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  1. Fuppylodders

    Hidden Side VS Monster Fighters

    Have to say, I fully agree with Oky. Absolutely loved the full on spooky theme of monster fighters, and the variation of monsters etc, supplemented by an absolutely awesome series of cmf minifigs! Hidden side, has a different approach. I do like the ghost side of the minifigs, and the dog too! More ghosts would be cool, I guess more in the likeness of the app versions. I also like the transformation of the buildings/vehicles as though they are possessed, that's a cool feature carried out very well. My favourite is MF for outright going all in. I do however feel they both compliment each other very well too, and as I just realised when I built it last night, the juice bar would make an awesome addition to any lego theme park set up, that becomes possessed at night times!
  2. Fuppylodders

    [PRESS RELEASE] 10267 - Gingerbread House

    That tile cookie baby brings a whole new literal meaning to the term of pregnancy 'a bun in the oven' Also, I see myself getting 2 of these to make a complete building. I feel it lends itself well to it, and... The more I look at it, the more I really like it even though it doesn't reeeeaaally fit in with existing WV buildings, it's still a nice addition to have off to the side kinda thing.
  3. Fuppylodders

    [PRESS RELEASE] 10267 - Gingerbread House

    While I'd say it's far from bland (can you explain how its bland? It's packed with details, even has a toilet and bath! Not many 'building' sets have a toilet and a bath.) I do agree it's a bit cheeky passing off the tile as a figure... All in all though, a lovely looking set I'll be getting ASAP.
  4. Fuppylodders

    [PRESS RELEASE] 75252 Imperial Star Destroyer

    That price... I just can't even... Same as the MF but 2800 pieces LESS?!?! I get that piece count isn't always a good method (one 1x1 plate is not equal to one 12x6 wedge pate), but only a guide... and that weight is another method... but damn... for that price, not even an interior (I'm ok with that as I'd want it for display, but perhaps even just a few more Ties? ), only TWO minifigs that are unique, one having arm printing... well jeese... there are loads of other minifigs in non SW that get arm printing, it's like they use it to suck us in... but not even characters, just generic crew. And totally not anything you'd army build with. I get they're probably just filler minifigs just to give something...but for that price, I'd expect a chromed Darth Vader!! That'd have looked much more UCS suitable with this than 2 generics... The model itself is impressive, I'm glad they did the underside properly too, rather than just flattening it out a'la UCS Executor. The greebles are nicely done, but the rear engine area just looks... odd... The engines look minimal in design as though, 'what's the smallest part count I can make these in?' kinda thing... "Also comes with 2 blaster pistol weapons." Oh hell I missed that selling point, I was going to pass on it... but it has 2 blasters! So that swayed it for me, I just must buy it now! That's kinda embarrassing even mentioning it as a 'feature' to list in this massive UCS set... I'm kinda starting to feel like TLG are becoming scalpers themselves with this specific set because they know people will buy it at a high price regardless.... I'm even struggling to feel justified in using my £150 vip points to reduce the price because I just don't know if it's worth it... It's size is impressive. It's details are nice. The Tantive is a nice, and to be honest expected touch (nice nonetheless). Anything else? Can't come up with anything...
  5. Did it get found out why the leaked sheet of all the minifigs had the amount of minifigs as 16/17/18?
  6. Fuppylodders

    71044 Disney Train and Station

    I like the looks of it. I don't know much about lego trains, I've only got the recent Harry Potter and winter Village sets... But neither of those came with magnets. I thought lego stopped using magnets because swallowing them could be poisonous or something? (obviously accidental swallowing, not purposely eating them ) It's a shame about the Disney tax, but for what looks to be a decent train set and station, the price is still acceptable, just.. Will this be an exclusive or could it possibly be found on sale on amazon at a later date? Wondering whether its worth using my vip points against this or save them for the next modular/star wars ucs set which I typically never find on sale...
  7. Fuppylodders

    Why is LEGO so obsessed with Batman?

