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Found 13 results

  1. I've been wanting to experiment with roof curvature and multiple angles in buildings for some time now. I also wanted to build a landscape without using any regular green parts, so I just decided to try it all at once! I'm quite pleased with the results, especially the elevated barrel (beer tower, as I have dubbed it), the roof, and the woodwork. I'm not too fond of the dark tan pieces in the white wall, but I have plans to fix that on future builds. Please let me know what you honestly think!
  2. Everybody knows the best vacationing spot isn't on one of the beaches of Loreos or in the forests of Lenfald. No, it's the beautiful, snow-covered mountains of Garheim. And that's where you'll find Gräehm Kendraic spending his time during the recovery period. Until he gets bored, that is. My entry for the Restricted category of the current Global Challenge for the Lands of Roawia game taking place on Merlin's Beard and for Miscellaneous in CCCXII.
  3. Graham Gidman

    Claiming for Garheim

    Gräehm Kendraic decides to take advantage of the break in fighting by claiming unoccupied towers along the Garheim border. My entry for the Vignette category in the current Global Challenge taking place on Merlin's Beard.
  4. When word reached Gabriel in the mountains, that the Jarl was requesting assistance and declaring war upon Galainir, he was ready. After having had suffered the humiliation of losing his home to the usurper, he had been getting ready and building his forces for months, all in secret of course. Now, the time he had been hoping for was finally here. After having gathered his troops and begun the march to the capital, Gabriel and the Darkstar Warriors encountered battalions of Lenfels and Loreesi looking for the same opportunity. After squashing some ridiculous clan machismo and rivalries, Gabriel and the leaders of the other battalions knew that joining forces was the best way to mount this attack. As they approached the castle and formulated the plans, Gabriel shocked the others with what he termed his ‘secret weapon’. “The dwarves of Garheim are tinkers….they will be able to breach the castle walls better and quicker than a sapper.” “I don’t believe it, they’re dwarves. All they know is stone and mining.” Jerik, the Lenfel captain said. Ahmed, the Loreesi captain snorted, but otherwise said nothing. “Just wait, they have created something they call flash powder. It’s dangerous, but in these circumstances I think it’s warranted.” As the siege began, the dwarves loaded a barrel into the catapult and lit the end. As the troops charged the gates, there was a moment of pause as the flaming barrel flew overhead. Then, chaos erupted. At once there was a blast of heat as that of a furnace that permeated the entire battlefield, and the sound of the explosion seemed to felt as strongly as it was heard. The walls erupted in a shower of stone and fire. Gabriel took a brief moment to turn and give just a hint of a smile to Ahmed and Jerik. Then, the fighting erupted. As Gabriel charged the usurpers, it seemed that bodies fell left and right. It was hard to tell what colors they were wearing with the mass of blood and gore. As he looked up his eyes connected with that of the ugliest man Gabriel had ever seen. Clad in black, he whirled chains that ended in blades from each hand. In a blur, the chains whipped through the air and tore apart the soldier just in front of Gabriel. As their eyes met, Gabriel knew he had but moments to react….. More photos here : So, inspiration for the explosion is from Xenomurphy. I tried to use LED lights in it to light it up a bit, but they just don't show up enough with the lighting for photography. Read more: http://merlins-beard...r#ixzz2ydl0tFPl
  5. Louie le Brickvalier


  6. Louie le Brickvalier


  7. Louie le Brickvalier


  8. Louie le Brickvalier


  9. Louie le Brickvalier


  10. Wat Tambor

    Garheim Mountain Camp

    Now that I have holidays, there is finally time for LEGO again! So I decided to build someting for the online RPG "Lands of Classic Castle". "Journal II Less than two months have passed since we had to leave our home behind and fled to the barren wilderness of Garheim. The last provisions are on the decline, the cattle is sick and wasting away and to make matters even worse, winter is just around the corner. A long and dark winter, as we only know it in the northern regions of Garheim. The winter, it is told for generations, is the time in which the evil roams the land. At night, in the dark, so rumors whisper, the cry of accursed and outcast can be heard. Thieves , murderers and other scum that is resistant against the cold due to the long time in the wilderness, became one with the winter. To be prepared against all this evil, archers patrol on the old wall at night, to sound the alarm when needed. For those of us who went north , this will be the hardest winter of our lives so far. Solely the thought of returning home some day keeps us alive out there." -> previous Journal I know the title says "Mountain Camp", and yes there are no rocks...but I wanted to improve my wall-building-skills, so let's prentend that this scene takes place in a valley. Hope you like it, comments and constructive criticism are welcome!
  11. Louie le Brickvalier


  12. Louie le Brickvalier


  13. Journal Entry: 16 September, Year of the Betrayer(Officially the year of Galainir) The serenity of the mountains here in Garheim has been shattered today. I thought that the turmoil we heard of at the coronation may not reach as far as Darkstar Keep. Ancestral home of my family, the refuge where I planned to raise my family as well, now in the hands of those brigands from the Magic Isles. The turmoil in my heart is the hardest to bear. With many of my countrymen imprisoned at the capital, I had hoped to hold out and remain steadfast here at Darkstar Keep. Today that all changed…. It was with a whimper that the keep fell. Well, that and the roar of a dragon. Those bastards from across the sea came with a dragon and threatened the lives of all those under my care. The choice was not really that hard once I knew that my people would perish if I made the wrong choice. I was able to broker their freedom as long as I gave the keep in full to the usurpers. Now, I will lead the people into the mountains and we will have to work together to survive through the coming winter. I was able to get out several barrels of grain to help feed us, however we will need to be resourceful and conservative in order to make the food last. The only thing that seems to keep me going right now is the thought of our return. I made sure to take advantage of the secret passages in the keep to hide what is most valuable to us. And now, I will bide my time and count the days until I can reclaim what is mine… More photos availabe at