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  1. Commander Beltar

    [Factions Ep. 1] Luxury on Commenor

    *Your entry has earned 10XP* Previously in SoNE =============== It’s been awhile. These days the Empire – sorry, Remnant, feels a lot smaller. “Ambassador” Beltar they call me now. It’s a title may not be deserved, but it has got its benefits. The Empire has seen better days, but perhaps the best is still to come… as we redeliver peace, justice and security to the galaxy. Obviously the New Republic doesn’t condone such behavior, but they are too busy dealing with people like me. I spend quite a bit of my time negotiating hyperspace routes and supply trades. Absolutely awful. But, it puts me in the same room with some of the most powerful people in the galaxy, which is a real advantage for some of my, “research”. Many troopers went missing after Endor, even more after Jakku. I’ve got a list of thousands of soldiers that are MIA, and I want to close that book. Unfortunately, because of the lax policies of the previous Empire, markets such as Zygeria flourish, and I’ve seen all too many Imperial faces in there. Contacts in other governments have been of use to help me cross reference what happened to their P.O.W.s, and give me leads to where others may be. The uniform helps me find them. Still, I miss the bucket over my head, down in the dirt on the front lines, fighting with friends. Friends… most of my old acquaintances are long dead, but a few made it out all right in the end. Some had given their lives to save mine, I owe it to them to save others. This apartment may be one of the finest in the city, but it feels like a prison cell. Security has been tight. But it’s got a view that I would have never gotten on my old mud ball of a home. Unfortunately, it’s a view of Commenor on lockdown recently with all the riots. But, there’s always something to do. Someone’s got to keep the supplies moving. Why does it have to be me? I don’t know. “Sir, Lt. Hudson and the New Republic Delegate are requesting your presence. Your ship is being prepared at once, ISD Mercy will be accompanying you. The council expects a report in three cycles.” Consolation has been surrendered the New Republic because of its advanced capabilities, so I have to do with the last few Destroyers off the assembly line, which are horrendous after all the New Republic limitations and restrictions. I’ve heard a rumor that Kuat Drive Yards may be going under soon with all the bad publicity. There have also been many security breaches recently. The Rebel Alliance may now be a legitimate government, however its history of guerilla tactics inspires some to action, requiring me to have a security detail despite being a low level target. See you around, soldier. === Pics Well it truly has been awhile for me, life has been busy to say the least, but it seems to be back on track for now. This go around, I'm going to have a different take on how Beltar's story evolves. I'd like to do more world building, less front line battles, and find a new direction for stories. I've got like 4 half complete builds on the table, so hopefully I'll be able to churn them out soon. Anyways, hope to see where this all goes from here! Beltar
  2. Commander Beltar

