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  1. Fuppylodders

    Did Cloud City underwhelm creators?

    For me, I like it but, it'd take an awful lot to modify it to my satisfaction. Not to mention the initial cost being a lot to start with. I just feel there are other things where my money can be put to better use...
  2. Fuppylodders

    Escape II - Star Wars animation

    I appreciate your response, I respect your views too. You are right, everyone is free to donate to who or what they want to, regardless of what it is I admire your passion for it, it is easily clear to see how much you enjoy doing it. I wish you luck with it
  3. Fuppylodders

    Escape II - Star Wars animation

    I'll give my honest opinion. I think the work is really good. And it clearly takes a lot of time, patience, skill, and I really like the look of your mocs used for it. Here is where my problem occurs. Including all the competitions you've won from WB and TLG to get your fan films featured, I see this as someone's hobby that they're enjoying. And want to finish it sooner than later, and so want the day to day responsibilities of adult life taken away/given to them, as well as cool new equipment to use, and to buy more lego. From what you've already achieved, would be a great portfolio to go for a job in the relevant industry. What happens after you've made the 10 minute film? Will your current job take you back? Will you have to look for work elsewhere? Are you hoping this film will help get your foot in the doors of the animation film world job-wise? Everybody pays for your hobby to make a short film, and then what? While I applaud you for your efforts with stop motion thus far, I will choose not to help as I feel there are more worthwhile causes requiring funding than someone to live carefree for a few months with extras, when there are people struggling to make ends meet. If it takes 2-3 years, then it takes 2-3 years. I feel this is less of a start up business idea and more of a 'pay for me to live so I can finish a hobby project quicker' kinda thing, ie; someone who wants free money because they're impatient and see a chance for a quick and easy out.
  4. Fuppylodders

    [WIP] pirate pier roller coster

    I can't wait to see this finished! This looks great already with a lot of potential. The layout looks tidy, and I can't wait to see what other details you put with it!
  5. Fuppylodders

    Where to get LDD b-52 ?

    He doesn't typically make instructions for his models, none that I am aware of. I also can't imagine he would make them for it. Like stash said, best bet is to reach out to him directly on Flickr, hope he still has it built somewhere, and he may provide closer detailed pics of the finished product for you to at least attempt to reverse design it
  6. Fuppylodders

    [SHIPTEMBER] FCS Jolly Reaper

    Wow! This is extremely clean and has really nice lines on it. I like the engines, and how they slightly tilt inwards, the use of the shields, all the little yellow cranes. The little micro ships are really simple yet effective looking. While I wouldn't have immediately guessed it was a salvage ship (I figured some self sustaining cargo transport--then read the story... ) I definitely get it now I know, and it makes clear sense on all the little details. I like the greebles, they're very clean, and look purposeful, not just there as clutter. Excellent job!! And it's huuuuge!
  7. Fuppylodders

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Perfectly valid points, and certainly, of course the designer can do whatever they want... But for me personally, probably lacking in imagination, I really can't think how an interesting interior could be done to compliment the exterior (above moc proves exterior isn't a problem). I mean, what else would a post office have? A counter, maybe little grocery bits if it isn't just a post office, and in the back room? Shelves. Lots and lots of shelves for lots of letters. I just think there are a lot of other more interesting alternatives. That's great some people like the idea of a post office. Me personally, I dont... Perhaps it doesn't help the majority of post offices I remember going in are just commercialised business buildings with a plain and cheap interior decor. I also think I am being a bit narrow minded and applying everyday boring realism to what would be interpreted into a modular, not to mention, as mentioned above, it could only be a small portion of the build. @bricked1980 you are correct, a bank could easily be boring... Although they did make a really nice set out of it! But... Who am I kidding, if they released one, I'd still end up getting it for addiction reasons
  8. Fuppylodders

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    While the above post office moc looks good on the outside, I just can't think how a post office could be an 'exciting' set. 'put all the letters on the conveyor belt while the sorting guy sorts the mail. Fill the van up with... mail... Help the guy behind the counter give the customer their... missed parcel... Accessories: 15 letters (2x2 tiles) 4 parcels (2x2 tiles with 2x2 brick) Missed delivery card (1x1 printed tile) I just can't see it...
  9. Fuppylodders

    [MOC] Lego Ghost Train ride

    This is brilliant! It gives a full ghost train vibe, from the trains themselves (very neat and fitting!) to the little scary displays, and the spooky decor of the external and internals. The externals of which look perfectly detailed, not too much, not too little, but everything one would expect to see. And the lettering is a really nice finishing touch! I wish I'd have done something like this!
  10. Fuppylodders

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I do agree, I think a museum with the centre piece of a skeleton T-Rex would be awesome, with some of those side displays like cavemen in a cordoned off area (typical to the film 'a night at the museum")
  11. While I'm still undecided if I liked the chibi like head molds, I loved the sets and think it's a shame no more larger sets were made. I feel a comic store would have gone down well, even as a smaller d2c set. But they didn't. I do wonder then, how well the sets sold. I'd like to think they sold well as I feel the sets were jam packed with stuff and details, and pretty good value for money too.
  12. Fuppylodders

    Fairground Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Is it not too soon to be getting information on the next set? I mean, we've only just got the roller-coaster released...
  13. Fuppylodders

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Too close/similar to Parisian restaurant?
  14. Fuppylodders

    [Fig] Darth Severus - Sith Inquisitor

    Ohhhhhh!!!!! I'm looking forward to this!!! Your ships are always something very unique and extremely fitting with what you're building for. So to see this guy gettting a ship, (he looks pretty awesome and very evil!) I'm excited to see what you come up with! Any rough idea how long until it's done?
  15. Fuppylodders

    REVIEW: 75955: Hogwarts Express

    I won't be collecting the HP range... However... I'll certainly be making an exception for this set, I think it's a really nice looking train set, and good value for money considering the licence it is. This review helped make my mind up for me!