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  1. Lucky LEGO finds

    There was a Jyn for $5 at my Walmart, but I didn't pick it up, anyways, I have two quite amazing deals that I got recently. 8547 for $5, I asked this guy at a flea market, and I was so surprised I had to ask again haha. It was complete, save a few technic pins. Now the second, 29 pieces of monorail, (though some are in really bad shape.. also only one straight) for under $100. ~Beltar
  2. Thrawn Contest Voting Thread

    I'd like to vote for #7 and #9. Good luck to all
  3. May 2017: Star Wars Thrawn Contest

    Here's my almost last minute entry: I kinda think I should've started sooner... Ah well. Good luck to all who enter! ~Beltar
  4. [Thrawn] Insurrection on Sullust

    (Think I am done editing it.) On the edge of the Mid-Rim, one of the Empire’s top refineries and manufacturing planets have been experiencing trouble from Rebel Insurgents. With Imperial High Command growing tired of the insurrection and have dispatched Grand Admiral Thrawn to deal with the troublemakers. Grand Admiral Thrawn has received the file to a Sullustan coordinating the attacks, Deb Niumn. Thrawn had also requested that any major pieces of Artwork from his home should be transported to his command ship immediately. Having believed he has found the answer, he has called the commanders of the garrison stationed on Sullust together. Imperial Commander: Excuse me, Grand Admiral? What is this. Thrawn: Ah, Commander, this is a sculpture of a sector on Sullust. It was ripped out of Niumn’s wall. Most of his other belongings speak of his life and job, however this speaks of motivation. Because it resembles a geographical area, I presume where his original homestead use to be, as the wall this was taken from was actually placed into his recent home. And according to scans of the planet, this is where one of our newer refinery facilities is located. Imperial Commander: Very well then, I won’t question where you get your ideas from, but where does this leave us? I’ve heard rumors of a major attack coming soon. Deb’s attacks have started on the outskirts of our facilities with smaller strikes, but he has been making his way closer to the major locations, and he has been stepping up his attacks. Thrawn: Yes, I am well aware of this. I know his method of choice is- gas yes? As he was an explosive miner who preferred Tibanna.. Imperial Officer: Yes Grand Admiral, he utilizes Tibanna mainly. Thrawn: Ah yes, Tibanna. Highly unstable. Even for a Sullustan to breath... His previous attacks have a certain, ‘style’. He distributes the Tibanna before igniting it near the exit. Now here is what you will do and why if you want to stop him. Imperial Commander: I’m listening Admiral. Thrawn: Based on previous attacks, he will take a small team with him. I would like the majority of your troops to be unaware of the impending attack. It would give us an advantage, less possibilities of Niumn hearing of this plan. Please dispatch your top Unit to the central Dispersion Channel along the facilities core pipeline. Make sure that that Channel is turned off, obviously. I believe that Deb will be using the maintenance platform near the south east to gain entrance to Ventilation Center, as it is located very close to that location and would be the most efficient way to distribute the Tibanna. Now, once we are fully aware that they are indeed within range of the Ventilation Center, lock down the entire lower deck, including the air shafts, which would stop them from even attempting to continuing their operation. Then send your squad in. Prisoners or not, is up to you. Imperial Commander: Very well Grand Admiral, I will execute your plan to the best of my ability. However I must ask, how do you know this will be his strategy? Thrawn: Commander, it’s quite logical. The map that we see here, as I mentioned before, is where our new facilities are. This spot in white is actually marking a natural cave system, after reading some of Niumn’s notes, he had spent much of his childhood near those caves. And when we moved into the system, our new facility utilized those caves rather than mining new areas, meaning the entrance that he will use, he has been there before. Imperial Commander: Very well. I will inform my choice Unit. === Later === Now it is believed that the Sullustan's attack is coming, Thrawn and the Imperial Forces spring the trap. Due to the nature of keeping as many troops out of the loop as possible, there was a small troop crowd gathering near the Maintenance Platform after hearing the heavy Tibanna canisters being lugged around below them. Niumn: (Translated) Hurry my friends, we must move quickly. I worry the Imperials will hear. It is only a few more corridors down this way. Sullustan: (Translated) Make sure your masks are on too, friends. Let's go. Thrawn (Via Comm): You may now spring the trap commander. Imperial Commander: I see. Trigger the full lockdown on the lower levels. Now, Unit 1702, move in. *Alarm* *Alarm* Niumn: (Translated) What? Impossible! There was no way that they knew were were coming this way! Sullustan: (Translated) No! We must- the door and even the other vents are sealed! *Over Intercom* Imperial Officer: You are under arrest by the Empire. Attempt no resistance. You're attacks are at an end. Minutes Later: Thrawn: There you have it commander. Now I must return to the front on Lothal, there is quite a more troublesome group of rebels to be dealt with over there. Imperial Commander: Thank you Grand Admiral. Good luck out there. --====--====-- Report: Mission Completed. Thanks to Grand Admiral Thrawn, the rebel insurgents were dealt with quickly before the new Refinery could be destroyed. ^ woo! Thanks Lucas. Actually spoilers not working for me had been since EB updated months ago. The reason I guess it didn't work was because I always type up my major posts (like this one) in advance on Word before posting. Before the update I could just type {spoiler} {/spoiler} with brackets of course, on Word. apparently now I can't do that, but at least it works now! And that concludes this build, I probably wrote way too much compared to my photos, but oh well, hopefully I captured Thrawn well, I think I did. Maybe we will be able to get to 10 entries on this contest? I don’t think I’ll win, but might as well help out since this is a quick whip up, oh right, let me attach the file to this build. I believe all the parts are available in the colors (Well the prints, technically they are available if you remove the prints… but hopefully that isn’t enough to disqualify it, if it is, please tell me!) Also the program says there’s a few parts that don’t exist, most of them are minifig parts since has way less minifig parts compared to LDD (Since I imported it) also there may be some parts that have that triangle next to them, but I tried to replace most of them. All of them seem to be plausible, the problem was that some of the parts were have the proper equivalents, just when I imported it says that they don’t exist, but they did in LDD so yeah. ~Beltar I will attach it below soon: It was too big to directly attack, so it's on mediafire, hopefully it works. Also it's a .io because I've decided to try to use as often as I can as I prefer it over LDD a bit.
  5. Episode XV: Operation Eclipse