    Faction: The Commenor Remnant

    [also forgot this, reserved...]
  3. Commander Beltar

    Faction: The Commenor Remnant

    Faction: The Commenor Remnant Faction Leader: Commander Beltar Capital: Commenor Planets: Commenor, Brentaal, Manda, D’Ian, Sarapin, Uquine, Dennaskar Description: The Commenor Remnant was formed after the fall of the Empire at Jakku, with resources running out, peace was sought with the New Republic. Conforming to newly established treaties and regulations, control was able to be maintained over some core worlds in the Empire such as Commenor. These core worlds still under the grip of various Remnants, which are battlegrounds for political control as the citizens demand change with the New Republic rising in power. Many of these worlds and Imperial Fortifications are on around the clock lockdown as tensions rise. Although the Republic monitors the Imperial Reconstruction on worlds such as ours, the Commenor Remnant still harkens to its true Imperial Roots. We are an Empire without an Emperor. The Emperor was a fool, granted a smart one. He designed the Empire to fall apart without him, yet we are still here. We will rebuild. Supposedly the Emperor had many vaults throughout the galaxy, and we have ad reports these have been raided by pirates and adventurers, among some of the stolen relics include Holocrons. The acquisition of said holocrons would provide new opportunities for our Remnant... Commenor was an obvious choice to be the location of a surviving faction. The proximity to other Imperial foundries such as Kuat provided the supplies and the position along multiple hyperspace routes provided ease of transportation. However... Tight control over the population can be necessary at times. Although New Republic regulations bar the training of new Stormtroopers, it is not unlikely that you may find yourself in one of those uniforms as a symbol of peace, security, and justice. Or perhaps in our infantry that is actively touring the galaxy seeking to rebuild our territories. Maybe in our navy, where our facilities still train some of the best navigators, crewmen, and pilots in the galaxy. Or maybe even a politician, dealing with senators as we seek a pathway to reconstruction and returning the Empire to its former state of glory as the New Republic presses sanctions. Or perhaps you want to be a spy, an engineer, a scientist, all these pathways and more await you if you enlist in the Commenor Remnant today! Map: Other Faction Information: Although this is an Imperially influenced faction, your character does not necessarily need to fit into any of those ideas outlined above, and that’s the best part about this! All eras are available! I would encourage you to find a creative way to join this Remnant! For “in-time” builds, it would be nice to feature some ‘reconstruction’, or trying to repair what once was in the Empire, as this is a relatively unexplored time for the Empire. For inspiration of this time period, I would recommend the Aftermath Trilogy, Lost Stars, and EA's Battlefront II campaign. I think it would be nice to try to adhere to some canon factors for this Remnant such as The Galactic Concordance and the Imperial Instruments of Surrender. Obviously, it doesn't really need to be followed, but it could provide the basis for some interesting stories! Banner and logos: We have some cool things designed by our former member, Darth Bjorn. Feel free to use the in your builds, not just our members, it would be nice to see them in other faction's build, if we cross our paths.4 You can find: Our logo here, for maybe adding to your picture or for any other use. The banner alonside 2 wariants of our logos as a pdf file for printing. "Long live the Empire!" You can sign up for the Commenor Remnant in this thread! Our Episodes:
  4. Commander Beltar

    [SoNE] A day long remembered...

