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Found 36 results

  1. CHALLENGE I: Repairs in Sir Patman's Cottage "Once the balance and peace was established in Historica, Patman decided to return to his family's cottage, after a long time of absence. Unfortunatelly, his fears came true as he saw his family's property ruined. The war had left its wounds. A heavy catapult projectile stone had hit the house ruining the walls and part of the roof. Luckily, his family was well-respected in the area, as his parents were good and joyful to everyone. So, he managed to find quickly the best crue in the area to fix his home. This crue, was the well-known Dworf Repairs group. Sir Patman's Cottage Sir Patman's Cottage - Rear View Workings in the Yard Repairs in the Roof and inspection of the House While he was wandering around the ruins, he managed to find a passage to the basement, so he decided to check the condition in which it was after so many years. Removing the ruins and fixing the roof An old neighbour came by to help, by making food As he was carefully going down the stairs carrying his lantern, he saw something on the floor, that he had never noticed as a child. It seemed like an arrow, pointing to one side of the wall. The Basement As he walked closer, he noticed a compass being hanged in that particular point. As he was checking it out, he found that it was pointing in the wrong direction and he tried to correct it. Then, all of a sudden, the wall moved, revealing a secret room. After the first shock, he decided to explore it, discovering the armor and the belongings of his Great Grandfather, the first Sir Patman the Lionmane, along with the deeds of Neapolis, a city that was founded by his long gone ancestor. Exploring the Secret Room Sir Patman's the Lionmane Armor Having no family left, nor anything else to keep him in his home, he decided to descover the truth about his family's mysterious past and the reason it was kept a secret." The above creation, is my first true modular of this size, and I enjoyed a lot, builting it. More stories will follow for Sir Patman. I hope you like it. You can find more pictures at my FlickR
  2. Ruins of the gate to the small burgh named Khaz-Nog. Its citizens worshiped many different gods including Horned Guardians. They even built holy statues for their likeness near the gate. Unfortunately it did not protect burgh from falling down. Read more » Bigger photos and full story here: LEGO Gallery - [MOC] Ruins of Khaz-Nog burgh gate WIPs, Behind the scenes and other extras at my: Instagram | Facebook | Flickr
  3. Eoin Wallace

    Duel In The Ruins

    Hey ya'll, I just thought it would be good to make an index of my mocs so far for this story, in case there is someone reading this: AoM Tower Phase One AoM Tower Phase Two Mirandor Castle Woodland Ambush Orc Outpost I will also be away for the next little while but i'll try to have another build in around 2 weeks. Now, on with the story! Eoin had made up his mind. He had sent his scouts out to look for the base of the orcs and after a few days, they had found it! It was close to the heart of the orc marshes, in a ruined watchtower. So Eoin had assembled his finest warriors expecting a fight, but Erdan had come out and challenged him to a duel! Of course he had to accept it was the only honorable thing to do. Besides, it would resolve this whole incident once and for all! Soon, the duel started going badly for Erdan... he fell in the water! Eoin thought he drowned. he was not so lucky... As Eoin was leaving Erdan bobbed to the surface, spluttering and cursing and moved out of sight. Then vowed to get his revenge on Eoin, no matter the cost...
  4. r4canine

