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    Gaming, movies, and Lego ofcourse.

    Also lurking on Eurobricks, I'm really good at that. Been doing it for years now! ^^


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  1. I've been busy with other hobbies as well as a bit of a creative block the last few months sadly :( Maybe I'll find the opportunity to join in, but that's not very likely! Either way, it's nothing to do with Lego in and of itself, just doing other stuff as I recently got into airsoft thanks to a friend! :P
  2. That sounds like a fun contest! I sadly won't be participating, but I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with! Good luck, and mostly, have fun with building everyone! ^^
  3. Thomas Waagenaar

    [OL - FB] Eltina Public Library

    Excellent looking library! Love the colour scheme and it'll definitely serve the people of Eltina well! :D
  4. Excellent looking factory! Spot on to the reference material as well!
  5. Thomas Waagenaar

    [OL-FB] Fishing boat - Aiiro

    Looks good! Like Fraunces already said, it is very reminiscent of an old Dutch Flat-Bottom! ^^
  6. Thomas Waagenaar

    Account Summary

    We have tax over income, as well as tax over the "previous" total balance! @CapOnBOBS Excellent self regulation from the LBSF! It would indeed be a shame if they would have to be fined for tax fraud, the O-IRS is very pleased for sure! 😜
  7. Thomas Waagenaar

    [OL - FB - Nola Mar] Pigeon Post

    That's a very nice coop! Simple yet very well made!
  8. Thomas Waagenaar

    Account Summary

    Excellent work, thank you! I've send you a message on Discord about one thing I noticed though! ^^
  9. Thomas Waagenaar

    [COR - FB - GOC] Lotii New Year, Port Raleigh

    Woah, impressive! I really love the fireworks and the dragon is good looking too! Stunning tilework on the floor as well! My only minor criticism is that the rope the lanterns are hanging off is perfectly level, it's a pain in studio to droop them nicely, but I think it would be really worth the effort! ^^
  10. Thomas Waagenaar

    [OL-FB] Kurenai

    It's a good looking ship! I really dig the colours, and it fits the size really quite well! I personally actually am a fan of cardboard/paper sails, as to me they fit in really well with the general Lego esthetic, rather than those extremely realistic sails at times!
  11. Thomas Waagenaar

    [OL-FB] Ten million silver livres

    That's a good looking mine. Love the "hidden" feel of it within the foliage!
  12. Thomas Waagenaar

    [COR - FB ] Sawmill, Queenston

    Nice looking sawmill, like Evan said, that log with the brown flowers is really smart! Will definitely use that technique in the future too! :D
  13. Thomas Waagenaar

    [SR - FB ] Class 4 - Spitting Snake of Pontelli

    Excellent looking Schooner!
  14. I could swear I had already said this was a lovely looking scene! Scrolling through it, seems I didn't. Either way, looks amazing!
  15. Thomas Waagenaar

    [COR - Free Build] Public Execution, Queenston

    Looks good! Love the guillotine most, simple yet "elegant" (as far as a Guillotine goes) design. There's good facts, It works very good, that counts as a good fact to me! :P