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  1. bed007

    L'Hermione - frégate de douze française

    Thanks Thomas. I find the prefab hull bricks to high above the floating line so I prefer to build custom hulls. Thanks Jan! Rigging really represents the most work here. As for the sails, it was my first time. I used linen fabric with Krylon Crystal clear coating ( The sails are little bit more stiff than the Lego ones.
  2. My latest MOC: L'Hermione - frégate de douze française She took me about 6 months to complete. I am very proud of her and this is my biggest MOC so far. This is also only the second XVIIIth century ship I am building as I was building WW2 Royal Navy ships before. I will give mention to @kurigan for his rigging tutorial which I loved and use in this ship. Moc pics on my Flickr: Thanks a lot mates! Jean Bédard, Québec City, Canada
  3. @kurigan Sorry, I am French Canadian so sometimes my English might look weird!! I was not referring to the channels.. I already got them according to your rigging tutorial. I did use technic Brick because of the string thickness though. Regarding the shrouds, I should have a loop with a splice going around the mast head. So if I have 4 strings per shrouds time 2 (port and starboard) then I would have 8 loops of the mast head, correct?
  4. Hi again fellows, I have used wood dowel as suggested by@kurigan and it works perfectly! Thanks. Now I have another question as I am moving forward with the shrouds. How do you fix them on the top of the mast. I saw some using a technical plate but since I am doing a Sloop of war mostly inspired by the Virginia sloop, I believe this technique would produce a something too big up the mast. Also, using just a plate and a tile to pinch the string in between would not be solid enough since my string is just as thick as the big Lego strings. This times 4 strings on each side would result in a very big gap between the plate and the tile. Any suggestions? Again thanks for your response, this is very appreciated! Jean Québec, Canada
  5. @Legostone : thanks for your reply. I indeed use techic connectors for the boom but I am missing parts for the rest and I have plenty of 1x1 round bricks! I though of the string inside the brick.. I'll give it a try but the string pression must be quite high to get a solid result. Any hint using the string (type, fixing strategy, etc) ?
  6. Hi there, I wonder if you guys have a technique to solidify a long series of 1x1 round bricks use in the masts. @kurigan (I am a big fan of your work!) maybe you have a trick since from what I see you are using 1x1 round bricks like that and it seems your ships are pretty solid! Thanks guys, happy to join your community! Jean, Québec, Canada