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Found 23 results

  1. Hi seamates! it took quite a while but I finally have build a long planned project using the old dark grey hull pieces! It was planned in a quite dark colour scheme but I stumbled upon the Orc-ship sail... The Grey Hawk A Bermuda Sloop with dutch leeboards, very well suited for shallow waters, so it fits perfect for an ambush and plundering wrecks: Instead of strings i used all diefferent type of bars for the rigging, works out better than expected and the sails keep their position. The leeboards are raised on the luv side and lowered on the lee side to avoid sidedrift. I have already presented the crew: I was thinking about changing the leeboards colour from black to dark red, what do you think? See you next time when having a party with the dry fallen Grey Hawk at low tide! Störtebricker
  2. For my contest entry, I wanted to make a small, yet feature packed little ship. Made in LDD and rendered in Bricklink Studio, It was based on 7416 Adventurer's set Emperor's ship, but I've remade it to be less of a Chinese Junk, and more of a Golden Age of Piracy Gunboat. I've added a bowsprit, cannon, steering wheel and a Poopdeck, and replaced cloth Junk sail with brick built Jib and Gaff Rigged sails (Ideally I'd use cloth sails, but I don't know how to do that in Studio). I'm very proud how it turned out, and I'm sure it would be a fine addition to Admiral Woodhouse's Navy. It's a very versatile vessel, perfect for patroling the shore, escorting and interception, and it's manned by a crew of three: Two Marines and One Captain. This is how it looks like from Starboard and Port. Even though the cabin under the poopdeck doesn't have much space, it's enough to keep charts and delicate navigation instruments away from the Elements. There's also a nice little hold for confiscated pirate contraband and treasure, though, to gain access to it, you have to remove the cannon. I guess that's what the huge crane at the Eldorado Fortress is for. Obviously it's the first cathegory entry, and I mainly tried to emulate the 2009 era, as it's evident by the Minifig Prints, and rather modern parts. EDIT: After hearing your suggestions, Here's the improved model: The Sails are now tan and with much less visible studs. New cannon! it's still not perfect, but it's much smaller, and has a built in stud shooter. And yes, you can open the hold with cannon still attached: Other changes: -Added Figurehead -Reduced number of golden decorations. Now it should be more aesthetically coherent. -Tweaked the stern a little bit. Added colours flag, and an additional lantern. - Made the hold trapdoor open the other way, this should make it more accessible.
  3. Quotenotto