    [MOC] Clone Ambush On Naboo

    Here, the clones are trying to scale a rock face with the hope of ambushing a droid camp near some ruins. Meanwhile, the Separatists are inspecting the ruins, with the help of a local archaeologist. Been toying around with other themes for a bit, so I've not really made any Star Wars MOCs in a while, but I built this to get back into it. Tried some different rock and water techniques with it, as well as attempting an (admittedly pretty simple) cheese slope floor design for part of the ruins. Overall though, I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.
  5. While adventurers have set out to find the most beautiful orchid in ancient temple ruins, very little is known about the origins of those ruins yet, et alone about the Celestian natives in general. Juan Alfonso Fontonajo and his companion have discovered a hill somewhere in the highlands of Celestia - and on top of that hill stands an ancient statue of a winged man riding a tiger. What is the history of this statue? Who have the natives of Celestia prayed to in former times? On the neighbouring island of Cascadia temples to the feline gods have already been discovered, deep in the jungles. But what is the connection between the cults and history that have been unveiled on Cascadia to that of Celestia? On Cascadia the Myzectlan still uphold their city as a refuge deep within a mountain vale, protected from the once (and potentially still today) maneating large carnivorous cats. But scientists like Montoya have set up a relationship to the natives of Cascadia, and researched their culture, their history and their doom. This has yet to happen on Celestia. And as the curious eye may or may not see, a native scout is closely watching Fontonajo's expedition already. Will he approve of Fontonajo approaching the strange altar on the hilltop? For now one difference seems to be obvious: While in Cascadia most shrines were hidden deep in the jungles - because of the secret and forbidden nature of the cult especially in its early days - this statue stands highly exposed on top of a hill for everyone to see. So how are the natives of Celestia? Are they like those on Cascadia? Do they emerge from the same ancient civilization, share the same blood and the same culture? Have all of them become primitive huntsmen? Or have they always been? Have they once lived on Cascadia, or vice versa? Or maybe those two peoples are not connected in any way, after all? Only time will tell, and only when scientists and adventurers have made their discoveries, written them down, made the connections between the puzzle pieces - only then will we finally know who and how the natives of Celestia really are - and why. For now it is most obvious that there must have been a religious cult involving large felines, at some point in the past at least. The altar is still in decent but not perfect shape, which may also be a result from the sun shining relentlessly at the rather dry hilltop. But who is the winged rider on the tiger's back? Is the tiger the worshipped one, or is it the humanoid with wings? Does the statue display a real hero, or rather a fictional divine being? What is the relationship between the two? And is it pure coincidence that a jaguar is drinking at the small pond at the foot of the hill? Surely other feline cats have recently been spotted on Celestia. But what is the releation between them and the inhabitants of the islands? An incident happened with a white tiger which was recently discovered and then killed shortly after. But are there also deep hostilities between the natives and the felines? Would the felines even attack wandering Halosians? Not even that is known yet. Only one thing seems certain for now: That Juan Alfonso Fontonajo and his company will continue their exploration of Celestia. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks a lot to @Ayrlego, @Lord Buckethead and @Bregir for your support and feedback during the construction of this MOC. I am happy to have the chance of exploring Celestia with you - and hopefully soon some others as well. The island and its natives bear some great potential which we have the great chance to develop together. The general colourscheme with lots of olive green, mixed with some dark green, has been inspired by @Gideon's fantastic entry to category C of the most recent challenge. The orchid is a copy of that from @Kai NRG's delayed yet wonderful entry to the challenge. Looking forward to all other MOCs for the Celestian Natives. :-) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  6. Inspired by Battlefront 2 and the final book in the Aftermath Trilogy, Empire's End, I decided to build a MOC of the ruins of a Star Destroyer - a motif that Jakku is famous for. Instead of just building some wreckage though, I wanted to build an Imperial camp, so I built this Outpost within the ruins, featuring a command station, lots of crates, some barricades and one of the star destroyer's battered computers that are, at the moment, being powered by a gonk droid as a stormtrooper does the boring work of searching through its files.
  7. The Maestro

