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  1. Redcoat Caribbean Fort MOC

    Welcome to Eurobricks AxelE55! And what a pretty little piece to strike it out with too. This is reminiscent of the older pirates sets that predated my Lego experience, but you've capped it off well with a variety of earth tones. Don't get me wrong, green's a terrific color, but it's satisfying to see more than grass on an island. (No offense, Captain Green Hair!) Keep on building! MAC
  2. [MOC] - 1916 Detroit Electric

  3. [MOC] Grand Palace Hotel

    This is....grand! All kidding aside, this is quite exceptional! MAC
  4. [Moc] Western Town

    Great looking diorama! I like the simplicity yet elegance in the designs...I'd be proud of that MOC if I was you! Keep bricking! MAC
  5. A more elaborate Western House

    Bully good house! And just the MOC I needed to get my mind working on a saloon for my own Western town... Do you have any other MOCs like these? MAC
  6. 6274 The Caribbean Clipper [VIDEO Stop Motion]

    Much better than Artifex in my opinion! It was most pleasing how the ship built itself even as the governor walked around. You ought to keep doing these. MAC
  7. A creative idea. But where are the fish that hunt for birds? You've done a good job making brick-built birds that aren't horrible like some found in sets (cough, cough Creator cough) Does anybody actually keep those birds up, or am I the only one who moves the pieces straight from the polybag to the parts drawer? MAC
  8. Ah that makes sensei! Er, I mean that makes sense! Well this MOC was so beautiful, it encouraged me to tear down an old "Masters of Spinjitzu" TV show dojo that I foolishly never posted. Granted, mine won't be a whole 48x48. Thanks for the inspiration! MAC
  9. [MOC] CrazyKings

    I don't know anything about the game, but based on the artwork you have there, it looks like you nailed it. It was a clever move to use the purple wizard hat as a beard as well! Keep it up! MAC
  10. Thanks for the slideshow! I was looking at your MOC again, and my eyes are detecting a slight curve to the roof of the main building. Is this an illusion or does it really draw upwards at the ends? When I look at the perimeter, it looks right and square; but somewhere in the middle it seemed bowed! MAC
  11. Oh my word! If you aren't a Brickfilmer, you need to become one so I can feast my eyes on this BEAUTIFUL scene. Seriously, make a film! MAC
  12. Better make a Gordon now. Looks great! MAC
  13. Land of Adventure

    So much right with this MOC. I like how you stayed true to the nature of LEGO and didn't try to slope the side of the pyramid. Top marks! MAC
  14. MOC - Derelict House

    *folds hands* So where's the buried treasure? Looks great! MAC
  15. Hmm.... This Cookie figure has pants that have appeared in 4 sets, most of them huge and/or rare. However, they can be found on a TLM figure that sells for around $2.65 on Bricklink. Just FYI