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Found 8 results

  1. This is a MOC I created first in LDD, then in real life (thanks BrickLink!), featuring four attractions at a Renaissance Faire/Festival. I wasn't sure whether to post it in this forum or City (since technically it would take place in modern times), but figured its elements would appeal more to Historic fans. You can find many more pictures on my Flickr page. Also, I have submitted this as a project on Lego Ideas, so if you feel so inclined, I'd love your support: C&C are always welcome and appreciated! Thanks, Lindulan Overview of the whole group: 1 - Renaissance Faire by Lindulan Halcyon, on Flickr The concession stand, with half-yards of lemonade and smoked turkey legs: 2 - Concession stand by Lindulan Halcyon, on Flickr The stage, where a minstrel plays his lute: 4 - Stage by Lindulan Halcyon, on Flickr Shooting gallery with stud-shooting crossbow: 5 - Shooting gallery by Lindulan Halcyon, on Flickr Souvenir tent with removable roof and lift-up side flaps: 7 - Souvenir tent & roof by Lindulan Halcyon, on Flickr
  2. Norton74

    [MOC] Stilt Houses

    Stilt Houses: how to live 30 feet in the air! Partially inspired by the films of the masterful animation filmmaker Hayao Miyazaki - I'm not actually referring to a particular film but rather its unique style and atmospheres - my latest creation features two weird guys living 30 feet in the air in minimal but cozy stilt houses. The starting point for this work was the tent on the right stilt house, a very strange and forgotten element from a mid-2000s Indiana Jones set. At first I was thinking of a single pile dwelling then I added the second on the left joined by a crumbling bridge. And gradually I inserted various details and elements, some of which are really bizarre. The off-road vehicle is ready to deal with mud and rough terrain and complete with all the necessary tools to fix it yourself in case. It is based on my previous Chevrolet Blazer spotted in the Sheriff Hopper's Cabin diorama built in 2019. There are many other details and strange pieces, have fun finding them and if you have any questions write them below in the comments! Thanks for watching!
  3. AstroNutz

