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  1. Thats bloody frustrating, I won't be back in the uk until the 19th, was hoping to go to a Lego store just after while the vip sale is still on
  2. Strangely I instantly read it in his voice the moment I saw that Also, not just in the uk for the 20th Oct only... But from the 20th... Either way I think I'll end up missing out on the vip card
  3. I'm confused how this waiting list works... I clicked in the email I received to show I was interested but it didn't state anything about a waiting list... I phoned up Leicester Square store and the guy said other than the email I mentioned, they don't know anything about a waiting list and they're out of stock and will be for a while... I'd like to get the black vip card so want to get one before November, but I'd like to pick one up at the store rather than order one... However.... I'll only be back in the uk on the 20th October, so a short time window... Would I be better off just ordering one online? *edit Ugh... Can't even place a backorder order...
  4. Micro E-wing

    I'm not really a fan of such tiny microbuilds (prefer minifig interaction potential, even though I don't really play with them ) But! I had to say, I am a fan of the E-wing and your little build definitely captures the characteristics of it extremely well at that small scale. Undeniably looks just like an E-wing that could have been done as a polybag. Good job!
  5. LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    Not telling you not to... But you acknowledge yourself it is a review section therefore your 'definitely not a review' comment shouldn't be left there, as someone who has not got the set... So why do you leave one there knowing you are doing wrong, when you are old enough to know this?
  6. [MOC] Winter Village Firehouse

    Seeing your builds, you really should be the one designing their WV theme sets... Each one looks totally in keeping with their theme and original designs, I really do enjoy seeing them and seeing what you come out with next! Will you be doing a thread on your entire layout when you get it all together?
  7. No solid info, but I'd hazard a guess they will have plenty produced. If they are putting a limit of 3 per customer, they would be likely very confidant they can fulfil it, or they'd likely have just 1... Having a limit of three almost makes me think they're expecting and hoping scalpers to scoop these up (as well as general Lego fans) and have planned on catering to them too. The fact there is a limit of 3 puts me feeling very confidant these will be sold for a while.
  8. Winter Green Grocer [Winter Village MOC]

    I really like this! Not only does it fit in perfectly well with the actual TLG sets, bit it seems to have more of a finished feel than the most recent buildings they have done (Santa's toy factory and train station feel like they got left 80% complete), it looks nicely refined, and I love the little details. Despite having quite a few studs (mainly on the roof) I think it still manages a nice smooth look to it. I'd love this to be an actual set, I'd buy it for sure!
  9. I'll apologise now, my intention isn't to scrutinise and tear apart everything in your comment, working where I am dulls me to any kind of tactfulness or empathy in my responses... For me, my money will be happily spent enjoying the build, the obtaining it at the shop itself with the wheely cart (yeah, simple things ) and just having a really nice Lego model for display and tinkering with. Ymmv
  10. Well, that bit highlighted in bold specifically implies that is the 'pure' reason because I'm pretty sure if I pay 800 dollars for a UCS mf, I get to keep it regardless whatever else set gets released, but your implication lies in that the spending of $800 is for something that doesn't last- the 'heralded event' as you call it... I call it hype, because no matter what word/synonym or pedestal you use to place it on, it boils down to hype. You might think it carries a negative connotation, I don't, I just don't use fancy synonyms. (can't remember the last time I ever heard the word herald ) As mentioned above, herald is just a synonym for hype, you re further confusing the situation by saying you meant one but not the other when their meaning and context are one and the same. I'll put it down to a misunderstanding then, because you neglect to mention or allude to anything other than the cost being spent just to be part of a 'historic event'...
  11. LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    I'm absolutely fine with it. Sure, it *could have* been better, but how many pieces would it have added to get it good? I think considering its at the rear, it's a suitable technique to suffice for completing it in some form of manner. I already know though, that I will modify it with Scottish Daves method. That would have added at least a few hundred more pieces and bumped the price up for that technique. I think it's actually fine as it currently is because it gives people the chance to have spent less, or modify an area not so important by one of the many methods already out there done to the 10179.
  12. So, you are suggesting it is not worth getting something purely because a different larger model will come along in the future? Then what is the point in buying any set at all when a bigger better updated version is likely to come along later? Or a larger completely different set will be released? Most people aren't buying this simply because it is the current largest set of all time, but because it is a massive version of an iconic set that many people want a second chance at having, while having an even better version than the one missed out on, or just having a really good version at a reasonable cost (for some countries). I'm only one person, but I'm pretty sure I'm not alone when I say the thought of me buying it to be on the hype train of purchasing the biggest set isn't even in the back of my mind, nor does it even come into any context whatsoever when I buy this. If they come out with a bigger set, I'll look forward to seeing what it is and potentially buying it because of how good the set is, not because of it being the newest biggest set...
  13. Pretty sure the draw of their largest set having 7541 pieces was never going to be about the minifigs. What they included is absolutely fine. I'm not buying the set for the minifigure, I'm buying the set because it's an awesome looking set. If I was buying it for the minifigures, I'd consider myself to have issues. If this was designed as a full on play set like the death Star, with its humongous number of figs, then sure I could understand the issue with the figs. But for this? I really can't understand the 'underwhelming' factor. No side arm printing? So....? No dual molded legs? So....? The figs still have very decent printing. There are tons of minifigs out there in many cheaper sets. Enjoy those for being about the minifigs, and enjoy this for being finally, purely about the set.
  14. LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    Couldn't agree more.
  15. LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    7541 pieces, £650/$799 prices all but confirmed... I guess Lego decided to adopt a business model of making less money.... That we're getting the best deal ever and peoples expectations were realistic... I'm also not understanding why people are obsessing about the 'disappointment' in minifig selection. This set was never to be about the minifigs, it was never going to be one of its selling points, just a nice addition/inclusion. They have also surprised us with the mynok and 2 porg's which are awesome in themselves... If you are wanting this set for its minifigs, you're wanting it for the wrong reasons and not for why they updated it.