    [WIP] Bluecoat sloop WIP

    Hello, I'd like to show you my latest WIP. As a vessel for my bluecoat faction and being of comparable size (two masts, single deck) I consider it to be an hommage to the Caribbean Clipper. It is a snow (because of the third mast directly behind the main mast for the spanker) and in military classification it would be considered as a sloop. The hull is custom build and I tried to incorporate al the typical curvatures in all three dimensions of a ship. As usual, i haven't found the time yet to create custom sails (definitely not a task I am comfortable with): I am also not sure, if the spars are wide enough for the square sails, also I am considering to add studding sails to the main- and the topsail. The interior, accesable through a hatch to lift up the rear part of the continous single deck, is still WIP as well. For armorment I'm considering carronades, I already tried to come up with a small fitting build. I used the HMS Onterio as a historical reference. IMG_1702 IMG_1705 IMG_1706 IMG_1707 IMG_1708 IMG_1709
  4. Sloops for the Royal Navy Citizens of Corrington, shipwrights of the Brick Seas, and boatyards of Terra Nova. The Royal Navy hereby initiates a building program for mid-sized warships to safeguard the shipping lanes of the colonies. This building program includes three types of vessels with each a different purpose, mainly within the classes 3 and 4. Class 3 vessels will be bought into the service for 50 dbs and class 4 vessels for 60 dbs. Island defenses The success of the Corlander gunboats have led the admiralty to propose larger vessels of similar types akin to the galleys of old. Oar and wind powered warships with heavy guns, typically carried fore and aft. Low range, high manoeuvrability and heavy firepower makes them perfect to complement the gunboats for inshore defences. Royal Customs and Pilot Corps With trade on the rise, the Royal Navy Customs and Pilots Corps is in need of swift vessels for conveyance of pilots and customs officers, and to hunt down smugglers and privateers. Highly manoeuvrable cutters, luggers and schooners with light armament and reasonable range. Sloops-of-War The Royal Terra Novan Navy is in need of mid-sized warships to cover escort duties, general patrolling and similar. Typically well-balanced vessels, often brig- or snow-rigged, and able to sail the high seas. Once a design has been submitted, the Navy Board will review it, and send any requests for change back to the constructor. (OOC: You may be asked to improve on your design to have it accepted, so it may be prudent to present the WIP before rigging.) For the first 9 vessels, the best design of every three vessels commissioned will be awarded with a prize from the stock of dry-docked captures. (Class 3 or 4 vessel) The Crown will assign these vessels to colonial enclaves as they are finalised, based on tactical needs. Signed Rear-Admiral Fletcher Commander, Royal Terra Novan Fleet PS. The Allcock estate has most graciously offered to finance this incentive, for which the crown is most grateful.
  5. "Hielan Coo", a topsail sloop. Helmed by Graham McTogail, an ex-corsair hailing from Scottish Highlands, currently undercrewed, as it only has two crewmen... or rather, crewpeople: Brianne Crow - who pretended to be a man to be able to sail (until she realized Graham never believed in sailor superstitions about women) - and Cian "Scian" Brackeen, known for his affinity for two things: knives and the sea. Features: ► anchor with working capstan ► fake tackle-operated hoist ► functional cargo hold.with removable hatch ► opening doors to captain's cabin ► adjustable stays tension Details include furnished captain's cabin, two bunks below the main deck, rudimentary rigging, rudder, Highland cow's skull figurehead, musket mounts on railings, lamps, alarm bell, crow's nest, permanently roped bucket for gathering seawater, side ladders. The model contains roughly 900 parts and is based on bow & stern segments from 6268 Renegade Runner. When I got those two parts, I considered completing the bits needed to rebuild the original set, but I figured this is a perfect opportunity to design my semi-accurate depiction of an actual historical ship type*. *not that 6268 Renegade Runner isn't apt - it's one of the most realistic ships from original Pirates
  6. The sloop transporting the soldiers of the 30th company left anchor and set the course to its destination. It was a sloop freshly built by the Eltina Shipyards, priority was given to transport capacity, its defense was reduced to a pair of swivels, but attaching points to expand its firepower in case of need. For the moment, the men onboard had to rely on the competence of la Royale to ensure the safety of their travel. To be licensed as a class 3 sloop.
  7. This is a small project i'm currently working on. I designed a rough prototype with my own bricks to create the shape of the hull and to figure out the right distaces inbetween the parts. Then i build the ship in studio and gave it the colours of the black seas barracuda. I would love to get some suggestions for different colour palettes, preferably with a light and dark bluish gray hull, because i've got a lot of those parts already. In the future i might buy the parts i need to build this ship in real.
  8. kurigan