    Wow, I really didn't expect to score that high, let alone be the top. (Never happened, so this is a first!) And we won! Thank you so much for hosting this episode! It was awesome to build for the Skyhook. Congrats to Cody Startale too for top score on the Rebels side of things! I think it's about time to switch out my SoNE tag too, may I please have the new one? I'd like to also say more collabs in the future would be wonderful, I actually planned on building for BotBS, however considering how the last RPG I tried to join ended... (Kinda gave up halfway through... I do plan to have a more mini story for AG 2 to wrap up Beltar's story.) I decided against it. Also thanks to those who participated for the Black Sun! Can't wait for the next episode ~Beltar (Also out of curiosity, is the Officer in that post Beltar, Vaderfan, or some other completely different officer? Perhaps the face I use is a little too generic)
  6. May 2017: Star Wars Thrawn Contest

    So here's a quick question on the rules (quite late into the contest but might as well) Since it says "digital builds" would that include 3rd party software too? Not ldd. I've been experimenting with from bricklink and I have to say I find the interface a lot friendlier to me. It also has a built in renderer which would make my life so much easier for presentation. Honestly, it is far more limiting with the minifig aspect, but technically all the parts would exist if you removed the print... If you want to stick too LDD for this, I can still do that. Just wondering though. ~Beltar
  7. [SoNE Ep. XV] Xizor's Palace - Entry Door 0429

    Great job with this build! The walls have some great details! That extra room you didn't really show till the spoiler, love the look of it. Also nice addition with the door gear system
  8. [SoNE Ep. XV] Skyhook - Fire in the Sky

    Thank you! Thanks! Also, performance like? More like PC Performance-Breaking. Every time I loaded this build and built more and more on it, I was worried I would lose the progress from that chunk of building because it felt like my PC was going to crash will all the lag. Thanks!
  9. [SoNE Ep. XV] Skyhook – Top of the Class

