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Found 19 results

  1. soccerkid6

    An Exotic Feast Part 1

    As has become customary, I built a series of vignettes as prizes for the the collaborative category. And of course I had to set them in the guilds! Here is the first, I will try to get the others posted before long. The Adventurers Guild in Alnya has a long standing tradition of a grand feast during the summer solstice. It’s not just a celebration, as their extremely competitive mindsets saw it quickly develop into a challenge. The master chefs, some of whom are capable adventurers in their own right, select teams of the most skilled and daring heroes to gather the rare ingredients needed to create dishes of exquisite flavor. The team responsible for creating the most delectable dish is rewarded with a generous bounty of gold and also first choice of quests until the next annual feast. Rogdul, a vaunted goblin burglar, was tasked with obtaining some of the rare mushrooms only found in the deep caverns of Nocturnus. Equipped with a dagger and good supply of torches, Rogdal ventured for hours through dark, claustrophobic tunnels before coming across a small stream that led him to discover a cavern and most importantly the coveted mushrooms! Few more images on Brickbuilt. Always feels like coming home to post in the guilds
  2. soccerkid6

    A Risky Endeavor

    My 2nd entry for the 15th Colossal Castle Contest, for the “Ye Old Switcheroo” category. I used a technique somewhat similar to my technic rockwork, but using plate modified with clip and handle instead of technic bricks for the cliff, and really like how it turned out. Getting a dragon’s egg is always a dangerous business. This Mitgardian adventurer thought switching an egg for a similar shaped rock would allow him to make an undetected swap. After a long climb up the cliff face to reach the dragon's nest, he finally seems to have achieved his objective. But will he really get away with the egg? Plenty more pictures available on brickbuilt! Finally finished the semester, so now I can get onto CCC entries/GoH builds! C&C welcome
  3. soccerkid6

    Steinn Fortress

    Micro castles are always something I enjoy building, and this one was especially fun due to being set in the winter. I incorporated quite a few technic parts into the castle itself and was really pleased with how well they fit in. One of Mitgardia's stronger citadels, Steinn Fortress is built into Mount Mitgard and features many soaring towers. Even during the Algus invasion, Steinn Fortress wasn't breached. More images on brickbuilt. Thanks for looking, comments and criticism always welcome
  4. LittleJohn

    Nordheim Fjall

    The 7th and final section of my Nordheim collab with Isaac. You can see the others here: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th. This module especially was a collab effort, with Isaac doing a lot of the rockwork, while I built interiors, and some of the windows/entrances into the mountain. Creating a dwarven look was quite fun, and allowed for some interesting parts use. All the doors open and close, including a sliding door that serves as the entrance to the treasury. Fjall mountain houses a large house of dwarves that keep busy mining new metals and refining their smithing techniques. They have several trained dragons which serve as a scout force. Their rumored wealth is a matter of some debate among the Nordheim townfolk, as none have actually entered the secret treasury. Lots more pictures on Brickbuilt The full layout will be revealed sometime next week. As always, C&C is very welcome
  5. LittleJohn

