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    Also lurking on Eurobricks, I'm really good at that. Been doing it for years now! ^^


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  1. Hello! Since a few days I have an issue with the search overlay being shown over the forum page even when I'm not searching anything. It only happens on the Brethren of the Brick seas forum page and its topics. ( I tried to restart my browser and PC, I tried clearing the complete cache etc too. But to no avail. If anyone knows how to fix this, please let me know! It's pretty annoying, it doesn't really block much but it's just very irritating to look at to be honest... Thanks in advance!
  2. Thomas Waagenaar

    L'Hermione - frégate de douze française

    Wow, looks amazing! Really well made, I'm definitely a fan of the custom hull!
  3. Thomas Waagenaar

    Waterfall in the Jungles of Cascadia

    This has got to be the best landscaping I've seen in a while! I love it! O:
  4. Thomas Waagenaar


    Thanks! It's basically the same system I used except I wasn't using the off-set plates for my decks. Will definitely have to see if I can get it to work my with masts now :D Thank you for the pictures, they're a great inspiration!
  5. Thomas Waagenaar


    Looks really nice! I love the fact you made a working rudder, definitely have to try that myself in the future. Just wondering though, how did you make your sloped sides so smooth?
  6. Thomas Waagenaar

    [GoC] Amanteca Workshop, Myzectlan

    Haha, nice! Smart usage of the otherwise 'useless' bricks!
  7. Thomas Waagenaar

    [GoC] Amanteca Workshop, Myzectlan

    This looks really cute, I love it! Also I can't help but notice, are you using discoloured white bricks to get the pattern in the house itself?
  8. That was a really enjoyable read! Can't wait for the other parts! :)
  9. Oh wow, I am absolutely in love with the grotto, do they have a tourism brochure ? ?
  10. Thomas Waagenaar

    [OL-FB] Terraman le Clairon

    Looks beautiful! I love how you made the deck smooth using SNOT, and the brown "rosters" (can't think of the word) that allow you to look down into the deck. Great detail! Definitely gonna steal some of your ideas here ;)
  11. Thomas Waagenaar

    [OL-FB] Class 8 warship - l'Etalon

    She looks beautiful! Would be a honour to sail besides her for any ship that comes across. Love how you used SNOT to make the deck smooth, rather than plates.
  12. Thanks! I'll definitely look into this! I didn't even know that such part existed, but it will be a great base to design some birds! :D
  13. This looks really cool! I love the bird. I don't suppose you have some close-ups on how you made it? ;)
  14. Thomas Waagenaar

    Oleon: Sign-up and Discussion, Era II

    Thanks guys! And yeah, I can't wait to slowly build her story further! :) Regarding the active legs, I do have a plan to find more "battle ready" body/leg parts in the future (when I find a nice minifig to steal the body from :P). The dress is intended as a 'casual' dress to be worn at home/at land, when not expecting anything other than slow movement/no action at all ^^
  15. Thomas Waagenaar

    Oleon: Sign-up and Discussion, Era II

    Thanks! Glad you like the pier too, wanted to do more than just a simple picture of the fig ^^ She's actually just a simple homebrew human sorceress who can use spells of any class, but only water related ones :) No pact as of yet tho, because my PC's (I'm the DM) managed to convince her to join their party