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  1. Stoertebricker

    Post your Pirate Crew: Pirate Figbarfs

    Ahoy! Took me very long, but as a teaser for my new small vessel, here is the crew of the the Bermuda-Sloop: Grey Hawk: From left to right: Senior Gunnor: Frank Mc Lloyd Navigator: Sonja van den Rood Captain: Derek "Donker" von Dammen Youngster: Luke Mc Lloyd I hope you like them! (I assembled a special gun, too. I found a cutted flint gun in a part bulk so I tried to build a solid gun out of it again)
  2. Stoertebricker

    [BDP] Imperial Frigate Minerva

    Thank you very much, I dont have Insta account but the small foto provides enough information! Looks really strurdy an the curves are archived mainly by standard hinging techniques, well done! I am thinking of building another motorized ship along my Dutchman and Pearl but I planned to use the hull pieces again, because they provide a simple base to build on. But the Motors also could fit in a completely build technik frame, therefore providing more freedom for the steering, rudder and driving functions. Probably resulting in 1-2 brick higher lower deck than your build, but that could work. Now I have probably to rethink my design decision...
  3. Stoertebricker

    [BDP] Imperial Frigate Minerva

    Wow, thanks for both of your nice entrys for the BDP! I think this one is a bit superior to the Concordia because I prefer these masts and the addition of the brick build sails. Why you submitted both ships in one round? I would think to have higher chances when submitting one per round? Or dou you build each unsuccesful round an additional one? I would buy each one but the Minerva has some better trim to make the race for me I forgot: do you have some fotos from the assembly? Espcecially the technik frame underneath to create the subtle angles would be interesting!
  4. Stoertebricker

    [ENTRY] Caribbean Brig - better known as the Ironram

    @Mister Phes, sorry but did you enter this entry on the entry page? You answered to the topic so i thought you recognised it. I can not find it :/
  5. Stoertebricker

    [ENTRY] Eldorado Bastion

    1paragraf: The colour choice was intentional in contrast to the eldorado fortress. In the fortress, the grey baseplate works as a rock as the foundation where on top the fortress is constructed. Here in contrast, everything except the stones at the water line are constructed to build up the bastion. Thats why i choosed old grey as main colour. In addition why are grey/black castles with tons of minifigs suiatable as a set and my creation is not? example: Kings castle or other sets from the Lion knights wave from around 1984. Thanks, I liked the towers as well, I wanted to create 3 completely different ones! Yes, Bandanas are great! Smile faces, too (I wanted to stay with the classic look of the first soldiers). When there are two many cannons, ok (we had stes with 6 and I have 5), then frow 2 of them away and let the children decide where to put them. Yes the small port with the messi equipment is great, on top of the fort, everything has to be sorted, would be a catastophe if at battle a soldiers stumple over an oar or something. This area will also be the best place for pirates to sneak into the bastion. Yeah the bridge is needed to properly doch a big ship (one thing that lego ever missed out until today when they rereleased eldorado frotress, where you have a proper doch for e.g. the Barracuda! Thanks! As I mentioned above, check Kings Castle for reference. As a kid I struggeled to use them so it was a great challenge to use one again! That is actually the intention, here at eurobricks have been some very good renditions of star chaped forts, would be great to see if it workes with this one, too. (I have just one so could not try it out! ) Thank you! My old fortress is boxed, but I will check how to connect them both when I build it next time! For colours check Kings castle as an example because its third time mentioned, was there a rule that says: the entry has to be designed how lego would make a set at todays standards? Then I missed that one, because this entry and the Caribbean Brig both are built as it would have been done in the 80s/90s (at least, as I would have done it, if I would have been born and working at LEGO HQ). Every extra cannon makes the customer happy I am not sure if it is too large, in contrast to eldorado fortress it is not very high and therefore more attachements to the sied of the baseplate are done (but I have to admit that I did not counted any pieces...) Thanks @Mazin, you create very long and good critic posts with tons of suggestions and even helped out here! Special thanks to you!
  6. Stoertebricker

