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Found 15 results

  1. Legostone

    [MOC] La Flora

    Hello, I've not shown a vessel here in forever. How about a Frigate? Started in early 2019, this ship stood on my shelf unfinished for almost 2 years at this point. I finally decided to complete the rigging and add the missing sails the last couple weeks. I think this might be my most elaborate rigging job yet, hope it shows! La Flora is inspired by mid 18th century french frigates. First started but abandoned by Captain Green Hair, I purchased the parts from him and tried to stay close to the initial idea. Sails are old curtains, coloured with coffee. Not a single reddish brown piece was used in this ship. Ratlines are glued. No time for long description, here are the pics! Extra thanks to Sebeus, Kabel and Captain Green Hair for their quick feedback whenever needed!
  2. Yargh me harties, I be here to show you me latest ship model. It is the third rate ship of the line Le Fleuron, launched in 1729. It has 64 cannons and an able crew of 333 men. This wooden model by the plans of Gerard Delacroix inspired me to build this model. Next a close-up of the stern, as you can see the gunports on portside are closed: If we take a look from the headrails, we can see she is ready to fire a full broadside on the starboard. You may also notice I used tiles to widen the hull this time. A close-up of the stern. If you look through the windows you can see the upper gundeck has a full interior and so does the cabin above it. A brids eye gives a nice view on the extensive rigging, masts and sails. The lower sails are functional and I tried to make a hastily reefed sail on the front of the bowsprit. A first look into the upper gundeck, you can see the pumps behind the main mast. Another fun fact is that there isn't a single reddish brown brick used in this model. On the other side we can see the galley behind the bell post.The cook is preparing spicy chicken wings. I made the campaign deck rounded, so that a minifig can stand at the helm whilst keeping the sides of the ship a few plates lower. And last the interior of the upper cabin, a bed and a table nothing really special. That's it mateys, I hope you enjoy it. C&C welcome, thank you for watching!
  3. Greetings! I usually build military or sci-fi models, but I thought that my old Viking minifigs could do with a proper ship. Hence I built "Dreki". "Dreki" is Old Norse for Dragon. Dreki by Tyler, on Flickr Viking Ship - Dreki by Tyler, on Flickr Dreki by Tyler, on Flickr There are a few more photos on my Flickr. Thank you for looking.
  4. dr_spock

    shiptember MOC: Queen Stephanie

    This is my build for SHIPtember 2016. It was very much a build as I go. I had no formal plans, no drawings, no budget to buy parts. I had some LEGO sails and wanted to do something with them. Yo-ho, the Queen Stephanie is a light sail ship. She quietly sails in the darkness of space in search of booty to plunder and pillage. She is armed with 12 dual turbo laser turrets and a single BLW (Big Laser Weapon). She has a fore skull for ramming. The ramming skull has to be raised before the BLW can be fired. Most of her prizes will surrender without the BLW having to fire a single shot which is a wise course of action. Name: Queen Stephanie Length: 106 studs Queen Stephanie by dr_spock_888, on Flickr Queen Stephanie by dr_spock_888, on Flickr
  5. kurigan

    Google street view!

    Ok, here’s my news find for the week(s)? Not Lego news but definitely cool ship themed news. Pride of Baltimore II has a Google street view! So what? Well if you’ve not had the chance to tour the decks of a real tall ship and want to understand a little more about the relationships of all the different elements this is invaluable. It’s also a great insight into a schooner which herself is lovely example of both historic and working sail. I always say sailing replicas like “Pride” are a great reference for modelers, less for a sense oh “how things would have been done” but more for an idea of “how things work”. Now you can take a look all hours of the day and night from your own home. I know for me this is going to be a great source for my ongoing projects here out.
  6. kurigan

