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Found 31 results

  1. Barbatos

    [MOC] Hungry Boar

    Ahoy! Here you are a bizarre and grotesque ship initially made for Lego Ideas program. At last I opted to don't propose it, but however I realized a video on my YT channel where I show it in 360 degrees. This is the link and I hope you'll spend few minutes to watch it and enjoying it!
  2. This is my entry to the contest, Although the brick built sails that came with this set are good, I wanted regular sails. I took the liberty of changing the masts to fit the sails and also modified some areas to make them minifigure height around the deck and added a wall to separate the front of the ship from the rear. It’s a decently sized small ship but my vision was to add a few details and building techiniques I found from the 2015 Brick Bounty and the 2020 Barracuda!!
  3. Angus Ferriman won the sloop "The Pointed Dingleweed" in a game of cards. He got some pushback from his new crew on the name, so he changed it to "The Naughty Nougat". They liked that better. --------- Here's my micro ship class 3 earned as a prize during Challenge IV: Rebuilding Terraversa Wanted to try a ship on the new nougat hulls Trying to find more uses for my bazillion muskets. Some more photos:
  4. Dear all Simply wanted to get some feedback on the model below. Anyone else got some sea-worthy vessels, or is everyone tabletop lego-builders? In general one can say that I've tried to stay true to the design and aesthetics of the Black Seas Barracuda (1988). Trimmed to hard on the aft when not making way, but none the less calibration of hull is straight forward. This was the first actual sail test. I've been considering building in an engine for remote control, but not as of now. Glad if anyone else has some floating models to present, or other ideas. Have a nice spring- Yannis
  5. I'd like to draw some attention to an Idea that has been gathering support at a steady pace for a while now. From, @paokus, the creator of The Pirate Bay (which was made into the Pirates of Barracuda Bay set!), comes 'The Sword of the Seas': If you like this Idea, and would like to see it made into an official Lego set, then please follow the link and support it on Ideas!
  6. BillyG

    [MOC] Tintin Unicorn Ship

    My first post! My rendition of the Unicorn from Tintin (mainly based on the film). Just edited with better photos. Would love to hear your thoughts! And here's Tintin and Haddock with the Unicorn model - please forgive me using a cat for Snowy!!
  7. i have been on this group for a while now looking at all the cool builds you guys make and you inspired me to build a lego pirate ship from scratch. it is not as good as the stuff you guys build but i think it is alright. if you are wondering what the winch hook is doing it is meant to be an anchor. the technic pins on the side are meant to represent lots of cannons. you cannot quite see it but on the top of the mainsail there is a crows nest. please could you also tell me if you have posted any custom lego builds so i can check them out..
  8. Sparks bricks

    [LEGO IDEAS] 24 Gun Spanish Galleon

    Hello everyone! This is my first post here, and I want to introduce myself with my Spanish Galleon build! (excuse the pirate flag its the only one I have at the moment) The ship itself is more than 2,000 pieces with more than 15 yards of rigging. It has a total of 4 decks, which carry its 24 guns. I have been planning and working on this build for the last 3 months and very happy how it turned out! This is my first large ship I have built, and it comes in around 3 feet long (just the deck) and 2 feet tall, which means its about 1/2 of minifigure scale! I used a combination of different hull techniques that I learn here to give the hull its shape. I have yet to include sails but will be working on that shortly! I have different stages of the build on my Flicker which you can check out here: Here it is side by side with a official Lego pirate ship! As you can see its more than double the size! Lastly this has recently been posted to Lego Ideas and your support would be greatly appreciated! I think it would look amazing with the upcoming Pirates Bay set coming out later, but also we need to show Lego that fans want the Pirates and other classic themes back on the shelfs! With your support we can bring awareness to this! Some more pictures!
  9. kurigan

