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Found 27 results

  1. sander1992

    Various Castle Builds

    Hi everyone, To make it easier for me, one topic for all my builds. Just a small overview of my builds of the past few years. To celebrate the anniversary of Knights Kingdom. My own version of the set Ghostly Hideout. And of course Forestmens' Hideout. A small confrontation between two wizards in the forest with the Forestmen watching from a short distance. The return of the Black Monarch to the western border of their lands. A small castle for the Black Crows. This was build to inspire people to build for a contest on the LOWLUG forum. Battle of the old ruins of Lyon's Keep. The Storage of Rayne the Red. This was also build to inspire people to build for a contest on the LOWLUG forum. On the road! The carriage of the Black Knights on the road. Be aware of the Wolfpack! My two new additions to the list. A small cart for the "Bear" Knights of the CMF series. And my own interpretation of the Dragon Wagon. For more pictures please look into my Flickr album. Feedback and questions are welcome.
  2. Hi everyone! I present to you the third module of the Medieval Village. Hidden in the forest among large trees with dark trunks, surrounded by vegetation, in perfect symbiosis with nature... there is an outpost, a stronghold where the Forestmen live! These famous archers, children of the forest, live hidden among their trees. Through ingenious secret passages they can reach the village to be able to fight enemy factions and grab gold to survive. This new module connects to the previous one (#2 medieval bridge and water mill) and represents an important presence in the Medieval Village that is gradually emerging. The module is composed of 4 trees typical of forestmen with black trunks. A large waterfall is the protagonist of the scenario which gives life to the stream already seen in the previous module. Next to the waterfall there is a tree with a special branch... if activated it opens a secret door in the rock that allows the Forestmen to reach their outpost through a tunnel carved into the rock that runs along the back of the waterfall. The Forestmen's stronghold consists of a ground floor with a main room with a fireplace, an armory and a wardrobe that can be opened revealing the secret passage to the tunnel. On the first floor we find a dormitory room and another room where the forestmen eat. Above we find a turret used to spot enemies from afar and where a powerful crossbow makes its presence to shoot arrows far away. With a non-LEGO rubber band the crossbow actually works! A further lever behind the base allows you to move two Forestmen children playing among the reeds. There are also Easter eggs. The base is made up of 5,800 pieces, the outpost alone is made up of around 1800 parts. The three floors of the outpost are separable to better observe the internal details. You can view all the detailed photographs of the moc in this Flickr Gallery: I hope you enjoy my latest work and stay tuned for module #4! Sandro, SDRnet Questions and comments are welcome!
  3. KlaasK

    [Moc] The Robbery

    One night, the falcon princess is startled awake. What is happening? "No movement!" hisses a voice. Through her eyelashes, the princess sees two green shadows. One is in the broken window, the other is prowling through her room. With the broken peg of the window, the treasure chest is broken open. In a large green chest, she sees all her gold disappearing ... Will she? Or is it wiser to stay put anyway?
  4. This build is a large castle/landscape display featuring The Knights of the Black Falcon and The Forest Guard. First and foremost the aim of this build was to showcase what I love about those classic mid-80s Castle sets and specifically my two favourite factions. I have drawn inspiration from the original sets featuring each faction, specifically what I loved about them as a child and aimed to contrast that with what appeals to me as an adult builder. The build features two fortresses side by side, Falkenholt Castle, the fortress of the Knights of the Black Falcon and an underground network of caves and tunnels that comprise the fortress of the Forest Guard. Some of the elements that I am most happy with in this build are the level of detail and texture, the cross-section style cutaway on the edges of the build showing the internal structure of the castle as well as the geological layers of rock, clay and soil and of course the three varieties of trees that make up the forest. More photos here:
  5. According to Promobricks, there will be a new 90 year anniversary set to commemorate Forestmen as well. The small set will most likely be a GWP in June and not linked to purchasing the large 10305 Castle set. The re-released 6054 Forestmen's Hideout from 1988 will be improved for the 2022 version and contain newer elements like the long horn piece in black to form the tree branches, blue roof is made of four 1x8 tiles, lbg masonry bricks are used for the wall, 2 new printed shields with deer motive, a grey spear hanging, a 2x2 round tile with target print, a small, red, unprinted mushroom, a small pine tree, some flowers and red flag are also included as well. The 2 minifigures feature both green legs and torso with red arms and red print around the necks. One male figure has sideburns and wears a green Forestmen hat, the other female has a long, brown ponytail and sword. Set number: 40567 Name: Forest Hideout Piece count: 258 Nr. of minifigures: 2 (Forestman and Forestwoman) Release date: June 15th-22nd 2022 Availability: LEGO Price: Gift with purchase for >150 Euro Image from Chinese LEGO Store Calender. 6054 as comparison.
  6. Hi guys BrickHammer here, as a part of my ongoing journey to build all the things I would have loved to build as a child, I have just created a Forestmen MOC on LEGO Ideas. I tried to capture all the classic elements of the old Forestmen sets while giving the whole thing a brand new look! I hope you like it! I would really appreciate your feedback (and your support)! If you have any question about the MOC, the design choices or the building process, feel free to ask!
  7. I finally got my hands on a cow and decided to use it in a small build. Our little friend Sarophas is going to the market today. As he passes the notice board he happens to meet Heinrich the Huntsman and his fearsome companion, Bruno the Dachshund. Hope you guys like it Check out my other build on Flickr!
  8. Hello! I am a LEGO Castle Classic fan and still I have the old sets I had as a kid. I would like to shared my Black Knight’s Fortress version.
  9. PirateRoberts