    ///Transmission Received///LOC:ENDOR/// The Death Star is gone. After grueling months of battle for soldiers of both the Alliance and the Empire, the battle is over. The Rebel Alliance are closing in on the dwindling outmanned and outgunned Imperial forces both in space and on the ground. The Empire is left disorganized and in chaos as the chain of command is all but wiped out. 00:00 - Zero Hour Alarms ring aboard the Medical Frigate Consolation. Failsafe orders are beginning to be distributed from the Emperor with his final orders, yet still most aboard cannot even comprehend what happened moments ago. The new Admiral of the freshly christened Consolation stares in disbelief out the bridge of the destroyer. Admiral Horche: Karabast. Move us away from the debris field. Emergency Code 0-33 is now in effect. Status report! NOW! Lt. Roex: The Death Star is gone, a few transports away... The Executor is down... Troops on the moon falling back.... Rebel fleet closing- Wait! Massacre was just caught in the debris field. She's gone. What's left of Imperial upper command is jumping. Rebel fleet closing in... This is bad. Admiral Horche: Get Bludgeon away from the debris field now! Deploy all rescue parties, get those transports in the air! And raise me all wing commanders in our frequencies! Lt. Roex: We have our orders sir, to fall back to rendezvous point S-15. Admiral Horche: To Kessel with it! Other destroyers are staying, and you said yourself command is gone, that is an order. I refuse to leave our men out here. Lt. Roex: Understood, deploying transports... 01:00 It was a trap. The trail was too perfect. The Rebels had, with the help of the natives, set multiple traps throughout the region to draw troops to be captured or killed. The rest of Beltar’s and Marc’s unit were killed. With the destruction above, Beltar and Marc began falling back to the evacuation points, in hopes of catching a transport before it was to late. TK-1702: Beltar, move it! Evac point is just ahead! Beltar: I'm coming.... Watch it Marc! TK-1702: Rebels incoming! Get to the barrier! TK-1702: It's just like Yavin all over again. Beltar: But the Emperor…. Shadow-Trooper: Go soldiers! Beach point is just ahead! Beltar: So this is how the Empire comes undone, think of all the soldiers we know- TK-1702: No time for that kind of talk. We can mourn friends and leaders later. 02:00 Admiral Horche of the Consolation, scrapping up all resources, has ordered as many TIE transports as he can to the surface, but with the rest of the fleet disoriented, there are few commanders and squadrons able to provide air support for the evacuation on the ground. Admiral Horche: Commander, I want you to cover as many transports as you can down there. We are going to try to evacuate as many men as we can from the moon, our scanners show Rebel fighters enroute to evac points. Alyin: Roger that Admiral. We'll take care of the any unfriendliness up here. With all due respect sir, with the fleet in full retreat, they might call you a traitor and a fool for staying. Admiral Horche: I'd rather be a fool or traitor than a coward. Onward commander! Alyin: Aright, this is no time for sorrow or revenge. We need to cover what's left of our soldiers down there. Valkyrie-2: We've got your back commander. Admiral Horche: Be careful out there soldiers. 03:00 On the beach, Commander Kirk who was redeployed on Endor, is now facing immense odds as the Rebels close in, with few options of escape for the soldiers on the ground. Commander Kirk: Captain, report. Officer: Outer defenses in our encampment are crumbling. To the Rebels, it's line shooting womp rats in a barrel. Commander Kirk: Indeed. We've lost so many today... Any word on how many men we can evacuate? Officer: Unknown, the remaining Admirals are diverting as many resources as they can, but the Rebels are pressing hard up there. Commander Kirk: It's going to take a miracle to get us out of this one. === Officer: Put you blasters down grab a ration pack, and await your turn to get on a transport! We are all getting of this moon! Beltar: Like hell we all will. I imagine our fleet is near gone by now... TK-1702: I think a meal will be fine for starters Beltar, afterwards, we'll find a shuttle, get of this mudball. Have some faith, will you? Suddenly, alarms ring, as the sound of an Alliance vessel closes in. Officer: Bombers inbound! TK-1702: This is your cue! Beltar: This is pretty bad for these guys, I think I can- Officer: No, I want you two to find a transport now. Let the Rebel's deal with the injured... Beltar: But- Officer: Go! TK-1702: She's right, there's nothing you can do for these guys without a medbay. Beltar: We can't just leave them- TK-1702: The Rebels will save them, "its what they do". [SoNE] Finale by Commander Beltar, on Flickr d[SoNE] Finale by Commander Beltar, on04:00 Alyin: I got 4 on my scope. 