    HMS Scorpion… again, a MOC

    UPDATE November 2nd 2019 I told myself I wouldn’t start another hull until I was done with my current queue of MOCs, but I just couldn’t resist. After all the fun I had trying to finish Nuisance, I’ve been just a bit tired of sewing and rigging. Instead as I sat there watching Scorpion (the 4th edition) continue to collect dust, with her crew stoically awaiting completion or reconstruction of their ship, I just kind of snapped. I liked the old hull, but it just needed to be redone. The style, with which it was built, was good and rather conventional but ultimately inferior to the newer one I’ve adopted and adapted. I grabbed a few shots for posterity and reference and began tearing hull. A few hours later I was ready to pass out and had little to show, I went to bed feeling defeated and a little guilty. A couple of days later I came back to the table determined to right the wrong and reduced the old hull down to individual bricks. With the components sorted and accounted for I was in a better place and much more up for the challenge. I’d like to say I did the responsible thing and quit at a reasonable hour, but honestly I became a bit obsessed and in the wee hours, finally stopped work. Rather impressed with myself, I used my cell phone camera to grab a few shots and this is what I had. She’ll be a 16 gun brig ( 2more ports were added in the bows after the images were taken), a sloop in the Royal Navy under command of my own Charles Finley. Finley is my own fictional character who briefly commanded two previous Scorpions, the original brig and the later post ship. When construction was started on the new hull, I wasn’t sure if I’d be settling for another schooner or if a brig was going to be a possibility. At this stage I’m convinced rigging a schooner on this hull is right-out and have decided she must be a brig. The old battery, made up of something like 12s, is being recycled from the 4th hull. I’m considering adding a quarter (really poop) deck and stern cabin, but I’m not sure. Some of the Cruizer Class had cabins added aft, but it wasn’t part of the original design. Then again, this isn’t an exact model any way. For the sake of my fiction it’d be nice if Finley could have a cabin, since he’s essentially taking a demotion just to have a ship to command, but not at all necessary. If it would ruin the lines of the ship I’d rather not, but I like the idea of having one otherwise. What say you all? Now just for fun The History of Scorpion: The first 12 gun brig was a rather rudimentary model. It was a first attempt to recapture my lost skill with a very limited supply of bricks. In universe she was sailed to her station but was shortly thereafter deemed unseaworthy, having been much abused and sadly, sent to the knackers’ yard. Much of her timbers were reused on later iterations. The second Scorpion was intended to be a replacement for the aged brig but never sailed under that name. She was cutter rigged and had half as many guns as her predecessor, but a slightly more refined technique was used. After being abandoned for a time, in favor of a more suitable replacement, the hull was recycled into what would become Narthex. Though slated for a re-dux, Narthex is still with in service. http://www.eurobrick...showtopic=59351 The third rendition was a grand experiment in a new technique, intended to stretch my brick supply as far as possible. The ambitious project, had it worked out, would have resulted in a 20 gun post ship, but it was far too fragile. The entire concept relied on gravity and quite a bit of SNOT to stay together. After the second time it was dashed on the floor the design was abandoned. In the grander story, she too never sailed. While fitting out for sea, she was blown up as an act of revenge by pirates. In both reality and fiction she took the cutter Hawk, which had been serving as a test bed for the same techniques, with her. http://www.eurobrick...c=66085&hl=hawk http://www.eurobrick...showtopic=59877 The fourth iteration was yet again a complete experiment in technique. Intended more to “stick it to” my detractors, the exercise served to open my eyes to significant new possibilities. As has become my wont, much of the initial concept was inspired by other works here, but to serve my needs required refinement and ingenuity. The result was intriguing and I took it rather far, but still put it aside unfinished. Even though this hull was never complete and a yet another replacement is in the works, she was written in to the tale and the role she played stands. The details will simply be adjusted to accommodate the few differences between the two vessels. The fifth, and perhaps final, version uses my latest technique and has created a rather impressive effect even at this early stage. Though I had hoped this one could have been more of a direct model of the Cruizer Class, it would require a significantly greater investment in bricks (money) and I just can’t afford that at this juncture. Instead I’ll pour my heart in to yet another historically reverent interpretation, based mostly on the Cruizer Class, of which there was a famous Scorpion in the same historic timeframe.
  10. Terry Akuna