    The Ruins of Lythell

    The day had started off as any other. The water was calm and the sky clear. Once out to their fishing grounds Leif called out to Isdir to drop the anchor and grab the nets. As the day dragged on storm clouds began to brew to the south. Luck, hopefully would be on their side and the storm would head towards the mainland. However only a few hours later, they were battling with the storm. Their small vessel being thrown around like a child's toy. Waves toward and crashed above them as they struggled to stay alive, almost as if they were caught in between a battle of gods. After a long rough night the water finally began to flatten, and they found themselves no longer being able to see the coast. Praying the gods were on their side now, Leif set sail for wherever fate would take him. He had heard the tales of the origins of the Elves. But that was all they had ever been. Tales. However that all changed when a towering arch rose from the horizon, A magnificent structure large enough to fit their boat through. A prancing horse with a rider top the somehow remain atop of the crumbling arch. behind it more structures rose from the seas depths, weathered but years of of harsh winds and high waves but still astounding in size and beauty. He heard Isdir mumble about the lost cities of the Elves, and I did not doubt him. Finally Leif gathered his wits and yelled to Isdir, we will camp on the rooftop over their, and then we shall sail south, just as the Elves claimed to have done. If they had truly found the Elves homeland, then who else knew what lay beyond? (bonus shot) Entry to Category B: A safe Haven. You can probably see I am no writer but I did not want this build to go with out a proper story. I built this back in October, and kept it to see if it would fit into the CCC. It didn't so I have just got round to post it on here now. I have lots of other builds ready to post on the guilds as well so watch out for them. The arch was difficult to make at first, but came together quick enough. the boat was also quite a challenge as it is my first. Hopefully you guys think it came out ok. The base was inspired by Jaapxaap and Legofin and I think it worked well here. Hope you enjoy and C&C needed
  8. Montoya's personal diary, Day 24, Temple Ruins Exploring the island upon which we were lost, young Baker and myself ventured inland, only to stumble upon something most marvellous. Following what appeared to be a track trodden by both men (of which we saw none) and beasts (of which we saw an abundance) we reached a clearing where several tracks converged between the cliffs. Apart from a colourful bird, which was clearly some non-descript pheasant, surprisingly, we found ruins of an ancient civilisation, almost entirely hidden amongst the jungle flora. These ruins seemed to have some resemblance to the architecture of the Mysec on Cascadia, leading me to believe that we may be stranded in the same region, perhaps even on Cascadia itself, although both flora and fauna differs somewhat. Perhaps the Mysec civilisation once spanned a large part of the Brick Seas? Young Baker rushed to the ruins... ...where he made a most fascinating find! In the center of what must have been a temple or large residence, on what looked like an alter, a most beautiful orchid was growing, apparently drawing nourishment and water from canals dug into the very cliff. Upon closer inspection, it was clear that this arrangement must have carried great meaning. While the alter had been damaged by the course of time, it seemed indisputable that it was made to honour the orchid. One can only speculate what importance it may have held for the ancient civilisation that once built these walls. If only I could discuss this with Dr. Brickingstone... After carefully drawing maps of the location, Baker and I both decided to continue exploring the island. After all, it would seem we were to share with the many birds and orchids this island as our home for quite some time. I only hope my notes shall not be destroyed by damp or mildew before we are rescued. And that the rescue will not come too soon. So many things to describe and discover... Montoya ______________________________________________________ Expedition notes, day 11, Ruins in the jungle The climate has been unexpectedly kind to us, and the birds are ever curious, following the expedition's every move so close I believe I could reach out to touch them from time to time. Earlier today, we reached a clearing in between the cliffs, where a number of natural tracks converged. Obviously, we were not the first to find the clearing, as long since, some mysterious people, possibly related to the Mysec of Cascadia (as Dr. Brickingstone suggested), had erected a temple of some sorts. I ordered the expedition to halt here and make temporary camp, so the scientific gentlemen could investigate the ruins, and the soldiers could fill our water reserves from the local creek. After a short council, each went about his own tasks. While the soldiers discussed whatever it is soldiers discuss (although I must say, the Royal Pioneers are a handy bunch on an expedition like this, able and willing to conduct themselves in these jungles!), Nathaniel and I checked out the possible routes to take from here. Most curiously, we found recent tracks of two set of boots, apparently of Halosian design, but otherwise, the site appeared undisturbed. The tracks seemed fresh, however, but probably, they were just those of another expedition. The island seems to be crowded with them these days... The two scientists rushed towards the ruins, and I heard them mutter excitedly. Something about an orchid of great cultural importance. To whom this flower may hold importance I did not catch, but I am certain they will share their findings at the campfire tonight. In any case, it seems we have found the orchid we were searching for. Thomas Mallory ______________________________________ Overview shot: I am quite happy with how this worked out, with the story shots and all. Personally, I particularly like the way the ruins are embedded in the jungle. And in case it wasn't clear, Montoya's footprints are those the Fontonajo expedition found on their search of the same ruins. It seems almost inevitable that the two expeditions should soon meet, and I hope we will be able to show it in the brick, if @Elostirion and I can both find the time :) Montoya, however, seems to have eluded discovery this time, though, but now at least we know that he is on Celestia! ;) C&C welcome, as always, and good luck to everyone with the challenge.
  9. Faron