1 friendly 3 hostile. Bomber going after one of ours. I'll take the Leader, 2, 3 have at the fighters. Valkyrie-3: roger. Alyin: Three, you with us? Syd-? Two did you see a shute or ejection? Valkyrie-2: Negative. Negative. Ah, too many loses today. Should we turn back? Save ourselves? Alyin: We have got to push forward. Karabast, Beltar and Marcus. Please be alive. 05:00 Lt. Roex: Admiral, the Rebel Alliance have nearly cut off our jump routes! And-and their sending boarding parities to capture the destroyers and frigates, we are losing ground and cover! We've got to go soon! Admiral Horche: At ease son. I reckon there's at plenty of platoons still on the moon, and we'd be lucky to get a few more. And when we're gone, I doubt the Command will care to deploy again for those boots on the ground. Lt. Roex: I... I understand sir. But with our casualty rates today… We should cut our losses and leave. Admiral Horche: Not just yet... But- prepare escape vectors in case. 06:00 Alyin: another squad coming in mark 3. Valkyrie-2: On it. After this we should head back to the fleet. At this point we may be jumping. Alyin: I've got soldiers I know down there Kye, I’m not leaving them behind. Alyin: Kye! Valkyrie-2: I'm going down! Alyin: Eject! Valkyrie-2: On it! 07:00 Officer: Shadow trooper fortifications on the south western bank have just fell. At this rate we will be overrun in the next few hours. Commander Kirk: Such is the case. I want you on the next transport. Officer: Sir? Commander Kirk: You heard me. You've got some promise kid. I'd rather die with the Empire today than pick up the scraps. You have a future, be a senator, or something. Make a difference. TK-1702: Come-on Marc! We are cleared for this transport! Beltar: Incoming! TK-1702: Aha, air support! Beltar: Those markings- That's Alyin! TK-1702: You two can catch up later. Let's get moving. Beltar: I'll try my old comm frequencies, see if I can reach her- no! TK-1702: She just saved our lives, Beltar. We can't do anything. Beltar: We're not leaving her behind! TK-1702: We are going, now! If we don't go, we'll be captured for sure! === Rebels: Do you see any survivors? Rebel: Negative... Wait. I got movement in the Wreckage! Alyin: Rebel...Scum… Rebel: Freeze! You're coming with us! 07:05 Lt. Roex: Beach flanks have fallen, the Rebels are taking prisoners by mass now. The last transport available is about to make it onboard. Admiral Horche: Good, set coordinates. What about our air support? Lt. Roex: All wing commanders confirmed down, most as losses. Admiral Horche: Align trajectories... By the Emperor. Lt. Roex: So much destruction, so much loss... Jumping momentarily. Admiral Horche: Where do we go from here? === After arriving on the Consolation, Beltar and Marc found themselves following the crowds: to the list of casualties and MIA... TK-1702: Ah don't beat yourself up, there was nothing you could've done. We're lucky to have escaped with our lives, we were in the one of the last transports... Beltar: We lost so many good people today. TK-1702: I'll be at the barracks. Don't worry man, I'm sure the Admiral has a plan. Beltar: They never did train us for a day like this. TK-1702: Beltar look here- Beltar: The entire crew of Massacre, The Executor… TK-1702: Well, looks like we all just got promoted if the Uppers are gone... Beltar: I’m going to get some rest. My blood is boiling for a fight, might as well prepare. TK-1702: See you around, the Empire got a whole lot smaller today. ///Transmission Ended///LOC:UNKNOWN/// This is a bit overdue, since the episode ended months ago. SoNE 1.0 was a ride, and it's odd to see it the 'original' SoNE gone, but 2.0 will definitely be exciting! And I can't wait for it to begin! Anyways this build right? Clearly I was kind of inspired by Christopher Nolan's Dunkirk in the way the story was organized, kind of. I wanted to try to get closer to something like the movie, like more wide shots of beaches with Stormtroopers boarding shuttles, but well, parts. I would've done digital, but this is it for Beltar's story in 1.0, wanted to do something physical. It is not as 'large' of a build as I would have liked, or had planned in my sketches, but this will suffice. Try to take some liberties with the story, the way I format these doesn't allow to much for me describing what is happening around the scene, nor am I very good at describing it anyways, but things are happening! As I was sorting some of my parts (Which I've been saying I've been doing for the last 4 years, I actually made progress this time!), I came across my AT-MP, so that ended up in this build, I even found part of my first SoNE build! Hopefully you enjoyed this picture heavy build, which was more focused on wrapping up Beltar's story than being impressive builds, as a lot of parts got stuck in a cycle of recycling because of limitations, which can be seen in that one big tree that is in practically every one of my Endor builds. If the judges have the time, I would appreciate this build to be judged! If not, no problem. Anyways, with 2.0, we'll see what happens! It's going to be good! Long live the Empire.
  5. Commander Beltar

