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  1. Its crap, it sucks. USA get exclusives everywhere else doesn't. It'll always happen that way too. So just get over it already. Same as the bloody arm printing, that crap is f'in boring and pointless. TLG will screw over SW with arm printing. Move on already....
  2. Fuppylodders

    LEGO Titanic 2021 Rumour

    That's not even a question. To include an iceberg is entirely distasteful and pretty much a sign of disrespect or even mockery. Titanic is entirely a complete ship by itself. An iceberg isn't necessary in any stretch to make it 'complete' or to make people realise what ship it is. 4 funnel ship, most people associate that with the Titanic. No need for iceberg-the reason many people lost their lives. Is it controversial to make the ship itself though? Enough time has gone by, for it to definitely not be controversial. That's taking it too far and playing into the 'I'ma be offended on behalf of....' category. The ship itself was a piece of art, and deserves to be remembered. Sure, TLG going to make money off a tragic ship, but at the same time, it'll provide a nice subject for people to discuss and look at/display, provoke history lessons to those less in the know about it. There's taking being offended about something too far, and then there's simply being plainly disrespectful. The ship is the former, the iceberg is the latter.
  3. Fuppylodders

    LEGO Sci-Fi 2021 - Rumors, Speculation, and Discussion

    What do I search to find this torso image?
  4. Fuppylodders

    Fragile Classic Space sets?

    I haven't tested it, but I wonder if it might be an idea to submerge the build in warm water to warm the plastic up a bit to help loosen the material a little...?
  5. Fuppylodders

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    I doubt everything is automated, although yeah, I do expect 'nearly' everything is. The swapping of the moulds won't be, they'll be stored somewhere. First off, yes, they could do double. And store the parts until they get bought. But, how many individual parts are they producing? How many parts are going out of stock? How many parts are required for sets to be produced? What about storing extras made for all those other out of stock parts? Do you realise how much storage space would be required for a world supply requirement? It's not just a few thousand. For TLG, it's a minor issue the reindeer going out of stock. They're likely balancing a huge amount of supply and demand issues at the moment. Given how massive of a company TLG is, I think you're not seeing the bigger picture they are faced with to simply 'make double'. Is double enough? How about triple? Would that disappear just as fast? They don't know, they likely have no urge to conduct any market research to determine how much they need to make to keep up with demand, they're playing it safe, and fitting extra in when they can. I really wish it was that simple, trust me I do, I just don't think it is or I'm sure we wouldnt be facing supply issues for them as we are as it also benefits TLG the more reindeer they sell. I can imagine the new tan horse having the same issue when it gets made given its a new coloured horse (correct me if I'm wrong, it's just the first time I seen the horse mould in that colour before). That's exactly what I said, just in different words
  6. Fuppylodders

    LEGO Ninjago 2021

    It wouldn't surprise me that they don't need to create fuss about it. Their production capacity is sooo limited at the moment either in catching up with backorders/out of stock issues, that the amount they would sell without fanfare and all the community of lego forums that are aware of it and be buying it, would still easily outsell their production run up to becoming back order issues. Also means they save money on marketing. Then by the time they can catch up and start a decent run on it, people buying it have already created the fanfare for them.
  7. Fuppylodders

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    It wouldn't be a new thing for a company to do. I'd fully support if they did, because there's a difference between buying some to make a profit and living on, then there's being absolutely greedy minded to stupidly inflate the prices because you're buying the whole stock and fking everyone else over in the mean time for your own selfish needs. Sure, capitalism, but doesn't justify it. Your solution is to 'just produce more'? Have you even looked on the website recently, at the amount of back orders, out of stock items? And that wasn't even just happening because of covid, it had started before then. Covid just exacerbated it tremendously. Would it solve the issue? Sure as hell would. But TLG aren't int he game to produce more than is required or theyll get leftover stock. Which means storage space is required, and it pushes further away from being a liquid asset. So to them, it's not beneficial. To us, sure as hell, yes! But given the circumstances, it just won't happen. Seeing as they got restocked, it appears they are aware and fitting it in when they can. Would be awesome to have the scalpers with a crap ton of reindeer they can't shift though, and literally, everyone wins. TLG sold loads, we all get ours, and scalpers bought some too It would be much easier to impose a much lower limit, and as for hunting people who massively buy to scalp, i'd say only be hunting those that are taking it to the extreme and being blatant about it. It really does go to show TLG truly don't care. Is anyone aware of when it was previously in stock?
  8. Fuppylodders

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    Wonder if it's worth phoning up CS and asking them straight up why they don't enforce it? And as they now own BL, they are in a perfect position to enforce it...
  9. Fuppylodders

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    Just added a bucket load of parts to the uk B&P only to go to checkout and be shown an error message instead that B&P isn't currently working at the moment and theyre working on it. Lost my whole cart Check it's working before making a whole list of pieces
  10. That seals it for me then, I had my doubts because while it was nice to believe, things that typically seem too good to be true usually are... But I'm all in for believing it now (with potential adjustments to minifigs due to TLG changing them). For since such a long time, at least a good 3 years now, I'm actually looking forward to 2021 2hy sets! It all sounds like such a nice refreshing change and the direction they should have gone for the past few years but they just played it safe. Although, they did do good with the ucs cantina, but everything else was always just sub-par one way or another.
  11. Fuppylodders

    Lego Ideas 90th Anniversary Fan Vote

    Feel free to merge, I made it before I saw the posting in the 'general' thread here. Although once that vote is over, it doesn't leave the general thread clogged with disappointment if classic space loses out and this thread will drop off into the abyss Perhaps ice planet (or actual classic space-blue/yellow/gray) has a chance to win, but yeah, I get the feeling it'll be something like city/castle/trains that wins it
  12. Fuppylodders

    Lego Ideas 90th Anniversary Fan Vote

    I was going to mention trains too, but given they kinda seem to only get 1 set a year, 2 at most, I can understand (although still disagree) with the sentiment of wanting a trains iteration. I personally feel this vote should only be applied to themes that were stopped. SW doesn't count for classic space
  13. Fuppylodders

    Lego Ideas 90th Anniversary Fan Vote

    I don't understand how city can be included because already we get plenty of sets that are modernised, as they've consistently done City the entire time! Feels like a waste to vote on something that already has its fair share of continuity. Also not sure why they didn't include aquasharks, as they were a theme in themselves, albeit an opposing faction of aqua zone, but still individual and not a progression of aqua zone.
  14. Fuppylodders

    Super Mario 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Completely understandable point of view. However, either way they go, they will be essentially shutting down half a market. It depends which market has the bigger potential for sales... US or uk/eu/Japan. Most people in the UK who had a snes probably have no clue what the US version looks like (my opinion, butt ugly and not iconic/leaves no feeling of nostalgia, and looks bland). The curvature of the EU snes and style, buttons, joypad, all just touches that part of my heart in my memory. I'm sure it could be possible, especially for someone like Mike psiaki who is a genius with curves and odd shaping. However, I still probably won't be buying it, as I need to limit my purchases. Nintendo minifig stuff will be where I'm at. If it ever happens :(
  15. Fuppylodders

    [MOC] Futuron Dropship & Speeders

    Very awesome looking model! Can see the star wars inspiration, but it's not overbearing and looks totally standalone from star wars which is great! The interior looks neat and well done, but there's no pics of inside the cockpit :(