    HMS Scorpion… again, a MOC

    UPDATE November 2nd 2019 I told myself I wouldn’t start another hull until I was done with my current queue of MOCs, but I just couldn’t resist. After all the fun I had trying to finish Nuisance, I’ve been just a bit tired of sewing and rigging. Instead as I sat there watching Scorpion (the 4th edition) continue to collect dust, with her crew stoically awaiting completion or reconstruction of their ship, I just kind of snapped. I liked the old hull, but it just needed to be redone. The style, with which it was built, was good and rather conventional but ultimately inferior to the newer one I’ve adopted and adapted. I grabbed a few shots for posterity and reference and began tearing hull. A few hours later I was ready to pass out and had little to show, I went to bed feeling defeated and a little guilty. A couple of days later I came back to the table determined to right the wrong and reduced the old hull down to individual bricks. With the components sorted and accounted for I was in a better place and much more up for the challenge. I’d like to say I did the responsible thing and quit at a reasonable hour, but honestly I became a bit obsessed and in the wee hours, finally stopped work. Rather impressed with myself, I used my cell phone camera to grab a few shots and this is what I had. She’ll be a 16 gun brig ( 2more ports were added in the bows after the images were taken), a sloop in the Royal Navy under command of my own Charles Finley. Finley is my own fictional character who briefly commanded two previous Scorpions, the original brig and the later post ship. When construction was started on the new hull, I wasn’t sure if I’d be settling for another schooner or if a brig was going to be a possibility. At this stage I’m convinced rigging a schooner on this hull is right-out and have decided she must be a brig. The old battery, made up of something like 12s, is being recycled from the 4th hull. I’m considering adding a quarter (really poop) deck and stern cabin, but I’m not sure. Some of the Cruizer Class had cabins added aft, but it wasn’t part of the original design. Then again, this isn’t an exact model any way. For the sake of my fiction it’d be nice if Finley could have a cabin, since he’s essentially taking a demotion just to have a ship to command, but not at all necessary. If it would ruin the lines of the ship I’d rather not, but I like the idea of having one otherwise. What say you all? Now just for fun The History of Scorpion: The first 12 gun brig was a rather rudimentary model. It was a first attempt to recapture my lost skill with a very limited supply of bricks. In universe she was sailed to her station but was shortly thereafter deemed unseaworthy, having been much abused and sadly, sent to the knackers’ yard. Much of her timbers were reused on later iterations. The second Scorpion was intended to be a replacement for the aged brig but never sailed under that name. She was cutter rigged and had half as many guns as her predecessor, but a slightly more refined technique was used. After being abandoned for a time, in favor of a more suitable replacement, the hull was recycled into what would become Narthex. Though slated for a re-dux, Narthex is still with in service. http://www.eurobrick...showtopic=59351 The third rendition was a grand experiment in a new technique, intended to stretch my brick supply as far as possible. The ambitious project, had it worked out, would have resulted in a 20 gun post ship, but it was far too fragile. The entire concept relied on gravity and quite a bit of SNOT to stay together. After the second time it was dashed on the floor the design was abandoned. In the grander story, she too never sailed. While fitting out for sea, she was blown up as an act of revenge by pirates. In both reality and fiction she took the cutter Hawk, which had been serving as a test bed for the same techniques, with her. http://www.eurobrick...c=66085&hl=hawk http://www.eurobrick...showtopic=59877 The fourth iteration was yet again a complete experiment in technique. Intended more to “stick it to” my detractors, the exercise served to open my eyes to significant new possibilities. As has become my wont, much of the initial concept was inspired by other works here, but to serve my needs required refinement and ingenuity. The result was intriguing and I took it rather far, but still put it aside unfinished. Even though this hull was never complete and a yet another replacement is in the works, she was written in to the tale and the role she played stands. The details will simply be adjusted to accommodate the few differences between the two vessels. The fifth, and perhaps final, version uses my latest technique and has created a rather impressive effect even at this early stage. Though I had hoped this one could have been more of a direct model of the Cruizer Class, it would require a significantly greater investment in bricks (money) and I just can’t afford that at this juncture. Instead I’ll pour my heart in to yet another historically reverent interpretation, based mostly on the Cruizer Class, of which there was a famous Scorpion in the same historic timeframe.
  9. Sebeus I

    Imperial Trading Ship

    Hello gents, As I'm making progress on my Island town I am in need of a number of small ships. (smaller ships make the Island look bigger ). My latest one is actually based on an earlier model I built at Maxim's. It seemed fun to use the small ship from the classic set Imperial Trading Post as a reference. As you may notice that is where those beautiful sails come from. Anyway, I hope you like it, please support it on LEGO Ideas, if you have a minute . Note that helmsman has the original torso that was used in the set. Didn't they call that minifigure Steve or something? Choosing the colours for this model was quite challenging but I'm satisfied with its current colour scheme. Of course there should be a goat on board, how else would they be getting fresh goat milk? Just look at that, wouldn't you want one for your own? Perhaps that may be possible... When the project reaches 100 supporters, the deadline will be extended with a full year, in which it will have to gather a total of 10000 supporters in order to be considered as an official set. So get supporting! (But be careful when logging in, there seems to be some kind of bug).
  10. Launched from the docks of Bardo is this old merchant sloop, the Mysterious Lady. She has seen a lot of ports and a lot of owners in her day, a frequent traveler among the islands of the Sea of Storms. She is affectionately referred to as "The Gypsy" by her crew. Now purchased by Willem Guilder and refurbished, she is ready to sail again. Hurrying to get underway, the crew is still busy getting things in order, even after setting for sea. Cargo still needs to be stored below decks. At least the sails are set properly, and the men can come down. The captain has the helm on the quarter deck. The cargo is now stored away, and the hatches are closed. The "Gypsy" sails to her new destination, a new lease on life. To be licensed as a class 3 trader. She is very similar to my Lady of Madrice. As always, all C&C welcome.
  11. The Mardierian's remote fishing area is under attack! The Garvian privateer ship, a fast sailing topsail schooner has been on sea for several months, the crew was on the edge of mutiny, until they saw the white sails of a Mardiarian fishing boat on the horizon. The Mardierian boat was defenseless, sunking it was effortless. Unfortunately for the privateers, a Mardierian navy's sloop was patrolling nearby, a fight ensued. (Credit to Legostone for the bullet trajectory built with transparent studs) The reinforcement arrived just in time to prevent Garvian privateers from stealing the precious tuna! The poor dude is stuck in the middle of the fight. Full of militancy and royalist ardour, the Mardierian seamen deployed some WMDs, explosive and chain shot! The effect is very convincing. With their ship immobilized, the remaining privateers were forced to surrender. Some extra pictures of the ships: This entry is for Mardier. Thanks for viewing. Vive le Roi!
  12. kurigan

