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  1. Thomas Waagenaar

    [OL-FB] Terraman le Clairon

    Looks beautiful! I love how you made the deck smooth using SNOT, and the brown "rosters" (can't think of the word) that allow you to look down into the deck. Great detail! Definitely gonna steal some of your ideas here ;)
  2. Thomas Waagenaar

    [OL-FB] Class 8 warship - l'Etalon

    She looks beautiful! Would be a honour to sail besides her for any ship that comes across. Love how you used SNOT to make the deck smooth, rather than plates.
  3. Thanks! I'll definitely look into this! I didn't even know that such part existed, but it will be a great base to design some birds! :D
  4. This looks really cool! I love the bird. I don't suppose you have some close-ups on how you made it? ;)
  5. Thomas Waagenaar

    Oleon: Sign-up and Discussion, Era II

    Thanks guys! And yeah, I can't wait to slowly build her story further! :) Regarding the active legs, I do have a plan to find more "battle ready" body/leg parts in the future (when I find a nice minifig to steal the body from :P). The dress is intended as a 'casual' dress to be worn at home/at land, when not expecting anything other than slow movement/no action at all ^^
  6. Thomas Waagenaar

    Oleon: Sign-up and Discussion, Era II

    Thanks! Glad you like the pier too, wanted to do more than just a simple picture of the fig ^^ She's actually just a simple homebrew human sorceress who can use spells of any class, but only water related ones :) No pact as of yet tho, because my PC's (I'm the DM) managed to convince her to join their party
  7. Thomas Waagenaar

    Oleon: Sign-up and Discussion, Era II

    Haha, thanks! And yeah, that's what I've been going for ^^ And for the rules, well, I'll definitely just do free-builds for a while, who knows for the MRCA in the future. But so far they weren't too difficult compared to some of the D&D rules/wordings ;)
  8. Thomas Waagenaar

    Oleon: Sign-up and Discussion, Era II

    Hai hai, After lurking for a good while, I've decided to stop lurking and join in! I've made a character based on an NPC in my D&D campaign, so it's a little different than anything I've seen here so far. So I want to thank Bregir for letting me bounce some ideas on him to see if it were to fit within. And this is what I/we came up with in the end. Excuse the poor photography, I'm horrible at that stuff :P. And yes, it's a rather long base story, but that's what you get when playing lots of D&D, and it's short for the usual things honestly... ^^ --- Émilie de la Mer. This story, is one of a peculiar history. However peculiar or not, this is the story of Émilie. Especially since Émilie isn't just your normal woman, far from it, to be exact. Her father was just an ordinary sailor on board of an Oleon merchant. When one day the ship he was on got sunk in a horrible storm. As sole survivor he driften on the open seas, without any rescue in sight. Praying to Davy Jones he would see land again, as he would give everything in his life for that. After days and days at sea, he heard a women singing. Desperately he rowed over there. Upon arrival, he stumbled across a small island, with on it, a beautiful woman who made all his problems dissapear. Wether this is because of the prayers to Davy Jones or not, we don't know... In the end, he actually got a daughter together with her. A daughter named Émilie. Émilie isn't your typical girl, she never met her mother. Which was told to be a mermaid according to her father, whilst this might explain her amazing capabilities of swimming even at open sea and her ability to hold her breath far, far longer than anyone normal. Even "communicate" with certain animals at sea. However people were quick to dismiss this as the tales of deluded sailors and a traumatised child. Especially since at the age of 15, her father got lost at sea, which made a huge impact on Émilie. He was allegedly captured by pirates. She had decided to do whatever she could to find her father, and take down the pirates that took him... Skipping forward to current day, to a 23 year old Émilie. Despite living her life mostly on the dry, she stays in touch with the sea as much as she can. Where she will regularily spent hours upon hours at the beach or at the rotten pier near where she lives. Especially since this is locally known as the place where the Ferryman picks up his passengers. As such, everyone avoids this place like the plague... However she still does not have acess to a ship or crew, in order to hunt down her fathers captors. As such, she decided to go to Davy Jones himself to ask for a tribute. Only to find a bottled letter at the rotten pier. Allegedly left by someone claiming to be the Ferryman. The letter read: "I can't pick-up all my passengers myself around these lands, I need someone to help me collect the wandering souls. Become my Henchman, and I will grant you anything you need..."
  9. Thomas Waagenaar

    HMS Cucumber

    That looks really cute! But I think the term you're looking for is 'Sloop of war', as brigantines are distinguished by them having only 2 masts and your has 3 ^^. I love the colour combination of the white/black base with yellow line and red accents too!
  10. Thomas Waagenaar

    [WIP] HMS Interceptor

    That looks really cool! I actually really like the stickers, minimum addition but brings A LOT to the model! Personally I think the yellow frame looks the best, to give it a line of yellow, rather than it just looking like large dots of paint :)
  11. Thomas Waagenaar

    Wallsend Railway & Raceroad

    Nice! Having a shed dedicated for just a hobby is amazing. Also, the brickshelf gallery says "This folder is not yet public", not sure if that's intended? Greetings, Thomas
  12. Thomas Waagenaar

    L-motor Frames

    This looks really good and interesting!, Bookmarking it for later :)
  13. Thomas Waagenaar

    Train Station WIP

    That looks really sweet so far! From what I have seen it would fit very well in Belgium (Since it's pretty much 50% France anyways). Hoping to see more of it soon ^^
  14. Thomas Waagenaar

    Kiko´s Train World

    I like the way the 420 look, however maybe for the doors make them like a 1/4th block inwards or something? Kind of like this: Can be done with those 1x2 with a single cylinder (Forgot the word) on top.
  15. Thomas Waagenaar

    input needed

    Looks really nice! Can't wait to see them rolling around :). As for your question, I personally like the second option the most since this gives me a more solid look. It has a smaller gap in between the wheels and looks more symmetrical overal, and the construction with the little chain looks really clever, might have to play around with those chains aswell some time.