    (MOC) Forestmen’s Tower

    I actually built this 2 years ago, it is one of my favorite builds. I wanted to capture the lifestyle of the Forestmen, one of my favorite themes. The basic story is that they stumbled upon and old abandoned tower and made it their home.
  10. sander1992

    Fright Knights

    Hi everyone, I have build a landscape of 1 by 1 meter based on the Fright Knights. The landscape will be shown at Lego World in the Netherlands in October. In the landscape is a ruin on the right back corner, which is based on set 6087. The Castle is based on set 6097 (of course) and I wanted the rocks be similar to those in the catalogs from 1997. In the left part of the rocks is a dragon head that can move forward and back. If it moves forward the mouth will open. It is powered by PF. On the top are a few small houses, which are based on the houses in the Lego Game: Lego Racers. In the front is a forest which is the territory of the Dark Forest. The Royal Knights are attacking the Fright Knights. For more pictures, go to my Flickr album. Feedback and questions are welcome. Sander
  11. Kalais

    [MOC] Tree gate

    Time to update this website with my latest works. I got 6 or 7 more waiting for the photo session. Let's start with the Forestmen and their building in the tree. Read more » Bigger photos and full story here: LEGO Gallery - [MOC] Tree gate WIPs, Behind the scenes and other extras at my: Instagram | Facebook | Flickr
  12. This was a favorite childhood set of mine. I'm glad I grew up when I did. I would call the late 80s/early 90s a golden era for LEGO for sure. Castle and Pirates were my favorite themes, but Castle always pulled ahead. You had the Crusaders, Forestmen, Black Falcons, Black Knights, and Wolfpack. All great themes with fun builds. But maybe I'm biased. I built a remodeled/updated version of Skull's Eye Schooner a few years ago (I still need to photograph it) and I had a lot of fun making an official set "better." I told myself I wanted to do this more. I wanted to have more fun building instead of stressing out about picking up official sets before they retire. So I decided to go for the River Fortress first. When looking online I came across a few others that have already done this and as inspiring as they were, I definitely saw areas I wanted to change, so I decided to MOC one myself. I hope you all enjoy these photos. I know they aren't the best quality. I only had access to my iPhone 7. Any criticism is welcome. I've already tweaked it a little here and there since taking these photos. And next is to build more groundwork sideways to incorporate more of a forest (and maybe a group of crusaders pulling a cart of gold they can rob). Forestman River Fortress Redux 2017 by TheLegoDr, on Flickr From another angle. Closer look at some of the mushrooms. Nothing too special, but it adds a little something extra. Forestman River Fortress Redux 2017 by TheLegoDr, on Flickr The rear of the building. I took a lot of cues from how I would imagine the official set to look. (and yes, the back does open like the original). Forestman River Fortress Redux 2017 by TheLegoDr, on Flickr Straight on Forestman River Fortress Redux 2017 by TheLegoDr, on Flickr Interior shot. It is like they cut off part of the tree to build around it and it just kept on growing. I want to eventually add more of a small armory and some beds. Forestman River Fortress Redux 2017 by TheLegoDr, on Flickr Upper level Forestman River Fortress Redux 2017 by TheLegoDr, on Flickr Close-up of the front smaller tree. I like how the leaves angle a bit. (And just now looking at the picture, the front hinge should actually be angled down more) Forestman River Fortress Redux 2017 by TheLegoDr, on Flickr And the whole gang. Robin Hood, Maid Marian, Little John, and I assume they would have a pet, why not? Forestman River Fortress Redux 2017 by TheLegoDr, on Flickr I hope this was fun enough to get some good reviews. I enjoyed doing it and I hope to do more like this. Maybe Black Knight's Castle next. Thanks! Oops! It appears I did something wrong. I thought I followed the tutorial correctly, but I'll have to check back when I have more time. I hope you can wait for pictures a tad longer. Edit: Hopefully fixed the picture issue.
  13. mrcp6d

