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  1. [SoNE Ep 17] Traversing the Forest

    Thanks! That was the intention! Thank you! I use to never like having 'natural' borders on MOCs, but I felt it was appropriate for this build, and it was actually kinda fun to build Heh, if you noticed there's also not one full tree standing because I am terrible at building full trees! Thanks for reading, as well! (I don't really comment on my builds unless they get 3 or more,so thanks for the comment on my recent FB as well!) ~Beltar
  2. [SoNE Ep 17] Traversing the Forest

    Movements: We would like to move 4 left to H13, if that is not possible, then as far Left and Down. The fierce battle above Endor was just getting started, as Beltar and the forces of the Consolation had been deployed to the surface of the Forest Moon to reinforce the shield generator in case there were any injured men in the battle. Beltar’s team was deployed north of the Shield Generator, and the team has been traveling checkpoint to checkpoint on their way. These checkpoints are of note, as they were set up by the Empire as possible construction sites many months ago. Due to the discovery of a better location, often these sites would yield left over supplies that could come in handy as Imperials arrive and march through the thick forests of Endor. Beltar’s squad has been nothing but tense the last few hours. They seem to sense that something bad will happen. . TK-1702: Sir, we’ve checked all the crates. Not too much of note here. Grabbed a couple extra blasters and their charge packs. There’s also some general equipment that isn’t essential. But it looks as if someone rummaged through here recently… We should get moving. Colonel Oppenheimer: Hm… Alright Major Diaz. I’ll- Beltar: Colonel! Colonel Oppenheimer: Yes Commander? Beltar: I’ve just received word from the Consolation. The battle is turning messy. We are probably going to be needed ASAP back in the medbay as soon as we are done down here. Colonel Oppenheimer: Well then. We better get moving. We need to make good time… Less rest then.. *sigh* As the Colonel went to address the rest of the men, Beltar and Major Diaz were left do themselves. TK-1702: Betlar- between you and me. I don’t like this. I’ve seen eyes in the trees. We’re being watched. Beltar: I’ve gotten that feeling too. It’s not the rebels though. Perhaps the natives, I’ve heard some strange stories from you and men that where here before. TK-1702: Perhaps… I didn’t get to much contact with them when I was here though. I’ve been told the natives like to get up close since they don’t have effective ranged weapons…I just hope we reach the shield generator before the Rebels. And get out of here even faster. Beltar: Agreed. Colonel Oppenheimer: Let’s get going! We are only 9 Clicks from the Generator according to command. With a little luck we’ll be able to avoid Rebel entanglements and perhaps meet up with other forces. TK-1702: And if we don’t reach the generator in time or get jumped by Rebels or Emperor knows what else? Beltar: The Evac point is to the 7 Clicks west of the Generator. It’s a beach point. TK-1702: Well. Good to know. I got a bad feeling about this. Colonel Oppenheimer: Cut the chatter- let’s get moving. I don’t like this either but we need to go. ==== More Pics: ==== Well that wraps it up for this episode build! This was a fun build, lots of terrain for me to mess around with. And a LOT of foliage. (Nearly every loose foliage part that I have went to this!) Inching towards when the Death Star II blows… It’s going to be a fun storytelling moment. (Like in the new Battlefront II) My excitement toward SoNE 2.0 is also growing! I think it’ll be great to show our characters in the aftermath of Endor and what happens afterwards. Oh yeah- Beltar has a new head. Finally! Less generic-ness! Also, comments and criticism welcome! ~Beltar
  3. [SoNE Ep 17.2] Surface Skirmish