    That video was great, as the others said, it really set up your build! I love the use of microscale and minifigscale, you did a great job editing them together! Pretty seamlessly too. (Doesn't that EVA helmet have a hole under the visor? Vacuum of space isn't really healthy even in small amounts. )
  10. [SoNE Ep. XV] Xizor's Palace - Cooperation

    Nice NPU on the walls! Love the story too. Great overall! Also- Gooood... Goood.. You've joined the fleshies side.
  11. [SoNE Ep. XV] Skyhook: Battle in the Skies of Coruscant

    Lovely version of the Coruscant gunship! I really love it's design, and what you did with it. The A-Wings are a great addition. And the Star-Viper, wow! It looks awesome!
  12. [SoNE Ep. XV] Skyhook - Ship for Hire

    Wonderful build, as always. The greebles are amazing! You definitely brought that micro-scale ship to minifig scale in style.
  13. [SoNE Ep XV] - Sewers - In through the out flow

    Awesome build! The lighting really gives it a nice feel, you also got some great action shots! And the build itself- it's phenomenal.
  14. [SoNE Ep. XV] Skyhook - Fire in the Sky

    The story so far: First Day Aboard the Avenger At The Table-Before The Storm Rescue Mission Reassigned Eliminating The Competition Target Practice “Here we go again…” Evac Escape A Quick Transaction "Black Sunshine" Repel and Retreat Flatline Reflection A Promotional Meeting The New Squad Farmland Triangulation The Rat Traitor In The Sunshine Previously: "Home" in the Minds View (Dear Goodness, when will spoilers be fixed? At least for me! AH! I had to take this stuff out of a spoiler: About 1 Hour Ago: “This is Alliance Task Force Delta, led by Light Frigate Skyfire. We are reroute to Coruscant.” About 15 Minutes Ago: DC: Good luck out there. I heard the orders, not going to be easy. Shouldn’t bother you though. We on the other hand, have to go through the sewers…. Alyin: It’s not the mission, sir. It’s the fact that we are working with the Rebel scum. DC: I know. However- Beltar: Comlink just buzzed, we got to go to the dropship. DC: Alright, let’s go. Good luck Al. Alyin: Won’t need it. Alright boys, suit up and follow me. (That was supposed to be a ‘freebuild’ it was really bad so it wasn’t. Also it’s just a setup. So read on) NOW: In the last hour, the small Rebel Extraction Force has been taking a beating. The Black Sun’s Viper’s seem to have the upper hand, and hope seems to be lost. Even the Imperial’s first responders off of Couruscant are overwhelmed by the Black Sun’s pilots. In this desperate hour, Imperials and Rebels alike, find themselves facing a common foe. The battle may soon be over if no reinforcements are sent. TIE Commander: I-I can’t hold it- Ahhhhdgasg! Red 13: I got y- *boom* Green Leader: This is Green Leader to the Outrider. How much longer do we need to buy for Skywalker and the rest of the ground forces? Dash: I don’t know, just hold on a bit longer Commander. Wait- Skyfire, what’s happening over there? Lieutenant: The majority of the crew of the Skyfire are being evacuated. We’ve sustained too much engine damage to stay in the sky much longer. The command crew is all that’s left. I don’t know how long those pods will survive out there. Dash: We’re gonna have to wait for the signal from Skywalker then- wait. Something just came out of hyperspace- what’s that? *General Brickdoctor: This is General Brickdoctor. Reinforcements have arrived.* Alyin: All Units, form up. Stay together till we reach the Skyhook. Valkyrie Two and Three, one me. Cover me while I deploy our troops on it’s hull. Valkyrie 2: Gotcha boss. Alyin: Almost there. Dang, those fighters really can maneuver. Valkyrie 3: Nothing we can’t handle. Right sir? Alyin: Right, deploying ramp… Trooper: We are down! Move it troopers! You’re all clear Valkyrie Leader! Alyin: Already on my way out. Good luck boys. Valkyrie 2: I’m getting locked on to! Alyin: Hold it together! Valkyrie 2: I-I-think I’m alri- Alyin: Eject! Valkyrie 3: Too late! MOVE! In an instant, Valkyrie Two was a burning pile of metal, and now the Star Vipers were closing in. Alyin: They’re on our tail now, we need to- Valkyrie 3: Not for long. We will overwhelm them momentarily. Lieutenant: This is *kzsk* Lieutenant Almus of the Rebel frigate Skyfire. If you hear this, *ksk* would you do us a favor and pick our pods up? They won’t last much longer out here. We’ve already lost two. Alyin: This is Valkyrie Leader, I’ll send for a ship. Can’t promise when, or what will happen to the crew… Lieutenant: Thank you, *kzk.