    Cloudship 1

    Cloudship 1 Fully functional and remote controlled Lego airship that can actually fly. As far as I know it's the first and only one in the world. CloudShip1_008_Bonahoom by Terry Akuna, on Flickr
  11. Sebeus I

    Ideas Tall Ship

    My latest ship was created with the specific intention of making a LEGO Ideas project out of it. You might notice some major differences with my other ships (if you're familiar with those). Most notable is the lack of custom rigging on this ship. It's 100% LEGO parts, which is a requirement for an Ideas project. It takes 10000 supporter for a project to be considered to become an actual set and make it to the stores. I hope I can count on your support, it takes only little effort to support my model and it doesn't cost you a thing . Also keep in mind that over time changes will be made to improve the model, I highly value the opinions of a real pirate fan so don't hold back and share your constructive criticism. I'm sure some of you will recognize some similarities with the Red Beard Runner, such as the red hull and the general color scheme . I found that a red hull is in general not very popular amongst ship-builders but I can tell you that I've been working on a brown and a white variant, at the same time I will make an alternative with the new type of hull. I will post these later (still need to gather some parts for that). The sails were taken from the Skull's Eye Schooner and attached using technic ball pins and studded ropes. The crows nest was made using the same technique as I did years ago on my Flying Dutchman (which reached 10000 supporters as an Ideas project). Custom built cannons on deck. You can actually see through the skylight. The CMF pirate would make an excellent crew member. I seem to have lost my interior pictures. Hold on while I retrieve those. They are on the Ideas page if you can't wait though. If you feel like supporting just click any of the pictures, it will lead you right to the project page .
  12. JeffBuilds