    A Bargain of Mead

    Finally the Crusaders had enough of the Forestmen waylaying carriages, high jacking barges, and poaching the king’s deer. The king ordered a wagon loaded with his finest mead and dispatched under white flags to one of the occupied crumbling watchtowers near the edge of the forest as a peace offering in hopes of starting negotiations to end the Forestmen’s harassing activities. This was one of my entries to the CCCXV. For some reason, I never got around to posting it here! Some more pics here. C&C appreciated.
  14. Hi All, After 2 years of non-castle building I've finally had time and inspiration to do a small castle build - Woodsford Hold. For this build I've decided to go classic with the stronghold belonging to a crusader knight's lord, some forestmen passing through (and one up to mischief) and some devious black falcon knights observing from the trees. I've also included some internal lighting so that the stained glass windows show up properly. Feedback welcome. Thanks, More photos in my flickr album
  15. LittleJohn

    CCC XIV: Forestmen Rescue

    My fifth entry to the CCC XIV, for the ‘Pit of Despair’ category. The landscape was largely influenced by Dubbadgrim’s builds. The majority of this build was built in two days, as I wanted to take it to a LUG event. The castle features a working drawbridge, and a full interior in the tower. The doors of the prison carriage can open as well. After some forestmen were captured by crusader knights, their compatriots hatched a clever plan to free them from the dungeon: disguise themselves as crusader knights, bring more ‘captured forestmen’ to the castle, and then break the others free! But will they be successful, and slip through the castle guard un-hindered? Or will their clever plan backfire? Lots more pictures on Brickbuilt Thanks for looking, C&C welcome!
  16. LittleJohn

