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Found 31 results

  1. Kozikyo86

    [MOC] Medieval Trebuchet

    Hi! After a little break, I'm slowly coming back to the Castle! Maybe some of you know my projects of siege machines, and there were some - trebuchet, catapult, ballista, mantlet. A few years ago I built a working trebuchet and diorama "The Siege of Bricks". After a few years, I'm coming back to the topic and building a trebuchet again! This time it will be bigger, stronger and better historically reproduced. I hope I'll be able to make an PDF instruction, although it will not be easy, because there will be a lot of ropes and other non-standard accessories (lead balls in counterweight) I wish this time the range of the trebuchet was about 7-8 meters! The previous version had about 5-6 meters of range. I'm curious if 7-8 is possible. Currently the counterweight weighs 164g, which is more than before, the trebuchet is bigger, it has a longer arm. We'll see, haven't tested yet. More soon on my YT channel - Edge of Bricks. I will update the progress from time to time. Let me know what you think about this project!
  2. Kozikyo86

    [MOC] The Black Serpent

    Hello Lego Castle Fans! for starters - it's going to be a long slow project :) Do you remember 6057 Sea Serpent set from 1992? I've never had this set in my collection, I thought it might be worth building a new version... for Black Falcons fraction! One week ago I started building my first ship project - Medieval Cog "The Black Serpent"! This is still work in progress moc, I have a lot of work to do :) Now, has 43 cm long and almost 900 parts (will be more). Then I will make my own sail, so far I have prepared the material (my old pillow), I painted it white, I still have to paint the Black Falsons logo. But it's not over! I also want buils some area, fragment of sea and coast with some stronghold - for Raven Knights. The next steps are: - complete the ship's design, - make a sail, - order a lot of new parts, - hunt few sheeps from set 10775 I prepared the first material from this project, if you are interested, check out my youtube - Edge of Bricks channel :)
  3. the Inventor

    [MOC] Battle of Drakenborg

    The siege of Drakenborg has just begun, while the main army has launched the attack, a brave warrior has begun to climb the tower, undisturbed and undetected to attack the guards from within the castle. Battle of Drakenborg by Ids, on Flickr Taking aim by Ids, on Flickr Thanks for watching.
  4. Sorry for the clickbait title Not a LEGO MOC in the normal sense, but a MOC nonetheless Made from extras I had lying around in baggies
  5. Hi! Some time ago I start built my medieval Trebuchet MOC, based on my first design from 2010 year. The final project is ready! What's more, it will be part of my new diorama! The project "The Siege of Bricks" will be diorama in a winter world, my army will be preparing to siege the city (that will be built by my friend form Cube Brick YT channel. Going back to the Trebuchet - it's contain 300 parts, range is 6-7 meters, which I consider a huge success because the initial range was 3 meters. You can find more about this construction on my YouTube - Edge of Bricks (link below), where you can see how this machine works and more about the project The tutorial will be available soon!
  6. richchie

    Siege of Tharbad

    Siege of Tharbad after nearly 4 years since I start to thinking about this project and 2 years of building , I am finaly in the end. This creation is a part of castle commpetition on (local czech and slovak LEGO fan forum) So, let me introduce my largest MOC - city of Tharbad. Fans of LOTR know this city probably... and because I am a big fan of LOTR and also of Castle, I decided to make my own small fiction to LOTR world and put this fiction in timeline between events from Hobbit and war of the ring. Tharbad was founded by Numenor colonists in 2nd age. After fall of Numenor it becomes part of Northen kingdom of men - Arnor. When Arnor broke in 861 TA , tharbad belongs to Cardolan. In 1409 TA, Witchking of angmar destroy Cardolan, but Tharbad survive. In tolkiens books, tharbad was destroyd by Great flood in 2912 TA. In my fiction Tharbad after fall of kingdom of arnor in 1974 TA still exists as independent city state and great flood in 2912 TA destroy only eastern part of the city. I decide to take my fiction to year 3008 TA when armies of Sauron from Mount Gundabad start siege of city of Tharbad as a last kingdom of men from numenor on the West of misty mountains. To help for besieged city of tharbad come elves from lindon, gondor and also rohan (all armies i have in my collection). Army of orcs was defeated and that was the reason why sauron was not abble to open western front in war of the ring 10 years later after events of my fiction. more pictures here : 1 by richchie, on Flickr 3 by richchie, on Flickr 9 by richchie, on Flickr 12 by richchie, on Flickr 15 by richchie, on Flickr 17 by richchie, on Flickr and some pictures from castle : 18 by richchie, on Flickr 19 by richchie, on Flickr 18 by richchie, on Flickr 24 by richchie, on Flickr 25 by richchie, on Flickr 27 by richchie, on Flickr 26 by richchie, on Flickr 14 by richchie, on Flickr
  7. Build myself a SiegeTank from Starcraft as i love that game :P
  8. LegoAcklay