    40177 City Jungle Explorer Kit

    Does anyone know when 40177 City Jungle Explorer Kit was released or will be released? It's listed as a 2017 set but I haven't seen it anywhere. I've been to LEGOLAND and watched the calendars so I don't think I've missed it. Been trying to get a LEGO set for the past few years that includes a tent. I'd hate to spend money on eBay for one and then finally see it sold in stores.
  4. Magical. That's what the House of the Five Senses is to me. [MOC] House of the Five Senses by Bert Van Raemdonck, on Flickr The House of the Five Senses is the entrance to the Efteling theme park, which I have the fondest memories of. I still try to trick my parents into taking me there. We never visited Disneyland or even Legoland () even though I'm a big fan. But still, that was never a problem to me because we would often visit the Efteling, which is such a magical, whimsical, fun and genuine place that it totally made up for not visiting those other theme parks. The mere sight of the Efteling's entrance therefore gives me warm feelings. That made it the perfect fit for the latest (and last) contest on Rebrick, "Architecture faves", which called on builders to recreate a place close to their hearts in Architecture style. That and the fact that it's just a super interesting structure to recreate with a fascinating story: [MOC] House of the Five Senses - Everything you need to know by Bert Van Raemdonck, on Flickr Its distinct visual style and defining compound curves made it very challenging to replicate in bricks though, especially at the Architecture scale. My first instinct was to use many bows, cylinders and cones. Turns out that there is a severe lack of cone pieces in reddish brown (and it's only one single set which provides the brown carrots that work perfectly as the peaks...). I had to resort to using slopes and flat parts, and in the end I'm very glad I had to. Using bow pieces would have been a mistake as the main shape of the surface has a concave surface, while the concave bows would have destroyed the flow of that surface. Moreover, it would have been impossible to hide every single half stud lip of a brick or to align everything perfectly, so the angular bricks make those features look more intentional and part of the creation. So strangely, using slopes instead of bows actually results in a visually smoother build and also gives strong, crisp edges where they need to be. [MOC] House of the Five Senses - Dragon Perspective by Bert Van Raemdonck, on Flickr The downside was that I had to create the surface out of a multitude of small pieces at just the right angle instead of using bigger pieces with inherent curvature. That meant I had to find a lot of compact ways to connect things at funny angles and do my best to fill up all gaps. New parts like all the 1x1 pieces with bars in different configurations were absolute life savers to get it to work. Without them, it also wouldn't have been possible to connect the triangular panels that were the only right part for the job in several places. The disadvantage was that all of the complex connections needed a lot of tweaking just to get the part not to collide with others. This being built with Lego Digital Designer, you can understand the struggle of taking half an hour just to line all of the parts up, just to come to the conclusion that it sticks out too much and you have to figure out a completely new solution, or that the collision box of the part is ill defined so it refuses to put the part in place even though there's no collision in real life... Sure, building digitally has a lot of advantages (and no, I didn't use part-colour combos that don't exist as far as I know), but there are some definite disadvantages like spending ages on lining up parts, wishing you could use the illegal connections everybody uses or struggling to understand compled 3D orientations on a screen... Anyway, the small rant being over , believe it or not, in the end I managed to create the building entirely with legal connections as far as LDD is concerned. [MOC] House of the Five Senses - Leaving perspective... by Bert Van Raemdonck, on Flickr In the end, I'm very happy with the final appearance of the building on its own and the fact that it matches the original building quite closely (look here for some excellent reference pictures). I'm especially happy that I took the extra trouble to angle the four peaks of the main part of the building which makes it both accurate and gives it a very dynamic look for a static piece of architecture. To complement the spiky look of the building, I opted for a presentation on an unconventional base placed at a 45 degree angle which emphasized its corners. It has the extra advantage of representing the triangular square (now that's a funny turn of phrase ) in front of the real building, which features a fishbone pattern in the floor which I tried to replicate with the tiles (until I realized I totally missed the point of the pattern, but it still looked good enough ). The very new 2x2 triangular tiles in the end enabled my vision of an angled base, but sadly I had to use some loose parts to fill in some funny gaps. Still, I think it was totally worth it for the presentation. Finally, it was very fun to add all of the little elements like the trees, hedges, lightposts and flowers that breathe some life and colour into the scene like the seasoning in a dish. [MOC] House of the Five Senses - Group perspective by Bert Van Raemdonck, on Flickr In the end, I'm very happy with the visual result. Also with the fact that I pushed myself to tackle such a challenging topic and persisted through the entire building process which took an entire month even though the model only counts eight to nine hundred pieces (I often went days with only placing ten bricks or something like that...), because through it I learned some new techniques and part combinations (triangular flag element + 1x1 round place with bar at the bottom = total win!) which will certainly be handy in the future. And what made it truly special was the feedback I got. I has already been very fun to see Efteling fans react to my model. And I am very grateful that the judges of the Rebrick competition liked it enough to designate me as a runner up winner... The House of the Five Senses certainly has worked his magic on me once more! If it only puts a little bit more magic on your day as well, that'd be just perfect. So I hope you enjoy it, and don't forget to keep your eyes open to see magical things! ____________ So, I mentioned this was built with LDD, which means that I can also easily share the file with you, just in case you're interested in the techniques or would like to try to build your own. As I said, all the parts (at least the most important ones I checked) are available in the colours I used, and everything is connected, although I don't promise it will be a creation you can swoosh around - if that is something you'd want to do with a building. However, the design presented in the renders isn't horribly practical. The base, for example, would take in more depth than needed on a shelf, limiting the display options. The angled base also requires some loose parts and the new 2x2 triangular tile in grey, which have only appeared in the roller coaster set so are on the rare side. That's why I've also designed a version with a rectangular base, which should be a lot easier to build and manage in real life. It doesn't have the tirangular square in front, but it does have more vegetation in a corner. I also got rid of the loose white jumper plates at the base of the back tower. I couldn't find a solution during the time frame of the contest, but after a lot of thinking I've now designed an alternative with car doors which are all firmly attached. Both versions of the model are included in the file below, so you can check out the one that suits you best. Have fun with it, and if somebody does succeed in building it in real life, be sure to send me a picture, and don't hesitate to ask questions because I still have some designer notes! The LDD file:
  5. LittleJohn

    Forestmen Camp

    A free-build placed in Avalonia, and also part of InnovaLUG's 'Ye Old Merry Battleground' collab, for Brickfair Virginia. This was a really fun build to make, and I’m quite pleased with how it turned out. I’ll definitely be doing some more Forestmen themed builds in the future. Inspiration for the rockwork goes to Brickvader. The Forestmen's camp is hidden well in one of the many forests in Avalonia, and provides an excellent base of operations for them. They have scouts placed at various locations a little ways from the camp, and a few outside of the forest to keep an eye on the neighboring Lords and Barons of the land. Most recently, they learned of Sir Ruari Leanin leaving for a tax collecting tour, which they took full advantage of... More pictures on Brickbuilt I would like to claim UoP credit for: Geography: Forest Thanks for looking, C&C appreciated
  6. LittleJohn

    Setting Up Camp

    I actually built this a month or two ago, but just realized I hadn't posted it here yet. Aymeri grew up as a desert nomad, traveling the deserts of Kaliphlin with his parents, Darrid, and Auriol. Their tribe often stopped at different oasis' to resupply their water and take care of the animals. The men stand guard, and set up camp while children help water the livestock, and the women tend to the babies. Aymeri: Lots more pics here: Link C&C welcome
  7. Commander Beltar

