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Found 3 results

  1. P01 by Philippe, auf Flickr Cannons: 16 Swivel gun: 10 Crew: 40 P02 by Philippe, auf Flickr I have extended by 2 Ship Middles and 1 stud wider left and right. The decks can be removed. P03 by Philippe, auf Flickr I changed the slopes on the side walls to brown, which makes the ship look darker and more frightening. P04 by Philippe, auf Flickr So that the ship does not look stupid, I extended the quarterdeck and the forecastle. I made the quarterdeck a little lower compared to the original. Under the forecastle is storage space. P05 by Philippe, auf Flickr In addition, I wanted to raise the side walls on deck and have space for the boats. If the loading hatch is used, the boats have to be removed. P06 by Philippe, auf Flickr I also made a companion hatch on the lower deck. It only has a ladder, because a staircase would have taken up a lot of space for the canon to be used. P07 by Philippe, auf Flickr So that it fits to the ship I changed the position of the masts. The ship was roughly divided into 3 thirds. In between came the masts. The masts had to continue below deck between the cannons so as not to restrict operation. P08 by Philippe, auf Flickr On the deck I installed Swivel gun. P09 by Philippe, auf Flickr P09A by Philippe, auf Flickr The captain's cabin is now larger. There is space for a large, comfortable bed. It also has a table for meetings or eating. P10 by Philippe, auf Flickr P10A by Philippe, auf Flickr There is room for 16 cannons on the cannon deck. The masts are located between the cannons, this guarantees handling. P11 by Philippe, auf Flickr Because the crew is large, I also needed a good caboose with a big grill. P12 by Philippe, auf Flickr This is the sleeping place of the Navigator, Sailing Master, Quartermaster and Master Gunner. P13 by Philippe, auf Flickr Next to the steering wheel has a compass, hourglass and the ship's bell. P14 by Philippe, auf Flickr It took me a long time for the bow. I tried different variations. This looked the best. P15 by Philippe, auf Flickr P16 by Philippe, auf Flickr P17 by Philippe, auf Flickr P18 by Philippe, auf Flickr P19 by Philippe, auf Flickr P20 by Philippe, auf Flickr P21 by Philippe, auf Flickr Link to the pirate crew:
  2. Class 7 heavy frigate Esperanza 1 by Philippe, auf Flickr Another MOC from the 21322 Barracuda Ship. This time I built a frigate. Esperanza 2 by Philippe, auf Flickr The middle part was answered to 6 mid sections. There is also an additional mast. Esperanza 3 by Philippe, auf Flickr 12 swivel guns were positioned on the deck. Esperanza 4 by Philippe, auf Flickr There are 20 cannons below deck. Esperanza 8 by Philippe, auf Flickr Esperanza 7 by Philippe, auf Flickr Esperanza 6 by Philippe, auf Flickr Esperanza 5 by Philippe, auf Flickr
  3. This model was originally inspired by three sets: 3817 (Flying Dutchman) from the Spongebob Squarepants theme, set 4184 (The Black Pearl) from Pirates of the Caribbean, and 21322 (Pirates of Barracuda Bay), from Ideas. It features three and a 1/2 masts with what are going to be fabric sails of Black Pearl size but of 2010 Imperial Flagship markings. The 2016 Ninjago "Skybound" flag (see below) will fly from the middle mast as Captain Henry Walker's pirate flag. The ship also has a crows nest and two removable sections: a rear upper deck for access to the captain's cabin and a forward deck panel for getting at the front four cannons. (there are eight cannons total on the ship) Here is the rear of the ship featuring the captain's cabin windows and a trio of lanterns. The ship's name, the Inferno, goes in printed 1 x 1 tiles on the exposed gray studs on the rear of the ship. The rowboat sits on a section of deck that easily comes off for access to the cannons. The roof of the captain's cabin is removable, with a table and chair for Captain Walker to sit at and read maps. Captain Henry Walker (in green) and his crew. The pirate flag of the Captain Walker. (This picture was taken from Bricklink's catalog and is NOT mine. It's from the 2016 Ninjago Skybound wave.) NOTES: I'm working on getting this built in real life, since my last ship is so unreasonably expensive to build in real life it's ridiculous. (Thus this one is better, as it less expensive / parts intensive) I'm gonna need help on the sails, so I'm asking @Alazon, would you mind helping me with these please? They would be in Black Pearl sizes, but in 2010 imperial flagship style colors? Comments, questions, and complaints are always welcome!