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Found 18 results

  1. House Stonmer of Lenfald - Noble Houses of Roawia House Stonmer is one of the younger houses of Roawia. The Lords of Stonmer moved their estate from Loreos to Lenfald only a few generations ago. While their loyalty to Lenfald is not in question, they still keep with the traditions of their former home province: their house colours are read and gold their emblem is the Loreesi gilded falcon. Their current seat is at Stonmer Manor, in Northern Lenfald only a few miles from the border to Garheim. The Lords of Stonmer only rule over 4 villages and their small estate, but trade with Garheim made them relatively rich and important nonetheless: the regions is rich in fish and is mostly forested, with wood being their major export products. Additional Images can be found on Flickr: Minifigs + MOC Read more:
  2. Hi all, As this is my biggest project yet, I thought I'd display it here in hope for some feedback! I have a new found respect now for those of you who build big - it wasn't as easy as it looked. I'm going to happly go back to smaller builds for a little while now! This is a build for a local challenge over on Lands of Roawia and will also be part of a group entry for the Summer Joust on flickr. A team of four builders from our faction will be presenting builds in the city of Ainesford for the Summer Joust. Our intent was to display typical scenes from the city whilst at the same time staying consistent to the style and stories presented by other builders who have depicted Ainesford in the past. In the descriptions I've linked in some of those previous builds. Additional photos and some WIP shots are available on flickr in this album. So anyway with further ado, may I present to you the 'Red Elm' Market place in Ainesford, Lenfald! Ainesford is a major Lenfel city situated on the fork of the Aines and Marnie rivers and the border with Loreos. A major trading hub, the main road south into Loreos passes through Ainesford and the city is also a major stop for riverine traffic passing between Durrough and the capital Stonewald. As such the city is famous for its economic prosperity and flourishing markets. In times of peace, goods constantly flow up and down the river and across the border. The city is also known for its multicultural make up which is reflected in both its people and architecture. Here is a section of the 'Red Elm' Markets, one of the major market places in Ainesford named for the old red elm tree growing nearby. To the left of the scene is a government building in typical Ainesford style where the Grand Duke of Ainesford, Lord Sorley Meyrick is emerging to meet with the Grand Duke of Durrough, Lord Cartney. To the right is a popular tavern famous for serving their own special brew of fine apple cider that Lenfald is famous for. Here a jester can be seen entertaining the crowds in the marketplace while shoppers inspect goods at a blacksmith stall, bakery stall and glassware stall in the background. In this scene some Ghajjar tribesmen from Loreos inspect the goods at a fishmongers stall. In times of peace many Loreesi cross the border to trade in Ainesford, including nomadic tribesmen such as the Ghajjar. Behind them two Lenfels rangers inspect the work of a master bower and fletcher at his stall in the marketplace. Archery is considered a national skill and people of all classes and both sexes commonly train with a bow from an early age. Some Pikemen of the Ainesford militia. After the crushing defeat of Lenfel forces at the Battle of Ainesford a few years ago during the War of Loreesi Aggression, the new Grand Duke has focused on training pikemen. Pikemen are ideal to counter the heavy Loreesi cavalry that dominated the field that day. These pikemen are led by a Lenfel Knight, a somewhat unusual sight as the majority of Lenfel cavalry are usually lighter armed and mounted and are primarily used for scouting and mounted infantry rather than as shock cavalry.
  3. Sci-FiFleetAdmiral

