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  1. Don't Blink, Dr. Jones

    These always crack me up. I feel like Indy might resort to a more Swordsman-Duel-In-Cairo strategy with this new threat, however. I like the background, but I thought that was snow at first. But now that I know they're stars, it makes more sense. MAC
  2. Secret door - sliding furniture

    Very clever. Top marks. MAC
  3. Black Eye's Revenge

    Positively briggish! I like. MAC
  4. Dr. Jones in trouble again

    YAY! Another crossover MOC! I think my favorite part of this one is the big-nosed face created with the technic connector. Just perfect. Okay, so will it be the angels next? MAC
  5. Bus stop using brick separators

    It's a humble but good idea. I'm always up for an idea that uses what you have instead of what you wished you have. MAC
  6. [MOC] Street basketball court

    Some people chose the thug life. Others were chosen by it; you have gone and built it though! This reminds me very much of a score of urban dramas. Did you have any particular inspiration? A childhood memory perhaps? MAC
  7. [MOC] Yacht/Boat 4011 "Cabin Cruiser" remake

    Fantastic! Excellent job on that hull. MAC
  8. The laboratory of Maria Sklodowska-Curie

    Wow! I can tell you know a thing or two about chemistry... All that lab equipment looks spot on! Love the Curie-ous kids in the window. I'll see myself out now. MAC
  9. Daleks find the/a Doctor

    @Captain Braunsfeld Plot twist: they're Dalek Nazis! No really, this is the first time I've seen Daleks and Indy together. Keep it up! MAC
  10. [MOC] Windmill Workshop

    I always like to see a MOC that looks like it could be a set. This one gets my thumbs up even though I don’t care for Elves. Huzzah. MAC
  11. One Set Moc 10234 Sydney Opera House -> Hotel

    Looks like quite a challenge. Admirable. How long did it take to build? MAC
  12. Captain MetalBeard

    @prepmaster I'm certain you must know about Bricklink. Here are the current listings for the set you're interested in. MAC
  13. No bluecoats nor redcoats.

    @Itaria No Shintaku Can you please fix the link? I want to see some "greencoats!" MAC
  14. [MOC] Coastal defense battery

    Breathtaking. Is it based off a specific fort? MAC