    Forestmen Camp

    A free-build placed in Avalonia, and also part of InnovaLUG's 'Ye Old Merry Battleground' collab, for Brickfair Virginia. This was a really fun build to make, and I’m quite pleased with how it turned out. I’ll definitely be doing some more Forestmen themed builds in the future. Inspiration for the rockwork goes to Brickvader. The Forestmen's camp is hidden well in one of the many forests in Avalonia, and provides an excellent base of operations for them. They have scouts placed at various locations a little ways from the camp, and a few outside of the forest to keep an eye on the neighboring Lords and Barons of the land. Most recently, they learned of Sir Ruari Leanin leaving for a tax collecting tour, which they took full advantage of... More pictures on Brickbuilt I would like to claim UoP credit for: Geography: Forest Thanks for looking, C&C appreciated
  6. Here is my build for Barracks Phase 2. It's a bit of an unorthodox training ground, but I thought it would make sense for Mitgardian warriors to be well trained in how to survive Mitgardia's icy climate. Also, this is my unofficial entry to the Natural Beauty category of the Summer Joust. The smaller pine tree is based off of mrcp6d’s design. Part of any Mitgardian warrior’s training is to learn how to survive for days outside in the frigid cold with minimal supplies. Snow shelters offer relative warmth during the night if well constructed. More pictures: link Your comments and suggestions are always appreciated
  7. Here's my build for the second Gatehouse phase. I used a similar ground texture to what I did in my previous build, “Start of a Journey,” and tried a different stone wall design for the gatehouse. The warrior returns to Nordheim’s welcoming gate after a long journey through the clan lands of Mitgardia. More pictures are available on my website: link Thanks for looking!
  8. My entry to Round 4 of The Tourney. The category assigned to me, was, Nightmare: Portray a dark representation of a character's worst nightmares. This nightmare must not be merely reliant on a story to describe it (although you may include one if you wish); the MOC should be easily recognizable as a nightmarish scene. I decided on doing an all LEGO scene, and tried to capture a dark and scary atmosphere with the color choices, landscape, night background and monstrous creatures. The backdrop was inspired by LL, whose builds you should definitely check out: Link More pictures here: Link C&C welcome
  9. My entry to Category C of the Frozen Beyond. While unused to the sudden winter brought on by the Algus, the soldiers of Kaliphlin quickly realized how effective one of their fire wagons powered by the famous kaliphlin oil, was to drive the icy threat back. C&C much appreciated
  10. blackdeathgr

    The New Providence wreckers

    Hello guys, I guess October-November were really active all around the world as far as contests and LUGs are concerned. Thus, i made the following MOC for "show me your squad" contest and since it is of piratical content, i feel obliged to present it to you :P The idea was to present the infamous wreckers that worked around the globe scavenging wrecks and since that was a crime and had to be zero eye-witnesses, some of them even killed any unfortunate wreck survivors. Of them all, the most notorious were the Bahamas wreckers, the New Providence ones and in Europe the Cornish and the ones living at the coast of Normandy, France. For more information check the following articles: https://en.wikipedia...ing_(shipwreck) http://www.historic-...glers-Wreckers/ So, voila! The Wreckers by Spy Tha, on Flickr The Wreckers B by Spy Tha, on Flickr
  11. Erak had been replenishing the firewood supply of the little cabin near Daydelon's beacon, when he was surprised to see a bright flare in the distance. He quickly realized it was the Beacon of the Bay of Storms, and dropping the firewood, he hastily grabbed his torch and ran for the beacon. Once it was lit, he realized the significance of what must be happening, for even during the threat of civil war in Mitgardia, the beacons had not been lit... I used my new rockwork technique again here, with much more noticeable results. If you're interested in seeing how it's built, check out this album on Flickr: link I hope you guys like this one, it was a super fun build
  12. soccerkid6

    An Icy Attack

    I tried a new rockwork technique (for me anyways), that uses technic bricks and pins to tilt each column of rock. And I did a hinging wall again, for the first time in a while, on the tower. It had been another uneventful morning for the two guards stationed at the Noror Watchtower, besides an unusually cold wind, everything seemed normal. The guards were on edge however, for there were many rumours of strange happenings in the north of Mitgardia. It was Kapp, the archer, who first noticed a group of figures approaching the tower. "Look there," Kapp said, "can you see if they're friends or foes?" "They seem to blend into the snow, but they could be clansmen on their way to the village," Svigi replied. As the group advanced toward the tower, it quickly became apparent that they were not clansmen. The odd figures were clad in white, and there seemed something unnerving about them. Kapp and Svigi readied their weapons, and eyed the oncoming band with apprehension. When they were within earshot, Svigi called out: "Halt in the name of Mitgardia! What is your business in these lands?" They offered no reply but kept on towards the tower, Kapp fired a warning arrow in front of the group, but they paid no attention to it, and continued their relentless march towards the tower. By now the two guards were quite sure the menacing squad meant only harm, so Kapp and Svigi prepared to hold the tower. But instead of storming the tower door, one of the party lowered his strange looking axe toward the tower and began making odd noises. The Mitgardians looked on in disbelief as what seemed to be a stream of ice began flowing toward the tower and then surrounding the walls. Kapp realized in a moment that the spectre meant to trap them inside the tower, and quickly headed for the door, calling to Svigi to do the same. They burst outside, knowing only too well that they had no chance of overpowering these new enemies, but determined to give their all defending Mitgardia. More pictures: link C&C welcome
  13. Thomas of Tortuga