    HMS Reckless (WIP)

    Presenting my latest “master work” His Majesty’s Sloop Reckless. She has been built and commissioned to replace the aging Ramcat. The new design takes inspiration for HMS Alert and other such cutters. She remains a 10 gun sloop but is now in a more appropriate fashion for a commissioned man-of-war shedding her stern gallery and overly large bowsprit. Her scale has also increased to something much more like Mini-fig scale. This renewed effort was brought on when an opportunity to participate in an exhibit of “Toys as Art” at the Morris County Museum, NJ came along. Before committing, I made a thorough inspection of my fleet to determine readiness and completion. After careful consideration I simply found Ramcat wanting. She was a prototype that just kept going and was never intended to be finished. What started as an attempt to correct a few issues, quickly turned in to a complete tear down and rebuild. The second version was about as hapless as the original though and that too wound up scrapped. For this latest iteration I went back to concept and found new inspiration. Models of Alert captured my interest and I found a lot of useful and free information to help me make a most accurate interpretation. Alas, limitations of the scale and medium have caused me to deviate from an exact replica, as is quite typical. The wealth of information on Alert and sloops of her type though made finding reasonable alternatives simple and easy. At the time of this posting, we are about two weeks from our deadline and thus two weeks from completion. She is as brick built as all considerations can make her until her rig is in place and any subsequent needs become apparent. Because she is a replacement for Old Ramcat, Nick and crew will be shifting into Reckless to resume their normal duties. Her construction technique is the same I’ve been touting for some time. This time around, however, I was able to further refine my method and take into account needs and limitations previous versions did not. Though I did try to keep the “illegal” stuff to a minimum there are still a few element which may make purists cringe. Sometimes that’s just what it takes when you’re trying to force the system to do things it was never intended to do. Thanks for taking an interest. Do check back as updates with greater detail, better images, and perhaps a bit of story worked in, are forthcoming. Go ahead and talk her up, share her around and ask me anything. If it’s not obvious I’ll tell you, I love to talk about this stuff. For more images check out Reckless here. To take a look back at her predecessor, Ramcat, click here.
  13. I found this most Flickr MOC searching for data on HMS Speedy of Lord Thomas Cochran, who famously took the far superior 32 gun Xebec frigate El Gamo with this tiny 14 gun brig. For those inclined to nautical fiction, Speedy and Cochran were Patrick O'Brien's primary inspiration for Jack Aubry and his HMS Sophie. HMS Speedy_Fighting Tops by TLPershing, on Flickr What we see here is TLPershing's LDD model of that famous ship, and a particularly fine one at that. HMS Speedy_Aft Quarter by TLPershing, on Flickr if you scroll through TLPershing's album there are several more views available as well as some interesting gun designs. as usual i will reach out to the creator and invite then to come and comment, so leave your comments and show your support.
  14. Protecting a treasure fleet is no easy task, a valid strategy is to use a great number of small fast sloops to distract and exhaust large battle ships in order to give some space to the treasure carrying-ships. One of those sloops is the Dancing Ember, originally built in an Oleon Shipyard but for a time they have been going around different factions as well. Interesting fact; This sloop was built at Maxim's place, with his lego (that also explains why it eventually became an Eslandolan vessel ). Anyhow, I had fun building it and I must say it's one of my finest at this scale.
  15. The next part of our collab for CH IV. (Although this is not an entry, but just a freebuild.) Prior builds: In The Captain's Cabin Pieces Of A Puzzle Following builds: Undercover for the Final Piece Montoya was not at ease. This tiny little vessel was dancing up and down the waves, rushing close-hauled towards Mooreton bay in a most haphazard fashion, and his stomach was not agreeing with him. "Tell me again why I find myself on this fragile little death-trap. The Athena seemed a perfectly fine transport…" he gasped. "The Athena would have taken day and night to tack in here against the wind. And as I am certain you are aware, Ferguson signalled for me to report on board the Ironsides without a moments delay!" Cooke shouted against the wind. As they had approached Mooreton Bay, the lookout had spotted the horrible old Ironsides in the port and, moments later, the signal flags requiring Cooke to report on board for orders from the Admiralty. And for a naval officer, nothing was more important than orders from the Admiralty. "But surely, my friend, this haphazard pace is both dangerous and unwarranted?" Cooke laughed, thrilled with their speed and the prospect of new orders: "Tide and wind waits for no man, my friend!" The Dolfijn The socalled "death-trap" was a small Altonian privateering sloop named the Dolfijn, captured off Tiberia, as it was attacking some local fishermen. It had proven a flyer close-hauled, and Cooke had decided to keep it as a tender to the Athena, a decision he could never have been happier about right now. "But have no fear, doctor - in a moment we will be moored and you will have firm ground under your feet once more!" Cooke knew the doctor as something of a landlubber. "And while you go meet Major Allcock and discuss your beetles, I will meet with Ferguson and find out what orders the admiralty has seen fit to give me! And you may let the good Major know that I will seek him out at first possible convenience." he said, letting the sloop come up against the wind, steering her for the wharf at the customs office. Wharf and customs office Artillery tower protecting the harbour
  16. blackdeathgr

