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Found 9 results

  1. Usually my shipyards just build new ships for use in the fleet of MAESTRO. But with the right offer anyone can request a ship or the refit of one. A while ago I heard that Corrington needed one of their captures refit; I heard it was supposedly the strongest Warschooner ever seen in these waters. Of course, I can't not look at such a unique ship. So I decided to let my shipyards take on the challenge of refitting it. The moment it arrived here I was surprised - it looks like it was almost meant to be a frigate, until someone decided they wanted a schooner instead. No surprise, considering that this ship had been build by pirates, who are known to change their minds often. But the quality of the build was surprisingly good - there wasn't as much to repair as I had suspected; the worst were the sails which were completely destroyed in the battle - it fought hard, but had to surrender eventually. Lets hope it doesn't have to do that again. Hereby I present to you: the former Blood Mean, now named HMS Badger in the hands of Corrington, refitted under undisclosed conditions by Monezterrel shipyards. Here we see the Stern of the HMS Badger. And the obligatory view of the bird. ___________ This is first build I've build in this scale, and I'm think it turned out quite well. I'm especially proud of the way the curve and tumblehome (although it is almost not noticeable) turned out, the only part I feel like it needs to be redone is the bow, but I just have no idea how to do it better.
  2. I've lately been thinking about how we, as MAESTRO, should expand our fleet - many more small ships just take up so much space! So I decided to let our best shipbuilders help design a ship which can help us to deal with that problem. They have come up with one of the biggest ships I've ever seen, it is just about the same size as the Margot, but this is not a Warship! It is a ship meant for carrying a lot of cargo while still being able to defend itself against most enemies. At least I hope so, considering she is armed with 24 guns! She'll be commanded by Captain Lamar Evercrees`. Now we just have to wait for our order of sails to arrive to send THE PRIDE OF ELYSABETHTOWN off to her first journey! So, time for pictures - just 5 of them for now, as it got knocked over by the wind while I was taking these and I have to fix some stuff (and the wind got even worse, so...): (Maxim, please use this picture for the index) So, now its time to wait for the new classes as this ships doesn't fit into the current ones. I guess it could be something along the lines of 8T or similar as the current tradeships tend to have a gunrating 2 levels lower than their class. With the bowsprit she"s roughly a meter long, just barely fits in my window where she'll be sitting. I haven't decided if I want to make sails for it, I feel like my typical sails would just downgrade this ship. I'll see about that. The rigging will stay as it is as it already kinda survived falling over and being covered by a blanket (which it was standing on). Rigging is a pain as some of you should know ;) Credit goes to many people: Captain Green Hair for his tutorials and encouraging me to go with red gunports and many more hints he gave me Maxim I for building the Margot and inspiring me to build a double decker with CGHs technique Bregir for encouraging me to not go with a partially disarmed ship of the line and instead build an Indiaman (and some more shiptalk) MAESTRO for support Sebeus I for his amazing stern designs which I used to build mine Many more shipbuilders who's builds I used for inspiration
  3. My shipyards have been busy - Green Winds a week ago wasn't the last ship they would build either way. While I was glad how fast Green Winds was, the beauty of Schooners never really hit me, and many others have suggested me to give my shipyards the order to build a Xebec - they are supposedly great ships, both for trade and for travel; for war and defence we have other ships. As I suspected that a Xebec should be able to keep up with Green Winds, I ordered my shipbuilders to paint her in the same colours. They succeeded in both ways - she seems to fit well with the colours of Green Winds; and considering how well she plays with the wind I have decided to name her Colour of the Wind. Lets go around her in our small boat and look: We start on the Port side: Go to the Stern: Around to the Starboard side: And finish our tour around looking at the bow: So, after we checked her out while she's still standing here, lets look at her next to Green Winds - well, lets say let a bird look at them next to each other: As you can see she's only a little bit shorter than Green Winds; as well as that she is a lot sleeker, so she should be more than equal in speed. ______ So, a quick overview over the facts: time spent building - no stopwatch running, started 1 1/2 days ago 4 longguns Captain Lum Liddle Owner Jerome Monezterrell(me) Build by Monezterrell' Shipyards (might be at some point in the future) Tradecompany MAESTRO crew: 10 men Rating: class 5F ______ sorry about the picture quality, the weather is bad and they just didn't come out any better. I might take new ones next weekend! Same goes for the typical pictures with my entire fleet - not the right weather for that today sadly. Next week! Nobody tell me that Stern is overhanging to far!
  4. I've recieved the message that my shipyards have finished another ship for me! We need to get there as quick as we can to check it out! And there we are! Isn't she a beauty? Finally a really fast ship that should help us to buy even more ships! That's what we call a Schooner my friend, and this one is a large one! Lets go around to the Stern: She is actually a lot larger than you might think, so I decided to command the Dragon's Revenge here, which is, albeit being bulkier, quite a bit shorter, as you can see from this bird: I also noticed that the Pride of Elysabethtown was around too, so I decided to send my bird up to these vessels too! I think it'll be a while until we have a ship equal in size to the Pride besides the Margot! I also tried to take a picture which includes all of my still standing ships, but that proved to be rather difficult - the War Dwarf/HMS Kent/Justicia (which hasn't recieved a new paintjob as the real model just yet) is to big to be in the forground and way to small in the background (you might be able to see one mast:D) - and all these ships just take up so much space (I don't even want to know how much space these minifig-scale first rates take:D)... So, a quick Overview over the facts: time spent building - no stopwatch running, but I started 1 1/2 days ago 6 swivel guns 4 longguns Captain Ronald Scourie Owner: Jerome Monezterrell (me) Build by the Monezterrell' Shipyards (might be coming at some point in the future :P) Tradecompany: MAESTRO Crew: at least 12 men Rating: at least a class 5F. not sure if it might classify for a 6F. I want to hear what you think! How it all started:
  5. ", my dear friend, you really cannot hold me here any longer!" Cooke said. "But..." Cooke interupted Montoya immediately: "If I hear one more word of a curious beetle or a non-descript turtle, I swear by the gods, I am going to have you keelhauled under your own vessel! It has been weeks since we set out from King's Harbour towards Quinnsville and sir Smaugton has been expecting us for at least a month!" Montoya blushed, hesitated, and discreetly let go of a bunch of feathers, before speaking up. "I have no idea why you would expect such of me..." Clearing his throat he continued "Of course... As you have so often told me, the tide waits for no man..." Cooke nodded with satisfaction "Indeed!" "As soon as we have dispatched the orders I asked you to write up..." As Cooke held up a document, Montoya nodded "Thank you, good sir. I hope you support my dispositions..." "I do, entirely. McLeod will be happy with a new command, and will make a fine captain. And more so, the Justicia is going to be a fine addition to the pirate hunting task force." "Let is be so, and then we are off to Quinnsville..." The "Justicia" is a sistership to the "HMS Kite" (Formerly "War Dwarf") by Legostone. I simply manipulated the colours a bit. Thanks for looking - C&C is welcome, as always. The Justicia will be my contribution to the pirate hunting task force.
  6. Hello and welcome to the presentation of the latest acquisition of MAESTRO! Due to the increasing size of our fleet we felt like it was time to have some more bigger armed vessels to protect our convoys. So I sent my engineers off to develop a frigate that could carry a decent amount of guns for us! In a very short amount of time they managed to put together this ship, which will sail under the command of Captain Ben Zwitsers, who is under the command of Lady Elysabeth of the House of Drondil(Titus V). Lady Elysabeth has also decided to name our first Frigate Dragon's Revenge, more about that later. ________ ​A few days ago I had given myself the challenge to build a frigate in under 24 hours - and I think I've succeeded in about 19. That's 6 more hours for improvements I might make once I have time to build again:P ​So, here are the pictures: Sailing' with the wind! Ready to fire a broadside? The stern castle closed gunports and a view at the rigging - I think I did pretty well considering I was limited in time and ran out of string:P As I don't own the Transferata I can only picture the Dragon's Revenge with one of Titus V ships, the Arkady. And together with the other of my ships - well, the smallest amount of them are actually in my hands:P Sorry for terrible editing, I just wanted to have them all in one picture. So, a quick overview over the facts: 11 hours building the ship 4 hours rigging 3 hours sails 1 hour crew 20 guns on the gundeck 6 smaller guns on the upper deck 2 bowchasers Captain Ben Zwitsers Owned by Lady Elysabeth(Titus V) Build by the Monezterrell' Shipyards (might be coming at some point in the future :P) Trade company MAESTRO current crew consists of 25 men, but could easily go into the range of 40 For now we'll license it as a class 5HA, but likely upgrade it at a later point to a higher class once those are public; I expect this to be a class 7(L)A, even if I would have to add a few more guns for that :P Some notes: the masts and rigging are not entirely accurate (2 sections instead of 3, rigging going to the sides of the platforms instead of to the masts; also the curve for the gundeck is a bit to strong. Those are the things that I'll definitely not fix in the remaining 5 hours, but if you have any other suggestions I might make use of those once I have time again.
  7. After some time around these newly explored islands we noticed that some stronger defence on the water would be needed; many Sea Rats and even some unidentified creatures which attacked our man on their small boats were around and causing our man to lose confidence that it would be a good idea to stay around these islands. Some even said they were cursed. This made it clear that we need more to defend our island than just a few man with sticks in rowboats. I decided it would be a good idea to sent a letter to one of the best shipbuilders of Eslandola if he were interested in building some sloops to defend the area. He agreed to the contract and went ahead to build this one; I've named it Arkady for its wild nature and, for its size, good armament. It even has some space to carry along some goods, which I really appreciate. Hereby I present you, Arkady, a class 2WR sloop: I sure hope his aggressive bow keeps those Sea Rats under control! And lastly, a picture of Arkadys starboard side: Not exactly relevant for this challenge, but I still feel like it is relevant, the Arkady with the rest of my fleet (including the HMS Kent/War Dwarf which is now owned by Bregir). Captain Anco Liconardo commands this vessel.
  8. Update: Now the HMS Kite of the Corrington Royal Navy Try at least once finishing a single ship in a single day, it is fun (besides the rigging:P). The War Dwarf is a rather old war brig, brought here by the family of Monezterell brought it over from the old world as she was one of their best ships back then. Since then she had a general overhaul, as she was a bit outdated in comparision to many of the new ships that are and were being built. She may not be the fastest ship on the ocean, but she can keep pace with the majority of modern ships again. It is commanded by Captain Damian Chetham. Instead of writing more I would rather let pictures speak for me. War Dwarf, starboard side, also a general overview. starboard again, but this time a bit more close up, here you can see her broadside - 3 18 pound guns, 2 9 pound guns, as well as a swivel gun. This is mirrored on the other side. As well as that she has 2 permanent chase guns. Thats a total of 6 18 pound guns, 6 9 pound guns (the chase guns are 9 pounders too) and 2 swivel guns, a total of 14 guns. You should be able to see that there is a lot going on on board. Next we have a picture of her stern, as well as her portside. And lastly we have a picture straight at her bow, including the chase guns. Well, not exactly the last picture - there is also one together with the Wringe I and the unfished Green Winds. I'm unsure if I want to license her, I might put her up for sale - I could definetly use some more DBs:P Special thanks to Captain Green Hair for the hull building technique, it really helped. The rigging was painful (and is still far from perfect) though. Total of 12 hours spent building her. 4 of those on rigging and sails.
  9. I need a bigger ship, the Wringe II just doesn't cut it. Due to this, I've decided that I'll get my shipbuilders to build a bigger ship for me. And they've succeded again! This ship is a class 3T2, a large sloop which will be a ship shared with MAESTRO and members. Her captain is Captian Nard Klein Veegevuur. So, lets see how she looks like: Lets also see her stern: And also sailing with the wind; the mast is not tipping over, thats just the perspective:P Lastly we have a size comparision with the Wringe II, as I feel like thats necessery. If you want more size comparision shots with different ships just ask;) 10 Shares: