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  1. A couple of “The Last Kingdom” minifigures. Ragnar the younger and Uhtred
  2. Stocking up for a quest Aeragon, Groggin, an Stormy.
  3. Pathfinder Iconic Heroes, Valeros, Ezren, Merisiel, Harsk, Lem, & Seoni
  4. Thanks, I just use the standard yellow sharpie trick converting the fleshies to yellow. Make sure you have a direct light source as it is easy to miss a spot. On other colors I use Vallejo paints, thinners, etc.
  5. Ltfalcon

    MOC "The Archer" - "Admiral" Movie

    Refitted my old MOC Vengeance with a new deck and open hold, also added handrail around it, she's ready to battle the Archer now.
  6. These are World of Warcraft inspired, Nariah traveling through the village
  7. Added new female characters, elf rangers and a rogue.
  8. Ltfalcon

    MOC "The Archer" - "Admiral" Movie

    Captain Braunsfield, Thank you, Thanks for looking,
  9. Ltfalcon

    MOC "The Archer" - "Admiral" Movie

    Cousarmy0001, Thanks yeah I found a good source for reddish brown and went overboard with it. I still like it even though she is quite plain. Yeah the widows were tried in multiple configurations both double and single arched and ended with liking this version best. Thanks again for your replies, some great input ? Bodi, Thanks for great reply!
  10. The Archer is a fictional ship loosely based on 17th century VOC. I got inspired after watching the Admiral movie and really got into Michiel de Ruyter's story. Battling the Pirates Thanks for looking, David
  11. Added new Brickwarrior Lute to the Bards, and new Tiefling. Drizzt also found Guenhwyvar, and the High Elf Ranger, Shakar