    Episode XVII: The Battle For Endor

    Congratulations to the Rebels, a well deserved victory! It was great to see what people put forward throughout this episode! This was a perfect conclusion to SoNE 1.0, it's been a real blast... these past few years?!? Wow. I definitely look forward to what the future holds! I can't wait to get home so I can get Beltar's story moving somewhere again in preparation
  6. Movements: Towards U-25 the fastest way possible After weeks of walking in the mud, it was bound things would go wrong. TK-9873 was supposed to be keeping watch one night, when the squad woke up there he was gone, and a day later they found his armor with an arrow in it. TK-1702’s paranoia dialed down a notch, however he still fears they are being hunted. Meanwhile, Acting-Colonel Faist’s wounds have mostly healed from his encounter with the rebels. Now, after receiving word from High Command the Rebels had found the switch, the hunt was on again, by triangulating the position of various known rebel encampments, the soldiers of the Empire have an idea where they are headed now. It seems the squad has picked up the scent: Beltar: Look what we found, fresh. This couldn’t have happened to long ago. TK-1702: What a wonderful smell you’ve discovered. Is it possible we could be walking into a trap? This seems set up too perfectly... Beltar: Perhaps... TK-1702: Colonel? Acting Colonel Faist: We are aware of rebel movements in these parts... I say we approach the next part of this trek with caution. Thoughts men? Keep walking in some direction or take this opportunity? TK-1702: I recommend we follow this trail as far as we can, perhaps we can catch a squad off guard, or perhaps find the master switch. Beltar: Well, we are on quite a deadline sir, so I agree, we need any sort of lead that can put is in a viable direction. Acting Colonel Faist: Very well, let’s not keep the boys at the shield generator waiting then, onward! Beltar thought as they moved out, how much longer on this mud ball would they have to endure? The battle in space was clearly taking a toll, he wondered how Alyin was fairing up there in that pit of death. The real surprise came when Beltar learned what the Emperor’s ‘special show’ was: the Death Star was operational already. Hopefully, with a little luck, the Empire would come out on top, and this war would be over. === Surprise: I’m building still! I’ve been very busy recently, just wanted to pop back in this week since I fear this episode is drawing to a conclusion and I will be extremely busy again the next few weeks so I wouldn’t be able to participate. Story was a bit rushed and not thought out too well, I had a rough idea, but then the build didn't let it come to fruition. Anyways, comments and criticism welcome! ~Beltar
  7. Movements: We would like to down 1, then left 2 to collect the bonus on O19, then continue down to R19, with the preference being down and left. (Since I didn’t exactly feel like making an even more pic heavy build with a lot of dialogue and what not, here’s a bit longer of an intro describing what has happened.) Beltar and his squad have been moving across the surface of Endor for days now, through forest, rock, river, and a lot of mud. Over the past couple days, the squad has been the target of several attacks led by the Native Ewok’s who are hunting and leading the Rebels to their location. Two days ago, they made it into the night camp and silenced TK-9162, they awoke at the sound of the Native’s knife finishing the deed. The next day, they were ambushed while beginning their journey through the plains of Endor, killing their commanding officer: Colonel Oppenheimer with an arrow and blaster to the chest. Today, there was no surprise attack, there was no cover in these plains save for a few groves of some dark type of bamboo and sparse trees for a sneak account to have worked successfully. This time Beltar’s squad took the fight to them, or at least TK-1702 did. An arrow whizzed by them and hit the Acting-Colonel in the arm, and the singular Rebel beside the Native took a potshot which hit the Acting-Colonel in the head, what a load of luck he struck. Beltar ducked behind the slight ditch in the ground to help Acting-Colonel Faist with his Med’ supplies. TK-1702 took it upon himself, and in a moment of pure adrenaline, dropped his load of blasters and gear and drew his knife and sprinted at the attackers, he dodged the Native’s spear and the knife found its way right into the creatures face. He then rushed over to the Rebel, and killed him with a bit of a struggle. It seemed like he had rehearsed this event in his dreams, perhaps the last time he was on Endor he had a really bad experience, more than he cared to admit, and coming back to Endor must have triggered something. After patching up acting-colonel Faist, he demanded that we take a rest before moving. TK-1702 kept pacing around the bodies he killed, still eyeing the surrounding brush for anything that moved, he had already killed a squirrel after diving into a bush, as his paranoia hit a new level. Beltar and TK-9873 took a perimeter walk and where just returning to the location where the skirmish had just taken place. Beltar: We’re back hotshot, you good now? TK-1702: While you were gone, I’ve already seen movement about 5 clicks out. We need to get going. TK-9873: We’ll be fine! It seems like you need a bit of a rest yourself. TK-1702: Rest… I don’t need rest. Not when those barbarians are closing in. Beltar: Look- I don’t know what you saw when you were setting up the shield generator before- or if this has reminded you of some- TK-1702: They came in waves. It’s what they’re doing now. I don’t like it. TK-9873: Alright, well ease up a bit! Acting-Colonel Faist: Just, let him be. Beltar, Peterson- perimeter report? Beltar: Nothing around within 3 clicks from what we saw. Not sure what crazy over there was talking about. But it is entirely possible there are more of them coming. But I am not sure why they would direct so much attention at us, when the have bigger fish to fry. Acting-Colonel Faist: Yes, especially with that shield generator. Whoever failed to log Endor’s map in the Consolation’s database, and in the other Imperial Destroyers should be punished severely. At least the enemy doesn’t know where to look as well…. I’d reckon I have a few ideas where to look though. Anything else? TK-9873: We may be able to meet up with reinforcements if we get moving. I’ve picked up on comm chatter that there maybe be something around sector O19. I recommend we move there as soon as possible. Acting-Colonel Faist: Alright then, let’s get moving if we have that kind of window available. Beltar: With all due respect sir, you need rest. Give it a couple hours before we get moving. Acting-Colonel Faist: Fine. In 2 hours we move. Beltar: That’s fine by me. All we need to do now is round this gear up and get that lunatic to move. TK-9873: I’ll get the gear, well some of it. We can probably ditch some of it. Maybe make a makeshift crutch or something with one of the blasters for the Colonel. Acting-Colonel Faist: No no, I’ll be quite alright walking. Beltar: Alright. Well, we might as well enjoy these couple hours of rest. Beltar looked up to the stars where the Death Star II sat, he could almost see the explosions of the fighters on both sides becoming pulverized to ashes and dust, and the capital ships fire leaving burn marks on hulls. He was surprised the Empire didn’t divert more forces to Endor, twenty-five thousand destroyers and they only brought a couple dozen destroyers and light cruisers plus a Super, but he was informed there would be a ‘special show’ sometime in the battle. He had no idea what that meant. Beltar hoped that Alyin and the dozen or so other pilots he knew where having better luck and more fun than he was having down here on this mud-ball. ==== Well that’s it for this weeks build, hopefully you enjoyed! It was quite nice to write a lot of text, haven’t done that in a while, hopefully it was effective at getting the point across. I took a little bit of liberty of making the plains biome very lush, as even though we saw the dry planes in the Ewok movies, I’d like to think the entire planet is practically green (save for the deserts). Oh yeah- still a lot of terrain. I’d like to try something like Gubi’s build two weeks ago which a whole lotta mixtures between bricks and plates and tiles, but that is a whole new level of terrain, and I have no idea where to begin with that with my poorly sorted parts- oh well. Oh, and sorry for the wonky lighting which changed a couple times. (my bad!) Anyways, thanks for reading, C & C welcome! ~Beltar
  8. Commander Beltar