    While the ground forces of both the Empire and Rebellion compete to reach the shield generator in a last ditch effort to salvage the station after losing contact with the forces already deployed. Above the planet is another story, with the Rebellion moving closer to the Imperial Fleet for ship-to-ship combat to attempt to avoid the Death Star’s superlaser, most forces have been diverted to that location. However, several Rebel squadrons have broken off from the main battle and have been targeting construction zones on the far side of the Death Star, where the Consolation is resting for the aftermath of the assault while being guarded by Star Destroyers Bludgeon and Massacre, the escorts. Alyin’s squadron, fresh off the Consolation have just started their counterattack on the Rebels that have been taking advantage of construction areas weak, unactuated defenses. The Three freshly deployed TIEs catch on the comms: Imperial Overseer: If anyone’s listening: South construction Ridge 19 is under attack! Rebellion bombers and fighters are- *proton torpedo explosions* Alyin: Ridge 19, do you copy, over? We are en-route to provide air support. Imperial Officer: We read you Valkyrie One, the Rebellion Y-Wing Bombers just took out half of our construction forces, and the crane appears to be undamaged though. Wait- they’re coming for us next! Alyin: Not to worry sir, we have just arrived on scene. We’ll take care of this, get the construction crews off the surface now! Imperial Officer: Alarms are raised, but the crews in the walkers won’t be able to get out soon- Karabast, more light fighters in-bound! X-Wings! Alyin: Just- do your best to evac everyone. And we’ll do our best up here. 2 and 3, form up, let’s take care of these rebel scum. After this skirmish, Alyin’s squadron moved onward to the main battle, where chaos was erupting. ==== More Pics: ==== First off, before I forget: Please judge this freebuild! As I am slowly waiting for this episode to unfold, I almost forgot what else was happening during the Battle of Endor, the space portion! I think I may try to do a build attempting to showcase the chaos of what is happening in the main battlefield, but that would be a lot of posing fighters and such... And after the Skyhook... That was a huge pain… So maybe I will, maybe I won’t. Or maybe try to capture a sliver, like when the Executor goes down. After all I have some plans for some builds after someone reaches the shield generator… I have also learned now the upper limits of my rendering. At first there was probably like 20 more baseplates surrounding this build for more surface, which brought the parts count to like 60,000 ish parts, and well, my computer crashed a lot and didn’t render it at all. And so I deleted a lot of that surface and brought it to around 29,000 parts. I can’t wait to see how this episode will end, and what SoNE 2.0 will bring as well! Anyways, C & C welcome! ~Beltar
  4. [Freebuild: Coruscant] Part XV-I – Hit And Run

    Love where this story seems to be heading! I like the use of the gif too hehe.
  5. [SoNE Ep XVII][Freebuild 1] Heroes and Villains

    I really like how you keep the camera low, giving the shots at "eye level" for the minifigs, the presentation of it is just awesome. Can't wait to see what happens next!
  6. [SoNE Ep 17.1] Light Cruiser Consolation

    Classification: Medicinal-Class Light Cruiser Manufacturer: Kuat Drive Yards ============================================================================== Constructed in the last two years, Consolation was constructed as a result of to Rebel forces dealing heavy blows to the Empire's finest after the victory on Hoth. Many top Imperial scientists contributed to the technology equipped on board. Due to being one of the Empire’s more pacifistic cruisers, it has stronger defensive capabilities, being equipped with stronger shields and only few turbo-lasers. However, the cruiser is also equipped with a hanger full of Medical TIE Transports and TIEs for escort. With recent orders, it was sent to the far side of the moon of Endor with the rest of the fleet. During the battle that will ensue, it will remain in the rear of the fleet to provide any medical care that will be necessary following the battle, and to deploy it’s fighters to the battlefield. ============================================================================== After the battle over Coruscant in the Skyhook and in the sewers, Beltar’s commanding officer was shot, and decided to transfer to a desk job after recovery. During the battle, two members of the squad were shot and killed by Black Sun mercenaries. The result most of Beltar’s squad being killed or transferred, Beltar fell under non-essential units to be deployed on a Star Destroyer, and thus was transferred to the Consolation as a medical staff member to be deployed on the ground as reinforcements. Valkyrie Squadron, headed by Alyin, was assigned to the Consolation temporarily, and will take part in the assault on the Rebel’s cruisers after the trap springs. ============================================================================== Imperial Control: Valkyrie squad you are cleared for boarding. Alyin: Roger that command. Drop off your last patient transport and let’s get going. Imperial Control: Preparations for Endor are already under way. Imperial Command: Fighters locked down- Entering hyperspace shortly. ============================================================================== Well, so I missed an episode sadly, but at least the Empire carried out a victory! Anyways, I’ve been insanely busy recently, stressed, etc. etc. So I didn’t really have time to build, and I will admit I went through a mini Lego withdraw over the last couple months and barely touched them. Seeing a new SoNE episode as well as the release of SWBFII got me back into it I guess! So this Light Cruiser, I made because the last episode was focused on ships, and I guess this would have been a possible entry I would have made. I also needed to somehow justify how Beltar will start in this episode, so that’s another reason. Also yes, the hangar actually is in the bottom of the cruiser, it's just I couldn't get it to render it with light even when I took it out, so I had to remove some walls to make light enter. Comments and criticism welcome! ~Beltar Oh, almost forgot: please judge this freebuild!
  7. EB Xmas Raffle 2017 - Your ideal Christmas tree entry thread

