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  1. Elephant Knight

    [MOC] HMS Midway

    It was blue? That's about it. EKnight
  2. Elephant Knight

    [MOC] HMS Midway

    Well I'm from Canada, so, yes on the former British Colony thing?
  3. Elephant Knight

    [WIP] HMS Redoubtable

    Another update. worked on the masts. still waiting on a Bricklink order to come in to finish the mizzen mast, but the fore and MAin are pretty much done, outside of some fencing needed on the platforms on the main mast. HMS Redoubtable WIP HMS Redoubtable WIP HMS Redoubtable WIP EKnight
  4. Elephant Knight

    [MOC] HMS Midway

    I don't build boats often for the Governors, or Blue Coats if you prefer, but I do on occasion. I actually built this last year, but only just got around to taking photos. Midway Midway Midway Midway It may be one of my best builds yet, it certainly feels like it to me. I am annoyed at that fact, because it is a governor ship. They are easily the third, maybe the fourth favorite faction of mine. Imperials and Pirates being the top two (Not necessarily in that order) and the Governors and Armada vie for third place. Tell me what you think! EKnight
  5. Elephant Knight

    [WIP] HMS Redoubtable

    Thanks. I had originally planned to to have the third deck use my own, smaller designed cannons, but then I realized I pretty much had enough real cannons to do the job, I thought, heck, why not? And yes, it does have cannons on both the port and starboard sides. EKnight
  6. Elephant Knight

    [WIP] HMS Redoubtable

    Well, here's another update. Got a mast up finally, but waiting on parts to continue. Always waiting on parts.... HMS Redoubtable WIP The main mast is done, and its standing at almost 40 inches off the table now. HMS Redoubtable WIP EKnight
  7. Elephant Knight

    [MOC] Bay of Lost Treasures

    This is impressive. I may have to steal a few styling choices for my own port MOC. EKnight
  8. Elephant Knight

    King Kahuka's mouth

    It's a mask, so maybe it doesn't have an actual mouth? EKight
  9. Elephant Knight

    Different thickness of the lego net piece?

    Sorry for the delay, but here's a picture. Top left, the thickest one I own (Minus the one I lost, and that lost net is irritating me, that was my oldest net, and had a distinct ripped corner, so I know it's missing.....) bottom two, hard to say if one is thinner than the other in the picture, but they looked a tad different in my hand. Net variations. by Elephant-Knight, on Flickr
  10. Elephant Knight

    Different thickness of the lego net piece?

    In my collection of nets, I have noticed at least 3 different thicknesses. The first ones used were much thicker, then Lego switched to a thinner material, but they briefly had a point were it was even thinner than "normal" I'll see if I can take a pic. EKnight
  11. Elephant Knight

    Looking for some of the wackier pirate ship MOCs

    I approve of this. Very much. Reminds me of when I did this: Floating Russian (1) EKnight
  12. Elephant Knight

    [WIP] HMS Redoubtable

    Got another update for you all. The hull is almost completely done at this point, just need a Bricklink order or two to arrive before I can finish it. Need those same Bricklink orders to start on the masts, so progress is at a bit of a halt then. Redoubtable WIP by Elephant-Knight, on Flickr Redoubtable WIP by Elephant-Knight, on Flickr It's pretty much exactly 4 feet long at this point, not including the flag at the end. EKnight
  13. Elephant Knight

    [WIP] HMS Redoubtable

    Here's another update on the bow. It's pretty much done, other than the bowsprit, of course. HMS Redoubtable WIP HMS Redoubtable WIP EKnight
  14. Elephant Knight

    [MOC] Silent Mary Moc

    Very nice, I like it, but could we get a couple shots from farther back? All your pictures have the top of the masts cut off, It's a bit harder to appreciate a ship fully if you can't see the whole thing. EKnight
  15. Elephant Knight

    [WIP] HMS Redoubtable

    Been a good weekend so far. starting to hit some snags, mostly that of waiting for Bricklink orders to arrive, but also having some cabin fever, I mean, cabin troubles. I think it's looking a bit too short and wide. I'm going for a HMS Victory look as much as possible Redoubtable WIP Redoubtable WIP Redoubtable WIP Redoubtable WIP Any thoughts on how to improve the cabin, or should I just carry on with what I have?