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    Star Wars Lego!
    Dabbling in other bits of lego that catches my eye.
    Warhammer 40k Necrons (recently).
    My motorbike (going out for rides on it). Every one of my interests, I am happy to say I can share with my girlfriend, she is very understanding and likes to get involved (probably more to keep an eye on my spending xD)


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  1. I've finally just ordered mine, you must order one!!! So glad to be able to have ordered it finally, just a bit gutted I missed out on the card, if anything, for it just looking cool, and no doubt there'll probably be some sort of unique mining released for the mf vip card holders...
  2. Don't Understand Brick Bank Hate

    Because people are individuals and have different tastes. What one might find pleasing about somethig specific, another might find it boring. Someone might find the lack of something a con, while another person might find the lack of the same thing a pro. Not everyone has to have the same tastes or justify them.
  3. A lil Lego base and collection...

    Be prepared for some disapproval coming your way, having knowingly bought the clone version and posted it on a *Lego* forum...
  4. 75084 Wookiee Gunship Alternate Build

    Thats both interesting and actually pretty damned cool! Definitely looks like it could be a ship/set in its own right I also think you've done a good job with the underside, it doesn't look like it's been ignored or half finished due to lack of the correct pieces etc, youve made good use of what was available!
  5. Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Given the potential in the future of the designed also drifting away from the previous trend, maybe it's worth getting it and just holding off building it until the next one is released or a few more, that give it a better feel to fit in... Much cheaper to buy it now than when it gets discontinued and you realise you'd like it alongside the rest of the new ones which when all put together don't seem to bad with the older ones...? I'll definitely be getting this regardless of where it fits in. I'll deal with that later. Just a thought
  6. I'm guessing all the uk back order slots got taken, it's showing as out of stock again for me
  7. Typical... I find out it's back in stock but am at work, and the Lego website isn't loading up properly on my mobile so I can't order one
  8. Simpson theme is going?

    I don't know it was even all that popular to be honest. I mean, I'm sure it did sell a lot, but I don't think it was successful enough to go further with it or I'm sure they'd have done something about that. I saw the cmf's on shelves absolutely ages after they had stopped them.
  9. You're not alone, it's the only one I don't have, but I won't get because it just seems so small, and 'meh' compared to all the others. Except for the train station... But that works well with the train, which is why I *only just* place it above the post office. All the others I think are very well done and achieve a lot for their size/piece count etc. But post office and train station? I think they dropped the ball a bit on them both...
  10. Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Irrelevant. Precedent on leaks always show they dislike them being out and still try right up until the day before official announcement. Although with Star Wars they are more heavy handed and more strict on it...
  11. Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    There is one definitive way to find out if this is real or not.... Someone report the initial post in this thread that has the link to the Chinese website to TLG. TLG will then contact EB mods to demand they remove the link as directly linking to leaked pics is against the rules. If link gets removed, it's real, if it doesn't, TLG don't care, showing its fake
  12. Lego ucs falcon 10179 modifications

    Ok, just to make it clear... It sounds more like the modded parts are real Lego, but that falcon is 100% definitely lepin. All your pictures show the same giveaway. Every single authentic Lego stud has the Lego logo raised on them. Every single lepin solid stud has a plain flat surface with the injection mould as a clear indent. The technic is more of a problem to tell, but I'm pretty sure side by side comparison will show a tell tale sign somehow. Easily visible on your photos is the majority of the set is lepin. We not mad at you or trying to call you out etc... Definitely nice job on the mods The issue is that your friend either knowingly or unknowingly ripped you off and sold you a lepin set as real Lego. We want you to be aware you were ripped off so you can deal with it accordingly, that's all.
  13. Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    6000 piece 10256 set is the re-release of taj mahal
  14. Millennium Falcon update LP LEGO VIP Program <vip@e.LEGO.com> Thu 28/09/2017 16:05 LEGO® VIP | View with images ACCOUNT LEGO® VIP PROMOTIONS FAQ Hello LEGO® Star Wars™ Fan, As you may know, the new LEGO® Star Wars™ Millennium Falcon (75192), our largest LEGO set ever, went on sale exclusively to VIP Members on September 14. We are very excited that we received such a positive response from fans like yourself, it exceeded all of our expectations! Unfortunately, that also means the first batch has already sold out. The good news is we are making more as quickly as possible and expect to have very limited quantities available for the remainder of 2017. To make your wait a little easier, you can now sign up to receive back-in-stock notifications and we'll email you when a new batch of the Millennium Falcon (75192) is available. Simply confirm your interest below and you will be notified when a new batch of the Millennium Falcon (75192) is available on shop.LEGO.com YES, KEEP ME NOTIFIED Thank you for your patience and understanding, we are doing everything we can to keep up with the demand from our loyal LEGO fans like yourself! *Please note, stock will be in very limited supply and each batch will likely sell out quickly. Signing up for notifications does not guarantee availability of the product. You shall see the email I received above, clearly neglects the part about phoning a store to get put on their wait list, to which is in someone else's email back on page 28. Ive phoned up my local stores and NONE know anything about any wait list, confirmed by their managers. So it's not 'tough luck', it's utter megablocks. -Removed swearing- 'dont be a prick and phone them'...?! Uhm, its not being a prick at all. And no, TLG is not doing an awesome job by getting another batch out so soon, when they are offering that batch out to new people when there are still back orders of people who ordered it within the first few days and have not even got theirs yet! THEY should be taking priority ABOVE ALL.
  15. So, I've just checked back to page 28. His email states he can ring up a local store to be put on a list. Yet however, after checking my email again, it is missing that specific paragraph and therefore has no mention of being able to be put on a list at all. I'll be phoning up TLG tomorrow to find out wtf exactly is going on as that is unfair