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  1. Wallsend Railway & Raceroad

    Nice! Having a shed dedicated for just a hobby is amazing. Also, the brickshelf gallery says "This folder is not yet public", not sure if that's intended? Greetings, Thomas
  2. L-motor Frames

    This looks really good and interesting!, Bookmarking it for later :)
  3. Train Station WIP

    That looks really sweet so far! From what I have seen it would fit very well in Belgium (Since it's pretty much 50% France anyways). Hoping to see more of it soon ^^
  4. Kiko┬┤s Train World

    I like the way the 420 look, however maybe for the doors make them like a 1/4th block inwards or something? Kind of like this: Can be done with those 1x2 with a single cylinder (Forgot the word) on top.
  5. input needed

    Looks really nice! Can't wait to see them rolling around :). As for your question, I personally like the second option the most since this gives me a more solid look. It has a smaller gap in between the wheels and looks more symmetrical overal, and the construction with the little chain looks really clever, might have to play around with those chains aswell some time.
  6. Future MOC-building contest - judges needed

    This sounds interesting, if it happens I will definitely keep an eye out. As a small suggestion, maybe do a themed thing? For example build a certain country/area, or a certain type (steam/diesel, e, hybrid etc). And ofcourse, maybe have different catagories in which people can score points, like "best presentation" or things like that. Good luck!
  7. Train Automation - Track Switch Motors

    This is definitely interesting, and as said above, I think a system like the 12v ones would definitely be worth the money for a nice layout. :)
  8. E656-590

    An amazing italian masterpiece, I really like the way you did hide the receiver without obstructing its signal too much! The colours also look spot on!
  9. [MOC] The Little Guy

    Oh wow, looks amazing! I was wondering, which program do you use to make those renders?