    [Ep. XVII] [Rebels] [Week 8] A Light In The Dark

    Superb build, your (non static? for a lack of a better word) trees are awesome! All the twists/curves on them and the use of the mixel joints to create the branches, npu! And I will agree with Lucas, your shots and presentation is amazing. The cinematic lighting and angles are beautiful!
  9. Commander Beltar

    [Ep. XVII] [Empire] [Week 8] Down by the Lake

    This whole build is awesome. As soon as I read "They mostly come out at night. Mostly." I knew this was going to be great. (If only one of the troops that died was Newt or something subtle like Burke or Apone.. hehe) I like your use of that skeleton as well, never would've thought of that! And your variation with trees and foliage creates a great atmosphere. I really like how this gives us Imperials a chance to defend ourselves and express how ferocious those little teddy bears are compared to what we see in RotJ!
  10. Great build! I like how you went for that natural border, works great! I also really like the variation in the ways your trees are built, adds a nice touch!
  11. Commander Beltar

    [Ep. XVII] [Empire] [Week 8] Edge of the Lake

    This build is awesome, seriously, your terrain work is off the charts! I love that its contained in a ring, quite a different shape for a border. The different colors in the water make for a great effect as well!
  12. Commander Beltar

    [SoNE Ep 17] Traversing the Forest

    Thanks! That was the intention! Thank you! I use to never like having 'natural' borders on MOCs, but I felt it was appropriate for this build, and it was actually kinda fun to build Heh, if you noticed there's also not one full tree standing because I am terrible at building full trees! Thanks for reading, as well! (I don't really comment on my builds unless they get 3 or more,so thanks for the comment on my recent FB as well!) ~Beltar
  13. Movements: We would like to move 4 left to H13, if that is not possible, then as far Left and Down. The fierce battle above Endor was just getting started, as Beltar and the forces of the Consolation had been deployed to the surface of the Forest Moon to reinforce the shield generator in case there were any injured men in the battle. Beltar’s team was deployed north of the Shield Generator, and the team has been traveling checkpoint to checkpoint on their way. These checkpoints are of note, as they were set up by the Empire as possible construction sites many months ago. Due to the discovery of a better location, often these sites would yield left over supplies that could come in handy as Imperials arrive and march through the thick forests of Endor. Beltar’s squad has been nothing but tense the last few hours. They seem to sense that something bad will happen. . TK-1702: Sir, we’ve checked all the crates. Not too much of note here. Grabbed a couple extra blasters and their charge packs. There’s also some general equipment that isn’t essential. But it looks as if someone rummaged through here recently… We should get moving. Colonel Oppenheimer: Hm… Alright Major Diaz. I’ll- Beltar: Colonel! Colonel Oppenheimer: Yes Commander? Beltar: I’ve just received word from the Consolation. The battle is turning messy. We are probably going to be needed ASAP back in the medbay as soon as we are done down here. Colonel Oppenheimer: Well then. We better get moving. We need to make good time… Less rest then.. *sigh* As the Colonel went to address the rest of the men, Beltar and Major Diaz were left do themselves. TK-1702: Betlar- between you and me. I don’t like this. I’ve seen eyes in the trees. We’re being watched. Beltar: I’ve gotten that feeling too. It’s not the rebels though. Perhaps the natives, I’ve heard some strange stories from you and men that where here before. TK-1702: Perhaps… I didn’t get to much contact with them when I was here though. I’ve been told the natives like to get up close since they don’t have effective ranged weapons…I just hope we reach the shield generator before the Rebels. And get out of here even faster. Beltar: Agreed. Colonel Oppenheimer: Let’s get going! We are only 9 Clicks from the Generator according to command. With a little luck we’ll be able to avoid Rebel entanglements and perhaps meet up with other forces. TK-1702: And if we don’t reach the generator in time or get jumped by Rebels or Emperor knows what else? Beltar: The Evac point is to the 7 Clicks west of the Generator. It’s a beach point. TK-1702: Well. Good to know. I got a bad feeling about this. Colonel Oppenheimer: Cut the chatter- let’s get moving. I don’t like this either but we need to go. ==== More Pics: ==== Well that wraps it up for this episode build! This was a fun build, lots of terrain for me to mess around with. And a LOT of foliage. (Nearly every loose foliage part that I have went to this!) Inching towards when the Death Star II blows… It’s going to be a fun storytelling moment. (Like in the new Battlefront II) My excitement toward SoNE 2.0 is also growing! I think it’ll be great to show our characters in the aftermath of Endor and what happens afterwards. Oh yeah- Beltar has a new head. Finally! Less generic-ness! Also, comments and criticism welcome! ~Beltar
  14. Commander Beltar

