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  1. Well, I got here late, but it looks like the topic was well covered. @Bregir has the right of it. I had a thought while looking them over, that I still couldn't confirm even after a bit of digging. Looking at them I wonder if the odd proportions are meant to stabilize them so they'll float. Not the originals but the models look as though they're meant to double as toys. If there proportions were truer to 1:3ish, you'd have to heavily weight the keel to keep them upright, and the they'd likely sink under the extra weight. Making them wide like this, might distribute their top hamper enough to play wit in the tub
  2. Thanks mate. Indeed they are. This version of Snake, is the first time I'm insisting on sticking to my guns and going 100% model, no interpretation, no omissions, no excuses. If it was on the real thing, I'm working to include it.
  3. I have a question, not specifically about mini-figs, but I bet this is the place to find the expertise I need. You see, I want to have a two tone scheme on my ship builds; one color in side and another on the outside. I'm already infamous for using tape in the past, but, lately I've been considering paint. Despite my willingness to customize, break all "the rules" and do what ever I want, I actually don't want to permanently stain the bricks. I'd like to find a paint which will stick well enough, but come off if needed in the future. It doesn't have to be mini-fig, playable durable. My ships are more model/display than toy. If I could closely (or close enough) match regular Lego red, with such characteristics, I'd be in business. I have an airbrush, so really almost any kind of paint is possible. Does any one have any suggestions or experience on the topic? I'll be truly grateful for any assistance offered. Thanks Dave
  4. A while back, maybe a matter of months or more, I remember seeing a clever use of parts on a brick-built gun carriage which made the wheels larger that 1 X 1 but smaller than 2 X 2. I think it was a BotBS build, a fort or other shore establishment if I'm not entirely mistaken. but I just can't recall. I could really use such a solution on Snake as the 6 pounders sit, just too low in the ports, but I really don't want to change the design. Does anyone have any idea what I'm on about?
  5. Not sure if that's a dig or a compliment , but in either case, I thought I was in the room to talk about Lego ship building, which is what I wanna talk about. Not nit pick the obscure details, or get caught up in "brick" measuring contests. I wouldn't suggest raising the gundeck though, unless you want to cross that line. Bring it up half way and you have a different kind of awkward. Put it level with the cabin and you have a frigate. As is, it's still kind of BSB like. As always, your project, your call, just don't get me wrong Cheers! Dave
  6. As far as a Lego ship goes, it's fine, you're on a good track to a more sleek design. As for realism, you'd have quite a few hurdles to overcome in terms of proportioning. Essentially it breaks down to: you don't so much need to lower the cabin as raise the gundeck. It's the pre-fab hull conundrum in a nut shell. While the underside of the curve gives visual queues toy the eye that you're looking at a boat in the water, very little of that is ever above the water line on a real wooden ship, as such. That means two things. 1. the water line, where it should be, is way up above the surface, as if she's beached. 2. there isn't enough internal space for anything below the gundeck where it is and those ports are way to close to the the actual water line. When you're playing around with BSB et al, don't try so hard, they're just for fun, and chasing realism is a fools errand, sure to drive you nuts. Dave
  7. kurigan

    [MOD] Renegade runner

    OK, First off: Awesome! Creativity and improvisation are the very essence of Lego! Using a few non-Lego parts to improve your experience, to make you model/toy match your maturing sensibilities, when there were no Lego branded parts available, is right on, as far as I'm concerned and I applaud you unapologetic attitude towards such practices. I also like what you're doing on deck with trying to make her a tad more realistic and to-scale. Traversing carriages were a thing in the era, but not quite like the big Lego turntable and it always kind of bothered me about Renegade Runner too. As for the gun designs, again, a builder after my own grisled heart. I've been playing around with gun designs for a long time and even started a catalog for a while but lacked the coding skills to do it efficiently. I have found that fitting technic pins in heads to be a bit of a crap-shoot. They lock well in to some, but want to pop out of others while still others will hold if you twist them once in place. I cannot figure out what the "X" factor is, as it's universal across all types and eras. The fez gun is great and I love it, but I'm afraid you may have trouble with it not wanting to sit flat on deck. I had a design like that years ago which I dumped for that reason. It always wanted to point down at the horizon because of a similarly twisted brick. If you poke around this album on my photobucket (sorry for photobucket they're supposed to be getting better but that's where all my stuff is ) I have a few designs I think work pretty well, with breakdowns that may be helpful or inspirational in developing yours. You can also check out The Foundry, that catalog I mentioned, though it was never very extensive. Cheers Dave
  8. kurigan

