the fleeing crook. Seriously though, wonderful job @Garmadon! This was a great read. Also, I just now realized how huge the back light is for the Shadow. That thing is gigantic! Kinda removes the point of a black hull and sails, haha!
  10. The Neighborhood Merchant

    [GoC - Ship] Class 5 Xebec "Sternidae"

    What a looking beautiful looking Xebec! These ships are very tough to build in Lego, but you seemed to do a wonderful job in undertaking the difficulties that come in building a Xebec. Always nice to see the leaning front mast. Did you attach any bricks to it, or is it just attached with thread? Once again, it turned out wonderfully. It's always nice to see your builds in brick and Sternidae will be a wonderful addition to Quinnsville!
  11. The Neighborhood Merchant

    The Empire of Eslandola: Sign-Up and Discussion, Era II

    @Fraunces Yeah here you go! I didn't post this in the last message because I didn't want to post something not so relevant here. It was posted in August. Ship doesn't look the best, but I'm still learning. You were actually the first member I read any post from on Eurobricks, and I had your pieces laying around so I figured as a quick gimmick, I'd put you at helm on the old trading ship because I didn't have any other figures. Sorry if this sounds odd , just did it as a quick joke I thought you'd like.
  12. The Neighborhood Merchant

    The Empire of Eslandola: Sign-Up and Discussion, Era II

    Haha, fair enough! I'm just messing around... or am I? Thanks for your patronage! Arthur will try his best not to empty your supply of ale, but no guarantees.
  13. The Neighborhood Merchant

    The Empire of Eslandola: Sign-Up and Discussion, Era II

    Thanks so much, @Garmadon! I look forward to all the interesting activities I'll be able to take part in. Appreciate the kind words, @Fraunces! Hopefully throughout time I'll be able to include more bricks to my smaller builds, but until then I still am very thankful to see the kind feedback to the little I can do! Also, a quick side note: I don't know if you've seen my Boreas's Haul (pretty rookie ship I made a bit ago), but I still have your fig in command of the helm on the old Trading ship. Thanks for continuing to bring me good loot with your voyages! Thanks for the cheerful welcoming, @Kai NRG! Glad you enjoyed the story and the dirty one was pretty much the only time my bag of demolished parts came in handy. Amazing that even parts in horrible condition have a part within lego builds!
  14. The Neighborhood Merchant

    The Empire of Eslandola: Sign-Up and Discussion, Era II

    Thanks @Bodi! I'm actually glad it works this way as it takes a while for me to come up with ideas to build new stuff! Plus, it builds up the suspense... I'm watching those corries... always advancing in technology... always needing more land...
  15. The Neighborhood Merchant

    [MOC] The Crew of the Lemuria

    What an interesting array of minifigures! Kudos to you for using such a wide assortment of minifigure pieces to create such a unique and outstanding crew! Also, where does the leg piece you used for Lemuria originate from? It looks fantastic!