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  1. kurigan

    New Custom Uniforms 

    Yeah a lot of my figures are "rescues", damaged beyond sell-able condition. Sometimes i tell my self that they look look battle scars. Not many versions, but I keep messing it with it on the computer every time I make up something new. It's like you read my old posts but, yeah, that was one of my primary reasons for trying this in the first place. Thing is, they can still sit down. Ii could try a shorter collar but it might be fragile. As it is theses are pretty delicate. Right now I have sheets of these already printed but i can put some on future sheets to mess around with. Thanks! Humm.. I suppose they could be used for the 95th but not specifically, no. mine is a made-up regiment, inspired by Ben Rodgers Queen's Rangers, which has a similar origin to the 95th, it would seem. In my own tale they were displace after "the last war" with no home to return to, being loyalists, and no means by which to return there. To survive they turned, essentially, mercenary, a path which takes them on many adventures leading eventually to employment on the same island colony around which the stories my MOCs contribute to, center. Which brings us to: Well, where my Rangers are concerned, i'm less concerned with making them quite like any one unit in history, but more in cramming them, reasonably, into a historic context. Like I said in the first post, I really don't know what head gear i'll settle on. I think the tricorns look pretty good, and they're readily available. I can Use Lego, or make card stock one's of my own. I don't think the marine's shako is anything like the caps rangers wore, really they'r not really like anything any British solders wore, but they're what I have at the moment. The paint lace trim, is a good idea I could give a shot, at least on my red coats. I'm not 100% on the belts yet. the more i look at them the more I think they may be to short. When I get back to it, i[m going to try stretching them out just a bit so they hang lower. I also want to mess with making a sword frog ad-on for the likes of officers.
  2. kurigan

    New Custom Uniforms 

    Well, i finally got around to it, i made a template for shoulder straps. 1221191843a by David Stasny, on Flickr\ 1221191842a by David Stasny, on Flickr 1221191836a by David Stasny, on Flickr 1221191837 by David Stasny, on Flickr
  3. Ah-ha! yes, thank you!
  4. What's that green torso from?
  5. kurigan

    New Custom Uniforms 

    I’ve actually been sitting on these since August, but finally found a couple of hours in between to make up a sample of each today. These are based on the same pattern as my naval coats and jackets but for other military roles in my little Lego world. From left to right you’ll see: Infantry (Red Coat), Royal Artillery, Royal Marine, Dragoon and Queens Ranger/Rifles. They are not 100% historically accurate (I know, I know) but they are close enough for my purposes. I had a bit of fun doing portrait shots of each. I guess they came out OK, but whatever, it’s just for fun. Disclaimer: Yes, if anyone is interested, I can and will share PDFs. Use them all you like, change them is you want, just, please, don't claim them as your own. They are actually a lot of work and it took a long time to get to this point. It would break me heart to be so betrayed. Send me a PM, though, as I don't have anywhere to host files. Hope you enjoyed them! Dave
  6. kurigan

    [COR-FB] The Defiant

    To the first part, meh. Much easier To the second, while I would have preferred to find plans, they are apparently like hen's teeth for this type, but here's a nice model which kind of makes the point. Cheers!
  7. kurigan

    HMS Scorpion… again, a MOC

    @Bodi thanks. I really don't think it's a shortcoming, no. A limitation, maybe, just maybe. it was never my intent to do anything but waterline, but I'm not sure it's not possible to combine this with other methods to make a more complete construction. I'll reference good old Frank again and his Frigate where he combined modified versions of cb4 and CGH's methods to get the best of both. It's not something I want to work on, but I don't see it as impossible.
  8. Just wanted to put this out here. I don't play the game, but I chime in on ship builds from time to time since most of the MOCs wind up here anymore. If you looked in and wondered what I've done, here's a bit of it Cheers!
  9. kurigan