    WIP HM Sloop Blanid

    To me she is His Majesty’s Sloop Blanid. Her name comes from old Irish, meaning “little flower” and references the floral decorations on her transom; which themselves are hold overs from her predecessor in my fleet. She’ll be rigged as a topsail schooner and is very much inspired by American revenue cutters of the 19th century. The configuration of her hatch gun was intended to resemble that of “Friends Goodwill” but I can’t seem to find any decent images of that system, not any longer, and had to go from memory. Historically she would most likely represent a converted merchant vessel, probably a captured prize. The building method is an attempt at a further evolution of my curved hulls. The intent is to add not only breadth curvature and tumblehome, but sheer as well. (That’s the curve along the water line which brings the focsle and quarterdeck above the waist.) There was also a lack of counter astern, of which I complained before, and ventured to better simulate by building the lower portion of the hull on two levels. (Counter is the underside curve of the hull which rises up above the water line near the rear of the ship, cause by the narrowing of the hull towards the stern post.) I’m utterly enamored with her myself so I find it hard to judge the level of my success in these efforts. I did ask for community feedback before expending so much effort on her but received little to no response. So, I forged ahead and here have a hull which is, in almost all respects, ready to be rigged. It should be noted that there are many “cheats” and “illegal connections”. None of this is of any concern to me. It’s not as though I am in a competition, and if you think we are, you should probably reconsider that sentiment, or at the very least, bring me into the fold. Yes the inner hull is colored with tape as well are the muttons on the skylight windows. The former is something I wanted to try for a while, seeing the only other alternative being a completely different building technique involving plates like on Bumblebee. The latter is something I did not innovate but have had used before to great success and critical approval before. The transom is held in place with “o” rings which replaced the original Lego rubber bands, they having been too weak. I tried every conceivable brick connection to no avail. As for the gun, if you’re in any way a purest, no you cannot recreate it as it requires Mega Bloks so old and out of date I wouldn’t even know where to tell you could acquire them. I’m not even sure they are Mega Blok brand, they are just the kind of junk you find mixed in with used lots of bricks from craigslist. It looks pretty neat though, doesn’t it? Comments, questions, concerns, it’s all good. Talk her up, please. If it’s not obvious I do enjoy talking about my works, so don’t be shy, save, perhaps where purism is concerned. What I’d most like to hear is how convincing the attempts at sheer and counter are. Really, have I pulled it off? I can’t tell after staring at her for so long, my eye sees what I want it to anymore and I just can’t trust it. Thanks for looking! More images available here.
  7. Hi Everyone! - [snip] - ub39t21y3hok.jpg x8nyp4x59dgy.jpg asde3i2v4lf8.jpg y9n9ko7viayy.jpg Miniature Frigate Ship- approximately 500 pieces. Length is 7 inches, height is 8 inches, and width is about 1.5 inches. This project is actually on LEGO ideas. I'd appreciate your support! For more photos, my flickr stream:
  8. Using his skiff the Gee Golly Dandy Pierre takes his wares to town each week. His boat is perfect for sailing along the coast, but Pierre fears losing sight of land in his small craft. This skiff is built for the Monthly Commerce and Raiding Action(MCRA) and is small enough for a free licence. Enemies of Oleon beware, because the Gee Golly Dandy will be out and... running to port! 'Somehow I ended up posting this in the wrong forum. Can a moderator please move it to the BoBS forum. Thank you.
  9. LittleJohn

    Nice Day For A Swim

    This was my first time building a ship and I'm quite pleased with the result: More pics here: Link Let me know what you think, all C&C appreciated
  10. 170D Nuisance is a small, early 19th century schooner the like favored by smugglers for its shallow draught. With less hull below the water, small ships like these can sail in shallower water and over obstructions that larger ships cannot, opening up a lot more options for ports. In my story her name derived (tongue in cheek) from the local’s perception of the level of threat she poses and the behavior of her crew. In actuality I named her Nuisance because after months on end of struggling to finish her, that’s exactly what she became. The project started, perhaps a year or so ago when I was experimenting with different hull building techniques. Initially she was never meant to be a complete MOC but I just kept adding on until I was at a point I just couldn’t bring myself to give up. The hull is a little more than inspired by SlyOwel’s “Pimp Your IMPT” contest entry. Much of the rigging and some other parts came from the wreck of Raven and the sails are yet another attempt at sail making for the sake of function. Some of the images were taken in front of some fans to fill her sails with wind. Once I had figured out SlyOwel’s technique I started realizing its potential for small hull building and decided to expand on it for an even more realistic shape. From there I began scrounging up cast-off parts from other projects and decided I could afford a schooner. To design her rig I first looked at the schooner Bee, a replica very much of the same style and era of my own Nuisance. I didn’t entirely like her rig with only one topmast, so some of it wound up coming for other inspiration as well. The overall effect is pretty impressive but imperfect. I like her and she’ll serve her purpose well. Purest may grumble at some of her elements but aside from the wooden dowel, which I’ve defended more than one on other MOCs, there’s really nothing involved that not used in Official Lego sets. For the moment I need to concentrate on my other projects so I’ll call this one done and move on. In the future I want to revisit this technique. I’m not sure how necessary the rubber bands and shrouds (2541) actually are. I’m also planning a comic showcasing Nuisance in her role as a smuggler, but I don’t know when I’ll be able to get it. As always there are a lot more pictures on my photo bucket. Question, comment, etc. welcome. I resolved weeks ago, to get her finished and posted just to do my part and help revive activity around here, so enjoy.
  11. dr_spock