    Forestmen Camp

    A free-build placed in Avalonia, and also part of InnovaLUG's 'Ye Old Merry Battleground' collab, for Brickfair Virginia. This was a really fun build to make, and I’m quite pleased with how it turned out. I’ll definitely be doing some more Forestmen themed builds in the future. Inspiration for the rockwork goes to Brickvader. The Forestmen's camp is hidden well in one of the many forests in Avalonia, and provides an excellent base of operations for them. They have scouts placed at various locations a little ways from the camp, and a few outside of the forest to keep an eye on the neighboring Lords and Barons of the land. Most recently, they learned of Sir Ruari Leanin leaving for a tax collecting tour, which they took full advantage of... More pictures on Brickbuilt I would like to claim UoP credit for: Geography: Forest Thanks for looking, C&C appreciated
  17. I took my last castle build and made some major changes. I added a drawbridge and put a moat around the castle. I changed the keep, and added a nice looking library/ tower. Added a market village inside the walls as well. And made the dark forest outside the castle with a watch tower. The first picture was an entry for summer joust. The rest of the castle follows, I probably should have put minifigures in the pics, but i always like to take pics without the minis so you can see more detail and not be distracted. Contest Pic Faction Action Skirmish outside Dark Forest Castle Untitled by K R, on Flickr The castle and forest Untitled by K R, on Flickr Untitled by K R, on Flickr Front Untitled by K R, on Flickr Birds eye Untitled by K R, on Flickr The Inside Untitled by K R, on Flickr Had to use prefab walls on the gatehouse cause i was running low on bricks…. :( Untitled by K R, on Flickr The watchtower and forest Untitled by K R, on Flickr Link to Flickr Album Hope you enjoyed!
  18. There once was a tower near a river in the woods of Avalonia, an outpost of soldiers. The outpost is constantly ravaged by nature and bandit raids, so after many years, the commander finally decided that it is not worth the effort or resources and ordered his troops to another location, abandoning the nearly ruined outpost to its fate. Due to its strategic position nearby a busy road, Forestmen wasted no time to take over the abandoned tower. As skilled in stealth and marksmenship as Forestmen are, they aren't expert carpenters or builders, so the tower never reached to its former glory, but after a few repairs and extensions the place became livable enough, as well as allowing its new occupants to flee into the safety of the forest through the bridge if needed. Forestmen's Crossing by Mehmet Egel, on Flickr Forestmen's Crossing by Mehmet Egel, on Flickr Forestmen's Crossing by Mehmet Egel, on Flickr Forestmen's Crossing by Mehmet Egel, on Flickr Forestmen's Crossing by Mehmet Egel, on Flickr Forestmen's Crossing by Mehmet Egel, on Flickr Forestmen's Crossing by Mehmet Egel, on Flickr Forestmen's Crossing by Mehmet Egel, on Flickr Forestmen's Crossing by Mehmet Egel, on Flickr Forestmen's Crossing by Mehmet Egel, on Flickr Forestmen's Crossing by Mehmet Egel, on Flickr Thank you for viewing. C&C welcome
  19. This is my fourth and final MOC revolving around Robin Hood, featuring Will Scarlet and Gamble Gold at an outpost, along with one of Prince John's soldiers. This outpost features a fake rock wall in the back which can be raised up to reveal two crates of treasure and two small barrels of food. These merry men can also raise the ladder to prevent any intruders. As with my other three Robin Hood MOCs, any feedback is much appreciated. If there is enough interest in this and my other Robin Hood MOCs, there is one more set I am considering making. This MOC is also a project on Lego Ideas. Feel free to support it here if you like it: You can also see these and additional pictures in higher res on Flickr at
  20. This MOC features a peddler's wagon with several different features, including compartments for swords, bows and quivers, and Merry Men. Robin Hood and Little John are riding the wagon, and the Sheriff of Nottingham is off to the side ready to check the wagon's contents. There is an additional member of the Merry Men in the tree to the side of the wagon, which includes a catapult and hand and footholds to climb it in the back. Let me know what you think, and if you have any suggestions! This MOC is also a project on Lego Ideas. Please support/share it if you like it: I have a lot more pictures of the MOC on Flickr, with better resolution: [
  21. While we wait to see what Nexo Knights has in store for us, I thought I would share another MOC I just made. One of Robin Hood's Merry Men enters the village ready to give out stolen treasure . . . since his cart looks to be carrying refreshment, he is able to smuggle the treasure in without being stopped by the Sheriff of Nottingham's men! This MOC includes a horse-drawn cart featuring a barrel full of treasure, and two minifigures: One of Robin Hood's Merry Men to steer the cart, and a village blacksmith ready to gather up the treasure (as shown in the last image). This is also a project on Lego Ideas, if you feel inclined to support or share it: You can also see these and additional pictures in better quality through Flickr: Feel free to add any suggestions or questions in the comments if I missed anything.
  22. Southwest Chief

    Lego Men in Tights

    Being a big fan of the Mel Brooks movie, Robin Hood Men in Tights, I thought I'd update some of my old classic Lego Forestmen with new heads to look like the characters from the movie. There are a few new figures as well to round out the mini scene. All your favorites are here, including Ahchoo, Blinkin, Robin Hood, Maid Marian, and the Sheriff of Rottingham. And in the back is Little John, Will Scarlet O'Hara, and two other Merry Men. I'm working on Don Giovanni, Latrine, and Prince John.
  23. A group of forestmen enlist a dwarven engineer to help them rob a keep, owned by the red king. But the 'merry band' eventually discover that nature can be just as formidable as the defences they tried so hard to avoid. Built for the 'merry band' category.
  24. Hi! I would like to present my new MOC - Forestmen´s Outpost. It was inspired by the Forestmen theme, especially the sets 6054 Forestmen´s Hideout and 6066 Camouflaged Outpost. I had also an idea of combining the warg from The Hobbit theme and the Wolfpack faction. I hope you´ll like it.
  25. Hi! This is my first MOC-post. The MOC itself was a 4 set challenge and I have only used parts from set 6077, 6066, 6054, 6273. This is the result after a few evenings of building. The castle is "openable" so that it can also be used as a gate/wall. Overall i'm quite satisfied with my first MOC, it's just the gate tower i'm not that happy about and by the time i was building it I was running out of parts. Anyways, here are some pictures of it! Hope you guys like it! Tell me what you think :)