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  1. Styrbjorn

    LOTR & The Hobbit 2013 Set Discussion

    I am disappointed with no anduril and that gandalf hair and beard is one piece (i think it is so) but exept that I thing it's good
  2. Styrbjorn

    LOTR & The Hobbit 2013 Set Discussion

    The big question is now anduril... Hope for a new mold!
  3. Styrbjorn

    LEGO LotR - general discussion

    In hobbit, I will not say aanything because even if I have read the book I want to wait. But in LOTR my ideas are these: I ) Lothlorien with 2 trees like the pics we have seen and tith Galadriel and maybe some more elf, even if I don't want it I think lego would have Frodo, and the mirror. II )Eowyn vs fell beast and witchking, and a brick-built oliphant. Maybe some harad men or armored merry. III )Treebeard with merry and pippin, maybe some small plate with asmall tree and grishnak. IV ) A smaller set, as shelob or gandalf arrives, with Frodo/Sam/both and Faramir and a Ithilien ranger, and some tree or floor. V )Something with Gondorian soldiers, maybe the gates of Minas Tirith. Maybe Gandalf on shadowfaxe That's my ideas, hope you like them
  4. Styrbjorn

    LOTR & The Hobbit 2013 Set Discussion

    I hope for lothlorien i love that part in the book
  5. Styrbjorn

    LOTR & The Hobbit 2012

    I have seen the movie twice, once yesterday and one at wednesday (121212) and it was awesome! Can't wait for desolution of smaug (363 days left). But still, the book is the best I think.
  6. Styrbjorn

    Tournament of Retribution III Rules and Entries Overview

    One last ask. Is pippins torso ok to use? It works well for low ranks I think but I don't think that's ok.
  7. Styrbjorn

    Ragnars House

    Ok. I like the first pic, it look both as a house and a castle really good work! Keep it up
  8. Styrbjorn

    The Pied Piper Of Hamelin

    Nice! I love the base and builds, but the portcullis need a tower, if not I think it is too short to use:)
  9. Styrbjorn

    Frog Legs in the Forest

    I really love small builds like this
  10. Styrbjorn

    Review: 5000202 Elrond

    I went for a game stop here in Tyresö and the guy in the shop showed me a lot of figs, and he said "We have some left. If you buy the game I can give it to you". I stared at the figures, and who do you think buyed the game? Me! But he had none for wii, so I preordered the game, so I get the game and Elrond on friday. Really good review!
  11. Styrbjorn

    Tournament of Retribution III Rules and Entries Overview

    Can't the barbossa torso be a bluecoat too?
  12. Ok. But are brickset a official website? I thougt brickset was a fansite. Really nice, but I hope it's series 10 because if it is a set, it would be expensive to get many
  13. If this is one of the collectible minifigures series 9, I need 20!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!