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  1. Interesting story and nice tower. I particularly like the upper part with the battlements and the interior.
  2. NOD

    [LDD] Tobago Custom Hull Ship

    I just tried it with tiles, it doesn't look bad.
  3. Great photo story. Amara knows how to motivate people to work. The drunkard on the scaffolding has never worked so fast.
  4. Great build and funny story. It was fun to find the 9 goblet uses. You have built-in this creatively.
  5. NOD

    Admiral's Outpost on Azure Coast

    Very nice outpost with lots of details. I really like the window framing with the columns and arches.
  6. NOD

    [LDD] Tobago Custom Hull Ship

    Thanks for the compliments. You're right. It would look a lot better with cotton sails, of course. I have photos without a sail where the construction of the ship can be seen better. Then there are action photos with minifigures that look incomplete without a sail. That's why I built sails out of Lego bricks. The sails are for decoration only. Thank you very much, it's a great honor! I am very happy!
  7. Amara @Gulagurag wants to return to Brethren of the Brick Seas from retirement. I hope it is possible.
  8. NOD

    Returning from retirement question

    I support the proposal. I would be delighted if Amara return to Brethren of the Brick Seas and the Sea Rats.
  9. NOD

    [LDD] Tobago Custom Hull Ship

    Thanks for the compliments. I had a lot of fun building this ship. Thank you very much, it's a great honor. I am very happy that you like my ships.
  10. NOD

    [COR - FB] ETTC Garrison, Westface

    Great building. I like the architecture, the passage and the tower are a highlight. Good selection of minifigures.
  11. A very nice room. I especially like the fireplace, the flags and the ceiling beams with supports.
  12. I like the manor house with the columns and the wooden balcony.
  13. It actually looks like a Xebec. I like the oars best. Really very good idea and well built too.
  14. Looks good from the color and with the tower. With the soldiers and the many goods it is a living build.
  15. It looks like a big Courthouse building. But the guillotine is a good idea and well built.