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  1. Many Thanks! At the beginning I did a decisive mistake of the Boardwalk (Elevating The Boardwalk Or Grass by One Plate). Unfortunately, I first noticed it at the end when I looked at the photos. Next time I'll do it better.
  2. Many Thanks! The Sea Rats are a democracy. I have never completely published the build. There was always only a small part to be seen from different angles. Many Thanks! Yes it is. Because I've never fully published and licensed it, I can use it over and over again.
  3. Marvelous! I can see a lot of details in the large photos. Thanks @KotZ, @CapOnBOBS and @Professor Thaum !
  4. I thank everyone who participated. It was fun and I learned a lot. I am looking forward to the photos.
  5. It is required to increase the ship limits. With more ships, more products can be transported from the plantations to other settlements. That is why Kane held a vote. Representatives from the crew are allowed to vote. DSC08700 by Philippe, auf Flickr Representatives of the crew are honorable gentlemen's and charming ladies. This is really a surprise; the vote was 100% accepted. Unfortunately, those who were against it fell overboard in the last storm. I am very happy to announce that the ship limits have been raised. DSC08693 by Philippe, auf Flickr
  6. It like it very much. The view from the inside and the underground room are great.
  7. NOD

    [OL - FB] Lavalette Mint Royale

    Wow! Great collaboration from everyone! It is very good that in the first photo I can see a model of all the buildings, so that I can understand the context. Bees are good for defence. Everything is nicely built and it is a pleasure to see so many photos.
  8. NOD

    [MOC] El Puerto de Cartagena (Anno 1585)

    The individual buildings look good. But all together as a city looks much better.
  9. The diorama looks great and a well-told story. The time it took to put the countless bricks together for the border was worth it.
  10. NOD

    [COR - CHIV - CAT C] Westface Market

    Very nicely built and great photos. I like the tavern with the battlements and the many market stalls. It gives the impression that it is a big place with a lot of people.
  11. Really a very nice ship! Great photos of the construction.
  12. Nice walls and interior. A good idea how you built the fringes on the carpet.
  13. Well-built sawmill with a water wheel. It sounds familiar to me, at the beginning I also had this problem. Digitally you have to assemble the minifigures from individual parts first. A minifigure consists of 8 individual parts.
  14. Another imposing building on a small area. I really like the combination of stone and wood.