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  1. Stoertebricker

    [MOC] Sloop in the Black Seas Barracuda Style

    Wow great hull work, somehow it looks so close to the old hull piece. It looks like a baby barracuda somehow, so cute
  2. Stoertebricker

    Polynesian Crab Claw Boat

    I am plannig to build something similar, too. First I wanted to buy some "Moana" sets for the sails but probably I should go for some self made, too :)
  3. Stoertebricker

    [MOD] Barracuda-to-galleon 'Queen Jane's Remorse'

    Nice ship! Tthe stern reminds me a bit of the queen anneยดs revenge due to the high windows. I personally do not like the big skull at the top there, the ship is more kind of a realistic attempt in my opinion and the skull does not fit to that.
  4. Stoertebricker

    Lateen Rigged Gunboat St Mercia

    Quite a nice small ship, I like it. I would recommend to use a bar for the steering of the rudder instead of the red part. Additionally i would spread the shrouds ends at the hull side a bit on the bar, so that they are not complete parallel from the mast down to the hull. I definitely have to get my hands on the creator pirate ship soon :)
  5. Yes I can understand that, the reason" because of the baracuda bay" is, as I already mentioned, very unspecific and can apllied to nearly everything around in this subforum :/ Then I have to hope that Skaerbaeck will not be cancelled as well so I can take a look at your layout and the ideas set there!
  6. Stoertebricker

    Suggest a new LEGO Idea to get behind

    I would like to suggest the "Tall ship" by @Sebeus I I really hope we get once a ship with this nice hull technique this "Tall ship" has. Hopefully I can add two more when I have time to dig through ideas the next time!
  7. Thats good to hear that you have no email! I was really worried about all the ideas around the general theme of pirates, ships and so one, lets hope its just POTC! Probably I can build a different ship around the functions in the future!
  8. Thanks again here for all your support and your suggestions for my project and a special thanks to the moderators like @Mister Phes to keep all this crazy pirate crew in this forum under order ! Unfortunately I have to announce that today I got an email from the official lego ideas team that my idea has been archived, so it can not be supported or commented any more. The reason is, of course, that now they already have a set in stores - the Pirates of Barracuda Bay! (Which is a fantastic set, for sure!) I am interested if someone else here had the same experience? Dont get me wrong but I am really disappointed, for sure it is good that they tell you early that they will never release your set or even review it but for me that leaves more questions open: For me ideas is not only about becoming your idea a real set but as well that you can collect support for it and reach that crazy 10k-Member status (even if my minimum goal was only 1k) which gives you firstly a nice feeling and at last I think even if its not approved you get a price of buying 3 lego sets for free. Thurthermore I am a bit sad about all the ideas which are in review now (like Caribbean Clipper by Baby Teeth) or those who had collected a lot votes like the fortress by @Piraten. My main problem is that I seriosly can not figure out the border which sets could get reviewed from now on and which can not because they are "close" to the barracudabay... I mean ok, there is the word pirate in the name of my idea but it consists of so many more, the motorization or even the ip POTC and so my point of view is that my ship is so far different from the bay that from my point of view all big old styled ships have to be withdrawn by lego ideas from now. And because the bay is as well a bay or harbour or something (at least the submission was) I am not even sure for the fortresses and harbours. I feel very bad for all the great ideas out there we are currently collecting here:I hope that will not be true!!! Some weeks ago I have seen a video on that topic: I think its really weird for everyone who wants to submit an idea that you dont know if it will be accepet at the end (or right after the submission because I think the most will first build it and then try to submit it afterwards). Another point is that my idea had at minimum 1 year to go or even more when reaching 5k, so if it would be in review some day the bay could be close to EOL already. Please let me know what you think on this topic or what you have experienced, probably at least I will feel a bit better because we are not alone So for me there is only one silver lining at the horizon of this storm which is "They have already a Flying Dutchman in their product pipeline" because POTC Movie No 6 will come to theaters some day as well! - But it has already disappeared, so where is the rum? Yoho...
  9. As I take a look at the last winners I think the ledo ideas team will do this job either. I wanted to show the full potential, for sure it could be reduced or just being prepared to put in more motors on your own.
  10. Stoertebricker

    [MOC] Diorama Klodsfest and SFW 2019

    @Piraten, its about 55cm high, 75cm long and 23cm wide, needing a bit more space to the sides while "rolling"
  11. Hi all, thanks to everyone who supported my idea, my goal of 1k is reached! some time has passed but I managed to try out some "photoshop" work on my photos, so I hope you like them (I changed the main pics in the first post). As well I created a pic which shows the motorized functions: Is it possible to understand that picture?! Please tell me what I can do better for the edited pictures, its my first try... There are some more new pics at my Flickr, too. At last I would like to share that I will participate at Skaerbaek Fan Weekend for the first time (I hope this MOC will be accepted as well), so I hope to see some of you around there! One new question for you: I am thinking of building a motorized Black Pearl as well to accompany the Dutchman! So they can chase each other.. Should I give it a try?
  12. Stoertebricker

    [MOC] Diorama Klodsfest and SFW 2019

    @Piraten, beautiful layout! I will participate at SFWas well and I hope my Dutchman can sail there, too. Is there some free ocean in your diorama? The Dutchman has no ship to chase for - until now
  13. Stoertebricker

    [MOC] Europa

    Wow, nice shape! And you have inserted a lot of ropes for the rigging, so the sails are not necessary! It seems to look quite big for its actual size, too! As @Mister Phes alsway suggests the minifigs (is every ship without them getting this post? I am to short a member to verify that...) I dont think they are needed for this one. Lastly, I would never destroy a lego piece or colour it, I like to figure out a solution within the limited part availablity!
  14. Stoertebricker

    [MOC] The Flying Dutchman

    @Runamuck, I like the classic-style of your build, the bow somehow reminds me of my childhoods ship the "Red Beard Runner"... even better you tried to shrunk it down to the size of the classic ships, too. I tried with mine as well but the main difference is the 2 bricks added underneath for the wheels which can be detached for display. I tried to build a working upmoving capstan but I think the scale is a bit to small for that, so it only rotates :( On ideas there is as well another Dutchman from Zedkay ( which comes close to yours. In comparsion to that one I love your flashy green sails and that you have not forgot the square sail on the mizzen mast! The best comes at last: the monkey! Really love it, both versions ! Great MOC!
  15. This one has so much story inside! The building style all over looks fantastic, I think It could be part of a bigger harbour with Convento Cappuchinos in front: Even the story could fit together like: The marraige invitations (or even the loveletter) got stolen by pirates in the post office and then the couple struggle to get married at the convent...