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  1. kurigan

    General MOC-Discussion, WIP-Help, and Teaser Thread

    @5N00P1 Alright dud, first off, that's kind of a terrible attitude and it's not likely to garner much support. Server space isn't free and if eurobricks bought up enough to host the multitudes of user's photos that would show up just to take advantage of the hosting, who would pay for it? It's been this way a LONG time before you got here, and it's worked fine so far. On another note, this thread is here for stuff builders don't deem worthy of a dedicated thread. Stuff like a single element of a larger build to be revealed in it's entirety later. It's all there in Kolonialbeamter's introduction on page 1. You don't need special permission to start new topics, but you should check out the links in my signature before you do. If you wish to hold an open discussion of your build as you progress, its a good idea to start a WIP topic, but be warned: you don't get to choose what advice, comments and opinions are offered. Ask about "red" and you're likely to hear about "blue and yellow" as well or instead; It's pretty much open season, once you put it out there. This thread, doesn't see a lot of traffic and seems to get checked on rarely. A dedicated WIP topic, with lots of images and a catchy title, will get a lot more attention. Cheers! Dave
  2. @Bregir *sigh* yeah, photobucket has really started to suck, thanks for the heads-up. I'd like to move everything somewhere better but who sucks less, ya know? I don't like how Flickr works and I have sooo much saved on photobucket as is 😠 Any way here's some deep linked selects, hope they work: If you find you can navigate my photobucket, there's, not just my MOCs in detail, but lots of images from this and other ship visits. There's little more handy to a modeler than getting to see things full scale 😉 Dave
  3. @TomSkippy I was heading to bed after a very long day when I posted my link and didn't take a very close look at the images. To me it's clear because I was there and the images just jog my memory, but you might not be picking up on what's pictured. On the historic frigate that whole thing would be the stern cabin's "coach top" sky light and might have a companion way , but likely wouldn't. On this modern replica, there is a companion way, it's that hatch furthest aft. The section to either side with the spindles, which looks like it's supposed to mimic the windows of a sky light, are lockers for flotation devices. I didn't get to peek in-to the hatch on the starboard side, but I imagine it's more safety equipment. When she visited Philadelphia, it was a mob scene and the lower decks were off limits. Only the waist could be observed from the gangways, but I understand that some of the crew were staying in the stern cabin as it's not set up like a captain's quarters on a historic frigate. Even the windows in the stern gallery are dead lights. In any case, I was shooed away from that aft most hatch buy deck crew who said it was a private space and other crew were down there off watch. It did feel as though there was a cool bast, as if from air conditioning, coming from below though. Dave
  4. kurigan

    Getting my Pirates layout setup

    I strongly recommend not putting your display in the direct UV. I'd move it away from the window, or at least to one side or the other. UV is the biggest culprit, aside from nicotine, behind yellowing of bricks and you've got a lot of white there. Leave 'em there and take them back apart in a year and you'll see a difference between surfaces left in the sun and those sheltered in the shade. Dave
  5. If it doesn't take you right there, skip to page 4 https://s62.photobucket.com/user/Dave_Stasny/library/Ship Visits/L Hermione and others visit Phildelphia 2015?sort=3&page=4
  6. kurigan

    General MOC-Discussion, WIP-Help, and Teaser Thread

    @rock raider That is awesome! A working helm with Lego parts. It's not technic gearing or some strange arrangement with the wheel pushing on the tiller but an actual, historic, working helm, in Lego. A builder after my own heart. I've theorized doing something like this a few times, but haven't gotten round to a ship large enough to need more than a tiller. Seeing yours works, makes me think, that I may just not be quite that crazy Dave
  7. kurigan