    [ENTRY] Caribbean Brig - better known as the Ironram

    Ok guys, because you all postet so kind comments, I tried to do best to all of them and made some last minute changes: I am very sleepy and its dark so please do not judge the fotos to hard: Stern with only yellow tube, white instead of yellow flags, brick build small cannons: Brick build cannons at the stern detached: Jib sail and more railings at the bow: And I removed a part of the crew (that was an easy one... ) I am really sleepy so do not bother me to not answer to all your comments directly. But just one thing: Why the heck is everybody complaning about to many big cannons?! Me as a child: GIVE ME MORE CANNONS, LEGO! At least enough to fill all *** gunports of this pirate-ship-set! Thanks for this awesome contest. Good luck to all contestants!
  7. Stoertebricker

    [ENTRY] Purple Privates (Mini Set)

    Thanks, that was my intention, just something different. The orange comes from the orange epaulettes and I wanted a figure to stand out a bit. The seat is flat, because I could not find more 2x4 or 1x4 tile in dark purple, I always build with my parts storage. Yeah your right about the oars, first I wanted white but could not find more so switched to brown, but forgot to change the first boat As I said, I wanted to elect one of the 3 today, my choice would have been the one with the shirtless guy, but MisterPhes took the first foto so I will stay with that one. Its okay, but your right with mr. duck, hes a very fun character, my favourite from the 5, too. I wanted to take a complete differnt take for this category, because I thought the criteria is already very strict. I ordered the pieces at PAB a while ago so I thought its the perfet opportunity to try out what the recoloured pieces can do. Okay if you dont like the orange but for me the purple works better then expected! Thanks! Also thanks for all you effort making this contest happen! As Mazin and MstrOfPppts said, probably I can make some rearengements and probably go with golden epaulettes or something not as crazy as orange ;) Thanks @all for your comments and criticism!
  8. Stoertebricker

    [ENTRY] Caribbean Brig - better known as the Ironram

    Thanks, these are some very detailed observations! 1) The jibsail is waiting at the Eldorado Bastion I did not like it with a jibsail, the jib is quite short and all ropes have a very steep angle. The original jibsail is therefore a bit large... I tried to give the ship a bit of a compressed look, because i think the clipper is a bit short, too. 2) True, but I could not figure out a good looking one, so only build that mini forcastle. 3) True but as designed for play, all canons should shoot . 4/5) That is an hommage to the official set, which had no sails as well (My goal was not to build a realistic sailing ship.) I first wanted to make a lateen sail on it like on the armada flagship, but that looked weird. A spanker was an Option as well, but I only wanted to use original lego parts, and "making" a spanker out of two jibsails like in my Armada Brig did not worked out well, too. I wish I had some time to make some of your points possible, especially 2). But I have to work tomorrow... I am not an expert on pirate lore from old cassettes, comics and so on. Thanks for this information! Should I rename the entry?
  9. Stoertebricker

    [ENTRY] Purple Privates (Mini Set)

    Hi rowers! In mind of the small "rowboat" sets, like 6245, I build an entry for the Mini Set category: Purple Privates - feared by all pirates I made three rowboats, so let me know which is your favourite, i will pick the best tomorrow evening as the official entry. Here we have private O. and his first mate Scar. Both in a rowboat with purple benches and rapier. As the contest only allows 50pcs, the forthcoming rowboats can be interpretet as an eytra, to show what can be possible with the colour scheme: The next ones are monsieur C. and Dante - the duck. The duck is one of the best rowers on the seven seas and due to constant rowing wearing no uniform, so the water can cool him and a thick layer of salt protects him froim the sun (and also showing off his epic duck tattoo!). I even created their own purple flag (normally I never make custom prints besides sails)! Last but not least, there is private C. - the cook. Besides his fast shooting skills, he is a magnificent cook and knows how to infiltrate every fortress through the kitchens cellars. Here I have some pics with the full fleet. I think there could be a complete new fraction based on this colour scheme. If you like them, most of the parts are currently available at PAB online. Probably the three privates with rapiers will make a nice group of three purple musketeers, too! I hope you like purple, pink and orange soldiers as well!
  10. Stoertebricker

