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  1. Hello all, here's a diorama of landing operation I recently made. Hope you'll like it! Landing by General Mustache You could favorite it on flickr if you like it, I would really appreciate that! Comments and criticisms are welcome! Thanks for stopping by! 
  2. People's Republic of Catland Battle rifle. The Catland Marines liked the Belgian FN FAL assault rifles they used in the defense of Antarctica during the DA3 war. The rifle was produced under license, and then improved. A standard 7-mm LEGO cartridge was introduced, which reduced the recoil of the shot and increased the accuracy of automatic shooting, as well as a folding stock similar to the AR models. The forearm and stock are plastic, but in tribute to tradition, they are painted in the color of wood. The improved model was named FN FAF -"Fusil automatique félin". Easy to manufacture (using the production technology of the CGH9 automatic pistol), powerful and reliable rifle, the FN FAF is now a favorite weapon of the Catland marine corps.
  3. Excellent work!
  4. seaman

    [MOC] Map of the Faroe Islands

    Fantastic build! Love it!
  5. seaman

    [MOC] Naval museum

    Thank You!
  6. seaman

    [MOC] Naval parade

    Thank You!
  7. seaman

    [MOC] Naval parade

    Thomas and his family at the naval parade. Sunny summer weather ... granite embankment sparkling after the rain... sea air mixed with the smell of fresh grass... stately warships in parade formation... This build is just some pre-game fun for DA4. If you are interested, head over to this topic and leave a comment to let the organizers know you are interested...
  8. seaman

    [MOC] Edward's Island (Neo Fabuland)

  9. seaman

    [MOC] Naval museum

    Thomas and his family at the Naval Museum. As a former carrier-based aviation pilot, Thomas lingered for a long time, looking at the model of an aircraft carrier ... His wife is already tired of taking photos, and his son calls dad to the buffet, there is ice cream ...
  10. seaman

    [MOC] Cold War ships, 1:350

    LEGO aircraft carrier group of the French Navy. All models of ships are made in the scale of 1: 350, LDD+PovRay Aircraft carrier "Clemenceau" Frigate AAW "Suffren" Frigate ASW "Tourville" Frigate ASW "Georges Leygues" mod. Frigate AAW "Cassard" In the air - a pair of deck-based fighter "F-8FN" Crusader.
  11. seaman

    [MOC] Cold War ships, 1:350

    Frigate "Georges Leygues" escorts anti-submarine cruiser "Jeanne d'Arc". LDD+PovRay, 1:350 scale.
  12. A joking scene based on the LEGO wargame "Decisive Actions 3". Training sessions of scouts of the Catland marine corps.
  13. seaman

    HH-1N Twin Huey

    Nice work!