    [SoNE 8.3] First Camp

    Please Judge this build! The story so far: First Day Aboard the Avenger At The Table-Before The Storm Rescue Mission Reassigned Eliminating The Competition Target Practice “Here we go again…” Sorry markus, Rebel trooper again. The build/story: Beltar and his team have just landed after getting shot down before arriving at the drop zone, due to this delay the team sets up a camp at a later time. 2200 (10PM) Log: Nest Alpha (First Camp) is up, setting up Communications Beacon now. Beltar: So, Sarge, I don’t think all of us are going to fit in that tent over there… Sarge: Well, we are takin’ shifts kid, we always do. We don’t have enough supplies nor people to get anymore up. We lost our second tent in the drop...Poor souls… Because of our current predicament, team Two is moving as we speak. They have to make more ground because the missing medical team is farther. Beltar: Hmm…Sarge, how long do we have till the men we are rescuing, well, d--? Sarge: Best not to think about that son. Beltar: Alright, so with this setback we are, how many days behind schedule? Sarge: 2 Days behind schedule. Rodrick is setting up the coms over there, so that our ships don’t pick us up too early. Rodrick: Aight’, Borry, this things all powered up now, I’ve just sent a level 7 encrypted message to the fleet about 2 systems out. Boris: Dumb it down a bit Roddy! Rodrick: Alright: The fleet now knows that we are behind schedule. Boris: K, I’ll deliver the news to Sarge. *Boris comes over to the fire and takes a seat after removing his helmet and putting his blaster aside* Boris: Alright, so the fleet now knows that we are behind schedule. So, when are we starting are campin’ ritual…..? Sarge: Not today Boris…If you do that, you’re telling that to Kirk. Boris:…Nah, on second thought, we won’t do that today… Kirk: *Snore* *Snore* *Snore* Boris: yeah… I’m not going over there. He’s protective of that ‘MP while he’s sleeping. Sarge: Yeah, yeah, and yeah. Wait, wait. I’m getting a signal from our scout. “Sir, I just checked the wreckage, the pilots are dead. Other supplies from the men who were shot down mid-jump are either burnt beyond use, too heavy, or pulverized.” Sarge: Roger that, come back to Nest Alpha. “Well, I see something that else that may be of interest to us, I’ve found what looks like a Rebel Flak tower with maybe four or five guards around it. Permission to take it out?” Sarge: Permission Granted. Sarge out. Indianaan Jeans: Hey everyone look, I’m an Imperial! Mastrach: Hahaha! Great scot man! The resemblance is totally uncanny!!! Remey: Stop foolin’ around down there! I’m tryin’ to work up here! Mastrach: Fine mate! But we gotta pass the time somehow! Remey: We gotta pass the time somehow… Mastrach: Wait, I got something on me scanner! Scout: Surprise Rebel scum! Indianaan Jeans: *Wilhelm Scream* Pilot: Yearhhhhgg! Mastrach: Come one, load gun, load! Scout: Too late! Mastrach: Ksshzz Remey: Wait, we can strike a dea--__ “Target neutralized” Sarge: “Okay, come back now, so you can get your rest.” “Alright, one second, I need to pay some respect to fallen comrades. Poor Souls.” Beltar: What does he mean by paying his respects? Sarge: Well, if we ever find a fallen Imperial, we try to do something to honor them in one way or another. He must have found something there… Poor Souls. Beltar: Saddening isn’t it. That the Rebels think that all Imperials are bad, when most of us are just following orders. Or the fact that they shot down an I.M.E.S (Imperial Medical Evacuation Ship) which had about two guns, which didn’t fire till they fired at us. Returning fire is protocol. And we needed to survive that to try to save some lives. Sarge: Agreed. Sometimes, I wonder if being on the Empire is truly the best job for people like us. Of course, there are the ‘bad’ and ‘evil’ Imperials, but as you said, most of us are just following orders…Following orders….Like droids almost… Alright, I’ll take first watch! Everyone else, in the tent or somewhere or do something. And Rod, stay out of the storage tent this one time please. Rodrick: I won’t do it again! Hopefully! No promises though… Sarge: Wonderful. We move out between 0500 and 0600. Got it? (Everyone) Got it Sarge! Sarge: Kirk? *Loud Snore* More pictures in the spoiler! (Because I take to many ) Hope you enjoyed this chapter in Beltar’s story, just trying to move my story along before the next episode! (While using one of my last 2 freebuilds and I think the episode is coming out soon I think) C and C welcome! ~Beltar
  8. I found this in my Lego Store yesterday. It is set number 6077708 and is labelled on the price sticker as "Jungle Accesso". Priced at £10.99 for 39 pieces with 1 mini-doll and a dog. I can't find any info or pictures of it on the internet, so thought I'd post it here. Mike