    The Adventure Galleon

    This is a MOC that I designed for Lego Ideas, inspired by the 2009 wave of Lego Pirates sets. The major inspirations behind this set were the new Balloon pieces that were introduced last year in 2016, as well as the fun compact ship that came in the Lego Spongebob set 3817-1, The Flying Dutchman, Circa 2012. However, I did not get past the first 100 votes that I needed to advance to the 6 month grace period to advance. This has not discouraged me from refining the idea for the set, and I plan to re-submit a newer version of the model soon, hopefully with new play features. Since I've last submitted this MOC, it has gone through several major revisions, which I am very eager to share with you in the following weeks.
  13. Previously: Recruiting at Marco's This Is Not the Wealthy Housing of Rassilon Falling Out with Foxx Cantu's Fort in Rassilon Freddy's Trained Chickens The Viper Jail Break! Cantu's House Even a Pirate Has a Sweet Tooth La Oleon Captain's Cabin Tropical Fruit Decision Lumber Camp Freddy's Big Haul The Golden Dragon The Capture of "El Polla" Swamp Raid Pirate Lagoon Palm Tree Inn Statues of Justice Secrets in the Hold Pirate Dojo Sinbad's Choice The Piranha's Plunder The Darting Frog Water Torture Choose! The Jade Piranha Strikes Again! The Parched Pirate Pirate Pet Shop After another successful predator run, Captain Zheng had another ship in his fleet, The Warped Wood. This ship is a 4T2. As can be seen from the photos, this ship is currently specializing in trading bananas
  14. Preamble: After finishing this build several months ago I had been growing increasingly frustrated with my inability to take 'ideal' shots with my limited photography set up. Coupled with reduced opportunity to take pictures during the festive period the build had grown quite dusty, which is noticeable in the photos presented. For this I apologise, but I have decided I would rather have pictures to post than continuously waiting until I have 'perfect' shots. And with that said, I now present the finished ship. Previous: The Bleak Angel: Prelude Heroes, Villains and Legends A Journey Through the Discoveries of the Age of Exploration: the Ships; the Captains; the People Volume Four: The Self-Styled and So-Called Sea Rats By Quentin Connors Chapter Thirteen: The Bleak Angel, continued... The next evening, all other affairs in order, I went to board the Bleak Angel. Upon sight of her I immediately knew how so many tales had sprung up around the ship. Tales of an immortal captain, an unsinkable ship dredged up by a dark force, of witches and heretics and all manner of things my Corrington upbringing left little room in the world for. My first introduction was to the bleak angel itself, the ship's figurehead and the two skulls that flanked it. I was informed the skulls were named Larry and Barry. Several crewmen offered explanations for the names and their presence. My favourite was that the skulls were the remains of two headstrong crew members who had once pledged to man the ship until it no longer sailed; following their untimely deaths in an ill-thought up venture Captain Dracken took them at their word and installed them as the ship's “spiritual advisers”. Mister Jakes greeted me as I boarded. I was swiftly introduced to Miss Abigail Kite, the ship's second officer and former gunnery master. Miss Kite now largely served as officer for the ship's marines. As with most Sea Rat vessels the marines were less a dedicated group of soldiers and simply the most violent and reliable actors in previous boarding actions. Perhaps they were best exemplified by Eleanor and Elizabeth, commonly known by the rest of the crew as “the Murder Twins” - though I should note only from a suitably safe distance. The twins had positioned themselves as Kite's left and right hands, when not hurting people. The last officer on the ship was Bartholomew Drake, the ship's quartermaster. A man surprisingly keen on bare knuckles pugilism, Drake often bore bruises from 'friendly' matches with other crew members. Somehow this did little to dull his mind, which remained consistently sharp despite the repeated head injuries he surely must have received on account of his hobby. “Old Man” O'malley was the Angel's cabin boy and errand runner. Whatever his given first name is, I never heard it used during my time on the vessel. After a few days of laborious sailing I was invited to meet with Captain Dracken himself in his cabin. Dracken revealed he had heard my tavern discussion with Mr. Jakes and was intrigued by my efforts to document the age of sail as it was happening. Dracken's cabin was, unsurprisingly, the largest, though it did also have to function as his private office and briefing room for his officers. My eyes were drawn to the numerous idols decorating the cabin. Here was quite a curious thing: that a man claiming to be an Oleonder officer, and therefore minor priest of Poseidon, on a ship named after the Angelic Heresy and living in a room filled with heathen idols. The antique but well maintained admiral's uniform Dracken had lying on his bed certainly failed to clarify anything. One of the more popular tales regarding Leon Dracken is the story of him being granted an extended lifespan by a witch for saving her life. I bring this up again for the unique interactions between Dracken and one of his crew make sense only with this context. Two young women serve on his ship. Liliana Vespwood, missing daughter of Lord Vespwood, is the ship's helmswoman and navigator. Her frequent – almost constant – companion went by the name Althea Holtzstein-Dracken and claimed to be the Captain's grand-daughter. If this was a charade it was one the two Drackens managed to perform and maintain for several years. If it was not, truly, the world is much stranger than I and my countrymen would ever admit. In any case I seldom witnessed the two young women far apart and heard some talk their relationship was closer than friendly. During the early stage of the voyage I caught frequent glimpses of the ship's most reclusive crew member, the one known as the witch: Iosefka. Several other tavern patrons in Bastion claimed the ship employed a witch to control the weather and turn it to the ships favour and I began to wonder which came first, the stories or Iosefka's presence on the ship. My only significant interaction with Iosefka came when accompanying another crew member, Boris, to seek medical assistance from her. She made her home in a large cabin at the back of the gun deck. Iosefka's appearance was striking; taller than most of the crew, skin nearly corpse-like white and almost unnaturally slender build. She bore all the characteristics associated with the victims of the Blackwater Massacre. Discovering this 'witch' served as a the crew's surgeon was a surprise and her book collection included several volumes I recognised as medical textbooks banned in several nations on account of how subjects for study were obtained. Like many pirate vessels, the Angel's gun deck was a cramped and noisy place, overloaded with larger cannons and leaving little space for cargo. I was told the ship traded, when the Captain was so inclined, in smaller high value items and so needed little space for trade goods. And as on most ships, the Sea Rats were joined by actual rats. That the crew kept a number of animals for the purpose of hunting those rats was unsurprising. Little did I realise at the time that I had joined the ship as the captain pursued the so called "Heretic's Hoard", a long rumoured treasure trove located on an unknown island. As fate would have it, my first journey on the Bleak Angel would by far be the least unusual. End of Chapter. Some more behind the spoiler button.
  15. Hello everyone, I would like to share my MOC - Swinging Pirate Ship Ride which is featuring one PF 8883 medium motor Here is the Video: I am gathering support in Lego Ideas, if you like it, you can give me a support: Thank you!
  16. The capture of the Bonnie Lass by Montgomery DuLac's Night's Gold was a surprise to many, especially DuLac himself, who had no particular interest in owning the warship, nor the crew for a ship twice the size of his own. A few days in port, and with repairs to both ships underway, DuLac encountered an old frenemy: Elspeth Harrow. Miss Harrow was in the market for a ship, and so ownership quickly changed hands again. Now-Captain Harrow immediately set about gathering a crew of her own. She found time to get the ship blessed by a priest of the Lord of Deep Waters, and rechristened the ship Maiden of the Deep. At dusk the next day Harrow set sail with a ship full of battle-ready sailors and marines. As for DuLac and his crew, well, that many doubloons bought many a drink before they too set sail. I tried a few new things on this. The hull design was inspired by Hass Kabal's Jackdaw project over in Pirate MOCs. Not entirely convinced by the sails, but I wanted to get this posted up. I may post the alternate, sail-less version later, possibly with some crew (and a hatch to the lower decks added - the things you only realise you missed after uploading the pics). The cabin sides are hinged to open outwards, though I've yet to fully furnish the interiors. Not sure how viable this would be as an actual build; the interior is quite hollow and lacking in structural supports because I was lazy and more concerned with the outward appearance. And I just realised I forgot the rudder... more pics later, it looks.
  17. ​Here's the first ship of the smuggler/pirate captain James Rulthrope. It is a class 2 fast ship, Neptune's Rogue. Overall View. Closeup of one side. From the front. Closeup from the other side. From the back. The Quarterdeck. The captain's planning room. C&C appreciated, thanks.
  18. BrickOn

