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Found 9 results

  1. klockizbroda

    [MOC] The Old School Caravan Trip

    Hello, With this first post I wanted to share with you my latest MOC which I call The Old School Caravan Trip. It is my humble tribute to the classic 'car and caravan' sets done in a bit old fashion way, with a tiny vintage car towing almost equally tiny caravan. The caravan is fitted with a foldable bike rack, a roof rack for the luggage and it has just enough space inside to fit a bed for one minifigure. As an experiment, I decided to submit this MOC as a product idea on LEGO Ideas, so if you fancy supporting it, you may find it here. Hope you'll enjoy it! The Old School Caravan Trip by Michał Piotrewicz, on Flickr The Old School Caravan Trip by Michał Piotrewicz, on Flickr The Old School Caravan Trip by Michał Piotrewicz, on Flickr The Old School Caravan Trip by Michał Piotrewicz, on Flickr The Old School Caravan Trip by Michał Piotrewicz, on Flickr The Old School Caravan Trip by Michał Piotrewicz, on Flickr The Old School Caravan Trip by Michał Piotrewicz, on Flickr
  2. The "ARV"-Armored Recreational Vehicle ---------------------------------------- The post-apocalyptic Wastelands in the Future can be quite dangerous and treacherous,but what if you have a Family you want to protect and you want to find a better Place to live? Well,just hope you got one of these,the "ARV" (stands for "Armored Recreational Vehicle). A once ordinary Offroad Van,this Allwheel drived Vehicle gets through pretty much everything thanks to the rugged and massive Cage that protects the vulnerable Enginebay and Windshield from Damage. I wanted to try the new flared Fender Pieces Lego introduced this Year and one Thing i immediatly thought of was "rugged 4x4 Camper". The Roofrack holds some Luggage and Sparewheels which are hold in Place by a strong Net. The Grill Area contains a Nod to 2 older Lego Sets,Hero Factory (see the little Badge?) and Power Miners. IMG_20171217_135801 IMG_20171217_135719 IMG_20171217_135659 IMG_20171217_135626 IMG_20171217_135612 IMG_20171217_135559 IMG_20171217_135531 I hope you like this Creation,Comments are always welcome :D
  3. R5-N2

    [MOC] Camping Wars

    A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away.... (Actually no, it was this summer on the Côte d'Azur ...) After a fierce fight against the rebellion, it is time for paid leave for DARTH VADER. On board the IMPERIAL DARK NAP, armored intergalactic camper-van with all options, he goes to the "Camping du Gai Pinson". The arrival of the Evil Lord and the henchmen of the Galactic Empire will not go unnoticed. Welcome to the Dark Side Camping ... All pics here :
  4. Brick Architect

    Funny Camping Day!

    The little Bricks Family is going Camping! Let see what happens... (Movie based on the Set 60117 Van & Caravan Lego City) Enjoy!
  5. CM4Sci

    [MOC] Family Campsite

    Hi guys! I designed a version of this set a few years ago, and when I discovered Bluerender, I wanted to remake it. So here it is! A small, family campsite complete with a tent, bonfire, barbecue grill, and more! I included three minifigures - a family; a mother, a father, and their son! All sorts of accessories are included, like chairs by the fire, a fishing pole, food, and more. I've also published this to LEGO Ideas. I know it's small and probably won't hit 10k, but any support is appreciated! Thanks for looking!
  6. sidekick2461

    Moc: Off Road Camping Trip

    Taking camping to the next level with an eight wheeled off road camper/RV. Vehicle has the following facilities. Lounge/TV, Kitchen, Shower, Toilet, Computer, Skylight Bedroom, Generator, Motorcycle and Hoist. Includes 6 Minifigures, a picnic area and barbeque area.
  7. CM4Sci

    LDD MOC: Family Campsite

    Hi everyone, I'm back with another City MOC! This is a remake of my old Camping MOC. (which I submitted to CUUSOO) I completely re-did all the building and re-did the minifigures. The minifigures include a father, mother, and their son. There are a lot of little accessories, such as a football for the family to play around with, marshmallows for the campfire, and even a chef's hat for the dad! The set without minifigures: The first part is the campfire, complete with logs, marshmallows on sticks, and the fire itself! The next part is the actual tent, which includes sleeping bags. The tree in the back has a mushroom. Lastly, the 'eating' area, with a table, a small barbecue grill, with some food and a spatula. There's also a flashlight on the table. If you have any suggestions, feel free to post them below. In the meantime, I'm having some trouble thinking of ideas to add into my City MOCs. Ideas would be great, too! Thanks for looking! -Sci
  8. Capt. Stabbin

    Lets go RVing

    Using the recreation vehice from 4435, I decided to make a little camping scene. Thanks for looking. C & C appreciated.
  9. With summer fast approaching "Down Under", AussieBJ05 posted several YouTube videos of his Lego Technic 4WD vehicle with folding pop-up camper trailer. : Demonstrating the folding mechanisms: : Showing how the camping trailer opens (pops up):