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  1. Submission for Cat A Top Banner Sorry again @Kai NRG, but entries seem a bit thin on the ground so I might as well toss it in the ring, eh? Imitation, flattery and all that, what? Cheers!
  2. kurigan

    Top Banner For LOGO contest Cat A

    Oh, Hot Dog! Thanks mate. editing...
  3. I missed the contest entirely, I just want paying attention. I also wasn't feeling 100% today and found myself looking to kill time so figured I'd amuse myself by doing a Top Banner version in my own "pirate" style anyway. I kind of ripped off @Kai NRGs format, more than a little bit, sorry, but it's just for fun. Use it or don't, love it or hate it, what ever; it is what it is.
  4. Yeah, there's really no comparison to cb4's. Untill you're willing to do the kind of math and engineering that gentleman is known for, you're just not going to get the same results. Frank came close, but as warned by the aforementioned gentleman, ran into trouble getting all the elements to line up (then he left and we haven't heard from him in years). When i was first embarking on my current style of hull construction, what seems like a hundred years ago now, I tried my hand at a xebec. Twice, actually, and in both cases gave up pretty early, disappointed with the results. There are just no straight lines on a xebec and everything i was doing, just failed me. At the current level of development in my technique, I imagine I could do a lot better, but I just don't have the time, space or bricks to venture upon yet another incomplete hull. If I find any time to Lego at all, it should go to rigging. What you both have is a good start. you have al the elements and in relative good proportion. I just don't think you (forget what anyone else thinks) are going to be satisfied with your results in the end. I do like the use of 3010pb035e on the bow though
  5. @LM71Blackbird tape? Tape? TAPE!? How DARE you? I'm just kidding. Do what you gotta do; I'm in your corner. I've had to do some pretty crazy things to stretch my brick supply in the past. Just keep building, figuring things out and solutions will present them selves. If in the mean time the best you have is a bit of string, a wooden dowel, a piece of tape or some other random element, then just go with it and don't l the purests get to you. That being said, I personally think that Xebec is a very difficult shape to do well in Lego. Without a significant investment in bricks and a more complex structure, the curvyness of the real thing is just lost in translation. Instead you could do a schooner or a chasse maree (if you really want to stick with the lug rig) at this level of investment and complexity and have it come out very well.
  6. kurigan

    Brick Built Sails VS Cloth Sails

    While this sin't a new topic: @icm there seems to have just about nailed the common sentiment. It is worth it to note that there have been a few examples of really well done and/or applied brick-built sails on offer over the years. @Dunkleosteus and @Kolonialbeamter have done some impressive things in the digital realm in particular. I think brick-built work best as furled and gasketed sails IRL but admit it severely limits playability. It seems more a matter of circumstance that an argument over which is best. What you're building and why, let alone your talents and methods, are going to play a big part in what materials you find useful. It's often overlooked in such consideration that there are myriad other materials, equally viable. Lego has used plastic on a small scale to good effect. Cardboard/cardstock would be an inexpensive alternative to the heavily starched fabric of Classic Pirate sets. I've even put paper to good use myself, decorating it to look like sail cloth and even going so far as to shape it with moisture and wind pressure. It's a kind of "to each his own" situation. It's and open forum and an open medium. While conventions develop amongst the like minded, the only rules that matter are what a man can do and what a man can't do. Trying to boil things down to better or worse, right or wrong, only alienates builders who otherwise might have enriched the community. I suggest, dropping the topic and instead show us what you got. What have you done with cloth or brick-built. Share your reasoning and maybe inspire other builders to work with your idea and, perhaps, even improve on it. I know, I know.. "What a jerk". Whatever, I'm used to it. Cheers! Dave
  7. Humm... Yes *nod* very nice. I like her. Technic lift arms... good use. Thought about this once and never perused it. Looks good though.
  8. https://youtu.be/_6Lu-wDCYVY By what system is she not? @LM71Blackbird the first two gun ports seem awkward, being so far forward. I'd suggesting eliminating the first set of double windows on the side galleries and using that space for those guns. Cool piece thought it is, that panther just seems way too huge. Perhaps a crouching cat instead? also, how your mast are segmented in to main, top and top gallant, so to should the bowsprit be. Other wise you're on your way to a neat little Post Ship. Three masts and twenty, or more, guns warrants a Post Captain, thus a frigate @Wellesley Long after the use of a spritsail fell out of vogue, the spar would remain standard equipment in most ship rigs. In many cases the sail existed, but mainly below decks in the locker, only brought out on an odd occasion where it might actually do some good. It hung around because it can be handy for running other points of the ships rigging as well can be swung around, like any spar, to balance the ship; not unlike a tight rope walker. @The Neighborhood Merchant Yeah, the Main and Fore could move forward, about a gun ports worth of space. Otherwise, there's not much to give notes on. You've got it pretty well together.
  9. kurigan