    From wilderness to home- (I did get to cut my own christmas tree this year, that was fun!) Ah, Christmas season again!
  8. Episode XVII: The Battle For Endor

    Awesome! Well, I missed out on the last episode, so time to start building a lot of freebuilds to make up for the story as well... This will be fun!
  9. Lucky LEGO finds

    There was a Jyn for $5 at my Walmart, but I didn't pick it up, anyways, I have two quite amazing deals that I got recently. 8547 for $5, I asked this guy at a flea market, and I was so surprised I had to ask again haha. It was complete, save a few technic pins. Now the second, 29 pieces of monorail, (though some are in really bad shape.. also only one straight) for under $100. ~Beltar
  10. Thrawn Contest Voting Thread

    I'd like to vote for #7 and #9. Good luck to all
  11. May 2017: Star Wars Thrawn Contest

    Here's my almost last minute entry: I kinda think I should've started sooner... Ah well. Good luck to all who enter! ~Beltar
  12. [Thrawn] Insurrection on Sullust

    (Think I am done editing it.) On the edge of the Mid-Rim, one of the Empire’s top refineries and manufacturing planets have been experiencing trouble from Rebel Insurgents. With Imperial High Command growing tired of the insurrection and have dispatched Grand Admiral Thrawn to deal with the troublemakers. Grand Admiral Thrawn has received the file to a Sullustan coordinating the attacks, Deb Niumn. Thrawn had also requested that any major pieces of Artwork from his home should be transported to his command ship immediately. Having believed he has found the answer, he has called the commanders of the garrison stationed on Sullust together. Imperial Commander: Excuse me, Grand Admiral? What is this. Thrawn: Ah, Commander, this is a sculpture of a sector on Sullust. It was ripped out of Niumn’s wall. Most of his other belongings speak of his life and job, however this speaks of motivation. Because it resembles a geographical area, I presume where his original homestead use to be, as the wall this was taken from was actually placed into his recent home. And according to scans of the planet, this is where one of our newer refinery facilities is located. Imperial Commander: Very well then, I won’t question where you get your ideas from, but where does this leave us? I’ve heard rumors of a major attack coming soon. Deb’s attacks have started on the outskirts of our facilities with smaller strikes, but he has been making his way closer to the major locations, and he has been stepping up his attacks. Thrawn: Yes, I am well aware of this. I know his method of choice is- gas yes? As he was an explosive miner who preferred Tibanna.. Imperial Officer: Yes Grand Admiral, he utilizes Tibanna mainly. Thrawn: Ah yes, Tibanna. Highly unstable. Even for a Sullustan to breath... His previous attacks have a certain, ‘style’. He distributes the Tibanna before igniting it near the exit. Now here is what you will do and why if you want to stop him. Imperial Commander: I’m listening Admiral. Thrawn: Based on previous attacks, he will take a small team with him. I would like the majority of your troops to be unaware of the impending attack. It would give us an advantage, less possibilities of Niumn hearing of this plan. Please dispatch your top Unit to the central Dispersion Channel along the facilities core pipeline. Make sure that that Channel is turned off, obviously. I believe that Deb will be using the maintenance platform near the south east to gain entrance to Ventilation Center, as it is located very close to that location and would be the most efficient way to distribute the Tibanna. Now, once we are fully aware that they are indeed within range of the Ventilation Center, lock down the entire lower deck, including the air shafts, which would stop them from even attempting to continuing their operation. Then send your squad in. Prisoners or not, is up to you. Imperial Commander: Very well Grand Admiral, I will execute your plan to the best of my ability. However I must ask, how do you know this will be his strategy? Thrawn: Commander, it’s quite logical. The map that we see here, as I mentioned before, is where our new facilities are. This spot in white is actually marking a natural cave system, after reading some of Niumn’s notes, he had spent much of his childhood near those caves. And when we moved into the system, our new facility utilized those caves rather than mining new areas, meaning the entrance that he will use, he has been there before. Imperial Commander: Very well. I will inform my choice Unit. === Later === Now it is believed that the Sullustan's attack is coming, Thrawn and the Imperial Forces spring the trap. Due to the nature of keeping as many troops out of the loop as possible, there was a small troop crowd gathering near the Maintenance Platform after hearing the heavy Tibanna canisters being lugged around below them. Niumn: (Translated) Hurry my friends, we must move quickly. I worry the Imperials will hear. It is only a few more corridors down this way. Sullustan: (Translated) Make sure your masks are on too, friends. Let's go. Thrawn (Via Comm): You may now spring the trap commander. Imperial Commander: I see. Trigger the full lockdown on the lower levels. Now, Unit 1702, move in. *Alarm* *Alarm* Niumn: (Translated) What? Impossible! There was no way that they knew were were coming this way! Sullustan: (Translated) No! We must- the door and even the other vents are sealed! *Over Intercom* Imperial Officer: You are under arrest by the Empire. Attempt no resistance. You're attacks are at an end. Minutes Later: Thrawn: There you have it commander. Now I must return to the front on Lothal, there is quite a more troublesome group of rebels to be dealt with over there. Imperial Commander: Thank you Grand Admiral. Good luck out there. --====--====-- Report: Mission Completed. Thanks to Grand Admiral Thrawn, the rebel insurgents were dealt with quickly before the new Refinery could be destroyed. ^ woo! Thanks Lucas. Actually spoilers not working for me had been since EB updated months ago. The reason I guess it didn't work was because I always type up my major posts (like this one) in advance on Word before posting. Before the update I could just type {spoiler} {/spoiler} with brackets of course, on Word. apparently now I can't do that, but at least it works now! And that concludes this build, I probably wrote way too much compared to my photos, but oh well, hopefully I captured Thrawn well, I think I did. Maybe we will be able to get to 10 entries on this contest? I don’t think I’ll win, but might as well help out since this is a quick whip up, oh right, let me attach the file to this build. I believe all the parts are available in the colors (Well the prints, technically they are available if you remove the prints… but hopefully that isn’t enough to disqualify it, if it is, please tell me!) Also the program says there’s a few parts that don’t exist, most of them are minifig parts since has way less minifig parts compared to LDD (Since I imported it) also there may be some parts that have that triangle next to them, but I tried to replace most of them. All of them seem to be plausible, the problem was that some of the parts were have the proper equivalents, just when I imported it says that they don’t exist, but they did in LDD so yeah. ~Beltar I will attach it below soon: It was too big to directly attack, so it's on mediafire, hopefully it works. Also it's a .io because I've decided to try to use as often as I can as I prefer it over LDD a bit.
  13. Episode XV: Operation Eclipse

