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  1. iammac

    Imperial Dock

    Hey @Corydoras As I stated before, this is a nice dock moc. (Hey, that rhymes...) The rolling barrel feature is wonderful and adds a lot of playability. I can see the ramp there by the tavern door. I guess I'm getting a reputation on this forum as a advocate for play features over historical accuracy so I'm a fan of this post. Keep up the good work! MAC
  2. @Corydoras That is a very delightful dock. I'm sorry for ruffling your feathers.
  3. iammac

    New Custom Uniforms 

    Wow, those look fabulous for custom Lego coats. I'm sure the geometry to make the patterns is difficult to get right. You mentioned that these were a pet project... how many versions did you have to go through to get these? Maybe it's a chunk of his face? MAC
  4. Pretty harsh criticisms. This MOC serves as a reminder that life can be jolly for the Imperials too. I know it's not really the sort of thing you usually build based on your topics, but maybe you could focus on what you think works well here? Did you notice the seamless inclusion of a torsion spring brick that powers the crane here? @Mister Phes Looks good matey. I always love Pirates III imperial builds, being the young whippersnapper that I am! MAC
  5. iammac


    Ah, a very refreshing build. Reminds me of playing Age of Empires when about 57 of these would get all jammed up in some canal and hold up my gold supply. MAC
  6. Hey @mandaci-customs Nice reviews you have there. I have this set and in my humble (unsolicited) opinion, it's the greatest playset Lego has ever made. MAC
  7. iammac

    [WIP] - HMS Providence - 34 gun frigate

    Hi @Robin_IV! Thanks for the update, and don't worry too much about it. There is a time for everything, and one day you'll come back to this project. And when you do, let us know! I understand what you mean, being 22 myself and lacking the massive budget of other users on this forum. But keep at it! MAC
  8. iammac

    Onion Dome Mocs?

    I think I remember that one, very innovative usage. It's kinda bulky and ill-suited for a hot air balloon (which was one of my first ideas.) It's no wonder LEGO hasn't brought it back except for that Belville run... And interesting it indeed is! What a zany contraption he has there... Thanks, I hadn't seen this MOC before. :)
  9. Okay, so I recently came into the possession of an onion dome roof piece like this one in the Scorpion Palace from the Orient Expedition theme. I'd like to build some mocs with this part, but I really can't find where anybody has used it. Maybe some kind soul could point me toward some examples? MAC
  10. iammac


    What a beauty! You're making quite a name for youself around here. MAC
  11. iammac


    Dang, you beat me to this post by one minute! This will be the first Ideas set I'll be buying! MAC
  12. iammac

    Cloudship 1

    My apologies, I meant no disrespect for your design. I actually thought it was quite masterful. I was simply alluding to the ridiculous "storm Area 51" event that went over like a led balloon yesterday. You're from the US, so you might catch the joke about any piece of confidential technology being classified by the Feds as either a weather balloon or swamp gas... It was a dumb joke anyway MAC
  13. iammac

    Cloudship 1

    In light of this upcoming weekend's events, I'm sure this is just a weather balloon. Oh wait, it kinda is! MAC
  14. iammac

    [MOC] Pirate ship

    Thanks for the explanation and insight... I'm rooting for you on this project because I can tell you've watched well the masters on this forum. (I should probably pay even closer attention myself!) I look forward to seeing what you come up with. MAC
  15. iammac

    [MOC] Pirate ship

    @Elusys Ra Arwal Ooh, thanks for the interior pictures! I like the design of those water pumps (that is what they are right?) From the looks of it, you're not going for maximum historical accuracy but something of a UCS Black Sea Barracuda... is this at all correct? Keep the progress pictures coming. Your success could change the way I use this forum. MAC