    [MOC] Four-Towered Castle

    After finishing it and creating minifigures I uploaded it to LEGO Ideas which you can find here: Four-Towered Castle It contains some extra information such as piece counts. Feel free to leave a support on the LEGO Ideas site if you like it. 3D Model view here on Sketchfab: Four-Towered Castle The Full Inside view. Note that the castle is made in a "L" shaped layout. The left/West Entrance. Notice the flaps that would allow archers/crossbowmen to fire through and take cover. The inside side of the West entrance. Entrance to the hall from the courtyard/bailey. The alchemy room. With a green substance in a flask and a chandelier below the tall ceiling. The certainly need a ladder here. A tower with a wooden hoarding around it. Crossbows are stored here. The armoury. Along with the stacked sword it has a bed for a soldier here as well. View above the towers. Better view of the catapult and the winch for raising the portcullis. Inside the shack extension. The Great Hall. Turnable fire in the great hall's fireplace. Winch which you can rotate the fire and exterior of the hall. Drawbridge Outside. Gate Inside. Chest room. Stone Sigil. Walkway. Romans with a catapult & Celtic Warriors. Upper view.
  9. First of all: im pretty angry cause I just wrote this entire story, posted it and somehow the topic wasnt created . Please look at my flickr for more pics, couldnt include them all without having a huge post ^^ Davok: "Finally we saw the walls of Falconstone loom on the horizon. We had gotten two more compagnons, two magicians. I didnt trust them, not for even the slightest bit. One of them was an Algus, so then already you should think whats wrong. The second was some wolf-like creature, or maybe raven-like, but unlike something I have ever seen before. Everything black, sharp teeth, yellow eyes. Not the sort of stuff you wanna deal with. He was identified as our questgiver, and had some name I forgot. Its some synonym of Havoc, I dunno exactly." "As soon as we arrived, we went to set up our camp, and we started tunneling as soon as possible, out of sight from the wall, for the vision was blocked by our palissade. The black magician had decreed that we would tunnel to some secret room beneath the main tower, for our target would be there. He would take care of the target after we tunneled, and he and his fellow mage would help our main force to fake the siege and repel sorties." "Well, those sorties came sooner than expected. From the west Falco's ever-annoying cavalry came charging in, while from the east the Falcon Infantry was approaching. We struggled quite a lot while getting shot upon by fire arrows and bolts. Those arrows set one of our shields aflame, i wish we had made more of them to protect our archers... Luckily my men were capable and we could quite repel the attack, but everywhere were signs of dead bulls and...." "Come to your point, please", responded the Mitgardian commander "Well, this mage blew apart Falco 'n his men, I swear. But then we heard news from Tauro, who was dealing with the infantry. Some of the men were wearing King's crest on their armor. It appeared that they were King's guard. So, as one and one is two right, the King was here, and he was our target then, but we didnt know he was here. So we didnt know, you got me?" "We heard word of our tunnelers that the mage should get ready to enter the room. From then, it was only shouting, a flash of light, and then our man came back and said everything was collapsing right there. The king was dead, the mage disappeared, and we saw almost no one get out of the mess. So we went home, as soon as we could, with whatever forces we had left.
  10. See the previous tales: Wyndor's Saga: Chapter 1 -What Has Past- Chapter 2 -What Has Past- Chapter 3 The Green Dragon Inn Bustle at Treacleheim At the Gates of Budd-apest Dragon-Forged Blade in Treacleheim Charlemagne's Residence Dragon Taming Defense of the North The Sultan's Rider Charlemagne was almost regretting not listening to Kyran's threats. Now he was a captive of the council of vampires that had sided with the Black Spire. Another of the vampire lords was showing him their recent war efforts as their built new siege engines. Charlemagne knew he never would have sided with Raavage, the Desert King was the only true ruler. But it sure would have been nice if his captors would have left him in his cell rather than talk his ear off.