* anything is better than having those men sit in a pod in the midst of this chaos. Green Leader: Green Squadron needs fighter assistance! Gah-! Red Leader: A little too much on my hands. Sorry! Rogue 8: On my way—Ahfhsdg! *boom* Alyin: We’ve got your back commander, you lost one though. Green Leader: Thank you. Never thought I’d see this day. Imperials and Rebels fighting together. Valkyrie 3: We’re full of surprises. Green Leader: Thanks to the Imperial Fleet, this day might just turn around. Alyin: It’s not over yet commander, still a lot more Black Sun goons to get! The new combined forces of Imperial Reinforcements and what was left of the Rebels and First Responders, seemed to be turning the day around, though, for every Black Sun shot down, they seemed to take two of them with them. ===---End---=== Note: Interestingly enough, after rendering all of these, Valkyrie 3 actually has an error. On the TIE's wing. If you care to notice, it isn't even connected to the hull. I think that perhaps I originally meant to blow that one up or something, but too late. Also I noticed a load more typing errors above in the actual entry, but since the time has passed, I will refrain from editing it. Am I the only one with s poiler problems?? Everytime I put it above something, it puts all the text below it in it... Anyways, thank you for reading, hopefully you enjoyed this! I personally am really proud of the Skyhook and the Rebel Frigate. However, the TIE’s really bug me. Obviously when making a giant fleet there’s a lot of copying and pasting… However, some of it kind of gave the TIEs some weird angles, so it looks like they are flying the wrong way. Ah well, I am not going to use the rotation tool on each and every TIE. Especially when this build is 11k Parts. (my program crashed quite a few times rendering it and building it) also yeah, digital. Most of my parts are packed away so I couldn't build anything. (No anything I could've built physically could have been like this.) There’s a non digital part at the beginning because I managed to get a few parts out of storage though . Also I didn’t post it as a freebuild because it’s tiny, and like 3 lines of dialogue so it would be a waste. There was so much more I wanted to do with this build. Like finish building the ENTIRE Skyhook. At first I planned on doing just the level with those- spikes? – And then it built up. Then it built down. Then I realized it was way too many parts. So I glossed over it. Perhaps I will return to it later. I also thought of adding debris, then i realized how difficult it would be. (Something like a debris field in the new battlefront game on the Rogue One map.) Also I might add, I was inspired from various people on those micro scale ships. So there was definitely some people I borrowed the designs from, I changed it up a little bit though. Also thank you for this Episode, I totally didn't use it as an excuse to dig up the N64 in my closet then buy the game for erm... 'reference'. This was quite a fun build. Oh yes, almost forgot. Where is Beltar in this build?!?!?! He wasn’t in the majority of this!?!?! Well, I had no idea I breached 100 XP till the beginning of this Episode. So… I was thinking who could my second character be? A pilot! Awhile back I actually really wanted to do a space focused build, like this. But I never did cause Beltar wasn’t a pilot, and I used physical bricks. Well, now I can. I guess- Valkyrie Leader/Alyin can be erm… [insert something witty using numbers and letters out of my name] So looks like in the future I will be doing more digital builds as well. This is also like the 2nd time where I edited photos for a build. Anyways, Comments and Criticism welcome! ~Beltar (SERIOUSLY!) I have to put a spoiler at the bottom because of this!) Although this was a big waste of my computer’s resources, somehow I ended up with spare renders. *sigh* Note: Reason for edit after episode: Grammar thing, and forgot to add something down in this extra text area. 2 times... (and a bit of other stuff in this bottom paragraph.) Extra Pics:
  15. The story so far: First Day Aboard the Avenger At The Table-Before The Storm Rescue Mission Reassigned Eliminating The Competition Target Practice “Here we go again…” Evac Escape A Quick Transaction "Black Sunshine" Repel and Retreat Flatline Reflection A Promotional Meeting The New Squad Farmland Triangulation The Rat Previously: Traitor In The Sunshine (Going to try something a little different with this story, still ‘a lot’ of pictures, but going to make it a bit text heavy, tell me if this works or not…) Brentaal IV. During the Clone Wars, it was a planet full of Bright Stars beginning to make their way through the universe to aid the Republic, but that war was over. Then The Empire came. Those stars were recruited for a greater