    Friends-ship: The Pink Pearl

    Avast, everyone. Presenting my latest Friends build, the Pink Pearl. It's a galleon type sailing ship in the style of pirate theme ships. The Pink Pearl is friendly. If there are pirates around, she has 4 shooting cannons to defend herself. The Pink Pearl by dr_spock_888, on Flickr Captain Mia's cabin is cozy. She has a comfy bed, desk, treasure map, sword, pistol and a lip sticks rack. The Pink Pearl by dr_spock_888, on Flickr In preparation for their journey, our Friends-ship is docking at the Imperial Trading Post for supplies such as, meat. Hey, where's the beef going? Imperial Port by dr_spock_888, on Flickr Weigh anchor and set sail on the high seas for a friendly adventure with the Pink Pearl.
  12. Some time ago i started toying around with the idea of building a LEGO sailboat. After watching a video of Sariel where he mentioned doing it with LEGO-sails, I really started thinking about the approach i'd take. Building a LEGO sailboat is not as easy as you might think because LEGO hulls leave a lot to be desired, weight is obviously a crucial factor and if you want to go for performance, then there are a lot of stresses the build needs to handle. Also, LEGO does not make sails that offer the performance i was looking for, so i had to make those myself. Purist may not like my MOC because of the amount of non-LEGO parts (rigging and sails), but I am mostly interested in performance. And perform it surely does, the MOC took its maiden voyage yesterday with a stiff breeze in open water and it performed beautifully, good speed, stability and sailing close hauled was no problem. Unfortunately I wasn't able to film it, as controlling the boat especially with the high wind took all my focus. And there was a huge problem, which i had feared before hand. The range of the PF remote outdoors was really poor, only 2-3 meter which was not near enough to properly control the boat. So i am desperately waiting for either the SBrick or somesuch to become available so i can make a proper video. The functions of the MOC are: two remote controlled rudders and a remote controlled sheet for the mainsail. The jib is self-tacking. There are still quite a lot of improvements i am planning to make, so far is was mostly a proof of concept. The link offers a small video of the main RC functions.
  13. Hello everybody! Yesterday my Sail Barge has arrived and I thought that I do a review, hope I can help those people who are not sure whether to buy this set or not. http://www.1000stein...rge/75020-1.jpg Set Information Set name: Jabba’s Sail Barge Set Number: 75020 Pieces: 850 Minifigures: 4 + R2-D2 + Jabba the Hutt Price: 119.99 USD / 99.99 GBP / 119.99 EUR / 38990 HUF /////S@H prices Year of Release: 2013 Official Set Description Help Princess Leia and R2-D2 escape from Jabba’s Sail Barge™! Princess Leia and R2-D2 are secretly plotting their escape from Jabba’s Sail Barge™ prison. Help them to sneak past the guards, Weequay and Ree-Yees, while Jabba the Hutt gets distracted by musician Max Rebo! Find a way to slip through the opening side windows of the floating Sail Barge, then get past its hidden pirate cannon, deck cannon and 2 flick missiles! This essential LEGO® Star Wars™ set features wheels, fold-down sides, removable deck, jail, kitchen and Jabba’s throne. Includes Jabba the Hutt, R2-D2 and 4 minifigures with weapons: Princess Leia in slave outfit, Max Rebo, Weequay and Ree-Yees. • Includes Jabba the Hutt, R2-D2 and 4 minifigures with weapons: Princess Leia in slave outfit, Max Rebo, Weequay and Ree-Yees • Features hidden pirate cannon, deck cannon with 2 flick missiles, opening side windows, wheels, fold-down sides and removable deck for easy access to the jail, kitchen and Jabba’s cabin • Weapons include an axe and a blaster • Move Jabba’s Sail Barge™ with rolling undercarriage wheels • Find the hidden pirate cannon • Arm the deck cannons and fire the flick missiles! • Remove the deck to play inside • Recreate this iconic scene from Star Wars™: Episode VI Return of the Jedi • Measures over 8" (22cm) high, 16" (43cm) long and 8" (22cm) wide Box Let’s begin with the box, It’s quite large and sports the same size as the 9500 Fury class Interceptor. The new Yoda headline is truly beautiful and continoues on the back side with dark green background, I have to say that so far this is my favourite box design. The main picture shows us the Barge in full glory flying through the sandsea of Tatooine, it’s the europian version so you can only see the set name and number. Let’s take a look at the back. As usual we see the play features in little windows and a scene where