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  1. NOD

    Rafts, Rafts, Rafts!

    @zinnn Thank you for the topic! It's interesting to see so many different types of rafts.
  2. Thank you very much! This is great and detailed reporting.
  3. NOD

    The Kings Great Hall

    This is an impressive hall! The floor tiles are a work of art. The columns are a clever idea. The gate and windows are beautiful. The decorations on the gate frame and window frames look great.
  4. NOD

    Wither Woods Windmill

    Wow! That's great! When the windmill turns, the millstone also turns and produces flour. The construction inside the mill is very interesting. The mill also looks good from the outside.
  5. NOD

    [MOC] North Western Frontier

    Beautiful diorama! The wooden house with the porch, the trees, everything looks great!
  6. NOD

    [MOC] The Fortress of Falkenholt

    Great diorama! The castle and the landscape are beautifully built. The various rooms in the castle are detailed, interesting and varied. The underground tunnels look amazing.
  7. It looks impressive as the fully equipped soldiers are marching on the dock! Looks good as the waves splash against the pillars.
  8. NOD

    [OL - FB] Smith's Smithy

    Very nice and detailed interior view of the smithy. A furnace, bellows, charcoal canister, anvil, storage, warehouse and much more is available. The tree is also well built, which makes even the rabbit happy. It's also interesting to see how busy people are at work. It's a good thing the owner's name isn't Miller, everyone would ask why he doesn't have a mill.
  9. NOD

    [OL - FB] Return to the Tyree'dee

    You built 2 nice builds with few bricks. The background with the lances, paddles, clubs, brooms and shields looks interesting. I also like the altar with the fire and mask. The 2 gladiator minifigures go well with the Tyree'dee.
  10. Great story! It is a good decision not to oppress Lotus colonials but to help and involve them. As for the build, I like the minifigure choices and movement. The "Eslandola" sack is well positioned.
  11. NOD

    [COR-FB] El Oleonda, again

    Nice little diorama! I like how the landscape was built.
  12. NOD

    [MOC] Coudstone Castle

    The rock island on which the castle was built looks great! I especially like the cave and the dock with the buildings. The island is really very beautiful and well built.
  13. NOD

    [COR-FB] Land Ho!

    Very nice build! The crew is on the main deck and sighting land. The main deck is realistically built. The first photo was taken from a very good angle. The second photo shows the ship better. The side wall is a little high and too sloping. But with the ornaments it could be a galleon. If you continue to build the ship like this, it would also look good.
  14. NOD

    Arabian Street

    Great diorama! The escape scene is very well portrayed. The pigeons that were freed to hinder the pursuers and the jump to the other house are exciting. The whole diorama is vividly rendered with great detail. The merchant's house with the tower and fountain also looks great.
  15. A cozy home right on the water. I like that I can see the fish underwater. A very good area for fishing.