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  1. Elephant Knight

    [MOC] ship voc 'Batavia' 1628 scale 1:40

    We definitely need some close ups, especially of the stern! A lovely ship! EKnight
  2. Elephant Knight

    [MOC] Crossed Bones Ship COMPLETE! (Until disaster struck)

    Rumor has it it was another pirate captain, one with a grudge against the Crossed Bones' captain, Captain Black Eye. But a hurricane or kraken cannot be discounted! Both the Imperial Guards and the Governors have taken the credit for its destruction, with likely means neither was at fault. The Armada have yet to comment on the situation. I do plan to rebuild the ship. I consider one of, if not the best ship I have built. Certainly it is one of the most detailed. On the plus side, it wasn't built out of brown bricks. The situation would have been much worse... EKnight
  3. Elephant Knight

    [MOC] Crossed Bones Ship COMPLETE! (Until disaster struck)

    Thank you! Unfortunately, disaster has struck. Well, shi* by Elephant-Knight, on Flickr Eknight
  4. Elephant Knight

    [MOC] Crossed Bones Ship COMPLETE! (Until disaster struck)

    First post updated with finished photos! But here's a little video I forgot to put up there of the functional rudder! (Got to click on it to go to the flickr video, I guess? Crossed Bones by Elephant-Knight, on Flickr EKnight
  5. Elephant Knight

    [MOC] Stingrays; Mutant Ray

    Such an obvious mash of two themes! Done to perfection! EKnight
  6. Elephant Knight

    [POLL] Best Lego Pirates Ship

    A tough one for me, but in the end, I voted for 10210 Imperial Flagship, as it is my all time favorite Lego set. (Though I was tempted to vote for the Cross Bone clipper as a joke, as I think that is the worst pirate ship, even though I have huge nostalgia for it.) EKnight
  7. Elephant Knight

    [MOC] Blacktron Trident - NoVVember build

    I'm always a fan of when people use Bionicle parts in their spaceships, well. done. In terms of being a Vic Viper, I don't think the forward prongs are prominent enough. I fell the forward prongs should be sticking past the cockpit, but that's just my opinion. still excellent, so I had to blog it https://color-it-blacktron.blogspot.com/ EKnight
  8. Elephant Knight

    [WIP] Ship Colors

    I think Option B looks more natural. EKnight
  9. Elephant Knight

    Why is Bricklink down?

    I imagine Brickowl's business has increased in the last day. EKnight
  10. Elephant Knight

    [DISCUSSION] The typical Lego pirate ship

    I have come to the same conclusion. Would be really nice to see Lego make a new pirate ship that was actually based on a real ship, not just rehashing the Barracuda. It's why I still consider the Barracuda to be one of the best, if not THE best Lego Pirate ship. EKnight
  11. Elephant Knight

    [MOC] Crossed Bones Ship COMPLETE! (Until disaster struck)

    I do, I got it for Christmas back in 1998, it was my first Pirate ship, so I have a special fondness for it. I have a second copy, both are built, so I got a pair of support vessels for this ship! I plan to include them in a couple shots when I take the final pictures.
  12. Elephant Knight

    [MOC] Crossed Bones Ship COMPLETE! (Until disaster struck)

    I've working on and off for the last while. The ship now just needs the final touches of string, and then the sails. Crossed Bones WIP by Elephant-Knight, on Flickr Wait, it looks like it has it's sails! Well, not really. Those are just the test sails. I made them on paper first, to make sure I got the sizes and dimensions correct, as well as being completely sure on yardarm width and such. I don't usually go through such lengths for my ships, but this time, I was in "Spare no Expense!" mode, so here I am, making sails twice. But often when I make them once, they don't turn out right. Sometimes it's hard to know the right size to make them until you make them. I did have to adjust the length of the yardarms, as well as the placement on a couple. I'm glad I did what I did. The real sails are in the process of being made, I hope to have the finished MOC done by next week! EKnight
  13. Added a piece limit for larger categories would put off a few builders. Speaking for myself, I don't have part counts on any of my MOCs (With the exception of this contest. Had to be under the piece limit of the small category, and was aiming for set like piece counts in my other entries) With any larger MOCs, it's difficult for builders using only physical bricks to have a part count. Size limitations are much easier to follow when doing physical models. Digital I assume it's easy both way. I don't know, I don't build digital. EKnight
  14. So here's my two cents on the contest: I enjoyed it, I had plenty of fun building MOCs in the style of sets, but I do feel that I was one of the the few that actually understood the concept fully and right from the get go. Many of the MOCs were clearly that: MOCs. There was really only one entry that truly felt like a set to me. A handful of others did some decent attempts. Trying to design a MOC to look like a set was actually very challenging. My biggest complaint was the categories. As someone mentioned above, the "Classic style New set" should have been a separate category with it's own prize from the "remake a classic style set". Looking at the winners, they were all Remakes, no "Design your own" sets. It really did feel unfair to all the entries built to be "Classic Style" sets. Adding the mini set building category was great, but same complaint as above, should have been split. And while I understand the idea of the Creative Critique, I agree with above that the prize should have been allocated to a main building category, and a smaller prize used for this. It was great seeing all the feedback, and I am glad for it, but the prize did seem a bit... excessive. I think that's all for now. Looking forward to the next contest! EKnight
  15. Elephant Knight


    Here's my votes. I had a fun time entering this contest! Main building category: 1. 6269 Islander Palace by BrynnOfCastlegate 2. 6267 Lagoon Lock-Up Revisited by CaptainLocke 3. 6267 Lagoon Lock-Up/Soldiers’ Tavern by Aanchir 4. 6278/6292 Enchanted Island Remake by Danny_Boy4 5. 6281 Pirate's Perilous Pitfall Remake 2023 by Slegengr Mini set category: 1. Fortune Idol by Oky 2. Hidden Cache by LetsBrick 3. 6232 Skeleton Crew Remake by Jack Sassy 4. Sloop Windy by Marooned Marin 5. 1802 Tidy Treasure - Remake by Dr3w EKnight