    General MOC-Discussion, WIP-Help, and Teaser Thread

    Hey, man, thanks! Than means the world. Indeed some of them are even older, I'd wager. Many from my own childhood collection, other from childhood collections I bought off Craig's List for my store. I take a lot of whats not good enough to sell, for my own use. Early on, I only had basic bricks, from long ago, so the whole system developed around not having any of these novel pieces that have come out in recent years (decades?) and I think it lends a certain accessibility to the technique.
  9. kurigan

    Period Imperial Heads

    The dragoon officer here is one of the old samurai heads, I don't recall which one, but I think it works. Dave
  10. kurigan

    [MOC] Initiateur - 100 gun french man o' war

    But it's 7 years out of date. It's all moot, because the builder, said as much was the plan, and moved on. Later builds were far more realistic. It's just rude to come in so long after the fact and start judging obsolete elements with out at least acknowledging the further development that went into the system there after. This is exactly why bumping old topics is discouraged here. Though we do appreciate your interest and enthusiasm we do ask that you refrain from bumping old topics. For your edification please revisit the Site Guidelines as well as this topic on Bumping Old Topics. Thank you for understanding. http://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?/topic/18718-site-guidelines/ http://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?/topic/19004-revisiting-old-topics-bumping/#entry776009 now, if you don't want to do the work to get caught up on the last 15 years or so, leave it alone.
  11. I've revisited this, like three times now. I want to say more, but all I can come up with it "OK, that's pretty cool". I know, doesn't sound like much, but it's meant as high praise. If I tried to detail my appreciation I'd have to say that the ship is so clean and neat, while including so much play-ability yet comes off as still being ship like. As a builder who invests heavily in his own characters I really appreciate the hidden compartments to hold accessories and such, too. You don't want the ships officers sitting down to dinner in their hats on one hand, while they can't stand a watch with a bare head, right? Anyway, great job! Dave
  12. kurigan

    [MOC] Initiateur - 100 gun french man o' war

    Edit: It's OK mate; when your blood simmers back down you don't need to apologize. I know how you're feeling and I've been you, right now, plenty of times before. Come back in a couple of days, read through my own history a bit as I advised, and you'll get it. I'm not your enemy.
  13. kurigan

    [MOC] Initiateur - 100 gun french man o' war

    Wow, dude, wow. Was I that insufferable when I showed up all those years ago. I'm sorry I've be put do far back into my place, I don't think I'll ever get back out again. Its not my ego, what's been bruised here, mate. Must be yours. Go back, read with the facetiousness with which it was written, and you'll see there's no attack. Tip: People, at least I, don't normally put things they agree with in unnecessary quotation marks
  14. kurigan

    [MOC] Initiateur - 100 gun french man o' war

    What are you on about? I have, literally, never heard of anyone complaining that a ship build is too fancy. Any amount of greebling, faceting or detail is lauded as masterful and superior. The near-universal sentiment is "more is better". It doesn't even need to be well done, just get more shapes in there and they all go nuts. Furthermore, I hardly think you can call the pay-off here "modest" unless your goal is to make the thing less ship-shaped..? Dunkleosteus did a lot of great work with this style and received little but high praise. @Brickander Brickumnus While Dunkleosteus doesn't hang around much anymore but @Kolonialbeamter did some great stuff in this style as well and is more active these days. Cheers! Dave