  11. My entry for the Colossal Castle Contest 14, in siege warfare category: For the siege of Constantinople, Ottoman Sultan Mehmed II(later remembered as the Conqueror) commissioned a Hungarian siege engineer to cast him a giant bombard, along with smaller other cannons. These cannons were instrumental in bringing down the Byzantine walls. Great Turkish Bombard by the Artizan, on Flickr Great Turkish Bombard by the Artizan, on Flickr Great Turkish Bombard by the Artizan, on Flickr Great Turkish Bombard by the Artizan, on Flickr Great Turkish Bombard by the Artizan, on Flickr
  12. Introduction Since the theme came out last year, I wanted to do a Nexo Knight set review. And here it is! I choose set 70321 General Magmar's Siege Machine of Doom because it was the set that got the longest name, and so I knew I'd like it! More seriously, the minifigs looked great and the Siege Machine of Doom looked quite scary. Let's see if it's really the case! Set information Set Name: General Magmar's Siege Machine of Doom Set Number: 70321 Number of Pieces: 516 Theme: Nexo Knights Year Release: 06/2016 Prices: £39.99 / $49.99 / €49.99 (Euro prices may vary) #70321 on Brickset #70321 on Rebrickable Packaging The front shows the usual 2016 Nexo Knight theme, with the 3 minifigures included (Clay, Flama and General Magmar) and the 3 Nexo Power also included. The back of the box shows the set's play features of the Siege Machine of Doom. There's also a relatively big artwork trying to make us play the free game. Content of the box The box contains 4 numbered bags, two instruction booklets, a loose stickers sheet and six of these big spiked wheels. The stickers look really great, but I feel like they're too much of them... Instructions booklet As it seems to be the norm now with medium sized sets, we got 2 instruction booklets. The smaller one, which will gide us through the first part of the build has 79 pages, while the second has 64 pages. A total of 143 steps awaits us... Instructions are clear and easy to follow. The light blue background makes color distinctions easy. Bill of materials... Lots of promotional pages at the end of both booklet. Minifigures The set contains 3 minifigures: Clay, Flama and General Magmar, the last two being exclusive to this set. Clay got a dual printed face while both Magmar and Flama got back printed heads. I'm really fond of the different prints on Magmar and Flama. They look really menacing! Build With bag #1 we'll start building the Siege Machine... ... and get the complete Hover Horse in Clay's colors. It is built like every other Hover Horses that can be found in other sets. Bag #2 adds to the Siege Machine, with the beginning of the lifting mechanism. With Bag #3 the Siege Machine is almost complete. Ang bag #4 and the loose wheels finish it! A few spare parts... The complete set with the Siege Machine of Doom and Clay on its Hover Horse. The fight seems a bit unfair!... The build is rather interesting. Lots of Lego Technic beams and connectors in there. Lots of stickers too, but they really add to the beauty of the Siege Machine of Doom! Play features The main play feature is the ability of the Siege Machine to raise. In that position, it looks like a big monster with an open mouth. You can note that the three plateforms stay horizontal in both configuration. In lowered position, don't play with the disk shooter, as you could hit Flama in the head! In raised mode, we have acces to a prison cell hidden in the Siege Machine guts. You don't want to be in there when in lowered mode! The sets comes with the usual shooting thingies for a bad guys sided Nexo Knight set: nice printed 2x2 round plates and balls. We also got two Nexo Powers in addition to the one on Clay's shield, and the Book of Destruction! Conclusion Design: 9/10 - The Siege Machine is quite impressive in its design! The mechanism works extremely well! Parts: 8/10 - A very nice selection of parts with lots of colors. Again less stickers and more printed parts would be better. Build: 8/10 - Not very difficult builds, but rather interesting. Playability: 8/10 - A great playset ! Minifigs: 9/10 - While Clay's minifig is quite standard, General Magmar and Flama are absolutely stunning!. Price: 7/10 - With decent ppp of 0,097€ and 3 minifigs, this set's price is correct. Overall: 49/60 (82%) - General Magmar's Siege Machine of Doom is a great set. Not only does it have (2) great minifigures, but it is also very playable and looks nice, with a good selection of parts.
  13. The Maestro