    Sloop "Crete"

    After almost a month, mostly occupied by work and fending off nightmares and denial about rigging, making sails and sewing, i proudly present you the merchant sloop "Crete". Pictures were taken from my secondary source of photographing (mobile) so photos aren't that great. But you can get the idea. This is my first attempt at a brick built hull and the famous Dunkleosteus hinge technic. I believe it works wonders, regardless my omission to sloping the stern. For those you think the hull is too tall (i had my reservations too), imagine it 2 bricks lower due to cargo carrying when put at sea. Regarding the tiller design, i haven't found a better solution, so after 5-6 iterations, i just went with the one you see on the photos. Finally i wanted to brick-build the main mast too but i ran out of round 2x2 bricks way too soon so out of my frustration, i used the mast of the recent TLG pirate ship nearly unchanged. BL orders are on their way so i guess my next ship will be more personalized. Inspiration came from all the great photos and designs and articles about sloops of the 18th century. For those who want to take their try on handmade sails and sewing their ship's rigging, i have an advice: Don't despair! In the faaaaaaaar end, it will look nice. Until then, get a very nice desk lamp and fortify yourselves with determination and patience. There were more than a dozen times i wanted to discard the whole project during the rigging phase and i cant believe there are sane people that build scaled wooden replica ships. Oh, i nearly forgot it! Credits for the Eltina flag, goes to KB for the design and Kustom Bricks for its implementation. Anyway, I believe this is a 3T trade ship so if everybody agrees i will stick to this category, unless the board at the Admiralty promotes it to 4T More pictures follow (some more on Flickr as well) and as always, thanks for watching!
  17. kurigan

