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  1. iammac

    Sunspray Peninsula

    Not a usual on this forum, but when I visit, I'm always impressed with folks like you. WOW! This is majestic, and so detailed too. Each of the buildings is fine by itself, but the whole setup is definitely greater than the sum of its parts. I feel compelled to cite a few techniques I like a lot. 1) The absence of weathering on the stonework comes across as crisp, thanks in part to the palette you've chosen for the surrounding structures. 2) In Farm House 1, I appreciate the centralized location for the furnace. This resounds quite well with many cottage depictions I've seen, as well as a few lodge-style motels that reminisce a medieval vibe. 3) The landforms are all very rectilinear, which I appreciate, seeing as this world is comfortable with the fact that it's LEGO. Far too often I get carried away with realism and forget that "LEGO open world" appeal. All together, well done! MAC
  2. iammac

    [MOC] Indiana Jones Pirate Ship

    "Chubby" isn't a word I'd usually associate with a good ship, but somehow you've still pulled it off here. Props to you! MAC
  3. iammac

    [MOC] The Island

    Clearly one of them did, unless you'd have me believe that parrots can take more than blurry UFO-grade photos MAC
  4. iammac

    [MOC] Castaway's Sandcastle

    When you say 'sandcastle,' it makes me believe that this man built the lookout out of sand. When I see the skelly in the grotto, it makes me believe that he didn't do it alone. MAC
  5. I haven't supported a project in about five years. But now I'm number 5801! This looks fantastic, I really hope it goes through. You got me on the playability! MAC
  6. iammac

    [MOC] John Silver from Treasure Planet

    This didn't get nearly enough attention. Well done matey! Dang, now you're making me want to go watch this underappreciated movie again... I can't get over how solid he looks when in reality he's most likely quite fragile. Is that a tire on his left cuff too? MAC
  7. iammac

    [MOC] - Stone Parrot

    It's a 'yes' from me MAC
  8. iammac

    [MOC] Its time for adventure

    Those buildings are stunning. So much detail in so little space. Approved! MAC
  9. Y'know, the past is nostalgic but the future sure is promising! This is a fantastic model on its own, but the references and nods to classic lego lore make it a day one buy. Oh the difference two hours' news can make in a person's mood! MAC
  10. iammac

    [MOC] Duel in the Batcove

    That Bat-skull on the flag is brilliant! A lot of great techniques here. However, RIP that epee... unless finesse trumps physics here MAC
  11. iammac

    Imperial Dock

    Hey @Corydoras As I stated before, this is a nice dock moc. (Hey, that rhymes...) The rolling barrel feature is wonderful and adds a lot of playability. I can see the ramp there by the tavern door. I guess I'm getting a reputation on this forum as a advocate for play features over historical accuracy so I'm a fan of this post. Keep up the good work! MAC
  12. @Corydoras That is a very delightful dock. I'm sorry for ruffling your feathers.
  13. iammac

    New Custom Uniforms 

    Wow, those look fabulous for custom Lego coats. I'm sure the geometry to make the patterns is difficult to get right. You mentioned that these were a pet project... how many versions did you have to go through to get these? Maybe it's a chunk of his face? MAC
  14. Pretty harsh criticisms. This MOC serves as a reminder that life can be jolly for the Imperials too. I know it's not really the sort of thing you usually build based on your topics, but maybe you could focus on what you think works well here? Did you notice the seamless inclusion of a torsion spring brick that powers the crane here? @Mister Phes Looks good matey. I always love Pirates III imperial builds, being the young whippersnapper that I am! MAC
  15. iammac


    Ah, a very refreshing build. Reminds me of playing Age of Empires when about 57 of these would get all jammed up in some canal and hold up my gold supply. MAC