    [ENTRY] Eldorado Bastion

    Hi again, here is my second take on the 90s bluecoats, as entry for the pirate contest. In my opinion the Eldorado Fortress lacks in defence so I thought they should add a bastion on a close Island to defend the Fortress to Pirates and even the Redcoat Fleet or the Imperial Fleet. So present to you the Eldorado Bastion: The bastion is heavily armed withe 3 static and 2 rotating cannons on towers. I used the famous baseplate but I wanted to break the rectangular shape wit the pier and the towers. The Bastion can hold amunition in its center and has some supplies, ready to load on the Caribbean Brig on the ramp and dock. The admiral and frech soldiers are waiting for the arrival of Governor Broadside. A small crane is ready load the cargo. Here I added some shots with both sets combined (Eldorado Bastion + Caribbean Brig): There are some more pictures in the Flickr-Album. Everybody shoud think twice if he sails close to the Bastion and the Caribbean Brig! I hope you like my very classic take on these two contest entrys, here you can find Caribbean Brig. There should be only old parts, available in the classic pirates eras. Good luck everyone, I hope I find some time to stumble through all the new creations and contest entrys!
  11. Hi there! Phew, the Caribbean Brig closely made it in time into port to enter the contest! (for category New LEGO Pirate set from the 90s era) Although the hourglas on the webpage seems broken, my Kalender still states 25th august so the deadline should not be closed! I present you the Carribbean Brig: (the ship I saw in the official caribbean clipper, though it was way to small to be the flagship of Gov. Broadside!) UPDATE (for full Infos see my latest comment) Old Topic Entry: It is a fully square rigged brig, proudly sailing the seven seas in search for Captain Redbeard. It is equipped with 3 Cannons on the main deck. Two of them are the feared royal cannons (in blue). The lower deck is fully equipped with 6 cannons, 3 for each side. The stern has 2 cannons as well, which can be swiveled. When you remove the last bit of the handrail, these cannons can rotato fully to the sides, but I would let this modification to the kids themeselfes, as I did when I was young. I am a bit late to the contest, so there is not much time for criticism and changing something, but I created some slighly different sterns with 1 or two flextubes. (Please give some feedback, even when the contest deadline has passed, it is always interesting!) The maindeck is removable and the sides of the cabin can be opened: This gives a better look in the cabin, as well: The figurehead is a small dragon: The anchor and the crane have working winches for play. Check the Flickr-Album for more pics! I hope you like it and to fully upgrade the blucoat set wave, I build the Eldorado Bastion as well. Both can be combined well, check it out here: Eldorado Bastion All the best and good luck to all contestants, there are already so many marvellous builds. The new Eldorado Fortress and the contest really brought back old pirates in the forum and some new sailors as well! Awesome!
  12. Stoertebricker

    [MOD] 40649 to pirate

    Nice MOD! There are less changes needed to the body then I thought would be necessary! Well done, Some how for me the only problem with the fig is again the size of the hat... But that is a problem of the official sets, too.
  13. Stoertebricker

    [OFFICIAL] 10320 Eldorado Fortress - Available NOW

    Hi, I am somewhat surprised by the comments the set gets, when I remember when the new castle was released, the majority thought it was not close enough to the sources material from the 80s, now it seem the other way round Form me the thing is ok, I never was a fan of the old one because I did not liked the building configuration and the 45° slped walls. The trading post was so much beterr IMO, but therefore we can open it up and we have the boat! I think it is ok. I dont want to go through all the criteria again. So for me I dont like that they tried to rebuild the 45° solped walls, why not make them round? I think I also would have liked a bit more modern take on it and that they inclkuded the white rowing boat as well, now I have to go to PaB for it... But now I can easily justify to MOC the thing (probably with a 2nd copy) to my own style as I did with the original in my childhood, too!
  14. Stoertebricker

    [MOC] Pirate Death Star

    Wow thank you very much, that is a real honour! Unfortunately there are no comments from the star-wars builders, yet... or? Ok then, what did you expect when only reading the caption? Thank you! Hm your right, probably I should put one in the dungeon, I think I forgot to put one of the two SW minfigs I own on that thing Yeah, we had so much fun with the islanders statues - one depicting a mermaid and ther other master yoda himself! Uff, what a task. For now I will stay with my Black Pearl to sink other ships with a big broadside ;) And a big thanks for all your praise!
  15. Stoertebricker

    [MOC] Africa: A redcoat bomb ketch

    The building technique of the hull at the stern looks interesting. Those are the small hull pieces from the diver boats ot the one from imperial trading post, right? The rudder sits in between those. Great, never seen that before!