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  1. NOD


    Great! The effort and the working hours were worth it. The rigging makes the ship even more beautiful. I like the photos with the dolphins.
  2. Good detailed history and realistically built ruin. The debris and the blazing fire looks good. Great photos of the scenario.
  3. Interesting story. I like the sail with the dragon.
  4. NOD

    [ESL-FB] The Finch sets sail

    Small and well built ship. I like the sails and rigging.
  5. NOD


    Many Thanks. I wanted to try something new when recruiting troops. It's a big castle that I built 10 years ago. In the meantime, I've learned a lot and would build it differently. But as a background image for my stories, I can photograph it from different angles and it looks good. This is possible because no one knows how it looks complete. That way, it always looks new and interesting.
  6. NOD


    Many Thanks. He has certain similarities with "drill instructor Gunnery Sergeant Hartman". Sorry, I corrected it in the topic. I have already sent the BOBS Troop Webform with 90 men. I hope it is automatically enclosed on 60 Men. Many Thanks.
  7. Beautifully built coast. Looks good, like the pirates with the supplies climb the rocks.
  8. Very nice photos of the yacht. Has she built Giancarlo?
  9. Great build and fun story! Yes, for pink decorated it takes a man with cahones. I like Giancarlo! Maybe you could take Giancarlo with you on the voyages?
  10. raising troops on Charlatan Bay 2 Company Grenadiers: 60 Men DSC08677 by Philippe, auf Flickr Drill instructor Hartman, has friendly words for everyone! He turns weaklings into grenadiers! DSC08682 by Philippe, auf Flickr From hundreds of candidates after a very hard training only the best 60 are selected and are promoted to grenadiers. The worthless remainder has to scrub the deck and peel potatoes on Sea Rats ships. DSC08676 by Philippe, auf Flickr
  11. NOD

    [MOC] Pig Island

    Really very nice build that your 4 year old son made. He has great potential. One day he'll be better than you.
  12. Good construction from the first excavations. In addition, sympathetic miners at work.
  13. Education: Large The base plates, buildings, stone slabs, some plants and minifigures were built by @CapOnBOBS. The buildings positioned at an angle, the tiles, fountain, trees, some plants and minifigures were built by @NOD. LavSchoolForChildren 2 by Philippe, auf Flickr This is a reform school for boys heading towards a life of piracy. Here the children are put on the right track with some much needed order and discipline. Among other things, the school attempts to teach the civilized values of Oleon to these wayward children. LavSchoolForChildren 1 by Philippe, auf Flickr Because Oleanders love their faith, there are daily lessons in the chapel. LavSchoolForChildren 3 by Philippe, auf Flickr In the school house they learn to read, write and do arithmetic. These building blocks of civilized life do not always get the attention needed from the "free spirited" youth. LavSchoolForChildren 4 by Philippe, auf Flickr For some students it has not been of any use so far. The priest and the teacher are angry because 2 children are sword-fighting with ladles. LavSchoolForChildren 5 by Philippe, auf Flickr Unfortunately, they haven't noticed another child who "accidentally" lights a bush with a candle. We wish the staff good luck and patience!
  14. Looks very nice. I like the many details. The fact that I can remove many parts to see the inside of the building is cleverly done.