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  1. Fairground Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I'm glad it doesn't include more mini stands. The rollercoaster provides the ability to have a relatively cheap and affordable rollercoaster set when we look at what we're getting. Not to mention, unlike previous fairground sets, this set provides the ability to buy it in multiples and hugely expand the set in many ways very easily. If I want small stands, the great thing about Lego is I don't have to wait for an official set, I can extremely easily make some! Id much rather my money going into a roller coaster set was for the majority, going into having as much of a rollercoaster as possible. 10 minifigures is plenty enough as far as I'm concerned, and if I want a longer coaster, it can't be difficult in any way to attach the 2 together to make one long one. The size of the set is fine. If you want it smaller, then adjust it, sell the unused pieces, you'll easily find a seller for them, and enjoy the smaller set. I think the size is perfect. A proper rollercoaster is humongous, so I'd have been disappointed (and busing many more multiples) if it was small. It should be big. I'm extremely looking forward to getting this, at least 2 for sure. I'm also looking forward to being able to make my own themed sections of the rollercoaster to go through, and incorporating the pirate coaster set into it too!
  2. Fairground Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    What I like about this one, is you could buy multiples and could easily use all the pieces just to expand it, making one massive rollercoaster (as big as it already is!). It also has the opportunity to implement the pirate roller coaster into it as well as like, a section of the rollercoaster ride. There are so many moc'ing opportunities with this set, it's a shame there is no loop, that would really have finished it off. Nonetheless, an amazing looking set I'm looking forward to!
  3. Fairground Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    You and me both! Im absolutely stoked about it and the potential to make it as big as we want hopefully with extra track being made available.
  4. [MOD] The Twi'lek Bombshell

    It is the price that's holding me back a bit... I'm hoping it goes on a decent sale, then I'll nab it. The minifigs are really good too, so compliment the ship nicely, even more so when sat in one like yours! How much modification did it take to get the front horizontal wings snot bricked instead of plates?
  5. [MOD] The Twi'lek Bombshell

    I like it, a lot! It makes it look so much more cleaner in every way. Its really making me want to just bite the bullet and buy one now!
  6. Well that's just my opinion isn't it? Just like you are entitled to yours. One small battle pack set doesn't mean they will do it again in the future, but it doesn't mean they won't either. They will do what they want to do. I am basing my opinion on the fact that one set doesn't change guarantee a change in how they do minifig line ups as juicy as that. If that truly is the minifig line up, then future minifig line ups like that, I may be more inclined to believe, and believe me, I'll be happy for that. But I'm sure you've been around long enough to realise that that battle pack was the FIRST time it's been done in such a small set, and there are frequently hugely enticing but fake minifig line ups offered as 'rumours' just to have ended up being fake waaaay too often. But we will see, won't we?
  7. It'd be great if that v19 figure line up was true and a way of them giving us a large chunk of wanted characters, but... I just don't believe that line up... Not in a simple set like that. Regarding the front of Yoda hut... There is a small technic Rick with axle hole... Is that potential for a future set to connect to it?
  8. It makes me wonder... All they'd have to do would be to put down another 'exclusive black.vip card only' double vip event and that's the special 'promotions ' done. I also wonder if TLG entirely under estimated by a drastically huge amount how many they'd have sold, hence the lack of follow up on the vip promotions as such, because maybe they think they don't have to do it as much as they've made more than they could have imagined and don't feel the need to keep the first 20 odd thousand people happy, as the people after them more than made up for it... if you understand what I'm getting at?
  9. UCS Zeta-Class Cargo Shuttle

    Now this is one I would happily drop money on for the instructions to BL it it is also absolutely huge! The detailing is typical of your level, very high, and I know the accuracy is also very high. I'd love to have this one sat on a desk as a centre piece, it deserves no less! Link to video of moving wings please, and also better pics asap
  10. MOC Coke/Beverage Cooler

    I really like it! Its nice and compact too
  11. Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    It's an April fools I was looking for a typical spelling mistake somewhere, TLG are pretty good at not doing them, and there is one, the word 'enthusiastic'... Not to mention, I call bs on the vip card, straight up copy and paste of the MF card...
  12. You joke, but the lacklustre system sets that look like they've been pumped out purely to slap a high price on with bits thrown in and some unique minifigs for the main draw already threw me off star wars and yes, I've bought some ninjago The dragon mech was actually really nice,with some impressive detailing, really good price, and garmaddons mech is also really good. Ive wanted to bricklink the old ucs y wing for quite some time now, just never could bring myself to throw down around 300 or more, for it. The new set looks quite impressive from just that one picture, I know it'll satisfy my urge to bricklink the older one if I get the new one, especially as it's my second favourite ship. I'm really glad they have re-release it, but also sad. I really want to see something new now.
  13. I think the silhouette was actually correct. I mean, if you look at the forward section of the Y wing, it's triangular in shape, turn the guns perpendicular to the direction of the y wing, and then make it all shady, there you have your mistaken ISD silhouette. TLG must has be given us teh cluez all along!!1!
  14. TLG's disappointing 2017 financial performance

    I've noticed my Lego urge has considerably dropped, and I'm in the best position I've ever been to afford whatever Lego I feel like buying. The problem is for me, there is now too much choice. Star wars used to be my thing, but the Disney tax on certain sets is just ludicrous while the sets are becoming more about minifigs and small minibuilds which have no substance or using as many pieces possible on small vehicles and whacking the prices up, additionally that all the spammage of new sets just look like half-complete sets, and don't mean anything to me even after having watched the new films that I find it too easy to stop buying SW altogether. I'm just all about the UCS sets now. I have all the older ships I want, and they don't venture out to any new 'older' stuff so I'm happy with what I have. My tastes have changed though. I bought the ninjago movie dragon mech, and recently the ucs hulkbuster and garmadon mech because I think they're nailing the substantial size, detailing, proportions and awe-inspiring overall aesthetics of them while having a very good price value. I'm also now in the modulars and creator fairground stuff. All stuff which is few and far between, so less taxing on my wallet but significant in every aspect (size, piece, detail etc) enough to justify the wait between sets. I did buy all of the TLBM sets, still had them all boxed. But I came to realise that while they were nice enough sets, that's just a crap load of Lego that I bought simply because it touched an interest and I could afford to, so, why not? Staring at the pile of them, I realised I'd easily do that for the next wave, and probably the next theme that perks my interest. Then I realised enough was enough, I had bought more than I actually cared for really wanting because of actually liking everything about the set. It became about feeling the need to have the entire collection regardless if it was good value, even if I wasn't keen on the set. So I sold nearly the lot. I kept 2 sets. And those are the 2 sets I'd have only bought had I only been able to afford one or 2 sets. I like a lot of other sets but damn, I only have so much space available that I have to restrict buying not because I can't afford them, but because there are just too many things/themes out there. So strangely, because there is more choice, I'm pulling back even more and simply not buying, or just choosing to stick to a few regular slow releases (modulars). I feel swamped, and dislike the commercialisation of the licenced themes detracting from what Lego used to be. I actually liked nexo knights (only bought one small mini figure power up set) for the creativeness and in-house theme of space castle, I'm kind of gutted I didn't buy any as I like space sets and could have enjoyed making my own from the pieces. The figs were also really good. But, I was swamped by so much other choice of other things, that ultimately it went elsewhere which I ended up regretting and selling anyway. For me personally, I'd like them to dial back the licenced themes and add more in house stuff. (I loved elves too, with the dragons, but sold them because storage space became a premium)