    Submerged Ruins

    This MOC is was inspired by the flooded ruins scattered across the Zelda Breath of the Wild map.
  10. Ch. 2 - Growing Threats It was a cold night, the kind thats perfect for a burning hearth and warm food. But Aravorn had neither. For he had been traveling along side the Rakath Mountains for three days, which was no easy task, especially by Nocturnian Standards. Had Aravorn been a lesser Ranger, he might not have survived. And even so it would not have stopped him, for he had not been wandering aimlessly. "The great halls of Erendir. A once glistening kingdom of shining knights and glory. Now just crumbling ruins", Aravorn thought to himself. Over time, Erendir had become children stories told for generations, tales that Aravorn knew well. "The irony still stings doesn't it father. To think we would end the same", Aravorn continued as he quietly reminisced in the still silence. Until he heard a large gathering of footsteps. "You look lost stranger hehe" The pack of Orc's chuckled as they revealed themselves from amidst the ruins. "This is not a safe place to be, especially for a human. Especially for a human alone." The orc's began to slowly move in closer, surrounding Aravorn. "I was looking for someone actually. Perhaps you can help me. They were a couple of Orc's. About your height and weight. Smelled just as bad too", he remarked as he noticed one of the Orcs tightening his grip around his ax. "Oh we can help you traveler hehe. In fact, I think they might be closer than you think argh!" The Orc lunged himself towards Aravorn. But Aravorn was already much too prepared. He quickly drew his great sword and blocked the orc's ax and so suddenly that it ricocheted off his blade. And in that split moment, Aravorn swiftly sliced the orc's head from his shoulders. "That swordsmanship. He's no traveler, Its a ranger!" The Orc shouted. "What's a ranger doing he!?", but before he could finish, Aravorn struck down the surrounding Orcs, making quick work of the pack. He was tempted to finish them off at once, but he needed answers and so killed all but one. "W-wait! Please, spare me oh wise and noble young master. I am but a lowly humble orc." The Orc groveled. But Aravorn knew better than to trust an Orc's pleas. "A lowly humble Orc? Do not test me. I know who you are, Thruk the Fiendish. You are no feeble creature", he remarked as he pressed his sword against the Orc's neck. "During the war, you served the Black Spire. You served the one named Lord Osiris. Tell me where he is or I will slay you here and now", Aravorn threatened. "I-I don't know! We never met him", Thruk cried out. "Do not lie to me", he replied, restraining himself from stabbing the Orc. "N-no it's true! We only knew him by name. We were recruited by one of his emissaries. Pharan, I-I think was his name. He was in charge of guarding supply routes through the Siccus Badlands. Maybe you'll find Osiris there". The sword grew dangerously closer, choking the already struggling to breathe Orc. "I-I swear t-that's a-all I k-know." Aravorn could not find himself to trust in Thruk but he was desperate for a lead. if he ever had a chance of finding Osiris, he was going to have to find Pharan first, or so he thought. Thruk, however, had now outlived his use. "I'll send him your regards". He finished off the Orc in a swift strike, granting Thruk his relief. "The Siccus Badlands", he said unto himself, looking over to the now dawning horizon. "I'm going to need a horse". ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hey guys, I finally got around to building something for Nocturnus. I decided to start off with a new sig-fig(Aravorn) and make my old sig-fig(Lord Osiris) the villain. As for the build, I took a bit of freedom from the traditional look of Castle ruins and experimented with a more blocky style of stonework. Overall, a small simple build and not my best work but I thought it made a decent introduction for my character. So tell me what you guys think and thanks for viewing Also, credit to 11inthewoods for the torso and leg combo on Aravorn.
  11. LittleJohn

    Amon Hen

    My entry for Round 3 of the Middle Earth LEGO Olympics over on MOCpages. My category this time was Amon Hen. My opponent’s homepage. I really enjoyed this build, and it was fun to do a decent sized landscape again. I was a little apprehensive about having to build so many trees, but they ended up going quite quickly. In total the build took 8 days to complete. A huge thank-you to Graham and Michael for all their support and critiques along the way, I know it wouldn’t have turned out as well without them! Lots more pictures on Brickbuilt. Thanks for looking, C&C welcome
  12. The Maestro

