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  1. seaman

    [MOC] UnderSea Base

    Thank You!
  2. seaman

    [MOC] Tarpons-class of Light Cruisers

    Excellent design with high density weapons. Also happy with the option of post-war modernization))
  3. seaman

    [MOC] UnderSea Base

    A Catland's Navy Nemo-class submarine returns from a reconnaissance mission to intercept information from a transoceanic communications cable of the hostile alliance HIDDEN-2. The base is in disguise mode, to coordinate the docking, the submarine uses a short light pulse so as not to unmask itself with an active sonar. This build for LEGO wargame DA4. If you are interested, I would be grateful if you rate this work on Flickr: UnderSea Base
  4. People's Republic of Catland Sky Fortress "Justice" It all started with the demands of the Holy Inquisition to increase the firing range of battleships of the "Hand of Terrus" class. The requirements of the clerics were so absurd that one of the engineers exclaimed in his hearts: "Damn, it's easier to make a battleship fly than to achieve the required range!" ... No sooner said than done! Giant flying fortresses of the "Justice" type are equivalent to the three battleships "Hand of Terrus" only in terms of the firepower of the main artillery. Also on board were placed assault VTOLs, universal automatic 130-mm cannons, 45 "God of War" ballistic missiles in silo launchers, hypersonic anti-aircraft missiles and 20-mm gatling CIWS. The thermonuclear power plant drives three turbines that support the fortress in the air, 12 sustainer and 4 shunting engines. Armor protection allows Justice to withstand close nuclear explosions of tactical ammunition. Because of this, the fortress is so heavy that landing is possible only on water. The fortresses have gone into mass production and will soon bring peace back to this planet. Cats need your help! Support by faves!Every favorite is really very appreciated, thank you so much! This build for LEGO wargame DA4. If you are interested, head over to Flickr group and leave a comment to let the organizers know you are interested...
  5. seaman

    [MOC] Landing operation

    Thank! Quite correct remarks. I will definitely add details to the diorama. This MOC was built for the game DA4 and the mey had a hard time limit))
  6. People's Republic of Catland Multi role aircraft. Jaguar tactical fighter. A lightweight multipurpose fighter designed to provide Catland's Air Force with air superiority and the ability to strike at sea and land targets in vast theaters of war that span the continents and oceans of the planet. In the main photo, a pair of Jaguars patrol the coast of Continent E. The leader of the group is equipped with two long-range cruise missiles. The second fighter carries 4 air-to-air missiles, protecting the group from air attacks. This build for LEGO wargame DA4. If you are interested, I would be grateful if you rate this work on Flickr: Multi role aircraft Jaguar
  7. seaman

    N1-L3 Soviet Rocket MOC

    Excellent work!
  8. DSRS "Nemo" People's Republic of Catland deep-sea research submarine "Nemo" A small submarine designed for deep sea research. Designed for the benefit of the National Institute of Hydrography, but may also be used by the Navy. Two multi-blade, low-noise propellers driven by electric motors provide the submarine with excellent maneuverability. The energy source is a small-sized nuclear reactor. Due to their small size, Nemo-class vehicles can be used on board warships such as the Galileo-class cruisers. They are also actively used for the construction and maintenance of Catland's underwater bases, for which they are equipped with powerful manipulators. In accordance with the requirements of the category specifications, the boat is equipped with a torpedo tube for small torpedoes, has three decks, an airlock for hydronauts or for rescuing submarine crews. On the external sling, the boat is capable of carrying a wide range of weapons - heavy torpedoes, mines, reconnaissance probes and seismic research charges. This build for LEGO wargame DA4. If you are interested, I would be grateful if you rate this work on Flickr: DA4 Submarine DSRS "Nemo"
  9. Combat aircraft carrier group of the people's Republic of Catland Navy. The work is performed with a simulated perspective. Vanguard ships: a missile cruiser, a submarine, a battleship, two aircraft carriers, and two destroyers are built on a scale approximately corresponding to 1: 350. Rearguard ships - on a scale of 1: 700. This build for LEGO wargame DA4. If you are interested, I would be grateful if you rate this work on Flickr: Carrier strike group
  10. Hello all, here's a diorama of landing operation I recently made. Hope you'll like it! Landing by General Mustache You could favorite it on flickr if you like it, I would really appreciate that! Comments and criticisms are welcome! Thanks for stopping by! 
  11. People's Republic of Catland Battle rifle. The Catland Marines liked the Belgian FN FAL assault rifles they used in the defense of Antarctica during the DA3 war. The rifle was produced under license, and then improved. A standard 7-mm LEGO cartridge was introduced, which reduced the recoil of the shot and increased the accuracy of automatic shooting, as well as a folding stock similar to the AR models. The forearm and stock are plastic, but in tribute to tradition, they are painted in the color of wood. The improved model was named FN FAF -"Fusil automatique félin". Easy to manufacture (using the production technology of the CGH9 automatic pistol), powerful and reliable rifle, the FN FAF is now a favorite weapon of the Catland marine corps.
  12. Excellent work!
  13. seaman

    [MOC] Map of the Faroe Islands

    Fantastic build! Love it!