    The Falcon's Nest

    Hello fellow EBers, I would would like to present my latest build: The Falcon's Nest The Falcon's Nest by Joshua, on Flickr The Falcon's Nest- tree platform details by Joshua, on Flickr The Falcon's Nest- Lenfel riverine patrol boat by Joshua, on Flickr The Falcon's Nest ------------------------------- As the riverine patrol boat rounded the bend in the river, Elfrida beheld a sight such as she had never seen in her lifetime. Ahead of them, standing at the water's edge, were a half-dozen tan trees, speckled with brown spots. But that was not what was so mind-blowing about them. Rather, it was the fact that they were giants, soaring up into the sky for hundreds of feet, their huge roots disappearing under the pale blue water. Ringing the colossal trunks, every twenty feet or so, were wooden platforms, some with doorways to rooms bored into the tree, others with huts, supported by thick beams. A narrow bridge, without railings, spanned the river, connecting two of the largest trees. Whatever she had imagined the so-called 'Falcon's Nest' to be, it paled in comparison to the real thing. Behind her, manning the tiller of the boat, the captain called to his sailors. "Lower the sail boys! And get that mooring line ready!" As the crew carried out their orders, movement on the bridge ahead caught Elfrida's sharp eye. A Lenfel Scout Sniper stepped out onto the walkway, watching the boat approach, then turned to call down to someone, presumably to say they had arrived. Rounding the biggest tree's trunk, they came within sight of the small dock built into the trunk. A figure walked out to the end of the dock, waiting for them to pull up. Elfrida grinned and waved when she saw who was waiting for them on the dock. ----------------------------------------- Captain Rhinedall Alden smiled, and waved back as the boat pulled close enough for him to see his old friend, whom he hadn't recognized at first with her shorter hair, standing amidships, waving to him with a huge grin on her face. Stepping forward, he prepared to catch the mooring line, as it was tossed to him by a sailor. ----------------------------------------- As soon as the boat bumped against the dock, pushing a small rowboat out of the way, Elfrida jumped nimbly onto the dock, and embraced her childhood friend warmly. He returned the embrace, then held her at arm's length. "Look at you! You've changed so much, I barely recognize you now!" She laughed. "I'm a full-fledged Ranger now Rhinedall. Of course I've changed. You however," she looked him up and down, "haven't changed a bit!" "He grinned, and they started walking towards the ladder leading up to the first platform, after untieing the patrol boat so it could continue on it's way. "Why'd you cut your hair?" Rhinedall asked curiously. The other replied, "I found it was starting to get in the way during combat. Plus, knowing I was being deployed here, I decided long hair might not be the best idea in a humid environment. Why? Don't you think it looks good?" Rhinedall shrugged. "No, I do think you look good. It's just going to take some getting used to, that's all." Changing the subject, he added," You must have lot to talk about." She smiled. "I do indeed. But first, got any ale in this place? Elfrida and Rhinedall had known each other since childhood, growing up together in Stonebourgh. Both had joined the Rangers when they'd gotten old enough, but they were sent to seperate places, Rhinedall to Stonewald, Elfrida to Durrough, where, during her stay there, she had run into a young knight by the name of Haymar, and decided to take a break from her tedious ranger training, and join his company, participating in several notable quests and events, such as the Battle of Durrough. Having recently left Haymar's company, she had traveled to Stonewald, to finally complete her erstwhile training. It was here that she and Rhinedall ran into each other again, and their old friendship was renewed, only to be broken again when news of the Great Western Islands reached Stonewald, and Rhinedall was deployed there, to establish a Scout Sniper outpost. Now however, they had been reunited once more, as Elfrida was now a full-fledged Ranger, and had also been deployed to New Lenfald, to check up on and help with improvements, to both the Emerald City, and the outpost, which had been dubbed The Falcon's Nest. And we won't be separated again. Not if I have anything to say about it, that is. She was snapped out of her reverie, by the shout of a panicked (and unseen) Scout Sniper, on lookout duty somewhere in the outpost. "River Serpent!!!!!!" Grabbing her bow, Elfrida followed Rhinedall out of the small hut were they'd been having lunch. Seems I'm about to find out just how good my Ranger skills are. ------------------------------------------------ The Falcon's Nest is my entry for Lenfald's LC 21: New Lenfald Rising, over on Merlin's Beard. Hope you all like it!
  4. I've been wanting to experiment with roof curvature and multiple angles in buildings for some time now. I also wanted to build a landscape without using any regular green parts, so I just decided to try it all at once! I'm quite pleased with the results, especially the elevated barrel (beer tower, as I have dubbed it), the roof, and the woodwork. I'm not too fond of the dark tan pieces in the white wall, but I have plans to fix that on future builds. Please let me know what you honestly think!
  5. Changing The Guard - Stonewald City Watch The Guard Headquarters of the Stonewald City Watch. With courtyard, armory, commander's office and a small park that is open to the public. The Night Guard regiment is receiving their orders for the current shift while the first torches are lit in preparation for the night. -- I didn't have enough time to finish the tree, so please forgive if it looks out of place here :-) Many more pictures in the Flickr Set.
  6. To the Edge of the Realm This MOC and story is part of the "Lands of Roawia" Project. After a long and painful campaign the forces of Queen Galainir have been vanquished and the realm of Lenfald is safe again. Few survived the slaughter, and those who did either vanished in the woods never to be heard of again or are running for their lives, trying to reach the coast or the grasslands of Loreos. The hunting dogs discovered a small group of soldiers foolishly trying to reach Loreos via the south-road, and Lord Val Karem himself, still not fully recovered from his wounds, decides to pursue them only to the border and let the Loreesi deserts deal with any (un)lucky survivors. One by one he picked them off with his bow, only one reached the border marker before he fell victim to the Lenfel arrows. "We will leave him for the Loreesi to deal with - they need the practice" the Lord said while unstringing his bow and slowly climbing down from his outlook. "We head back north - there is still much to do" -- More images from different angles on Flickr
  7. soccerkid6

    Thenwell Castle

    Built for Global Challenge VI in the Lands of Classic Castle. This is for the "Unrestricted" Category. My main goals for this build were: to experiment with using dark green 1x1 bricks for the landscape, using bley 1x2 grill bricks for texturing the castle walls, and to create a 'real' castle feel with the build. The castle is fairly simple, but I think it is the most realistic looking castle I've built yet. As always there is a full interior, this time accesible by a hinging wall. Thenwell Castle is a small castle in southern Lenfald, and one of the few castles not currently under the "Queen's" control. Lord Thenwell has been amassing weapons and armor to be ready for the revolt. Pepin helps with the stockpiling. More pictures here: link Any comments/criticism appreciated
  8. Wat Tambor

    Garheim Mountain Camp

    Now that I have holidays, there is finally time for LEGO again! So I decided to build someting for the online RPG "Lands of Classic Castle". "Journal II Less than two months have passed since we had to leave our home behind and fled to the barren wilderness of Garheim. The last provisions are on the decline, the cattle is sick and wasting away and to make matters even worse, winter is just around the corner. A long and dark winter, as we only know it in the northern regions of Garheim. The winter, it is told for generations, is the time in which the evil roams the land. At night, in the dark, so rumors whisper, the cry of accursed and outcast can be heard. Thieves , murderers and other scum that is resistant against the cold due to the long time in the wilderness, became one with the winter. To be prepared against all this evil, archers patrol on the old wall at night, to sound the alarm when needed. For those of us who went north , this will be the hardest winter of our lives so far. Solely the thought of returning home some day keeps us alive out there." -> previous Journal I know the title says "Mountain Camp", and yes there are no rocks...but I wanted to improve my wall-building-skills, so let's prentend that this scene takes place in a valley. Hope you like it, comments and constructive criticism are welcome!
  9. My first entry into The Castle Battle Contest over on flickr! This is a great contest, thanks Mark! Finally, I have the time to post it! Built over a period of several months, this is my largest creation to date. Incorporating lots of my favorite techniques, this was fun to build, and see come together. I am extremely pleased that I had enough light bluish gray bricks to build the gateway and the towers. Aidan Frusher helped with the base, thanks a lot buddy! :D Enjoy! (Story coming later. :D ) Soli Deo Gloria!
  10. Hello all! Here is my entry into the Lenfald Local Contest for LCC. Enjoy! C&C Appreciated! Soli Deo Gloria! Matthew Oh
  11. soccerkid6

    Lenfald Picnic

    My entry to Local Challenge 10 in the Lands of Classic-Castle. Building the irregular base was a fun change from my normal square/rectangle bases and trying to capture a festive atmoshpere was also fun. With the coronation of a new queen in Roawia, Lenfald citizens rejoice with many feasts and picnics. Here we see one such gathering: More pictures here: link Any C&C welcome
  12. soccerkid6

    Coming Home from War

    For Lenfald Local Challenge 8 in Lands of Classic Castle. The Challenge: "Build a scene depicting either your character or another Lenfel solider returning home from War. The focus should be in capturing emotion, not extravagant Landscapes/buildings!" I used only subdued colors in this build to help add to the serious feeling of war and its aftermath. The houses have full interiors. Some of the soldiers coming home have been injured, others are physically unscathed, and many never return at all. For some families it is a time of joyous reunion; for others, a time of mourning: More pictures can be seen here: link All C&C appreciated
  13. Bricknave

    MOC: Going Coastal

    As contracted by Loreesi hero Mark of Falworth, the Outlaw Captain Claw and his crew "visits" the Lenfald coast, specifically an unsuspecting village close to the shore. Two Outlaws tagged along as unofficial members of Claw's crew: blade-wielding brawler Lute the Brute and crossbow-wielding archer Arrowhead. The village is by no means defenseless: After the Obsidian Seawing arrived, a group of Lenfaldi sentinels sprung into action.
  14. Made for the Fortify Lenfald Challenge in LCC. This is the home of Manek Asten and his wife Eleonora. Manek is a captain in the army of Lenfald and lives just outside the great city Stonewald. He has hired Pepin (my character) to oversee the construction of a stone wall around his home as war seems to be coming: More pics, including interior, here:'s-Home.php Any C&C welcome
  15. Castle Bladefall by mpoh98, on Flickr For the 2013 MocAthalon Team Theocracy. Category: 29. Tropical Paradise. It's cold outside, as Old Man Winter takes his toll on everywhere we all dream of warmer places. Build a tropical paradise you'd rather be vacationing at. Will it be a tourist hot spot or a deserted island? It's up to you, with no size restrictions, and as always the more detailed and creative you are....the bigger the points! Bring some beauty and warmth to those of us who are shoveling snow! As soon as I saw this category, I knew where I would want to be vacationing at....A CASTLE! So here it is! Castle Bladefall was an old english castle, and held its own against many enemies. Now, in modern times, it has been turned into a hotel, and is a favorite vacationing spot, with hiking trails, beaches, and forests to play in. The drawbridge and portcullis have been turned into a stairway and massive door. It contains many gentle wild animals, and some not so gentle. It has horse riding, and many other fun activities. Soli Deo Gloria!
  16. Here is a small freebuild for the LCC that I did. It takes place directly after the siege of winmore pass. More Pics here. Enjoy!
  17. Here is My entry to The LCC Global Challenge three Part 2. Please excuse the bad pics.
  18. Follow Them! A hunting party chases some retreating Outlaws and magical creatures into the mountains up an old gated mountain pass. While the lesser creatures flee, some brave (but foolish) Black Knights try to stand their ground inside the ruins of the old outpost that once protected the pass. Please excuse the image quality, my camera is being repaired and I had to take them with an iPhone. Flickr Gallery