    I think the word you mean is 'infatuation' instead of 'fatigue', that might help clear up some misunderstandings...?
  8. I just had a thought... Not sure if it's been suggested (I expect it has in which case this is kinda irrelevant, but I couldn't find it). But I saw the ghost dog from hidden side, and started thinking... They don't do complete transparent minifigs because of brittleness and stiffness... But what if they dual moulded the neck piece on the torso, and the arm slots as normal abs? The rest being transparent...? Similar with the legs... The 'unseen pin connectors' that the legs slot onto, being abs while the rest being transparent? I'm not entirely sure how their physical process of dual moulding occurs, but perhaps that is a viable option to bring transparent minifigs?
  9. Fuppylodders

    LEGO Hidden Side 2020

    I'm also all for them making better ghost representations that imitate the AR versions. I do have to question the second paragraph though... (I separated for ease of reference). Do tell what a non fake/real ghost looks like? Because as far as I'm aware, no one anywhere in the entire world has solid visual hi res graphical proof. So, while you're entitled to your opinion that the ghost pieces look shit, I disagree and think they give a good variation that could easily be viewed as them being 'evil ghostly presences' that aren't tied to any particular body, just bad/evil energy in its natural form. The mini figs in the hidden side sets are again, a nice variation. The prints are good, the pieces are good. OK, would be nice to have trans bodies, but we know the issues why they're not used. I can only hope they'll get round it soon enough, perhaps, they actually have and is what may well be included in the second wave. The 'AR' bulls**t won't go away from this theme at all. It's TLG trying to branch out into the digital world again, but this time I think they've got it right. I believe this will be a hit with kids. If you don't like it, you entirely have to do nothing at all to not have anything to do with it too! But for those kids that do, they'll have a new, and let's face it, modern way of interacting with their lego. Because let's face it, technology is in everything. And if incorporating it this way helps bring us a new theme like this? I'm all for it. I also think you're looking at this entire theme waaaay too much from an adult perspective entirely ignoring the fact this is aimed at young kids. Your previous mention about how it's not spooky or scary etc (I forget the exact words), of course its not... To adults. To teenagers. But. To some kids, really young kids, it'll have the same/similar effect as the TV series 'goosebumps' / 'Round the twist' / 'are you afraid of the dark'. They're nothing. But they play on imagination. Where's your inner child gone? Dig him out again :)
  10. Fuppylodders

    LEGO Star Wars 2019 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!!!

    this is how I imagine you being Some people just don't learn no matter how many times you tell them...
  11. Fuppylodders

    LEGO Ideas: The Pirate Bay!!

    Ive supported sets before, like the ship in a bottle with the intention of getting it, then, not got it... This, I'd buy in a heart beat if they kept it very similar. I'd just hope they wouldn't make it open backed if it got chosen. And, I hope it gets chosen! This is an amazing all round pirate set that makes an awesome stand alone playset/display piece in its own right. This NEEDS to be made!!
  12. Fuppylodders

    DIGGER Construction Roller Coaster

    That is awesome! Does that use the actual lego coaster and its only the cdx track? I'll have to look into it, this is how tlg's roller-coaster should have been made! *edit* I've just gone and bought 2 of the expansion sets to have a go myself :) I see they have their own cart with what looks like sideways mounted wheels. I'm assuming TLGs version isn't compatible with the cdx block track?
  13. Fuppylodders

    [MOC] Motorized Free Fall Tower

    Ahhh how am I only just seeing this?! This is brilliant! It's such a clean build too, I could easily see this as an actual creator set! I like the smoothness that it drops and rises again, and that its automatic. The ride seating looks detailed too and spot on, it doesn't look at all like you've thrown something together for them to sit in. The little ticket office and stairways leading up and down are tidy too, everything about this just fits in perfectly!
  14. Fuppylodders

    [MOC] Food Stand Diners (One for the Rollercoaster fans)

    I'm gutted this didn't make it on Ideas. Will there be a file release or instructions/parts list for this? I'd love to have these!