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  1. Such a remarkable difference between the designs! It's breathtaking. I also am a major fan of play-ability over historical perfection, so the fact that the sides hinge out really excites me. I hope you're planning on finishing this one. Astounding. MAC
  2. iammac

    6280 Armada Flagship Micro

    I agree. This is actually quite elegant looking. Great work! MAC
  3. iammac

    Redcoat caribbean port/town

    Lovely little port town. I especially like the little crosses created by technic axles. Clever! Keep it up! MAC
  4. iammac

    Guybrush (Monkey Island 4 - Adventure Outfit)

    Those elbows are trippy! The way you come up with these characters is so strange... I love it! MAC
  5. Hey Magma! That roof is something else now, isn't it? Definitely the centerpiece of this one. You've done such a tidy job, it's almost hard to see how it's put together. I like how you used 1x1 tiles on jumper plates to give the "broken shingle" effect here. Great work. MAC
  6. iammac

    HMS Argonaut, 38 gun frigate, WIP

    Hi there Wellesley! Looks like a good fresh run to loosen up the bones. Coming along well I think! I personally prefer the white stripe, but look at me, with no posted ships to my name. Hopefully I'll be putting one up soon. I could learn a lot from mates like yourself. Look forward to seeing the progress. Keep us posted! MAC
  7. iammac

    Tony DiBoulda

    "Eyy man, just gimme some o' dat loot my boy. Gonna go buy me some pretzels for the kids man. C'mon dude, have a heart..." Looks like the kind of guy to live in a sty but criticize your interior decorating. MAC
  8. iammac

    6278 Enchanted Island Micro

    Pretty clever! I enjoy these micros. Ever going to be interested in making an entire port town micro? MAC
  9. iammac

    6278 Enchanted Island Micro

    Excellent as usual! How did you make the rope bridge? MAC
  10. iammac

    6286 Skull's Eye Schooner Micro

    The X tiles are brilliant. MAC
  11. iammac

    Hull Section

    The bump. It's too huge.
  12. iammac

    6277 Imperial Trading Post Micro

    Absolutely incredible level of detail here! I love the sliver-of-a-door. That's really thinking outside the blox. As an aside, how many parts do you think this has? MAC
  13. iammac

    Sena Cross + Palm Tree

    I would be proud of that sword. What piece is used as the pommel? MAC
  14. iammac

    [MOD/WIP] Inspired by USS Constitution

    Tough bit to swallow, but that's where I've washed up. I put playability high on the list of priorities, so I have been here too. I actually did the whole, "Bricklink an Imperial Flagship," and it costed me radically less than an official one. My efforts to lower the stern resulted in four custom ships and counting. I just need to order some parts to resolve color conflicts, and when it's done, I might go out on a yard and post my first MOC here. MAC
  15. iammac

    [MOC] Fort San Juan

    A stylish, but still functional fort. Hard to come by these days. It's also refreshing to see a MOC done with modern pieces (not to throw shade on anybody with old-style hinges.) I especially like the torn-away colors recessed into the wall. Genius! MAC