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    Star Wars Lego, Harry Potter lego, modulars, fairground theme. 

    Dabbling in other bits of lego that catches my eye.

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  1. Fuppylodders

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    Ahhhh thank you! That looks a pretty decent set too!
  2. Fuppylodders

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    You got ladybirds! How did you find them? They don't belong to an actual set number do they?
  3. Fuppylodders

    Harry Potter 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Oh my god, those buildable minifigs are amazing!!!! And theyre the same scale as my 6x sized headless horseman! They look exceptionally smooth and really well done!
  4. Fuppylodders

    REVIEW: 71030 LEGO Minifigures - Looney Tunes Series 1

    Nice detailed review as usual! I'm impressed for the most part on all the figs, still have similar thoughts on roadrunner and especially tweety should have been extras with their counterpart fig (or at least given roadrunner different legs somehow, maybe even blue hips...) One concerning thing, is the lack of Wile E Coyote figs and 3 extra roadrunners a mistake? Seems a bit odd... But is also a shame its immediately become an issue :( Doesn't seem much point buying a single whole box if you're not even guaranteed one complete set...
  5. Fuppylodders

    Harry Potter 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Who is this hacker? If there is a buildable philosophers stone in trans red, a golden snitch build in pearl gold, well... That'd just be cool!
  6. Fuppylodders

    [MOC] The LEGO Toilet (aka UCS Toilet) LEGO Ideas Project

    That chest in the bottom... Looks like.... Something else Absolutely love the humour of this! And, the design and build/pieces used is also impressive! I echo the comments about the toilet brush! But what I do love also, is the mechanism on the inside, showing how it works! Most certainly unique and interesting, and fun too! Will certainly support this!
  7. Fuppylodders

    Star Wars - Nano-Scale Fighters ~early 1990s

    That millennium falcon even captures the essence of the exhaust ports! Crazy clever! Awesome little builds from child you! I'd have totally swooshed these around anywhere I went if child me had them! Love the fact we can easily tell what they are (well, mostly... Didn't figure the difference between the tie and interceptor nor the advanced, but it's obvious now I'm aware!) The imagination that has gone into these, definitely an indication of how good you were going to become with lego!
  8. Fuppylodders

    Post-Apocalypse, a small vaccination?

    Its not hijacking, it's relevant to the source of the build. You can't make something on a subject then expect people to ignore the subject matter. You think it'd be appropriate to make a moc of a police car with a policeman standing on a black minifig with well designed buildings and road techniques done, but ignoring the situation of the moc? It is not a detriment to society, and simply 'because its my own choice' is good reason enough, hence why we have a choice. It certainly is no threat/insult to those who are vulnerable who can't receive the vaccine. Because for the most part, all the vulnerable people will be having it (those that want it). There will be an extreme few who 'cant' have it and those people likely won't ever be leaving hospital or their home because a simple cold would do them. It is not foolish to exercise a basic human right. Vaccines typically were tested over the course of 10 years. 7 years if they could do well and everything went right with it. Then suddenly, oh! They can pop one out in a year, fully tested and good to go? No side effects! None whatsoever! That's what the adverts say. Real life tells a different story. Nothing serious occurs because of it! They're adamant. Oh, but a handful die from blood clots. Then they still deny its because of the vaccine and that's its just coincidence and the link between the 2 will never be made. Oh, but then the link is made, but it gets dismissed because its sooooo few the benefit outweighs the cost. Vaccine is totally safe and tested! Oh, but hasn't been tested on children. Nor are they offering it to pregnant women. But it's totally safe so why not just give it to them? I'm sorry but maybe in 10 years time when the real consequences of it come out, I'll take it (I've had other vaccines). But I have a damned right to choose no until I feel its had long enough to be tested-properly, without facing abuse, mockery, name-calling or any such other thing.
  9. Fuppylodders

    Post-Apocalypse, a small vaccination?

    Its making a mockery of those who wish to remain able to have a choice, who instead get forced to comply or become social outcasts and hated/apparantly seen as evil.
  10. Fuppylodders

    Post-Apocalypse, a small vaccination?