cause. Though, evidence of the Clone Wars exists all over Brentaal IV, Clone Helmets can be found, along with Battle Droid parts and other blasters out of use. Besides from that, since the Empire has focused its eyes elsewhere. On Brentaal, it is quite possible to see Stormtroopers wearing different variations of armor, recycled ones through the years as Brentaal didn’t need protection being so close the core, and the newer armor was better suited for more combat seeing troops. As a child Beltar may have lived on Coruscant for his young years, and now in a way, but for a time being during his adolescent years he lived on a planet now of little concern to many. Beltar was given a leave of RnR as his commander had informed him that they would have an upcoming mission in the outer rim, or at least he believed that’s what he was told. Perhaps it was a battle. Or perhaps another excuse of this leave was to get Beltar’s mind off the fact that he was back into the “new” future’s program for a week. Of course, he was supposed to have free time but apparently he was really there to learn about surgeries in the middle of combat, along with preserving someone’s life in a tense situation. But currently, Beltar is returning to his home. Or at least what was left of it. When the Imperial-ification of Brentaal IV happened, not much changed for the upper class of the populous, however, in many cities, land was stole- ahem, seized from landowners and turned into Imperial facilities for various purposes. Beltar’s was retrofitted into a storage facility, currently abandoned at that. Though, he appreciated in an odd way that the Empire would choose his home, out of hundreds. Here he is scheduled to meet an old friend from another time, Kirk. Everywhere Beltar looked he saw one of three things. 1.) Imperial Officers. Everywhere. 2.) Extremely poor non Imperials. 3.) Relics from the past during the Clone Wars. Beltar approached the building where his old house had once stood, remembering his time as a child, playing in the wonderful front yard with his friend, which seemed like a millennium ago, now reduced to a pavement. He approached the door, reminding himself that the door password was might not actually work, as this was an abandoned building, and Kirk wasn’t necessarily reliable all the time. Beltar: This code better work for the door…. But it worked and it opened. He walked inside past all of the crates and the shelfs to the stairs to the roof, where Ol’ Kirk was waiting. Kirk was waiting for him by the balcony, if you could call it that, smiling, in his probably decade or older uniform, who knows, perhaps it was even more ancient that Kirk himself, it certainly looked that way. Kirk: Good to see you kid, been awhile. Beltar: Yeah, good to see you too. Kirk: Com’ere got some stuff to talk to you about. Kirk: Anyways, when I heard you were coming back for a week or two of studies here-oh wait, “Vacation”. I thought it would be nice to catch up. Beltar: Well, it always is nice catching up with an old friend. BLX-5: Excuse me sir, your beverages have arrived. Beltar was quite surprised to hear the droids voice, as he seemed to walk up to them so quietly. The droid appeared to be carrying some fine Bakuran blend orange texture colored tea, and the droid handed it over quickly, then stood aside. Kirk, seeing Beltar’s surprised face, began explaining to him. Kirk: This droids designation is BLX-5, or Billix, because he seems to have a problem with certain tasks that ‘bore him’. We got him when there was a Baobab Merchant Fleet ship that was didn’t have the proper credentials, according to this one trooper who seemed to just want a pretty gold medallion in it. Apparently he said that medallion (Which mind you, was a few feet wide) was part of the ship known as the Queen of Ranroon. The stuff of legends… Anyways, he was right, it didn’t. We seized the ship, sold the ship, took all the ‘valuables’, sold those as well, but I saved Billix here cause I thought he might benefit your team, he is equipped with a micro-slicer droid for terminals, that blue-box in his chest? It's called a "Blue Max", a slicer droid manufactured by MerenData. Think of Billix as the muscle and brain, and and Blue Max as the extra brain and computing power. Beltar: Slicer droid... nice...Wait- my unit? Billix: Who else do you thing sir? Even a womp-rat could’ve figured it out by now. Beltar: Oh, so it’s going to be one of those droids… Billix: I heard that! Don’t get me starte- Kirk: Quiet! Anyways… I did have him reprogramed as well. Oh!