    [SoNE Ep 17.2] Surface Skirmish

    While the ground forces of both the Empire and Rebellion compete to reach the shield generator in a last ditch effort to salvage the station after losing contact with the forces already deployed. Above the planet is another story, with the Rebellion moving closer to the Imperial Fleet for ship-to-ship combat to attempt to avoid the Death Star’s superlaser, most forces have been diverted to that location. However, several Rebel squadrons have broken off from the main battle and have been targeting construction zones on the far side of the Death Star, where the Consolation is resting for the aftermath of the assault while being guarded by Star Destroyers Bludgeon and Massacre, the escorts. Alyin’s squadron, fresh off the Consolation have just started their counterattack on the Rebels that have been taking advantage of construction areas weak, unactuated defenses. The Three freshly deployed TIEs catch on the comms: Imperial Overseer: If anyone’s listening: South construction Ridge 19 is under attack! Rebellion bombers and fighters are- *proton torpedo explosions* Alyin: Ridge 19, do you copy, over? We are en-route to provide air support. Imperial Officer: We read you Valkyrie One, the Rebellion Y-Wing Bombers just took out half of our construction forces, and the crane appears to be undamaged though. Wait- they’re coming for us next! Alyin: Not to worry sir, we have just arrived on scene. We’ll take care of this, get the construction crews off the surface now! Imperial Officer: Alarms are raised, but the crews in the walkers won’t be able to get out soon- Karabast, more light fighters in-bound! X-Wings! Alyin: Just- do your best to evac everyone. And we’ll do our best up here. 2 and 3, form up, let’s take care of these rebel scum. After this skirmish, Alyin’s squadron moved onward to the main battle, where chaos was erupting. ==== More Pics: ==== First off, before I forget: Please judge this freebuild! As I am slowly waiting for this episode to unfold, I almost forgot what else was happening during the Battle of Endor, the space portion! I think I may try to do a build attempting to showcase the chaos of what is happening in the main battlefield, but that would be a lot of posing fighters and such... And after the Skyhook... That was a huge pain… So maybe I will, maybe I won’t. Or maybe try to capture a sliver, like when the Executor goes down. After all I have some plans for some builds after someone reaches the shield generator… I have also learned now the upper limits of my rendering. At first there was probably like 20 more baseplates surrounding this build for more surface, which brought the parts count to like 60,000 ish parts, and well, my computer crashed a lot and didn’t render it at all. And so I deleted a lot of that surface and brought it to around 29,000 parts. I can’t wait to see how this episode will end, and what SoNE 2.0 will bring as well! Anyways, C & C welcome! ~Beltar
  15. Commander Beltar

    [Freebuild: Coruscant] Part XV-I – Hit And Run

    Love where this story seems to be heading! I like the use of the gif too hehe.