    The Gold Mine

    At a gold mine in Gorr, peril strikes! A lesser Guylinea dragon is attacking this gold mine. Luckily, another famous dragon-slayer is there to save the day. (Because the pictures with my sigifg in them turned out terrible ) Well... to sorta save the day. I tried to make this a (fairly) realistic gold mine. From the mine-shafts further up the mountain, workers shovel the loose rock and ore into this chute. It slides into a barrel waiting below. The barrel is on a swivel, and pours the mixture into the spring below. The fast-moving water washes away the dirt and rocks, but the gold stays in the streambed. Workers strain out the filtered gold using a greased sheepskin. Yay history! (Yeah, I could have posed the miner better, but this was basically a last-second addition when I couldn't find a gold pan ) This waterwheel powers a set of bellows in the base of the tower, making the forge hot enough to purify the gold. Finally, the gold is shipped out to the major cities of Kaliphlin. The cave, with a stream flowing out of it. My apologies for the lack of water pieces inside, as well as for the un-pressed-down gaps in the rocks. The landscaping. Why is there a random wall of bricks there? Oooohhh yeeahhh. , baby(If you know how to embed videos here, kindly enlighten me ) UoP Credits: +1 Tree technique +1 Studs up rocks and cliffs +1 Manufacturing +1 Flowing Water Thanks for viewing!
  14. Takkata

    Mountain Village Raid

    Garheim Soldiers use Torch throw! Its super effective! Mountain Village Raid by Takkata1, on Flickr
  15. This MOC was built by my 12 year old brother. the house has a full interior. Kendrick and our heroes have traveled to a famous dwarven blacksmith to buy armor so they can fight the dragon. Captain:hello young lad,is your father here? Boy:Yes, he is working in his shop, I'll tell him you're here. Captain:Thank you. Blacksmith:Hello,how may I be of service to you? Captain:As I'm sure you've heard, there is a dragon going throughout the lands attacking everything he sees. Blacksmith:Yes,I've heard but fortunately neither we nor our have people been attacked yet. Captain:Well, we have been sent on a mission to destroy him,and we are in need of the best quality armor which we here you make. Blacksmith:I'm honored! come see what I have. Captain:Very good selection! I'll take two full suits,a spear,a sword,and two shields. Blacksmith:Very well, is that all? Captain:I believe so,your services are greatly appreciated. Blacksmith:Your most welcome.Oh one more thing I've heard rumor that the dragon has been spotted near Gravensteen. Captain:Thank you very much,your information is most helpful! Blacksmith:I hope so. Goodbye and may you return victorious! Captain:Goodbye! And thank you once again for everything! More pictures here:link He would appreciate any C&C
  16. This vignette was built by my 12 year old brother. Kendrick and Basil are traveling with the soldiers they met alongside the stream. The soldiers are on their way to a famous dwarven blacksmith where they will buy weapons and armor to fight the dragon with. He would appreciate any C&C
  17. Takkata

    [MOC] Undermining

    "Mine underneath the castle wall they said, It'll be easy they said..." Undermining by Takkata1, on Flickr
  18. LukeClarenceVan

    LOTR: Paths of the Dead

    A scene I built for the Middle Earth LEGO Olympics, depicting Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli's escape from a flood of sculls in the Paths of the Dead. Which glows in the dark! Thought my glow pieces would give a nice ghostly atmosphere here. Thanks for stopping by!
  19. Mark of Falworth

    [MOC]The Battle of Drearcliff Pass

    Built for the "Epic Contest!" over on Flickr. The empire of Brigadar, with their usual ferocity and cruelty, took by storm the smaller nation of Lietemi. Few escaped the occupation, but a very few did. Including the crown prince Connura, who fled to the kingdom of Anselm for safety. The Brigadarians demanded that Anselm return the prince or suffer the consequences! Anselm refused to send the noble prince to his certain doom, the Brigadarians promptly declared war and attacked the knights of Anselm at Drearcliff pass! Can the heroic knights of Anselm defend themselves from the awful onslaught..... .....Or will they to succumb to the terrible knights of Brigadar!? See all the pictures in the Flickr set, or on Mocpages! Thanks for viewing and have a great day!