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Found 12 results

  1. This is a story belongs to old western miners. In the spring of 1823, Trevor and Austin brothers found a mine near Louisiana. Their only dream was to become rich, but things did not turn out as they had hoped. Category 1 (SMALL SET) Sheriff's Office : 77 pieces (10 USD) Category 1 (MAIN SET) FIGHT FOR GOLD : ~ 1100 pieces (110 USD) An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. Bandits or Miners, choose your side.. Category 2 (MINIFIGURE LINE UP) Miners; Trevor and Austin brothers at right and their cousins at left side. (Dustin, Maynard, Reeves) Bandits; Billie, Jack and Jesse brothers. They had a bad childhood. There is only one thing they are good at, BRAVADO The stands under the figures are also included. You can display your figures with these stands likewise batmobile, thumbler etc. sets.. Moreover, there will be 5 more sets next to the sets above which are; - Gold Mine: This is a set which will be around 70 USD including a skunk, Austin, Reeves and Maynard. - Sheriff's Building: This set will cost around 80 USD and includes 4 minifigures. Sheriff Wyatt, his deputy, Billie and Jack where Jack is in prison and Billie tries to save him. -Camp fire: It will be a 20 USD set consists of Jack, Jesse, a snake and a horse. Jack and Jesse makes camp fire while travelling. -Chasing bandits: Consists of 3 minifigures; sheriff Wyatt, his deputy and Jack also some trees and horses. It will cost around 30 USD. -Stagecoach: It will cost around 45 USD which includes two horses and 3 minifigures as Dustin, Maynard and Reeves.
  2. LittleJohn

    Rock Wrecker

    My second build for the 2017 LEGO Speeder Bike Contest, for the Overkill Oval category. The track was probably the most difficult part of this build, and it ended up going through several iterations before settling on the current design. Ready to tear through opponents, the Rock Wrecker’s brutal saw and powerful laser are a deadly combination. And if things really get out of hand, its deployable missiles in the hidden undercarriage compartment end things with a bang. More pictures on Brickbuilt Thanks for looking, C&C welcome
  3. Here is chapter 2 of my story about Aymeri and the fight to reclaim Katoren. I’ve wanted to try a desert ruins scene for a while now, so this was a rather fun build. Inspired by Markus’ amazing build. I would like to claim the following UoP credits: History Military Science: battle scene After the council meeting, Aymeri and Tierri set to work gathering a few of their most experienced soldiers, and some supplies to set up the initial camp at the ruins of Kharab fortress, just outside of Katoren. Once they had all snuck out of the city bringing their supplies and some weapons, they travelled to the ruins, as discreetly as possible. What they found inside Kharab, however, was not what they expected. "Hey-ho, look'e what I got 'ere! One 'o them merchants in town gave me all this gold for them blankets we pinched off the last caravan," Rognir declared as he proudly displayed a bag of gold coins. "Ooh! Gimme the shinies!" Ahriss immediately replied, quickly getting to his feet and rushing toward the inviting bag of loot. "Get back, you, aye got this meself!" Rognir brandished his axe and Ahriss quickly stopped, though his eyes remained greedily fastened on the bag. At this, Khatir, who had been seated on a crude bench finally spoke up:"Shut up, both of ya! We'll divvy the gold evenly and if either of you tries to cheat, I'll slit your throat. So sit down, Ahriss, and let Rognir show us the gold." Seeing Khatir's drawn dagger, and his apparent readiness to carry out his threat, the other two quickly complied. Meanwhile, the bandit leader returned from his scouting of the nearby trade route. "No new caravans going by today, the road was pretty much empty, 'cept a few peasants... What are you doing with that scorpion, Karih?" asked Zaeim suspiciously. "Why, slicin' him up fer dinner 'o course! You 'ant me to save ya the tail?" the grubby cook responded. Zaeim's countenance quickly darkened, "I don't want any part of a scorpion you fool! Make something edible for once!" "There's no 'eason for you to get yerself upset, all yer shouting will scare Fa'ar, e's still learning to trust us!" exclaimed Karih, as he quickly stooped to reassure his pet rat. Zaeim's response was cut off by a cry from Qatie, the look out:"To arms! Soldiers outside!" Aymeri's group had made it to the ruins undetected, but were surprised to hear the sounds of voices from within. Aymeri and Tierri discussed what they should do while one of the soldiers cautiously peeked around the rotting door to see who was inside. "Looks like bandits," he reported, "I see 5 men." Tierri spoke up, "With the 4 of us, we should be able to take them by surprise and capture them quickly." "I agree, let's rush them together," Aymeri said, readying his bow. But just before they started their ambush, their plan was ruined by Qatie's cry of alarm. Realizing that a fight was now inevitable, the small group rushed ahead. When the first soldier burst in, Zaeim was already facing the doors , and so he quickly attacked with his huge scimitar. With a cry of alarm, Karih promptly hurled the dead scorpion directly at Tierri. The other bandits rushed for their weapons, their gold momentarily forgotten. The scorpion caught Tierri squarely in the face, momentarily stunning him. Karih didn't try to follow up the attack, but instead stooped to pick up his beloved pet rat, as Khatir, Rognir, and Ahriss rushed towards the fight. After recovering from the unexpected blow, Tierri hastily moved to battle Khatir, while Aymeri quickly directed an arrow towards another onrushing bandit. Zaeim brought a crushing blow down on his foe, who was barely able to block in time. Aymeri's shot smashed into Rognir's shoulder, knocking him backward and out of the fight. After recovering Fa'ar, Karih's only thought was to flee. Unfortunately, his flight sent him crashing into Ahriss. Zaeim's powerful blow had hammered the solider to the ground, and the bandit chief prepared his finishing stroke as Aymeri knocked another arrow and Tierri continued to struggle with Khatir. Qatie had been waiting for the attackers to move out from the archway enough for her to have a clear shot, and now she readied her crossbow and fired. The downed warrior tried to scramble backwards away from Zaeim's stroke, but Aymeri's final soldier leaped to his comrade's aid, plunging his spear into the threatening figure. In that instant, the crossbow bolt buried itself into the ground, barely missing the soldiers Aymeri released another arrow at the fleeing cook, and hit the man's calf, immediatlely halting the escape. Tierri had finally gotten the better of his opponent with a parry from his shield and quick counterattack, while the soldiers made sure Zaeim was vanquished. Aymeri however had a new foe. Ahriss had finally recovered from his run in with Karih, and whipped his spiked chain towards Tierri, forcing the warrior to block with his shield. One of Aymeri's men started towards the orc to start a flank attack, not noticing the downed bandit in his path. As he stumbled and fell, his spear battered into the orc's armor. Despite Qatie's ferorcious attack, Aymeri parried confidently with his dagger, then followed with a left handed uppercut. The punch sent the bandit reeling up against the wall. Thus the ruins of Kharab fortress were seized by Aymeri and his men after an unexpected dispute. Build pictures: There are some more pictures on brickbuilt. C&C appreciated, on both the build and story
  4. Brick Architect

