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  1. kurigan

    Prisoner Cart

    I can't unsee it now... I put him up there to use those curved slopes to tie in the whole thing, what with the sides and all and thought it would be a more defensible position. Now all I see is my coachee clearing every low branch along the way with his face . Gonna have to revisit this . Dave
  2. kurigan

    [GoC] Class 4 Xebec - Dirty Rat

    Wow, have you come a long way my friend! I like her, she is genuinely impressive. There room for improvement if your interested. It seems the the quarterdeck could move farther astern by several studs and perhaps angle up a bit more to hint at greater sheer. I'd also say that the main mast should be the tallest. The fore and mizzen are good, just make the main taller. I'm glad I checked in to see this. Cheers Dave
  3. kurigan

    Prisoner Cart

    Thanks mate! Inside out tires actually (3483).
  4. kurigan

    Prisoner Cart

    So, a few weeks ago, I caught the bug to just build something, for the sake of building something new and different from what I had been doing. I've been wanting to do more with my Castle stuff lately, so that's where I looked for inspiration. I found the remnants of a King's Carriage 6044 in a used lot I bought for my store and thought of doing a cart. If I did it in blue, I could do something trendy with Black Falcons too. Any way, it wound up being something much more like Prisoner Convoy 6055 , but I think it came out pretty OK and wanted to share it while I had a moment. It's a bit comically proportioned but I think it works. It was a bit of an adventure to get all the elements to work and I'm not 100% on the door latch system. I don't think I'll find time or inspiration to revisit it any time in the near future though, so let's call it done and enjoy. Credit to TJJohn12 for the idea on the horses' harness. Thanks for taking a look! More images here Dave
  5. kurigan

    [MOC] Ship updates

    I see what ya did there, the cross bow is an anchor . A pick axe works too. I like what you've done with Lydia. The rigging is superb in its completeness. Thanks for the shout-out Dave
  6. kurigan

    Help me find an old tutorial?

    It seems like a hundred years ago now, but there once was a rather comprehensive topic on, not just the form and function, but history and development of ships' steering systems. The user who generated it went through great pains to provide visual aids and examples in Lego. It's old enough that it may simply not be available anymore. I don't recall the user, but I think it may have been @Horry as the one about hulls which I can find looks similar to my memory. Does anyone remember what I'm talking about, and could anyone help me find it? Dave
  7. I saw the face book post and thought she was new, so I came on by to see more. I noticed the date and thought "how did I miss this when it was new?" Know what it is? i was probably a it buthurt that I wasn't mentioned even though there's clearly a lot of my influence in there (there's a rumor going around that i can be quite prideful ). Ego aside, though, what a great build! As a model, you have all the working elements represented and in good proportion. He hull shape is just about spot-on and her rigging is complete, detailed and, I bet, working. What about the foresail sheets bother's you, I wonder? As a schooner, she's sleek and trim predator of a thing, any prize-hunting jack would be happy to climb aboard and go find his fortune! if you're looking for notes at all: I might have moved the fore mast back a few studs to give more space for the forestay sail to not over lap the inner jib so much. That's a big change at this point, for not a whole lot of gain, though. Anyway, I'm glad you built her and thrilled you shared her. Thanks! Dave
  8. kurigan

    Some Custom Minifigures i made

    Nice. I like hand-made customs. Old school. How ever did you get that hair piece down over the face print on Horrid Harry there, though? I've tried an ink jet, printer paper face with that exact hair and found that there just wasn't enough tolerance to not crush it. Cheers Dave
  9. kurigan

    [MOC] Pilot Cutter "Lady Felicia"

    If I ever again find time to actually read print, and not just rely on audio, I might take you up on that. Yeah it's a stable enough format once you have it all together, but if she's not you baby... well ask @Phred about having to good-ol' Bumblebee show ready after the USPS delivered her via catapult for Brickworld
  10. kurigan

    [MOC] Pilot Cutter "Lady Felicia"

    Hurray! What do I win? Yeah, I caught on to the show by accident, wound up watching a lot of it on Netflix, but lost interest shortly after things went down with Sid. I just don't like Bunty and Netflix lost the series now anyway. Good reference though. I like to use TV character names, some times, in my own universe. @Cousarmy0001 That's the same way it is on Bumblebee. I just covered it in a plate and tile combination, in a fashion not dissimilar to what I suggest. The difference, that I expect no one will emulate, is that; since Bumblebee's bow sprit isn't as ridged as Lady F's, the loop of string which makes the ring bolt for the bobstay doubled to fasten the bottom of the cutwater against the clip and rod assembly. Yeah, tiling the hull has improved the looks, but how may times did she "explode" on you while trying the get them set just right?
  11. kurigan

    [MOC] Pilot Cutter "Lady Felicia"

    Fr. Browns romance novel writing companion
  12. kurigan

    [MOC] Pilot Cutter "Lady Felicia"

    Vanity aside, I love her! I am pleased to see, what I put out there to be used, is being used. She's a very clean and refined version. I like a lot of the elements you have. The removeable lower hull is a nice touch. Now she can still be included in MOCs and dioramas or displayed in a classy way when not. A though: If you hang something like a 4263, perhaps with a tile on it, from the bow sprit, it would cover the clips and rod, making more of a prow like shape. It's be a simple mod if you like the idea. All in all, great build! Thanks for sharing and the credit. Dave
  13. Ah-ha! Thank you. Those BrickArns ones might even be better, but they're both pretty neat
  14. Where'd that saber come from? 🤨
  15. JintaiZ, I see you checking in. Watch-ya looking for mate? :pir-wink:

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      🤣 Just that I saw your name pop up a few different times, like you were looking to see when I was around. I always check the "log in anonymously" button though so no one knows...:devil: I also tend to run by my own profile to see who's been here when I do.


      Which builds ya looking at? What do ya think? Picking anything up? :pir-huzzah2:

    3. JintaiZ


      I feel like I need to explain that sometimes my old computer can act weird so I'm not viewing your profile that often. :tongue:

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      Aw, I thought I was being clever :pir-sceptic::pir_laugh2: