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  1. mrsniady1

    PTV 2015 Large: Honey, I do have table for tonight!

    >>>>>What I don't get is why the parrot is still alive. :)) Ooops! My bad!
  2. -Yes, honey, I've got a reservation at finest town's tavern! - Yes, I know there's only one! - Nobody's gonna bother us! - Just you and me this time!
  3. That's right Mr. Traffic Warden! You'll get what you deserve: For all 'Pulp fiction' fans: "Say 'Incorrect parking' again, I dare you, I double dare you motherbricker, say 'incorrect parking' one more Brickdamn time!"
  4. mrsniady1

    PTV 2015 Small: Duel at the cliff

    Yup! I like your moc. The only thing that bothers me a little is this technic-pin-joiner palm tree. But overall it is a great moc.
  5. mrsniady1


    I recently spent some time on my Queen Anne's Revenge. Here's result: Fully Rigged Ship - Three Masts - 20A It's the first time I implemented CGH tumblehome technique in my ship. It turned out pretty well I think. I am happy with hull overall shape With open gun hatches. Handmade pvc sails. Flickr gallery C&C welcomed!
  6. mrsniady1

    Good girls gone bad

    175A Sometimes life isn't just pack of rainbow jellybeans. Sometimes rage hidden inside just got to come out. It's not about girls doing boys' stuff, it's about girls not being good anymore... My 4 YO daughter asked if friends minidolls can be pirates too. Of course they can! With this fast sloop they can plunder, murder and do other pirate stuff. This sloop has machine sewn PVC-fabric sails and shooting cannons armed with pink bullets. Beware Heartlake mall! C&Cs welcomed
  7. mrsniady1

    mod Brick Bounty

    Here's my little upgrade for Brick Bounty: Topsail and gaff added. 174D Sails are made of PVC fabric and dyed red with permament marker. And second upgrade: lifeboat added. C&C welcomed
  8. mrsniady1

    Bluecoats ship l'Hermes

    I recently upgraded my ship by adding headrails, so I decided to post picture of them and bump up this old thread. So here it is:
  9. mrsniady1

    Using "shell" part

    I've used this part in my curent WIP Neptune. You can notice this part underneath the side galleries. Also, Kolonialbeamter used it in his LDD projects, for ex. here.
  10. mrsniady1

    MOC: R.S. Neptune

    Some new additions. Cannons: Thank you! The gaff-rigged mizzen-mast: The anchor: Thanks. Still workin on the stern. But it definitely will be opening. Thanks! Just pushed 'Edit' button
  11. mrsniady1

    [MOC] Probably 6265 Sabre Island Revisited

    I love it! (and of Course great rockwork).
  12. mrsniady1

    Small hulled ships

    Here's mine: more here
  13. mrsniady1

    [MOC] Out of rum

    Great. I love the disapointment written on his face.
  14. mrsniady1

    MOC: R.S. Neptune

    UPDATE I've been working on my ship for some time. I think it looks much better now. I'm pretty proud how galleries turned out. Still many things to do- there are no decks, cannonns, headrails and many other things. I also think, that bonaventure mizzen should be removed and mizzen should be gaff-rigged. And what do you think, fellow companions?