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  1. Fuppylodders

    What's the average age people grow out of LEGO?

    Quite typical for me apparantly. 1996 was when I went to my secondary school (11 years old), and also when I received my last (and one of my favourite) set before a 12 year gap, which was then broken by being gifted for my birthday 7672 Rogue Shadow, which then led to me getting 7676 incomplete (couple bits missing) off ebay right after it discontinued, which then lead into a terrible downward spiral of giving TLG my bank account for the rest of my life up until now
  2. That surely means leaks are due any day now...
  3. Fuppylodders

    price increase in Europe

    Except it wasn't constructive at all. In any manner. If you feel my view is oppressive, take a look at yourself, for all I did was apply your very own logic to you. And given your last few words 'so what can you do to me? Hit me? LOL', I'm unsure you even meet the age requirements to be on this forum...
  4. Fuppylodders

    price increase in Europe

    If you don't like the content of someone's post, go away and post elsewhere. People are free to discuss lego related stuff here. Are you honestly telling me you've never discussed something you don't like, that you just walk away from it? Because I know that's BS if you say that's what you do. Go take your oppressive view back to the 1700s where it belongs.
  5. Fuppylodders

    General LEGO Star Wars Discussion and Questions

    For anyone in the uk, on amazon, the 501st set is on discount down to 18.49, but also carries a discount voucher with a further 3.26 off... Bringing the set essentially down to £15. Absolute bargain and well worth getting, unlikely to be that low again. Just ensure to select free shipping! (default is selected as costing 4.99)
  6. Fuppylodders

    Harry Potter 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Anyone considering getting the hogwarts chamber of secrets set, it's currently on amazon for 97.49 (£30 off). But also, there is a £15 voucher you can apply which reduces it even further to £82.49. Thats an immense saving which probably won't be replicated again. I'm gutted because I really have to draw the line somewhere, but I hope others can get to enjoy it for this massive saving! (and maybe someone willing to sell me the nearly headless nick )
  7. Fuppylodders

    [MOC] HP Hogsmeade Village - Zonko's Joke Shop - UPDATED

    Such a well thought out build! I love all the tiny little details, and the cosplay room upstairs, great idea! That's carried out very well too! The style of the building is very well executed, and the snow buildup is done just right! Off to search for your owlery post! I'll be following your progress on this :) Do you have a picture of all your hogsmeade buildings together yet? I'm assuming they're all made to fit together?
  8. Fuppylodders

    [MOC] Diagon Alley XL - Finished

    I love it! You've captured the bustling feel of the alley extremely well! The building facades are such a sight to enjoy looking at, all the details on them! If only lego released more like this, we'd be so lucky! I want to say I have a favourite building, but damn, they're all just so equally pleasing to the eye!
  9. Fuppylodders

    [MOC][Futuron] Patrol Corvette

    That is definitely a nice parts usage going on there, such a smooth shape that doesn't look like you just shoehorned train nose sections in, but they fit in seemless with your build, most excellent! As for the ship itself, you clearly have good talent for building spaceships and this easily proves it. The interior is neat too, very well executed and very pleasing to the eye!
  10. Fuppylodders

    Harry Potter 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    @chris6507 You realise the price for what you got in the city was absolutely amazing value (glad you didn't miss out Vindicare :) )? $300 for 4867 pieces (0.06cents per piece), a bucket load of unique figs, and a very playful set that doubles as a great display piece too. And that the set by itself was/is also still brilliant and *still* probably seen as the best of the 3? Let alone that no one knew at the time any more were going to be made, and yes, it stood very well as a set on its own, not needing any others to provide reason to purchase it. I was never into ninjago. But when this set came out? Jumped on it. I literally can't comprehend how you can criticise the price of city which was extremely good value for money and a very reasonable price, when you then go on to say you'd have happily spent $1300 on all 3. Sorry, but that's all on you, not legos marketing or lack of overlap of sets.
  11. This is rather enticing! Sounds like I might actually get a full series again, and it's been a few years since I felt the desire to go for a full series! Sounds like they're finally choosing some much more different and interesting selections!
  12. Fuppylodders

    Star Trek - Klingon Bird of Prey

    @im__hungry Whatever happened to this beauty? Did you ever finish it?
  13. While 'others are saying lego have quoted well over 100k', lego themselves in a documentary said up to 200k for the more/most intricate molds such as the dice (and chain, both of which Stuartn linked to) are on the upper end. They certainly won't be producing molds in the 200k range too often. I'm almost certain they alluded to the average being somewhere just under 100k. Given the dice and chain would likely have more than just 2 halves and job done, that'll be where the extreme cost goes. Straight forward molds will likely be between 50k-100k. I had a quote for around 3k to create a mold for a lens. The lens would have to be spotlessly smooth, which would require a high precision of milling on the cnc machine to create something smooth enough. And as has been brought up, cmfs use new molds all the damned time. There's no way a simple new mold costs that much all the time. Especially when there are Chinese knock off companies making almost perfectly replicated bricks/figures etc, the only telling difference being the slight colour distortion or 'not as high quality abs plastic' being used. The fitment being just as good. Id also like to point out that legos clutch power over the years has started to decline. Even their own brand new pieces aren't providing as good a clutch as they used to. So their tolerances aren't exactly all that either. As also has been brought up by jdubbs and I can fully get behind, the budget of everything that goes along with a new mold is likely the driving force.
  14. Nope, typically not. The most expensive was the dice Typically, the cost of the molds fall well below 100k.
  15. Fuppylodders

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Appreciated, thanks!