    Bad taste given the current situation....
  11. Fuppylodders

    Harry Potter 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Perhaps its because people lowered their expectations to the point of Dobbys sock, and now.... It could very well be we are getting Dobby's sock, so we're all totally prepared for it already
  12. Fuppylodders

    Sets that beat or didn’t live up to your expectations

    Exceeded my expectations: Ice planet Deep Freeze Defender Space police 2 Galactic Mediator Given I only got these for the first time a few months ago, I figured their builds and functions would be mediocre at best compared to the glowing vast amount of different build techniques and possibilities of modern sets. Well I couldn't have gotten that anymore wrong! The play functions were many, and intriguing, fun, simple, yet very effective. I'd easily say they match any play functions of modern sets, dare I say it, possibly exceed them too. The build techniques? Sure, not as technical, but still very much on the fun side of building. No monotony even on duplication of sub assemblies. Sure the undersides leave a lot to be desired, but on the stud side of things, still very aesthetically pleasing to the eye, as much as any other modern set that draws my attention.
  13. Fuppylodders

    Unpopular Opinions about LEGO

    Ahhhhh I see! Thank you for the explanation. I'ma go back under my rock now...
  14. Fuppylodders

    Unpopular Opinions about LEGO

    I feel kinda lame saying this... But I literally can't figure out what any of that means. I mean, I see the words, but it's like I'm seeing another language in English I'll Google these things after I've typed this, but never heard of (I'm assuming it's a saying?) fanfic, where named characters comes into it, what you mean by you're unashamed shipping trash, nor any idea what AO3 is @AanchirI apologise if my opinion/view is typed in an empathy lacking manner or impolitely.
  15. Fuppylodders

    Unpopular Opinions about LEGO

    I never said it wouldn't be a good idea. I said they should carry on as they are (regarding sets at least). No need to flip it, I already use my imagination to give them whatever genders or life roles I want them to have. I don't need TLG to spoonfeed me labels, I create my own. As it is, didn't TLG dip their toes in the water with creating a more diverse inclusion with the hidden side 2 main characters, specifically Parker? (I didn't get into the storyline side of it so I don't really push to ultimately find out. Jack and Parker are just genderless buddies as far as I'm concerned). All the Friends sets with sooo many females... Sure the theme is called Friends, but that is easily open to interpretation. Girlfriends? Who's not to say that they're all just a bunch of lesbians, and the parents aren't a pre op and post op couple? Like I said, the representation is already there if you want it to be. As for media, that's entirely different. It'll happen, it'll change. We're all aware lgbqt is so much more widely accepted now than it was before. But, you also can't be ignorant to the fact, that TLG is a business. To make money. And there are still the generations of parents that were brought up by anti-lgbqt (or blind eyeing lgbqt) people who will be mindful of what they expose their kids to. TLG can't just dive in balls deep instantly. Because it *will* spark outrage from the 'anti lgbqt' people, and it'll lose them profits. It's difficult to tell how mu h of their profit comes from the anti and pro. They might be able to do a sneak survey that doesn't straight up ask your gender but they might be gathering the info in the background to keep an eye on things so they know when it's safe to start dipping toes. You think it's a representation, to them, it's their kids life. *Their* kids. Not yours. Kids minds' are a minefield of uncertainties and flippantisms. Kids will learn about genders at some point in their life and will be free to be what they want. It's happening. There's no going back. There are 2 sides to the argument of giving kids exposure. Sure, it's great to give them freedom. But school years is a shit show without having gender issues to lump onto them too. Kids get bullied for all sorts, without adding gender to it too. Why? Because kids are kids. Teachers turn blind eyes and allow it to happen and then deny all knowledge. Parents think their kids are angels and wouldn't do such a thing. Or, parents are just as bad. You can't expect to be teaching a kid at a young impressionable age that if he really wants to, he can lob his sausage off and become a daughter? Or that the daughter can turn her pocket into a hotdog. That's life changing stuff. That's essentially the stuff TLG will be exposing kids to, because that's part of it. That's-not-their-place to be teaching that. In a time when cyber bullying is also an unaccepted norm, suicide rates among young people have doubled. Throw gender issues freely at kids right now, and you'll see that suicide rate go up even more because society still hasn't evolved enough for it. You want more suicides? Or do you want those people alive to help promote lgbqt issues later in their life when they've gone through the ropes. Regardless, the world is a very judgy one. And TLG will get judged regardless. But for TLG to still be at the basics of man and woman is a cautious safety for them. TLG will move with the times in their media and will catch up, as they have done with their products hence why they're so popular. Because they sell what's popular. Once lgbqt becomes popular, that's when they'll go for it. Because money. Time. Time needs to go by. Generations need to be watered down to it. That's the only way it'll finally become a true norm. Yes, all the pop culture and recognition has helped, but the nail in the coffin for it will be the generations holding out on it. As those get watered down, it'll become accepted everywhere. But watering down generations takes time. That's something you can't rush. Surely you're not incensed that your opinion is somewhat unpopular, given you posted an opinion in the unpopular opinion thread...? You effectively proved that your opinion fits in this thread is all.