    For Honour

    Usually I try build completely original mocs but once I saw this scene I could not resist. It is based off the main setting for the cinematic story trailer. I would have loved to use olive green but unfortunately I have nowhere near enough :P The characters where fun to make even though they may not completely resemble their original source. I don't play the game (because off our old family PC) but I would highly recommend it to anyone as it looks amazing. Hope you enjoy :D This is also a chance to try out the new peices from my first BL order. Mainly bley tiles :P
  13. The Loreman

    [MOC] The Resting Tower

    “Weary from the long journey, our heroes find the toppled great tower looming before them. An unspoken question haunted them: had the daughter of the Duchess been in her quarters? Should she no longer breathe, the mission would be for nought. Once a floor hatch, now a door. Once a door, now a floor. Her room was on the 4th level. They entered the 9th.” -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My initial attempt at bringing the resting tower to life ended in ruins. I made it too large, and I began running low on the necessary parts. About a month ago I made the decision to tear it all apart and start afresh. It was a hard decision after all the hours spent on construction, but it was worth it! I had just received a much needed bricklink order, so the timing was good. The smaller size was much easier to manage, and I had enough parts to spare for the large chunk of wall the tower fell through. I would have loved to spend more time on it, but I knew I could go on endlessly, so I made the call after about two months of part time building. The big challenge on the second go at building this MOC was fusing the odd sections together so it wouldn't fall apart every time I touched it. Watch this short video to get a behind the scenes glance at how I build and document my MOCs: - Loreman RestingTower_02 by The Loreman, on Flickr RestingTower_03 by The Loreman, on Flickr RestingTower_05 by The Loreman, on Flickr RestingTower_06 by The Loreman, on Flickr RestingTower_07 by The Loreman, on Flickr RestingTower_09 by The Loreman, on Flickr RestingTower_10 by The Loreman, on Flickr RestingTower_11 by The Loreman, on Flickr
  14. mediumsnowman