    HMS Scorpion… again, a MOC

    Pardon me a bit of Threadcromancy if you will, but I believe it’s worth it in this case. You see, I’ve been jealously guarding my progress for a while now and as I continue to proffer advice and commentary I find myself wondering, once again, if those I approach don’t wonder from what experience/success I speak. While to some I may be infamous, I’m not as well-known to others since I tend to not finish my builds before deeming them inadequate and tearing them apart to be redone. Heck, my most complete build (not counting minis) is Reckless, which after 4 years still lacks an outer jib to truly be complete. Perhaps then it’s time to lift the veil. So, what have I been up to? Why a complete reinvention of my technique, of course. Take note that the last iteration shown above was painfully flat. I could go the way a lot of builders have and use the old-school method of building up sheer curve by stacking plates. After all I’ve done in order to create a smooth cross section and dorsal profile it seemed an anathema to me, so, I set about finding a way to use brick bending to create sheer curve as well. I had some limited success with Blanid, but it needed to be more and better. Thus, Scorpion got a 6th edition. Background: Originally I was just going to do another Baltimore Clipper/Topsail Schooner, but as she developed, I thought I might get a brig out of her. Too small to be a Cruizer, like what inspired the 4th, I started thinking of the Cherokee Class. I was just not able to get the bending technique to work with full ports and a cap rail though, so she’s kind of stuck in limbo. Part of me wants to keep her as a nondescript brig and press on while the other part thinks she’d still make a great schooner. If I went with the latter, the Scorpion moniker would be shifted to a sister hull of the current Snake, which is more successful attempt at a Cruizer Class. That build is on hold until I get enough bricks to bring it to a point of completion which will prove its viability. It’s going to be expensive to build one Cruizer, let alone two, though. After stealing all I could from my own inventory, I still spent over 100 USD to get enough tan plates to finish the deck on this 6th iteration of Scorpion which is considerably smaller; 14 vs 18 guns. I wish I could say, we’ll see soon enough, once they’re done. There just isn’t time in my life right now for any significant building or rigging and I don’t know if they will ever be complete. Here is Scorpion the 6th as she has existed for most of 2019 Here is the New Privateer Snake, meant to be a model of the historic HMS Snake. She was one of two prototypes of the Cruizer Class, rigged as a ship as an alternative to brig rig of the class’ namesake. The longer hull of the Cruizer doesn’t require the bricks to give quite so much to get the same amount of curvature as on the Cherokee/schooner hull. That’s why Snake can have a top rail, but Scorpion doesn’t. The gunwale of scorpion was so stiff with the added thickness that a ridged enough armature couldn’t be built in the space available and the water line was hogging up ruining the effect. Snake’s hull looks better at this point, but the deck is intended to reinforce the understructure. Without it’s complete I cannot be sure if the tension of the rigging will hog it in a similar fashion or not.
  10. kurigan

    [COR-FB] The Defiant

    Oh this is nice Not just a good build but a great example of a lug rig. I was thinking "you should put the main sail on the other tack" but I see you went with dipping lugs, very nice She is a bit narrow. Luggers tend to be rather round and wide. I see you're dappling in bent sides though. It's good, but can be so much more I feel your pain where size vs space is concerned. Once you start approaching full mini-fig scale, even tiny sloops take on huge proportions. I personally feel that it pays off though. Cloth or paper sails? Reef points are a nice touch, but all that nice rigging and you forgot tacks and sheets? a SNOT deck, while parts consuming, can conform a lot ore close to the gunwale's curvature. I don't think i've been quite so amused with a ship build in a while. Thanks for sharing her. Dave
  11. Just a though, on the 18th, as I sit on my "coffee break" wondering what's going to come of this: It honestly doesn't look like much. Thankfully there are these entries to get something going on so the effort isn't a loss. I bet if you kept it going, more entries would inspire others to jump on board, much like @Kai NRG did for me. With that in mind, why not transition this to a guild/college just for generating promotional artwork for the game? I'd suggest pinning a submissions thread and have a floating discussion thread for WIPs and advice (much like the Shipwrights Guild Hall). An archive of useful images and elements might be handy as well (though I really don't want to volunteer to maintain it myself either ) I've got a few more ideas myslef, for CAT B too, but just haven't had time to materialize them; it just takes time and that's a commodity I'm short on.
  12. Submission for Cat A Top Banner Sorry again @Kai NRG, but entries seem a bit thin on the ground so I might as well toss it in the ring, eh? Imitation, flattery and all that, what? Cheers!
  13. kurigan

    Top Banner For LOGO contest Cat A

    Oh, Hot Dog! Thanks mate. editing... @Bodi well the factions was Kai's idea works though. The color scheme is no accident @Kai NRG thanks! yeah my "whole pirate style" centers around parchment paper, heavy ink and poor lighting
  14. I missed the contest entirely, I just want paying attention. I also wasn't feeling 100% today and found myself looking to kill time so figured I'd amuse myself by doing a Top Banner version in my own "pirate" style anyway. I kind of ripped off @Kai NRGs format, more than a little bit, sorry, but it's just for fun. Use it or don't, love it or hate it, what ever; it is what it is.
  15. Yeah, there's really no comparison to cb4's. Untill you're willing to do the kind of math and engineering that gentleman is known for, you're just not going to get the same results. Frank came close, but as warned by the aforementioned gentleman, ran into trouble getting all the elements to line up (then he left and we haven't heard from him in years). When i was first embarking on my current style of hull construction, what seems like a hundred years ago now, I tried my hand at a xebec. Twice, actually, and in both cases gave up pretty early, disappointed with the results. There are just no straight lines on a xebec and everything i was doing, just failed me. At the current level of development in my technique, I imagine I could do a lot better, but I just don't have the time, space or bricks to venture upon yet another incomplete hull. If I find any time to Lego at all, it should go to rigging. What you both have is a good start. you have al the elements and in relative good proportion. I just don't think you (forget what anyone else thinks) are going to be satisfied with your results in the end. I do like the use of 3010pb035e on the bow though