    Lego Police Chase

    Hello! I've made a funny video based on the 60128 set: Police Pursuit. The Lego Police Chase Enjoy!!
  5. Starting with a custom framework and a new design and location for the motors, I tried to put as much as I could into as little space. This time I tried to create a cleaner version of my suicisissor doors.This car has working headlights, steering by servo motor, driven by 2 L-motors with 3x differentials bringing the power to the wheels. I have been collecting all black parts for quite some time and am glad I can finally create a totally back supecar. Totally blacked out! Flickr: Youtube: Black back bandit style Interior :) Front end goodness Suicissors Seats Top View: Bottom View: [ Everything opens Black back Rear hatch Huge shocks for small car
  6. Grimmbeard

    [MOC] A Resting Threat

    Hey again everyone! This is my second MOC on the Historic Themes forum, this time in the Western category. I built this as a way to add variety to my MOCs, as Western is a theme that I like, but haven't gotten that into. I also built it to bring to Brickfair in a couple weeks. So, here it is The whole thing, on a 34 x 50 base Bandits in the mountain. Cowboy Camp. And that's it! As always, C&C welcome. More Photos and full set on Flickr.
  7. Hi my name is BoefBandito! Recently I builded my first LEGO box! here a video of me in action:
  8. The Steward

    A fiery Bandit (Free Build)

    Okay first off, this is my first Free Build, my first build for Historica period. So it might not be amazing but I don't think it's terrible. Constructive Criticism is appreciated. It features my character Dorshov the wizard, And yeah, on to the story: The wind rustled through the trees in one of the dense forests in Nocturnus. Step step clack, step step clack. The rhythmic sounds of foot steps and a walking stick echoed through the trees. An old man rounded the bend and started for the small bridge that spanned the small gorge cut by the creek that it surrounded. Ahead of him, on the opposite bank hidden behind a tree was a lone bandit. From his hiding place, he stared covetously at the large red jewel at the tip of the old mans walking stick. . As the old man stepped onto the bridge the bandit leapt out from his hiding place and charged forward! The old man (Dorshov), raised his staff and cried out a guttural word. And fire blasted from his staff, and the bandit screamed as he was consumed by fire.As the bandit crumbled to ash, Dorshov resumed his journey leaving the a mound of ash and a sword behind... finis (that's Latin for finish or end) As I said already compliments and criticism is welcome, thank you for taking the time to look at this. As requested I have added pictures of the entire build.
  9. Here is my work in progress entry for [TC7]. Normal Mode: Bandit Mode: Story: The bandits were looking to develop a new vehicle utilizing a new engine prototype that allowed for huge amounts of torque and speed. This new vehicle, named Firehawk, would be lightweight and fast built for those missions that required the bandits to get in and out of a situation quickly. This new photon rotary engine pushes the limits on speed allowing the Firehawk to outrun pretty much everything of the known enforcers line of vehicles. Unfortunately, to keep the weight down, the Firehawk is not loaded down with big weapons, but just some basic weapons to get the job done. Naturally, a sports car body would be the normal mode powered by a conventional V12 piston engine, with the ability to transform into a supersonic plane powered by the photon rotary engine. Normal mode features: - Fully Independent Suspension. - Working Front Steering Using Steering Wheel. - Working V12 Powering Rear Wheels, with differential. - Special Gearbox/Transmission That Couples Two Separate Engines To Rear Wheels. - 3 Forward Gears + Reverse For The V12 - 2 High Speed Forward Gears For The Photon Rotary Engine (Car Mode When Transformed). - Working Headlights - Working Doors Bandit Mode (Still working on this) - Transform To Plane - Doors Turn Into Main Wings (Manual) - Rear Air Intake Into Rear Wings (Manual) - Photon Rotary Engine Extends, Lights Rotate With Wheels (Pneumatic Switch On Dash) - 2 Front Large Caliber Guns (Hidden Behind Headlights That Manually Fold Down) - 2 Rear Mini Missile Launchers (Launch Via Pneumatic Switch On Dash) Other: - Pneumatics powered by manual pump and air tank. - Front Headlights Powered By 9v Battery Box. - Photon Rotary Engine Light Powered By 9v Battery Box. I'm still tweaking a few things on this model yet, but wanted to share to gather any additional insights to potentially make it better prior to the contest deadline. Once I get the tweaks complete, I will shoot and post a video.
  10. G'day all. I"m all for the bandits. Sometime you need to haul a lot of stolen stuff like pursuit vehicles for scrapp'n and to provide help in the heat of a chase and battle. "Its a truck" you say, "there slow" you say well 'Lights out' is a little different and this is why. Normal truck Nothing special. HOG steering. Battle mode Fold down rear guards to protect wheels and for side swiping. Extending front chassis to reveal second supercharged methanol drinking V8. You can never have to many V8's with that much power. Fold over half bonnet to become a car scoop. Fold down front grill for spikes. Gull wing doors with missiles on the ends. Pop out or off ( I'm undecided on which one ) battering ram fuel tanks....KaBoooooooom to the vehicle beside you. Possible sleeper box with fold over roof machine gun. Some sort of suspension. Trailer (may be) Push out rim spikes on second axle. Crane with harpoon gun, winch and claw grab. Saw blades, gotta have saw blades somewhere. Side car flipper arm/panel. Front compartment will house a massive jet engine. When in trouble the trailer will break off to reveal the jet turbine which stays on the back of the truck for an instant get away and fry the pursuit car behind you. I maybe a little too ambitious but the only thing stopping me is the hatted colors off all time Cursed black and clean White ( half of my Lego pieces). Here is what I have done so far. Lights Out by Jono Mckinlay, on Flickr
  11. With only 10 more days to build and film (i'm going on a long vacation) I think that its time to start building the beast. I might not be able as I have exams till Wednesday and I need to box up the house because we will be moving soon. Introducing the Ultuk or Ultimate Tuk Tuk. I sort of wanted to name it F*** Tuk but that was... It will uses a servo for the steering. More beast mode features will appear, I just need to think of them.