    Avalonian siege tower

    Somewhere among the sprawling marshes of Nocturnus an Avalonian force is helping the resistance lay siege to a black spire city. Catapults hurl rocks at the attackers and arrows fall like rain. Yet the siege weapons roll on, determine to take back what is rightfully theirs. CCC XIV - Siege warfare My last entry to the CCC, my last Goh build and also my last biggish castle build in 2016. A bit rushed and very simple I think it turned out well. The trees are defiantly my favourite part. The siege tower itself is a bit eh but I didn't really have enough pieces to do a better model I think the rock and the crater-thing turned out nicely as well. I've had a blast this year on Goh and i've kind of only got you guys to blame for my increase in skill. I really appreciate the feed back you guys give me, so thanks for an amazing year and merry Christmas and have a happy new year. (Also happy Fifth Goh anniversary ) Hope you enjoy and C&C needed as always.
  14. BrickCurve

    Lion Castle Siege

    Entry into the siege category of the CCC XIII.
  15. LegoFanfromPR

    The Citadel of Der Golad

    In the northern plains beyond the elven cities, lies the human city-stronghold of Der Golad. Ruled by its wise king, the city serves as a human enclave in the north and as protection against the evil schemes and machinations of the Dragon King and his henchmen. The king, blood related to the mighty Emperor, has witnessed the utter destruction of the elven cities by the Dragon King and his monstrous army, who has steamrolled thru all that opposes him, aided by fearless armored uruks, giant trolls, dragons and evil potentate warlocks. Sending word to the Emperor, the people of Der Golad prepare for the great siege that will come as part of the Dragon King's campaign to ensnare the North into his power. But Der Golad's walls are impregnable, they possess the finest archers of the north, and every citizen has taken arms to defend their city and livelihood. A mercenary company, led by Kara the Amazon and Rustius have come forth to fight for the King of Der Golad, albeit for the right price. Time is running short, and allies are in scattered in the wind. IMG_20150417_134601337 by jarosarionieves, on Flickr The City of Der Golad IMG_20150417_134458025 by jarosarionieves, on Flickr Aerial view of the city IMG_20150417_134431615 by jarosarionieves, on Flickr The city's Keep IMG_20150417_134424720 by jarosarionieves, on Flickr Heavy Infantry IMG_20150417_134413092 by jarosarionieves, on Flickr Archers and the Keep's catapult IMG_20150417_134403874 by jarosarionieves, on Flickr The garrison at the wall IMG_20150417_134356420 by jarosarionieves, on Flickr The gate guard IMG_20150417_134349495 by jarosarionieves, on Flickr The finest archers in the North IMG_20150417_134340334 by jarosarionieves, on Flickr The King of Der Golad and his generals meeting Kara, Rustius and the merc company IMG_20150417_134335518 by jarosarionieves, on Flickr The company IMG_20150417_134730805 by jarosarionieves, on Flickr Kara and Rustius IMG_20150417_134734815 by jarosarionieves, on Flickr IMG_20150417_134748016 by jarosarionieves, on Flickr Soldiers of the Company IMG_20150417_134809624 by jarosarionieves, on Flickr More of the Company IMG_20150417_134820764 by jarosarionieves, on Flickr
  16. Northwall had been under siege for nearly two weeks before the Desert King's commanders gave the order for an all-out attack against the fortified city. The vanguard included a brigade of Nocturnian orcs trained in the tactics of siege warfare. Among their equipment and machines was a large battering ram, which was pushed right up to Northwall's front gate. Crossbowmen, protected within a testudo formation, kept the walls clear of Ulandian archers while the ram thundered against the door. After more than an hour the heavy wooden gate split and separated from its housing. Prepared for the breakthrough, the orcs rushed inside to meet the Ulandian defenders face-to-face. Mummy soldiers and other regular troops in the Desert King's command were quick to exploit the situation and followed closely behind. It became apparent the Ulandian 2nd Legion, nicknamed the Salamanders, refused to lose the city. With its walls breached, Northwall was quickly being overrun, yet the Salamanders stood their ground. When the Desert King's troops declared victory the next morning, not a single soldier of the 2nd Legion had been captured - the entire unit had fought to the last man. Despite being vastly outnumbered the Salamanders had inflicted terrible losses against the Desert King's army. Several entire Desert King companies were annihilated in the fighting. When the losses were finally counted, the day was marked as the bloodiest since the war began. A few other angles: Soldiers of the 2nd Legion brace Northwall's gate in an attempt to stop the Desert King's army: Historical annals would later note the heroism displayed by the 2nd Legion that day, and even the Desert King would pay his respects to the legendary unit. So too did those who fought against the Salamanders that day, and they erected a hasty monument to honor the dead from both sides. And the battering ram by itself: -------------------------------------- Hello! This is my entry for Warzone 7. I tried to go with a blend of Avalonian/Kaliphlin architecture here, hope this looks appropriate for the area. I'm sure this minichallenge is going to produce some sweet builds, I know I had fun with it! I should not I had originally built a larger, more proportionate gatehouse but it really threw off the build's composition so I scraped it. I liked that the area above the gate was shorter than the surrounding wall. Just imagine there's a big, ornate gatehouse right were the build stops! Anyways, thanks for looking, feedback always appreciated! If I win, I'd like B7 to be my next Warzone pick.
  17. To secure the Desert King's conquered territories in the west, his troops need a fortified keep at the coast to gain supplies and reinforcement from Avalonia. Lord Osric Isentooth is gathering his and allied Avalonian troops for an attempt to sack the city of Eastgate. The inexhaustable timber of the Wither Woods makes it easy to construct large siege weapons. Eastgate will fall.
  18. LittleJohn