    Wow, I really didn't expect to score that high, let alone be the top. (Never happened, so this is a first!) And we won! Thank you so much for hosting this episode! It was awesome to build for the Skyhook. Congrats to Cody Startale too for top score on the Rebels side of things! I think it's about time to switch out my SoNE tag too, may I please have the new one? I'd like to also say more collabs in the future would be wonderful, I actually planned on building for BotBS, however considering how the last RPG I tried to join ended... (Kinda gave up halfway through... I do plan to have a more mini story for AG 2 to wrap up Beltar's story.) I decided against it. Also thanks to those who participated for the Black Sun! Can't wait for the next episode ~Beltar (Also out of curiosity, is the Officer in that post Beltar, Vaderfan, or some other completely different officer? Perhaps the face I use is a little too generic)
  14. May 2017: Star Wars Thrawn Contest

    So here's a quick question on the rules (quite late into the contest but might as well) Since it says "digital builds" would that include 3rd party software too? Not ldd. I've been experimenting with from bricklink and I have to say I find the interface a lot friendlier to me. It also has a built in renderer which would make my life so much easier for presentation. Honestly, it is far more limiting with the minifig aspect, but technically all the parts would exist if you removed the print... If you want to stick too LDD for this, I can still do that. Just wondering though. ~Beltar
  15. [SoNE Ep. XV] Xizor's Palace - Entry Door 0429

    Great job with this build! The walls have some great details! That extra room you didn't really show till the spoiler, love the look of it. Also nice addition with the door gear system