the Barge is blowing up. I really like that nowadays Lego puts pictures about the set from different viewpoints int he low right corner. On the top we can see the lineup of figures with their names and a New mark for new figs. Max is presented in real 1:1 size. The contents of the box We get seven big bags with parts, Jabba is a seperate bag, 2 tubes (one is spare). Also we get 2 thick BIs, a huge poster and the sails in a bag with a cardboard to protect them. The BI has a plain olivish-gray background. The color differentation is good but when you reach the nose and the side panels the brown colors are melting together and there were a few steps where I left out a part because it was hard to spot. Although it was easy to follow and had no problem with it. Here is the poster, it’s really huge, about 1x2 meters with a great action scene, the other side is the same as in the Republic Gunship, it shows the 2013 lineup of figures with their names and set number where they can be found. Also we get a sticker sheet which may cause mini heart attacks to somebody who hates stickers, there are 26 of them but you have to apply them on plates, so it’s easy, but I can see that somebody doesn’t buy this because there are lot of them. The sails are made of plastic and I think it’s the same that we saw int he previous Sail Barge. And here are the content of the bags, each big bag contains a little as well for the small pieces. Leia’s and Rebo’s headpiece comes in a small polybag to protect them, both of them is made of softer rubbery ABS. Ree-Yees’s head is also from this material but he didn’t get a polybag, I don’t know why. Build And we have the first wave of figures who are coming with bag one plus Jabba’s bag. Leia is beautifully painted with an awesome headpiece, she has a second face as well which has an angry expression. She has a nice back painting as well. Our next one is Max Rebo, he is the cutest minifig I’ve ever seen. His headpiece is perfect with painted eyes, but that’s all for the prints on him, he is plain azure blue which looks astonishing in real. And there is Jabba that we’ve aready seen, but he is still looks great and has a rotateable upper body and moveable arms. The remaining figs are coming with the last bag so I will show them when I get there to keep you excited:D The first bag makes the strong base with technic parts The second bag adds the floor of the Barge with some more details. The back section where Max’s „piano” will be has a very clever design add a different angle ont he back. We also build Jabba’s bed or what, with this bag, the dark green and dark red plates are looking great together. Aaaand here we have the music instrument itself, the build is quite clever and gives a futuristic piano look. And the gig can start:D the other bag with number 2 makes the interior of the Barge, adding a prison cell and a little oven to cook blue ice cream. The prison cell is quite lame because on the back side it’s open… Just a shot with Everybody’s favourite bikini and it’s owner. And the owner of the bikini owner:D Let’s continue with the build, bag 3 which makes my favourite part of the barge, the nose. Some complain about beign to blocky but I have to say that I really like it. There is lot of brown parts here and it’s attached to the main body with 3 teching pins. One of the best paly feature can be found here as well, the nose hides a cannon which come forward if you open the hatch and slides back when you close it. And that’s how it looks connected to the body. Bag 4 contains the parts for the rear side panels, you have to apply 6 stickers on each sides. There is one thing that is a negative point for me, the little side wings are too plain, at least in the previous edition they’ve put a dish on it to spice it up. Now the Barge is taking shape. The side panels look great on the outside but ont he inside it’s random colors with lots of plates, I have to say that it’s not pretty but very sturdy and durable. With the 5th pack we cover the rest of the ship and add the remaining stickers. The back looks great but there is a little space between the 3 panels on the back. And we already reached the last bag which contains the main deck with the last 3 figs. R2-D2 is nothing special we’ve seen him dozens of time, but I was glad to get it because I have only the old, white headed R2. Let’s continue with Ree-Yees, he has rubbery palstic head which looks too happy, his headmold looks great, I really like the gran species in SW so I’m glad that we have on mad of Lego. He has eye and mouthprint, but IMO the tan color is too bright and it would’ve been better to add a darker tone to it (like on Jar-Jar’s head). His clothes are dark brown, the body painting is nothing special, a decent robe with a belt, he has backpaint too. And the last figure is a nameless Weequay soldier which looks awesome, I was surprised because I wasn’t excited about him. His clothes are very colorful and has a great bodyprint with some sort of leather armor on it, the back is cool too, he has long hair which continues on his body. And the best part is his head, there are scars and wrinkles. Here is the deck without the sails. The turret looks good and what’s a SW set without filck-fire missiles right? And here is the finished set. Overall Thought: When I first saw the pics of this set I wasn’t really interested in it and wanted to get the Gunship. But OT sets have a unique atmosphere which makes them the best (As I’m getting older I start to like OT more). I’m really happy with this set and glad that I chose this. The ship itself is great and it’s quite large, I sadly don’t have the skiff to comapre it, but it’s almost half meters long. The figures are lovely especially Max. The set also contains loads of useful parts in brown, dark tan and the usual SW colors (gray, dark gray, black). I really like the play features as well, I buy sets to display rather than playing with it, and this set is on the border between display and play set; the opening side is a great addition for kids to play and a good way to show the sets interior. We also have the cannon in the nose, the Barge has wheels too and there is the indispensable set of flick- missiles. Scoring Design: 9/10 I really like the overall look of the set, but it could’ve been bigger and there is the problem with the undetailed sidewings. Parts: 10/10 850 pieces of goodies. Lots of brown, dark tan, black, gray and dark gray parts. Also there are loads of bigger plates too. Minifigs: 10/10 I cannot complain, we get 6 and 4 of them is new, more would be better but The quality of the figs are superb so I’m satisfied with them, my only negative is R2’s waiter plate, it’s not accurate and it doesn’t look good. Price: 8/10 I got the set for 34000 HUF which is about 25$ cheaper than the original S@H price. My concern is that the Gunship is almost the same price and has 300 more parts. Build: 9/10 I’d give it a maximum, but the color differentation for brown parts are quite lame in the BI and it makes the building procedure harder. Also there are loads of repetition, it’s not a problem for me because I enjoy building the most, so it’s acceptable, but for children I imagine that hey get bored while making the same step for the 5th time. And there is that 26 stickers too. I hope this review helped deciding whether to buy this or not, comments are welcome and appreciated, thanks for opportunity. - Csacsa234
  14. [pid][/pid] 150B Ahoy mates! I be Cap'n Redshanks, mighty pirate, and for many years now I've been a regular visitor of these fine forums - but nary a post have I made. My meager collection of pirate LEGO hasn't produced much worth sharing. Now that I be home for the summer, it's time to set sail in my first completed MOC: the "Sea Chantey", me flagship. Enjoy! Most of the techniques and parts I utilized came from TLG ships, like the POTC Black Pearl and 2009 Brickbeard's Bounty. The sails are made of cardstock paper, and the reef points are (very poorly) hand-drawn. Here are some more views: A view from the port quarter. From dead astern. Dead-ahead, bow-on. A closer view of the stern. Nothing fancy here; the gold cutlasses came from the Pirate Captain in TLG's Minifigs Collection. The main cabin. Apologies for the blurry picture. The doors are a wee bit close to the mainmast, but I couldn't move the mast forward too much or else it would ruin the proportions of the ship; it'll just be a tight squeeze for the captain A closeup of the quarterdeck. See how close those doors are? I will probably change that later... Closeup of the winch over the gun deck. It can rotate in any direction. The gun deck. She can mount three guns per side, unless you clear out the cabin and stick cannons out the windows...improvisation, after all, is the art of a true pirate! A very blurry shot of the figurehead, a parrot. It seemed to fit with the aesthetics of the ship... That's it! Please leave your comments, criticisms, insults, and angry exclamations below. Fair winds and following seas, me buckos! - Redshanks
  15. After the official release of AC4 I though there should be a discussion here. So far we know that the main character will be Edward Kenway, Connor's grandfather, and that the story will take place in the golden age of piracy! So go ahead and discuss!