    Another Brick Bounty MOD

    So having finally picked up a second Brick Bounty on sale last month, I have just got around to finishing my modifications combing the two ships. Essentially I was trying to keep something that was recognisable as the Brick Bounty so I forego some realism in the modifications. And I didn't want to create something double the size, just big enough to take on the Imperial Flag Ship. IMG_0845 3, on Flickr There can only be one Captain.. (what to do with the second?) IMG_0846 3, on Flickr Captain's Cabin IMG_0853 3[/url], on Flickr And somewhere for the crew to kip... IMG_0849 3], on Flickr The Ship's galley IMG_0847 3, on Flickr And the final battle... (for comparison) IMG_0856 3, on Flickr Comments and suggestions for improvement welcome (there are still a couple of minor things missing, i.e. wheels for cannons).
  19. BrickOn

    [MOC] Small pirate ship

    So I was given some ship pieces a while back (hull pieces, mast and cannons) and after quite a bit of playing and building and rebuilding, I finally finished the ship (well sort of, enough to post her here). ship, on Flickr Partially Square-rigged, one mast 10 I didn't have any spare cloth sails, and I'm not in the mood to make some at the moment, so I went with brick built (think I'd seen this style done before somewhere, but can't remember where). sails, on Flickr And I managed to squeeze a tiny Captain's cabin in the rear. Captain's Cabin, on Flickr parrots :-), on Flickr Thanks for looking :-) As always any suggestions for improvements welcome.
  20. Hey guys, it's been a while since i've been here but i finally finished my ship.Total lenght: 110 cmWaterine: 79 cmHight: 95 cmGuns: 62Crew: pirates, gools, zombie's and a ghost Fully Rigged Ship 22A
  21. Palixa And The Bricks