    Desert Castle Siege

    This was my entry to the Castle Siege category of the CCC, over on Classic-Castle: More pictures here: link All comments/criticism welcome
  19. Here is my entry to Category C of Challenge III. Hope you enjoy the builds, especially Slowbelly Keep which was my big project of the year. And I tried some new stuff with it, including SNOT walled buildings with interiors. The events here take place just after my Category A build: link. Several dwarven clans had been given the mission of invading Avalonia from above ground while others advanced through tunnels. So far everything was going as planned for the dwarves. The groups on the surface used tents to set up temporary camps as they journeyed to the border: Thanks to Jonathan, Glorfindel now had a good idea of what the dwarves' plans were, but he still needed more specific information so that he could stop the dwarves before they crossed the border. Therefore he payed a visit to Kenan, the candlemaker in Hradheim, and one of the best sources of information in Mitardia: Hradheim was located just south of Amortug, which made it easy for Kenan or his apprentices to pick up bits of information about the dwarven invasion from dwarves traveling through the town. Kenan was able to supply Glorfindel with the routes several dwarven clans were taking to infiltrate Avalonia, and which clans were most in favor of the attack and which were just going along with the others. Realizing that quick action was called for, Glorfindel dispatched messengers to arrange a meeting involving Elves, Dwarves, and Men at the great hall in Fjollum, a city located almost on top of the Mitgardia/Avalonia border and often used for diplomatic meetings. Then Glorfindel himself led a group of calvary to capture the Anarfell clan leader, one of the staunchest supporters of the invasion: Surrounded and outnumbered, even the stubborn dwarves realized that surrender was the only option. After disarming the group, Glorfindel and his men escorted the dwarves to deserted Slowbelly Keep (rumoured to have been the cage of Slowbelly the dragon in ages past), which would serve as their temporary prison. After securing the prisoners and mounting a fresh horse, Glorfindel rode for Fjollum... See here for continuation of story. A section of the dwarven army had already reached Avalonia and moved into place to besiege Myrr Castle, a strategically placed stronghold vital to the success of the invasion. The dwarven siege engines were in place and they had already made good progress on a tunnel under the castle, when a dwarven messenger mounted on a warg charged in to deliver news. Fortunately the message arrived in time to prevent bloodshed. The catapult and ballista work, watch here: And you can see a video of the build process as well: And that concludes my Challenge III builds. C&C appreciated
  20. Here it is, my second MOC dedicated to my setting, Season of the cherry blossoms. This time, it's a board game for two players, with lots of minifigures and with the possibility to customize the playing map for endless fun. The game manual (be kind to me, it's home made) and building instructions (from LDD, so you know how they look like) can be found on my blog: http://seasonofthech...ego-board-game/ A gallery of photos: If you like it, and would like to support it, you can find it on LEGO Ideas:
  21. Macsen Wledig

    MOC: The Siege of Alesia

    Hi there I have to admit that I made this MOC a few months back but did not post it here at the time because I was not then active on Eurobricks. Now that I am active, I thought I might as well share it with you! It’s the first MOC I made following my emergence from my Dark Ages, which roughly speaking, lasted around 15 years. There are a few things I would do differently now but on the whole I am pleased, especially with the Minifigure shots. Anyway, constructive criticism is always welcome. The MOC depicts the turning point in Julius Caesar’s Siege of the Gaulish city of Alesia in 52 BC. In the spring of that year the Gallic tribes once again rose against Caesar, this time under the leadership of Vercingetorix, a skilled leader. Though the Gauls experienced some success early on, over the summer Caesar succeeded in scattering their army. Recognising his tenuous position Vercingetorix chose to avoid further pitched battles, instead retreating to the Mandubii fort of Alesia, from where he sent cavalry to raise a fresh army. Caesar’s response was to embark on a massive feat of engineering whereby he encircled Alesia with two lines of fortification and encamped between them. Food ran short in the fort and in desperation Vercingetorix forced out those unable to fight – the old, the sick, the women and the children. Though they begged to be taken into slavery, Caesar refused their pleadings and rejected by both friend and foe, they starved to death between the Gallic and Roman lines. In September, the Gallic relieving force, estimated to be a quarter of a million strong, arrived at the Roman lines. Both the relieving force and Vercingetorix army flung themselves at Caesar’s fortifications but were repeatedly driven back. Two of the Roman legions were encamped together beneath a hillside to the north of the fort. Recognising this weakness, 60,000 of the relieving troops were moved round the back of hill under the cover of darkness. The following day they launched an attack from above the camp, while the remainder of the force attacked on the plane and Vercingetorix attacked from within. The Gauls on the hillside poured over the fortifications and the thinly spread legionnaires could do little but hold them at bay, using their pila as spears. Meanwhile Caesar had managed to repulse Vercingetorix and the remaining Gauls and rallying his cavalry charged towards the beleaguered camp. Relieved by their general the Romans launched their pila into the Gallic throng and charged. Caught between the legionaries and the cavalry, the Gauls were slaughtered. Recognising the defeat, Vercingetorix surrendered the following day. Many thanks for viewing. MW
  22. Gideon

    Opening the Gates

    Many Avalonian towns have fallen to the Drow or forces loyal to them. Here, a town held by Drow loyalists is under siege by Kaliphlin troops. The Drow have secured vast supplies of food (including live animals and forage of them) to be able to withstand the siege until reinforcements arrive. The town is however about to be stormed in the middle of the night when a small force sneaks in through the sewers to overwhelm the guards at the gate. (You have to imagine that this is seen in faint moonlight ) Meanwhile, a force of soldiers from Barqa have sneaked up to the wall under the cover of darkness and are nervously waiting if they will remain undiscovered by the guards on the wall until the gate opens... University of Petraea credits claimed: Military Science: Siege Architecture: Half-timbered Tudor style Architecture: Roof rakes Agriculture and Zoology: Raising livestock (I noticed too late that the minifig posing turned out slightly less good on the Kaliphlin version of this last picture, click the picture to see the original version where I think the officer looked better) I made these builds for LoR (one max 8x8 vig and one unrestricted build), but now I've taken some additional pictures without the Loreesi colors and swapped the arms of the officer so that the builds should fit well as freebuilds in the GoH context. (I thought that an explanation was in order if someone is puzzled by not getting to the exact same pictures when clicking the Flickr links as I didn't want do dilute my photostream with too many duplicate pictures of essentially the same build ).
  23. My first entry into The Castle Battle Contest over on flickr! This is a great contest, thanks Mark! Finally, I have the time to post it! Built over a period of several months, this is my largest creation to date. Incorporating lots of my favorite techniques, this was fun to build, and see come together. I am extremely pleased that I had enough light bluish gray bricks to build the gateway and the towers. Aidan Frusher helped with the base, thanks a lot buddy! :D Enjoy! (Story coming later. :D ) Soli Deo Gloria!
  24. Louie le Brickvalier

    The Siege

  25. As the darker powers in the corners of the world grew, the former strength of great kingdoms no longer seemed so unshakeable. Magic found its way back into the world, and the world trembled. I was gone for a while, but I was still following the community when I could. But now I'm back, and hopefully will be able to build some more. This is my entry to the CBC Epic Siege category, and is definitely one of my bigger mocs. Credit for damaged wall technique goes to Legonardo Davidy and Mark of Falworth. Comments welcome!