- Suddenly they heard what sounded like a Trandoshan scream from below them, they looked over the balcony table. .. To see two riot troopers beating a civilian, who Beltar could only assume, didn’t have the right credentials to back up that pile of Protocol Droids. Kirk: As I was saying, things have changed here. A lot. Since I bet you haven’t been to this home in a while now, you can see how tense this place has become. If you’re not an Imperial, you’re pretty much dead meat here. And after they beat the people- they take their stuff. Terrible, as the gap between Imperial and everyday citizen’s welfare has been growing. Ah well… Beltar’s time-piece beeped that it was time to return to the academy if he was to be ready to learn how to execute a battlefield surgery, and preserve a life in a tense situation. Obviously. Beltar: Well, that’s it… Need to go now Kirk, pleasure to catch up with you, sir! Kirk: Nice to see you too kid, have a good one. Kirk smiled the same way he did when Beltar approached. Beltar thanked him for the tea, then moved on with Billix following behind him. Then Beltar thought in his head, there were literally only two, maybe three scenarios where he would actually need to use what he was about to learn, one being if shrapnel was flung in their direction, but if the explosion didn’t kill them, or a blaster, then he didn’t know why he needed to learn this, though, maybe it will be useful one day. As Beltar walked out of his former home, well, his mind still thought of it as his home, he had many memories with it, he saw a female officer that looked quite a bit like Alyin, perhaps a sister, along with another officer beating a civilian senselessly. Perhaps they had a good reason he thought. Perhaps. Billix: Sir, let’s get moving. I’d rather not be late- not that I’m going to your class. As everything I need to know is programmed into me and I don’t need classes to teach me. But apparently you humans do. So let us go. Beltar sighed, his unit will hate him. Beltar turned and started walking the other direction where he came across the two riot control troopers who had beat that Trandoshan , they were partially covered in blood, but Beltar could almost feel that the one carrying the droid parts had a smug expression on his face. The other trooper gave him a vague salute, so he saluted back and went on his way. Beltar walked by the alien, still gasping for air. Alive, but nearly dead. He would’ve stopped to help, but he had places to be. And Billix would probably be a nuisance if he did help that alien. Perhaps he would get another chance to do something good. Then again, he was in the Empire after all, and they were good. They would stop that Rebellion before worse could happen. Beltar continued on his way, subconsciously wishing his old house was there, so that he could remember his days as a child, and relax it bit more than he could do now, but he felt that one of his homes was still right there, right behind him. === Since Brentaal IV is a relatively under-developed planet in canon and EU, there wasn't much to go off of, I tried to get at least the muddy ground like it said it had, along with a few pictures I spotted, so I don't know how lenient it will be since there wasn't much to go off of... And yeah judges, not technically his home, but definitely pushing the boundaries of "a place he had called home" That’s it, did the extreme amount of text work? Or not? I don’t know why I decided to change it up a bit/ write more than I normally do. Anyways, hope you liked it! Next episode I need to slap myself and tell myself to not procrastinate to the last week to get building more and to photograph it. I got like 80% of it done the 1st week, but then was too ‘busy’ to work on it for a while. Whoopsies. And now I need to actually work on freebuilds for once, I have this idea that would be awesome, though brick supply is limited, and since I want to do this in a very specific way, it may have to be in digital form… Oh well. By the way, theres quite a few references here to the Droids TV show way back, dug up my old DVD copy and watched it a few weeks ago, and recently I had re-read my old Han Solo book trilogy. If you get at least one of them, bravo. Comments and Criticism Welcome! ~Beltar EDIT #14 or something like that, sheesh, I've been re-proofreading this, noticed like 20 errors, a lot of them at different times. Not to mention, that I had my "The story so far" stuff in a spoiler tab, but the spoiler tab would just keep eating the whole post- so I had to remove that. Then this entire area right above this messages was supposed to be at the bottom, but noooo, the Extra Pics tab kept eating this too, so I had to move it up! Anyways, I think I fixed everything. Extra Pics as always. Though, some terrible photo quality...