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  1. This is an exciting and interesting photo story. I like the room with the folding door and the cave. The cave is furnished with everything that is urgently needed.
  2. This is a very beautiful and colorful building. I like the different windows on each floor, it looks interesting.
  3. NOD

    [MOC] Great Redoubt

    This is a magnificently constructed artillery position. The uniforms are also well made.
  4. NOD

    [OL-FB]...mud, mud, mud...

    This is a well portrayed scene. Does the officer have a pocket watch in his hand? I am sure that he is a great help to the soldiers with his encouraging words.
  5. That's funny, he doesn't seem to like all of Oleon's allies. Général de Oleon Hercule François is an interesting character.
  6. I like them. I can see from their faces that it is a tough squad.
  7. NOD

    [OL - FB] "Watching the Coastline"

    Welcome to Brethren of the Brick Seas. Good intro builds and story. I look forward to seeing the sloop.
  8. NOD

    [Moc] The fellowship of the ring

    Very beautiful diorama! I like the buildings and the colorful autumn trees. When I see the minifigures, I want to watch the movies right away.
  9. Very beautiful! This is a great diorama with lots of details and action. It fits perfectly with Brethren of the Brick Seas.
  10. NOD

    [FB-OL] Le Grand Delais

    Funny and good story! Finally, we get an answer to the question of who is La Grande Armee. Well done builds, especially the scene at the harbor is full of ideas. You could license it as small commerce to increase your income.
  11. Many thanks! The FTA is pleased to be present at Nola Mar.
  12. Mysterious! Who Is This Creature? Are there more of those on Spudkirk?
  13. NOD

    GoH 10 B: New Belynia

    Great ending to the story! I like the many different buildings. I like the castle and the houses in both versions. But the mountain with the waterfall is nicer in the new diorama.
  14. NOD

    [MOC] The Golden Crown Inn

    Beautiful tavern with a great décor! Innovative idea how the chandelier was built.
  15. NOD

    [MOC] Assassin's Creed - Venice 1486

    That is beautiful! So many great buildings, bridges and ships. It's fun to see the many minifigures at work.