    [MOC] Playground for my modular buildings

    Hi everyone, I'd like to present you my latest MOC. The residents of my Lego city needed some green space and their kids some place to play. So, here it is: a big playground in the courtyard with a wooden pirate ship and a little sand pit. It's surrounded by the Microsoft Store, the modified Green Grocer, the Main Post Office and the Mom & Pop Store and Garage. I got the idea for the ship here and had a lot of fun building it, especially since it was a little bit out of my comfort zone. I hope you like it. C&C are welcome.
  22. 173D Another one of my favorite ships that I decided to modify. Now this one I turned into and Imperial Ship. Mostly because I have no imperial ships. It now has 6 cannons, a full deck, and a few other things. Hope you like it. Untitled by K R, on Flickr I took your advice and added a yellow stripe to the ship. I think it makes it look much better. Also you will notice in the above pic it now had 4 cannons and an improved deck. More pics to come in the future. Untitled by jreacher2003, on Flickr Untitled by jreacher2003, on Flickr The flickr Link to the rest!
  23. Hello, would like to present one simple and classic design. I 'm pretty sure you are all well familiar with the Caribbean Clipper (set no. 6274). And while my dream ship was the Black Seas Barracuda, I always yearned for the blue sails of the imperial soldiers. Even though I never had the set, I always found it to be lacking compared to the big pirate ships. So once I had my hands on the complete BSB, I also got myself a 70ish percent complete set of the BSB that I used to modify and enlarge the complete one. What I was left with was enough pieces to build my own redention of the Caribbean Clipper. Where I found it lacking was not in the style itself, but I found it to be too short in lenght, and lacking a second full mast. And for the past years I 've been building it slowly with extra parts I was left with from other creations. It's nothing that special, it's quite simple actually, but I hope I managed to catch that "Classic pirates" vibe I really love :) Brig - Two Masts - Two Square Sails on the Main 21C And ofcourse the bow and stern I hope you'll like it guys
  24. 173C This is my SES that I have modified. I loved this set as a kid, and this year I decided to mod it a bit, changed some colors, added a deck and railings, gave the ship 8 cannons, made new cannons for the poop deck, and replaced the forward muskets with new chaser cannons. I really like how it came out. Enjoy Modified SES by jreacher2003, on Flickr Modified SES by jreacher2003, on Flickr The Album for the rest
  25. 170D Nuisance is a small, early 19th century schooner the like favored by smugglers for its shallow draught. With less hull below the water, small ships like these can sail in shallower water and over obstructions that larger ships cannot, opening up a lot more options for ports. In my story her name derived (tongue in cheek) from the local’s perception of the level of threat she poses and the behavior of her crew. In actuality I named her Nuisance because after months on end of struggling to finish her, that’s exactly what she became. The project started, perhaps a year or so ago when I was experimenting with different hull building techniques. Initially she was never meant to be a complete MOC but I just kept adding on until I was at a point I just couldn’t bring myself to give up. The hull is a little more than inspired by SlyOwel’s “Pimp Your IMPT” contest entry. Much of the rigging and some other parts came from the wreck of Raven and the sails are yet another attempt at sail making for the sake of function. Some of the images were taken in front of some fans to fill her sails with wind. Once I had figured out SlyOwel’s technique I started realizing its potential for small hull building and decided to expand on it for an even more realistic shape. From there I began scrounging up cast-off parts from other projects and decided I could afford a schooner. To design her rig I first looked at the schooner Bee, a replica very much of the same style and era of my own Nuisance. I didn’t entirely like her rig with only one topmast, so some of it wound up coming for other inspiration as well. The overall effect is pretty impressive but imperfect. I like her and she’ll serve her purpose well. Purest may grumble at some of her elements but aside from the wooden dowel, which I’ve defended more than one on other MOCs, there’s really nothing involved that not used in Official Lego sets. For the moment I need to concentrate on my other projects so I’ll call this one done and move on. In the future I want to revisit this technique. I’m not sure how necessary the rubber bands and shrouds (2541) actually are. I’m also planning a comic showcasing Nuisance in her role as a smuggler, but I don’t know when I’ll be able to get it. As always there are a lot more pictures on my photo bucket. Question, comment, etc. welcome. I resolved weeks ago, to get her finished and posted just to do my part and help revive activity around here, so enjoy.