    WIP HM Sloop Blanid

    To me she is His Majesty’s Sloop Blanid. Her name comes from old Irish, meaning “little flower” and references the floral decorations on her transom; which themselves are hold overs from her predecessor in my fleet. She’ll be rigged as a topsail schooner and is very much inspired by American revenue cutters of the 19th century. The configuration of her hatch gun was intended to resemble that of “Friends Goodwill” but I can’t seem to find any decent images of that system, not any longer, and had to go from memory. Historically she would most likely represent a converted merchant vessel, probably a captured prize. The building method is an attempt at a further evolution of my curved hulls. The intent is to add not only breadth curvature and tumblehome, but sheer as well. (That’s the curve along the water line which brings the focsle and quarterdeck above the waist.) There was also a lack of counter astern, of which I complained before, and ventured to better simulate by building the lower portion of the hull on two levels. (Counter is the underside curve of the hull which rises up above the water line near the rear of the ship, cause by the narrowing of the hull towards the stern post.) I’m utterly enamored with her myself so I find it hard to judge the level of my success in these efforts. I did ask for community feedback before expending so much effort on her but received little to no response. So, I forged ahead and here have a hull which is, in almost all respects, ready to be rigged. It should be noted that there are many “cheats” and “illegal connections”. None of this is of any concern to me. It’s not as though I am in a competition, and if you think we are, you should probably reconsider that sentiment, or at the very least, bring me into the fold. Yes the inner hull is colored with tape as well are the muttons on the skylight windows. The former is something I wanted to try for a while, seeing the only other alternative being a completely different building technique involving plates like on Bumblebee. The latter is something I did not innovate but have had used before to great success and critical approval before. The transom is held in place with “o” rings which replaced the original Lego rubber bands, they having been too weak. I tried every conceivable brick connection to no avail. As for the gun, if you’re in any way a purest, no you cannot recreate it as it requires Mega Bloks so old and out of date I wouldn’t even know where to tell you could acquire them. I’m not even sure they are Mega Blok brand, they are just the kind of junk you find mixed in with used lots of bricks from craigslist. It looks pretty neat though, doesn’t it? Comments, questions, concerns, it’s all good. Talk her up, please. If it’s not obvious I do enjoy talking about my works, so don’t be shy, save, perhaps where purism is concerned. What I’d most like to hear is how convincing the attempts at sheer and counter are. Really, have I pulled it off? I can’t tell after staring at her for so long, my eye sees what I want it to anymore and I just can’t trust it. Thanks for looking! More images available here.
  18. Hello Everybody. This is My fist Moc i ever build and posted on this site. I Watched alot of mocs from all of you guys and i got inspired to make my own. I know im not that skilled as most of the guys here. Take in mind im limited, alot, i dont own any Pirate sets that involve ship parts, and i gave 60% of all my legos to my brothers children so thats what i managed to build with my 40% and with 7hours on my hands. I present to you Small Simple Fishing Sloop. I didnt add riging just becouse i will destroy this ship later :/ . Please Leave your opinion :)
  19. Captain Golden Hook

    WIP sloop

    Hey guys, I just got around to starting my new project, a small waterline style sloop. I have alot of black parts so that is what the base color will be. Here is my progress so far. I am open to suggestions, especially on the bow. image by captaingoldenhook, on Flickr And here is a close up of the bow so far: image by captaingoldenhook, on Flickr Thank you for your time :D Note to skimmers! please go through the comments at the bottom to see where I posted my progress! I won't post it in the main topic ;P
  20. Captain Braunsfeld

    MOC: Sloop HMS Small Green Flying Dutchman

    [pid][/pid] 160B The story begins: William Shakespeare was getting worried... William Shakespeare was getting worried. The daily ferry to Henley should have been an easy undertaking, but now they had been sailing for two days and there was no sign of shoreline anywhere. He also worried about the captain, a fierce-looking rum-drinking villain who had no bit of decent behaviour in him. Why, so William asked himself, had he chosen to take this journey on the "Small Green Flying Dutchman" in the first place? The brigde across the Thames would have been just 60 walking minutes away. But now it was too late. His thoughts returned to the ship - and the people on board. The crew was strange. The man at the rudder never spoke a word and the soldier in his parade uniform seemed a bit out of place. And how would he handle the ship's four guns in case of a pirate encounter? And then there was the other passenger. A traveling cake salesman from Yorkshire. William decided not to trust him. There was something fishy about him. Two days out on the high sea and by now his ink pot was getting empty. How would he be able to proceed? William Shakespeare was getting worried. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - May I present the cast: William Shakespeare - The strange captain: The soldier The traveling cake salesman from Yorkshire: The small green Flying Dutchman The ship: and the ship with a great colour effect (that I found disappointing but my wife said I should keep it): Hope you enjoy(ed) it! P.S.: After the discussion about my last ship (a non-galleon) this is probably a sloop, but I am not 100% sure ) P.P.S.: And maybe the guns are carronades.
  21. dr_spock

    [Flickr find] The Black Bat

    [pid][/pid] 151C Sean Edmison built this two masted pirate sloop. More images on his flickr photostream
  22. Capt. Stabbin

    Small Pirate Sloop

    Here is a small sloop I have been working on. This is my first ship MOC, and my first try at rigging and creating my own sails. It is a Bermuda Sloop, and I have based my design heavily from other member's works. Ships by Perfectionist and The Pickle by Dread Pirate Wesley have been greatly influential to me, and many many other excellent ships here on Eurobricks. Thanks!!! Thanks for looking. C&C Apreciated
  23. TheLegoNinja

    Spanish Sloop San Lucas

    Here is my newest ship. It is a Spanish Sloop, the San Lucas. It is a 2 gun ship used mostly used for cargo hauling. Here is the Flickr set: Sorry for the blurry photos, it had to shot inside due to weather. Thanks for looking! I have also finished a british frigate, and I will post that within a few days.