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  1. I had never seen that image, whenever someone says "small ship" I just imagined something like Renegade Runner set. The fact that she's over 1.1kg and you can just hold her easily that's a really impressive fact, I don't think anyone thinks it isn't! Genuinly jealous that you managed to rig her so well, as its a feat I personally wouldn't be able to do, no matter how small the ship! I don't think anyone is jabbing at you. No one is saying what you're doing is bad. And yes, I got a method that works for me, which is great, and indeed, many things to improve for the next project. Honestly, communicating like this over the internet is hard, there is no tonal impression, no body language, you can't hear my voice, we can't hear yours, you don't see each others body languages. A lot of nuance gets lost via the internet. This whole conversation started due to a miscommunication on my part and we've been talking besides each other thinking we were talking about the same but weren't the entire time, I should have been clearer on what I ment from the start. I'm sorry if I made you feel unwanted, that really was not my intention. Sorry
  2. Luckily it does what it's supposed to do . Can't relate to the smaller vessels yet though, this is the smallest ship I've made so far that wasn't a prototype. Considering it's still standing after I bumped a pan into it yesterday... (And let's not talk about the plates over the past week, I really need a bigger dining table to construct this stuff on )
  3. Well, that's pretty neat then! I definitely won't try lifting it by the masts, probably could if I sectioned her up again but she just weights too much for me to be comfortable even attempting it
  4. Well, it "looks" give or take the same. And to be honest, I'm not really interested in making it functional, if you get what I mean? As long as it looks pretty good I'm happy . It's set up very sturdily whilst pre-prepared. I only made the bottom lines pre-application, and then started doing the ratlines one by one to the mast and ensuring their tension. Inside the technic pin is actually an elastic rope/wire thingy, that ensures their tension at all times. And it's absolutely extremely sturdy too. I've accidentely bumped into the masts with plates and glasses and nothing has shifted (Ship is placed on the dining table at the moment). ^^ What I complain about being delicate isn't the lines and their connectionsthemselves, it's that I made a poor choice of rope lol. Basically if I "twist" the rope between my fingers, the neat little texture of them looking braided dissapears and they just become 6 induvidual strings. Next ship I'll probably be buying a different type of rope... I tried that, but the L32 axles aren't long enough to reach the hull properly, so the masts are being held strongly in place purely by the rigging so far. But it works, for now...
  5. Thank you! Looks I even have triple the amount than I expected to have
  6. Haha, my rigging actually already is like how yours is, but with some added details ^^. Just haven't done the ratlines, I got some ideas for how to do them easily (as to be honest, I don't feel like spending 2 weeks doing just ratlines ;) ). Basically I'm thinking of using a needle to pull a tiny string through the vertical lines and then just dropping tiny dots of glue on each connection to secure it. And then (if I feel like it) I'll just make some tiny knots on their connection point, but that's only if I truly feel up to the task lol ^^
  7. Rigging is going slowly... Very... Very... Slowly... (My hands are just too big for this, so it takes forever lol). But eventually we're getting somewhere! First stage of the rigging one done! I'm going to skip over the horizontal rat lines to be honest, since I'm just too clumsy to get it done nicely. Plus the rope is relatively fine weaving and I don't want to destroy the texture of it by accident, which I've done plenty times making the current rigging. L'Aurelie by Thomas Waagenaar
  8. Thomas Waagenaar

    [OL - CH IV - Micro Reward] Nola Mar Warehouse

    Looks cute! Definitely not the same as the source but honestly that doesn't matter in this case :P. Smart part usage to make those pulleys at the side!
  9. Thomas Waagenaar

    [COR-FB] Sea Bird Viewing Point, Wullham

    Looks good! Really liking the fall colours, and the white birds make for a really nice contrast. I agree with Spud though, perhaps plating some of them or adding cheese slops over the hollow studs would have looked nicer.
  10. Looks really cool! I'm a massive fan of the thick looking mangrove forest. Really makes it set as if it's in the swamps of New Orleans!
  11. At the edge of Pilton, a new farm was constructed to supply food for the evergrowing town. A small farmers family lives here. With their house on the right, the storage shed on the left. In the middle of the field is an old but dead tree, too big and cumbersome, and also 'dangerous' to remove... Microscale farm My first attempt at something microscale ever... Honestly wasn't sure what to do and how to do it, but I'd say the result is "acceptable"... Definitely not my finest thing ever. :P Anyhow, this includes both my small micro-license (3rd place in category B and medium micro-license, participation award). - Medium plantation (The main area) - Small commerce (The storage shed/barn)
  12. That looks really cute! Loving the colours and the little waterwheel! And good reminder too, before October first, right?
  13. Fun little build! But the most Important question of all... Does the ice cream machine work?
  14. Thomas Waagenaar

    [SR -FB] - Hilto, Uncle's Pawnbroker's

    That looks really nice! I am a big fan of the colour scheme! (Not sure about the purple path to be honest) And I really dig the fact that you put the building at an angle in-between the other buildings, makes it looks really nice and playful!