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    Gaming, movies, and Lego ofcourse.

    Also lurking on Eurobricks, I'm really good at that. Been doing it for years now! ^^


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  1. Thomas Waagenaar

    [GoC] Arlinsport Factory

    Lovely façade! I really like that it's on an "off angle"!
  2. Thomas Waagenaar

    [COR-FB] Armory, Queenston

    Looks good! Interesting tree techniques and nice wall textures and colouring!
  3. Thomas Waagenaar

    [WIP] Scarlett Viper cutter ship

    Looks good! Lovely sails! Simple hard-paper? Yet it looks really neat and fitting!
  4. Thomas Waagenaar

    [MOC] Land ho!

    What a cute little boat! Lovely hull technique!
  5. Thomas Waagenaar

    New LEGO Pirates Discord Server

    What you can do, is to just go to the website from Discord ( ) Log-in there, and at the bottom of your "server list" (the circles on the left), there should be a large green + icon, if you click on that, just add the server code ( AKPnSrUB ) and it should add you to the server too! This way, you don't use the invite link directly, as a server code is essentially just the last letters/numbers after the direct discord invite. But instead you're going via discord itself, meaning you don't need to a "direct invite link". Either way, if that doesn't work, you'll probably want to try a different browser. ^^
  6. Thomas Waagenaar

    [GoC] Fisherman's Hut

    Such a cute little vignette!
  7. Thomas Waagenaar

    [SR-FB Sep 622] Dr Thaum's finest special

    Looking lovely! It being diagonal adds another nice layer, and the loose studs help sell the ground-bedding better than normal placed bricks would!
  8. Thomas Waagenaar

    HETCS Sussex

    Impressive looking ship! However do you have some bigger pictures? Or a link to the Flickr album? All the fine details have gone lost in the tiny pictures :(
  9. Thomas Waagenaar

    Oleon: Sign-up and Discussion, Era II

    It seems very quiet from the leadership side... Sadly... (Although I'd like to be proven wrong)
  10. Thomas Waagenaar

    [WIP] Scarlett Viper cutter ship

    I have to admit, I just LOVE how much better it looks in bricks compared to digital! The colours are coming to their true right this way! And the added little details with the ropes etc! Looking forward to seeing her done!
  11. Thomas Waagenaar

    Can I use MOCs I posted for BoBS?

    To add to this, I personally am a big fan of "crossposting with a story". For example in the normal Pirates forum you would just post the build as-is. Simple overview pictures and description etc. But in the BOBS forum you could add a story to it, minifigure placement, details specific to your BOBS story and sigfig etc etc! And then just put a link in the other topic to the other one so people can click both from the other! ^^
  12. Thomas Waagenaar

    ETTC Offices, Queenston

    Woah, this looks amazing! I love the subtle grid-offset and the colours are really good too! And then there's the foliage that is the cherry on top! And do I spot a little Chameleon there too?
  13. The Monty Python reference is what ultimately got me! 😂 I love it!
  14. Thomas Waagenaar

    [OL-FB] Ice in the New World

    Amazing docks, and great story! Honestly the ice trade is such a forgotten thing it's really cool to see it make an appearance here!
  15. Woah, that's an excellent looking catamaran! And the colours from the Ninjago island people and hoe you integrated them are amazing!