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  1. And what, pray tell, might that designation be? Amarda-class? Juggernaut-class? Perhaps just Poseidon-class? MAC
  2. Very enjoyable review! Thanks for the "blast from the past!" MAC
  3. If Lester is the kind of man to make an itinerary, I hope he leaves a month or two out to see the states. I first met Lester many years ago in London. I had gotten separated from my tour group and was just about to miss my train when Lester intervened. I never got the chance to say thank you... until now, that is. I heard that Lester is going on a grand adventure, right? Well if he makes his way across the pond, tell him to look me up in North Carolina. I assume it will be shortly after he wraps things up in Africa, so he's welcome to use my washing machine... and my Parabellum. The best way to see the USA is by road, and it just won't do for Lester to try and haul a safari jeep out here. If he's going to be driving across the continent, he'll need something to give him the All American experience. He'll save a bunch in gasoline as well. I have a 2017 Parabellum ARC. I know a lot of people only swear by the established names in the muscle car circles, but I haven't yet had anyone turn down my offer to let them take a lap in it. Take a look! This should come as good news: it only seats one so you don't have to get used to sitting on "the wrong side!" From the rear: So, what do you think of my car? I hope Lester will take me up on my offer. If any of you see him, would you do me a favor and point him in my direction? Thanks. -Floyd Burgundy
  4. iammac

    Rum Runner Tavern and Inn

    Well hello again! I remember your island fort. Is this tavern on the same island perhaps? Can't wait to see your powers unleashed. I know what it's like building on a budget of parts... sometimes when I look at the ships on this site I must remind myself "Thou shalt not covet." Looks great! MAC
  5. "Do you like my CAR?" Well, if it looks like this, yeah! No really, I do like the car... but sometimes when I take a chance on someone's Flickr link I get disappointed. Glad you linked it this time. I think I'm going to follow you now. MAC
  6. iammac

    [MOC] Cargo starships

    Absolutely astounding! I like them all. Well if a LEGO space film is ever to be made, you're going to have to dress the set. MAC
  7. iammac

    [MOC] BV-334 Spaceship

    So swooshable! I like the inset details. Major props! MAC
  8. iammac

    [MOC] Unknown Planet Discovered

    Plot twist: This studs on this new planet are all facing sideways! MAC
  9. That's a beautiful chopper! It really speaks to me. You've done a wonderful trick with the background too... I always like that "faux-macro" effect. MAC
  10. If it's already bumped, does that mean I have a second chance to say that I liked that car? See it's the thing uniting the Blues and the Yellows since, you know, blue and yellow make green? Speaking of bumping, I wonder if those pre-universe, er, things, just consider the scientist an old-post bumper? Ah well. If they had minded their manners, they could have knocked first when they came through that space door. Keep it up! MAC
  11. Someone has friends in high places bricks in tight spaces. The big black curves on the roof line up pleasantly if I do say so myself. Good going! MAC
  12. iammac

    [LESTER] Adventure Jeep

    Very rugged. Johnny Thunder would be proud. MAC
  13. iammac

    MOC: Le Fleuron, 1729 third rate French ship of the line.

    What a fantastic ship! Everything just looks so right... but then again, do we expect anything less from CGH? How many ships is this for you? at least two dozen it seems.... MAC
  14. iammac

    English 3th rate Agamemnon minifig scale

    Absolutely astonishing! It looks like it came right out of a Dorling Kindersley book! I agree with Captain Genaro. Those pictures on your Flickr are worth sharing. Excellent job! MAC
  15. iammac

    Imperial Armada Layout

    I like the colors of the shoreline... That dark orange really pops! 1 question for whatever mustached man who designed the fort... what keeps pirates from climbing through the gun bays? From the photo it look like those guns tilt... Beautiful MOC! MAC