    [LDD] Greek Sacoleve

    Hey, look at that! Nice! I love seeing the less common rigs explored and it's great to see a non-combat vessel once in a while. I mean, with out merchant's what are the pirates supposed to prey upon? It's a bit angular, but I honestly feel that it's being exaggerated by the digital render and will smooth out to the eye in person. Full hull is always a challenge. I'm with @Anders T, it is reminiscent of @cb4 and plans, OMG plans! Just having reference material, let alone actual plans, is such an under appreciated virtue. Keep us up to date and thanks for sharing! Brick Link 101: bricklink isn't a single unified body. It's an aggregate of independent sellers, offering their own inventory from their own facilities, mostly just "guys in their basement". Buy from as many or as few stores as you need, they all will be grateful for your business. Read, read, read, though. Always check the store's policies. Best way to get what you need it to use wanted lists extensively and set all your preferences carefully. Be careful of international orders. You can find bricks cheap in the US, but shipping and customs can be a killer. Remember, most bricklink stores are small, home-based operations. Be patient and communicate, to get the best service. Dave
  8. kurigan

    [WIP] HMS Interceptor

    Interesting shape. Go ahead and get yourself a Flickr, Photobucket, Imgur, etc... so you can host full size images, then link them to your posts. Doesn't really matter which service, most are free or have free options. Flickr is popular with Lego enthusiasts because it's a sharing platform, with lots of protections in place, on it's own. Stickers on glass to make muntins, is nothing new. Lots of us have tried it, to good effect, so you're in good company. Purists will always grumble, but nuts to 'em. As you said, Lego does it themselves, so why not? RE: the image below, the yellow on yellow seems to be most like how she appeared in the movie. The black to either side are mock shutters over the yellow transom. (All I did there was "copy image location" from a right click and pasted it in the body of this reply, the site did the rest automatically )
  9. @Sir KingstonLooking good! You're well on your way Covering the white hinges with plates, works, but might I suggest: before copper sheeting became the universal standard, most ships were white-washed below the waterline in a similar effort to preserve the wood against plants and critters. Going forward with further refinement or other builds, you could perhaps arrange those white hinges along the bottom to represent that bit of white which is visible above the surface. Just a thought Thanks for listening, keep building! Dave
  10. kurigan

    Which is your preferred skull & bones emblem?

    I'd like the newer on better if the extra forehead didn't make it look cross-eyed. Sorry, now you can't un-see it
  11. kurigan

    [WIP] Armed Yacht

    This is great work! I like the curved slopes. I've long theorized this, but don't have enough to experiment with and didn't want to spend the money to get some. Already, what you have is so well refined and shaped. This is the first I heard of Peggy, but I looked her up and you're well on the way to a fine model. On Bumblebee and Gherkin, I used wedge plates on the inner layer and hinges to hols the transom up against it at an angle to get the outward slope your trying for. Cheers!
  12. @Sir Kingston looking good, but you could go a lot wider and get a bit more of a ship shape out of her. The widest point of a sloop/cutter, should be the channels, which are those platforms to either side of the hull, corresponding to the mast. Widen her by a stud or two there as well as at the stern for something more realistic. Also, what @blackdeathgr said about experimenting and staggering hinges is on point. Don't worry so much about symmetry in parts, so long as it serves a better overall effect. Often overlooked is the value of odd numbers in Lego. Look again at Ramcat and see that she is three wide at the bow with a one wide prow. All my other hulls also have a one stud prow for what I think is a superior effect over classic standard two wide. cheers!
  13. kurigan

    [MOC] Topsail Sloop "Charlotte's Folly"

    @Pdaitabird Thanks again for the credit, little on this world makes me happier. Another great build here, neat and clean. You could easily go two studs wider, but I understand that it gets quite springy and hard to work with. Nice job on a working rig and clever use of a blue tarp @Stoertebricker well, they're nothing new, I've been around a while. Beyond Bumblebee, there, just Google search my username with "eurobricks" and most of my key contributions come right up. I suggest to all new(er) members to look back into the history of this forum, not just my work. We've had some great builders come and go, from which there is much to learn. If you find a builder that intrigues you, follow those same instructions.
  14. Indeed! I really need to get on top of that old photobucket. this thread has some accessible shots of that sort of structure though. Edit: Oh good, i do have images on the current photobucket! https://s62.photobucket.com/user/Dave_Stasny/library/My Original Lego Creations/Ramcat?sort=2&page=1
  15. and you, sir should check out Ramcat think you may be closer to a full-size vessel than you think.