    [O - F09] The City With No Name

    Location: F09 - Arium Minor Tags: Building, Exploration "Get HQ on the line... we found another one." Might update with a better picture and more text later, if I remember.
  15. He arrived at last. Memory after memory came to the warrior's mind as he traversed the ruins of what was once his kingdom. Although the marks of disaster reigned about him, not a clue could be found on who the guilty one was. Clenching his fist, The Knight stoutly resolved to seek out the truth... Here's my first MOC entry on Eurobricks! After about three to four different attempts, I finally managed to get this one built. The door arch was originally going to be the floor, but it just wasn't working out. Once I made it an archway, everything went together pretty quick. Getting the lighting to fit the mood was just as fun as building it! Ruins_2 by The Loreman, on Flickr Ruins_3 by The Loreman, on Flickr Ruins_7 by The Loreman, on Flickr Ruins_4 by The Loreman, on Flickr Ruins_6 by The Loreman, on Flickr I can already see a few things I would have done differently, probably tidying up the back to be more presentable, and raising the tile floor a little higher. I'm always looking for ways to improve my skills, so if you all have any advice I would love to hear it! - Loreman
  16. Building for the Spire read first: For days now they had been marching through the mountains. Yvern had found a pretty large group of Bulls willing to join them, after talking to Davok. Now the expedition, under formal lead of Thornn and Spyrus, and Davok and Yvern, was crossing the Kyrrath Mountains. Tonight they could rest in the ruins of an ancient abandoned Orc fortress, Khazrat. Yet when they came closer, there was an unusual stench in the air. Spyrus and Davok went on, while the rest halted. When they neared the entrance to the fortress, Spyrus said: "This is Orc-scent. That would be that Resistance regiment. See? He didn't wipe them out, filthy Yudha. "How did you call me?" An unwelcome but familiar face appeared above them, just outside the gate the ruins of Khazrat Spyrus: "Why... what... what are you doing here?" Yudha: "Easy...helping my new friends to prevent some impetuous young men from assisting the spire... They pay me well enough" Davok: "Treacherous scum... Is mony indeed all you are after?" Yet Yudha disappeared through the gate. Davok: "The fortress will be occupied. Yet there is no way back now. The fortress doors have rotten away over time, so our best chances are to rush in..", and he shouted a signal. Immediatly the whole expedition started to run, with their weapons ready, not knowing where the enemy might appear... the ruins of Khazrat the ruins of Khazrat the ruins of Khazrat the ruins of Khazrat So, I have been working on this for a pretty long time: I wanted to hit some birds with one stone: I wanted to make ruins, and to make a round tower. I am pretty happy with the architecture of the (front) wall and the tower, yet they don't really get the attention they deserve in this build, I think. The tower has an half collapsed part, and the wall has some chunk out of it, made with different slope bricks.
  17. John (LittleJohn) and I decided to do a collab series based around re-imagining old set themes. Adventurers is a theme we’ve liked for years, though we never had any of the sets. After getting some of the original figs at Brickfair, Virginia, we wanted to put them to good use. The landscape and temple were inspired by Grant Davis and Mark of Falworth. Johnny Thunder and his team of Adventurers have discovered an uncharted jungle island. Within the dense vegetation they find the entrance to a ruined temple! After leaping from pillar to pillar, over the crocodile swamp, Johnny reaches the gateway. They’re not the first ones there though, as the treasure-seeking gang boss, G.R. Edy is there with some henchmen. Will Johnny be able to prevail, and will Dr. Kilroy fall to the alligators? We hope you enjoy, and you can see plenty more pictures on our website
  18. This diorama shows three different scenes from the movie Saving Private Ryan. All the action is taking place on Ramelle bridge at the same time (just for the purpose of this diorama), although in the movie there was a longer time frame between these scenes. The first scene is in the middle section, when Captain Miller on the bridge shoots with his Colt into Tiger I tank, just a second before P-51 destroys the tank. The second one is right after Tiger I explodes and German soldiers starts to run. Corporal Upham captures a small group of soldiers. Among the captured soldiers, Corporal Upham recognizes one German soldier who was captured and let go previously. The third sequence shows the arrival of the allies.
  19. Here is chapter 2 of my story about Aymeri and the fight to reclaim Katoren. I’ve wanted to try a desert ruins scene for a while now, so this was a rather fun build. Inspired by Markus’ amazing build. I would like to claim the following UoP credits: History Military Science: battle scene After the council meeting, Aymeri and Tierri set to work gathering a few of their most experienced soldiers, and some supplies to set up the initial camp at the ruins of Kharab fortress, just outside of Katoren. Once they had all snuck out of the city bringing their supplies and some weapons, they travelled to the ruins, as discreetly as possible. What they found inside Kharab, however, was not what they expected. "Hey-ho, look'e what I got 'ere! One 'o them merchants in town gave me all this gold for them blankets we pinched off the last caravan," Rognir declared as he proudly displayed a bag of gold coins. "Ooh! Gimme the shinies!" Ahriss immediately replied, quickly getting to his feet and rushing toward the inviting bag of loot. "Get back, you, aye got this meself!" Rognir brandished his axe and Ahriss quickly stopped, though his eyes remained greedily fastened on the bag. At this, Khatir, who had been seated on a crude bench finally spoke up:"Shut up, both of ya! We'll divvy the gold evenly and if either of you tries to cheat, I'll slit your throat. So sit down, Ahriss, and let Rognir show us the gold." Seeing Khatir's drawn dagger, and his apparent readiness to carry out his threat, the other two quickly complied. Meanwhile, the bandit leader returned from his scouting of the nearby trade route. "No new caravans going by today, the road was pretty much empty, 'cept a few peasants... What are you doing with that scorpion, Karih?" asked Zaeim suspiciously. "Why, slicin' him up fer dinner 'o course! You 'ant me to save ya the tail?" the grubby cook responded. Zaeim's countenance quickly darkened, "I don't want any part of a scorpion you fool! Make something edible for once!" "There's no 'eason for you to get yerself upset, all yer shouting will scare Fa'ar, e's still learning to trust us!" exclaimed Karih, as he quickly stooped to reassure his pet rat. Zaeim's response was cut off by a cry from Qatie, the look out:"To arms! Soldiers outside!" Aymeri's group had made it to the ruins undetected, but were surprised to hear the sounds of voices from within. Aymeri and Tierri discussed what they should do while one of the soldiers cautiously peeked around the rotting door to see who was inside. "Looks like bandits," he reported, "I see 5 men." Tierri spoke up, "With the 4 of us, we should be able to take them by surprise and capture them quickly." "I agree, let's rush them together," Aymeri said, readying his bow. But just before they started their ambush, their plan was ruined by Qatie's cry of alarm. Realizing that a fight was now inevitable, the small group rushed ahead. When the first soldier burst in, Zaeim was already facing the doors , and so he quickly attacked with his huge scimitar. With a cry of alarm, Karih promptly hurled the dead scorpion directly at Tierri. The other bandits rushed for their weapons, their gold momentarily forgotten. The scorpion caught Tierri squarely in the face, momentarily stunning him. Karih didn't try to follow up the attack, but instead stooped to pick up his beloved pet rat, as Khatir, Rognir, and Ahriss rushed towards the fight. After recovering from the unexpected blow, Tierri hastily moved to battle Khatir, while Aymeri quickly directed an arrow towards another onrushing bandit. Zaeim brought a crushing blow down on his foe, who was barely able to block in time. Aymeri's shot smashed into Rognir's shoulder, knocking him backward and out of the fight. After recovering Fa'ar, Karih's only thought was to flee. Unfortunately, his flight sent him crashing into Ahriss. Zaeim's powerful blow had hammered the solider to the ground, and the bandit chief prepared his finishing stroke as Aymeri knocked another arrow and Tierri continued to struggle with Khatir. Qatie had been waiting for the attackers to move out from the archway enough for her to have a clear shot, and now she readied her crossbow and fired. The downed warrior tried to scramble backwards away from Zaeim's stroke, but Aymeri's final soldier leaped to his comrade's aid, plunging his spear into the threatening figure. In that instant, the crossbow bolt buried itself into the ground, barely missing the soldiers Aymeri released another arrow at the fleeing cook, and hit the man's calf, immediatlely halting the escape. Tierri had finally gotten the better of his opponent with a parry from his shield and quick counterattack, while the soldiers made sure Zaeim was vanquished. Aymeri however had a new foe. Ahriss had finally recovered from his run in with Karih, and whipped his spiked chain towards Tierri, forcing the warrior to block with his shield. One of Aymeri's men started towards the orc to start a flank attack, not noticing the downed bandit in his path. As he stumbled and fell, his spear battered into the orc's armor. Despite Qatie's ferorcious attack, Aymeri parried confidently with his dagger, then followed with a left handed uppercut. The punch sent the bandit reeling up against the wall. Thus the ruins of Kharab fortress were seized by Aymeri and his men after an unexpected dispute. Build pictures: There are some more pictures on brickbuilt. C&C appreciated, on both the build and story
  20. The Ruins of St.Paul's is the ruins of a 16th-century complex in Macau including of what was originally St.Paul's College and the Church of St.Paul, a 17th-century Portugese church. Today, the ruins are one of Macau's best know landmarks. In 2005, they were officially listed as part of the Historic Centre of Macau, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Macau is to the west of Hong Kong. It only takes you an hour to go there from Hong Kong by jets. For more information:
  21. Bugbot2008

    MOC: Attack at Amon Hen

    Hi Everyone Just showing off one of my newly finished MOCs, part of an ongoing personal project to complete my own lord of the rings collection. Originally a LDD project, now brought to life this is a £50ish value unofficial set 'Attack at Amon Hen' The set includes the five minifigures, Aragorn, Boromir, Frodo, Lurtz, and one Uruk-hai The first feature of the set is activated when you slide the knob on the back of the structure.. Frodo puts on the ring and the eye of Sauron is revealed! The eye of Sauron is a custom painted dish, and is mounted on a very small miniature of the top of the dark tower. On the other side the wall opens to reveal a hiding space where Frodo can escape Boromir, it is just big enough to fit a hobbit snugly inside. The 'chair' on the top was difficult to construct, in the end 3x3 plates and ratcheting hinges enabled me to build something the right size and close to the movie. The first of the two sphinxes out the front of the main structure launches two flick-fire missies when it is pushed forwards. The second sphinx opens up to reveal Lurtz's sward, which he uses in his fight against Aragorn after ditching his bow. Thanks for viewing!
  22. This is my build for Tower Phase 1 in Age of Mitgardia. Many small hunting cabins lie in the wilderness of Mitgardia's clan lands. Clan hunters use the cabins as refuges from surprise blizzards, or as rest stops during long hunts. Some of these cabins have been built on top of the ruins of old fortresses: Nothing real fancy this time, just a quick build to get me going in AoM again
  23. Hey Guys I've been wanting to do a ruins build for quite some time and thought that the mighty forest of Avalonia would be the perfect for it. Continuing his long journey trough Vanhorn enchanted forests, Adam manage to get a small boat to go up Green Lake river and get to the next village so he can get some supplies. Passing trough the lake he stumbles across an old watchtower, so old and decayed that a magnificent tree was able to grow from inside and the branches and leaves sprouts from every cranny and hole! He realizes then, that he must close to a village... Finally he will be able to get some rest and a proper meal. His task is daunting and it's finally close to an end... The size is 2x2 BP (48x48) and I used 3000 tiles 1x1 in trans-green! :/ Hope you like it! Green Lake Tower Ruins Green Lake Tower Ruins Green Lake Tower Ruins
  24. Capt. Stabbin