    La Comete

    Give her a glorious end in battle! Take her on one more round of conventions, as part of a display showing ship to ship action
  10. https://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/120696-bumblebee/
  11. @LM71Blackbird As i said, you, do you. If you want better reference, try the cutter HMS Fly, 1763. You may want to try a different hull technique as well. Might I suggest the Bumblebee method? I think you're going to struggle to fit all the elements of something like Resolution on such a small scale. Sometimes simpler is better. Do basic well and wow everyone. (You asked for advice, this is my honest advice. You don't have to take it, I really don't care.) Cheers! Dave
  12. @LM71Blackbird Well apparently the model kit you're using for inspiration is rather slab sided. It 's also rather atypical. Seems it's likely a work of fantasy, made of elements of different types cobbled together to make something that "looks cool". You do you, but it may not make the best reference material; particularly considering your's is half the size. https://modelshipworld.com/topic/19395-hms-resolution-by-thunder-finished-corel-150-scale-17th-century-cutter/?tab=comments#comment-592016 https://modelshipworld.com/topic/14768-getting-some-info-on-this-hms-resolution-kit/?tab=comments#comment-459568 Dave
  13. kurigan

    LEGO could use Playmobil for inspiration!

    Because it's up to the builder to make Lego in to what you imagine. Themes in Lego are just marketing. Stories sell, and story is conflict. If you want a house, build a house. If you want a wind mill build a wind mill. If you want to sell bricks, make up a character for the most popular fictional genera at that moment and animate some cutesy commercial showing all the awesome adventures he has. Or, better yet, licence preexistence, popular and well established franchises so the writing is already done. Playmobil is, what it is, forever. If it's a car, then it's just a car. If it's a house, then for ever more it will be a house. Check the landfills in a million years, and they will still be plastic cars and houses. Take a Lego car and decide you want a tractor, a space ship, ever a castle (why not) and you can tear it down and build it back up in to any of those things. To continue existing and being the awesome thing it is, Lego needs to sell. If putting it in a box labeled "War Toys" is what gets it out the door, then so be it. If it says something about society that conflict sells better than domestic bliss, I'm not sure it's a bad thing. It's easy to say "but what of the children?" but what kind of upbringing , what sort of life preparedness, are they being given if all their stories and fantasies are about a perfect world where nothing goes wrong and everyone gets along? Without the darkness, how would we recognize the light? Dave
  14. kurigan

    The Horned King

    @Grover Yeah, we already covered that.
  15. kurigan


    @MAB wasn't really looking for notes, just sharing for fun. I do disagree though. I don't hold Lego-likeness as the highest measure of quality. In fact, as a custom fig, I think, going beyond Lego-likeness is part of the point. I find the paper adds texture and thickness, which helps tie in the Brickwarriors parts, in a way that pad printed torsos don't. I also like that you can see his yellow "flesh" wrap around in a more natural fashion than with the prints. I actually have a couple of the armored female torso's around, like Athena from the CMF series, but rejected them for these reasons. There is also nothing wrong with me being, just a little, proud that I managed to tie a complete figure together from what I had around, without further purchases. If I seem a little irked, it's because I am. It's been bugging me all week. I can't but read in your reply that I somehow offended your sensibilities and you felt a need to put me down. Well I'm not down. I like my little guy and i'm gonna keep making my customs my way. If you all don't want to see em, that's fine, just have a Moderator to tell me where to go. Cheers!