    Nohoch Nah, San Gervasio Cozumel Mexico

    San Gervasio is a Maya site located on the island of Cozumel in Mexico. It was a site of pilgramage to give offerings to the godess Ixchel. From Wikipedia about this particular building: Nohoch Nah Meaning: Big House Constructed during: Terminal-Classic (1000-1200 AD) and Post-Classic (1200-1650 AD) Location: North of the District 1 Central Plaza With its intact roof, this is one of the best preserved buildings in San Gervasio. Inside, (closed off to the public, but visible through the doorway) the interior walls still show signs of a red, ochre and blue mural. This building was a temple dedicated to Ku’kul’kan, the feathered serpent god. The actual site (not my pictures):
  25. A lazy, floating breeze blew through the forest. The dead leaves rustled and danced to its music as the little animals around gamboled in and out of their holes. Presently the wind died down and the leaves glided back down, too. The animals pricked up their ears as the whole forest seemed to catch its breath and wait. You could almost hear its heartbeat, sliding along, then faster, faster, rattling through the trees. Expectancy hung in the air. Suddenly the crunch of a human footstep broke in on the hushed, waiting stillness. It was a light step, eager and youthful, perhaps a little hurried. Abruptly the young man jumped up and tipped the end of a branch that hung down in front of him. He couldn't help it. He was too happy. Momentarily, he sped up, his eyes flashing with eagerness. He was coming back home! But then he slowed down, paused for a second. It had been so long! Who knew what awaited him, beyond those taciturn trees, over that silent hill? What might not have happened during his long absence? An undefined fear welled up in him. He crunched it down, stepping out firm and determined. And as he did so, his confidence seemed to return. He thought, with glittering eyes, of the welcome they would give him. His mother! The energy he gave to his next steps reflected the almost trembling enthusiasm that seemed to be carrying him forward with roller coaster speed. The crest of the hill was in sight, a few more steps, a short bound, and then - his journey's end! For a second, he looked down at the path, gathering himself for the moment he had waited for so long. He looked up. His keen, eager eyes grasped the landscape in front of him. But it was not what he had expected to see. He staggered backwards. A cold, numbing chill overwhelmed his heart. Some idle portion of his mind found time to think he must surely be dead, his heart was frozen. But a heavy, thumping beat soon undeceived him. He felt crushed. No! No, it was impossible! He drew a long breath. He did not believe it. His eyes were tricking him. All he had to do was go down there. Nothing had changed. Everything was still the same. The grey walls of his parent's castle would still smile down at him. The porter would still greet his voice with a shout of welcome. The rusty drawbridge would still creak on its hinges. It would still exasperate him by its tardiness. His mother would still come running down the walls and welcome him... he dropped to his knees, choked with sorrow. Staggering, he pushed forward the last few steps until he reached the peak. From there he looked down at the somber ruins, one lonely tower still pointing its finger to heaven. No. It would never be the same. A non-photoshopped image: This was based off Ian Spacek's Myriad, for the Symphony of Construction contest. I tried to follow the music with the story although I'm afraid some parts have to be read rather quickly and others slowly! Thanks for checking it out, comments are welcome!