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  1. Unless Mos Eisley is *amazing* and not just because its big and Star Wars... I'm done with SW (well, ill get one 501st BP but thats it). The set prices have become absolutely ridiculous and I'm no longer willing to be mugged off
  2. Fuppylodders

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    Heck, this is good enough evidence for me that it's minifig scale! If I'm finally believing it (and accepting it ) you know it's good enough evidence! I'm wondering if it'll be a row of highly detailed shop fronts with a fair bit of interior? Seems a lot of shops for even if it was 6k pieces (ok.that could do it probably, but I forget the amount of pieces it'll have... Wasn't it 4k or thereabouts?) It appears I'm late to the party on the CMF series as well... I couldn't find the leaks when people were commenting on when they got leaked just over a week ago... But I just finally seen them all, and oh my gosh, they've literally done amazing on every single one! Especially moaning mertle, such an irrefutable likeness! Even the face print. And Dumbledor having the phoenix (forgive me, i forget it's name), his figure is so detailed! Not to mention all others are so very detailed. I told myself I wouldn't get anymore boxes of cmf's... Thanks TLG
  3. I don't understand how people seem to think we're going to get a big open disc of space with boring sand brick facade around it's circumference which has no real content inside the perimeter buildings, aka, docking bay 94. If people think Hoth sold crap, who's going to buy a big open space with boring walls surrounding it?! Buy 6 tan baseplates, place one in the middle. Stand the other 5 up on their side around it and you essentially have docking bay 94. Not really exciting in the least.
  4. Oh just megabluck off, I was being light hearted about it.
  5. Dare I say it, @Mandrproductions to start a second movement for.... #wewantaTIEBomber Seriously... Needs doing
  6. Fuppylodders

    Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    Thank you guys, appreciate that :) will check them out!
  7. Fuppylodders

    Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    Given that it now seems definite that they won't be producing a minifig scsle/system set release of a TIE bomber, can anyone point me in the direction of what seems to be a decent moc out there (instructions available would be a big pro) that also fits a minifig in it?
  8. Fuppylodders

    [MOC] Tarpons-class of Light Cruisers

    That is a beautiful looking vessel! I love the details on it, specifically the scout plane launcher! The little aa guns look good too, and the level of detail looks spot on. Very cool update on the more modern version too! I used to play Navyfield, and grew an appreciation for the various different frigates, cruisers, battle cruisers/ships and a/c carriers. Have you/will you be doing anymore ww2 vessels?
  9. Fuppylodders

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    I totally agree, a straight forward copy + more shops for the other side of current GWP DA just wouldn't cut it for the price, piece count. Am in total agreeance there. As for minifigure scale, taking assembly square as a good example of the size of a decent set of buildings can look for 4k pieces, we won't be getting too much of a DA, but likely enough quality and decent build in whatever we do get that's its enough. I totally agree on your last statement No, I'm not being argumentative just for the sake of it. I'm just not freely going with people's conjecture and assumptions until something more factually solid is shown to entirely disprove it. And as it stands, people are currently throwing forward reasons as 'facts' when it's just their own conjecture, regardless if it makes sense or not. Because lego do have a habit of doing things that don't make sense now and then. And I'm hoping this is one thing they stick with sense on. I'd absolutely love it to be minifig scale. I really do. But seeing as how the Nintendo licence currently blew away the minifig for something entirely new, I'm reserving my judgement until a substantiated rumour/leak can be provided to put my mind at ease/rest and accept that there is *no question* it is minifig scale. Regarding the comments in the asterisks, I fully understand that view, agree with it for the most part. But as a similar, shall I say, balancing point of view, as I said above, using assembly square, we know the rough size if we are to get enclosed buildings. If not, it could well be a load of open backed half buildings to create the left and right sides. It's the only way I see a minifig scale DA that isn't just gringotts and 2 (maaayyyyybe 3 or 4 other smaller buildings ). But I'd be cool with that! As for your middle statement, I never said it would suck, or how minifigs determine if a set will suck or not. I don't know why you even felt the need for that statement? And finally, I never said about releasing a $400 HP DA set each year. The current one has a massive amount of pieces. My *suggestion/idea* (because I already know its not going to happen) was to release a shop or double shop each year. A shop or so, isn't going to cost $400. Of course no one would want to basically sign up to that each year! I might have some crazy or absurd ideas/wants, but damn, I do actually have *some* sense (me not blindly accepting microscale isn't happening doesn't prove I have no sense either, it just proves I'm perhaps being over cautious about what I believe). We're all different and have different opinions. You got yours, I got mine, neither are correct. but I will also be happy with what they are currently doing. Absolutely nothing so far 100% solidly confirms its minifig scale. I'm sorry I'm a bit more hesitant to blindly accept conjecture, even if it makes sense, because TLG have a habit of sometimes blowing that sense out of the water and destroying expectations. This thread is full of people's wants and desires and a metric crap ton of conjecture, pointless conversations not really to do with Harry Potter lego sets we are getting/might be getting, and yet you coming down on me simply because I'm on topic and constructively debating conjecture being put forward as irrefutable? Please......... I'm not blindly arguing without thinking it through. If its OK to agree to disagree, then don't reply. Simple. I'm not getting aggy over it, all I've done is simply state counter points for what people are putting forward as irrefutable evidence, when, it is refutable, no matter how much 'sense' it makes, because TLG doesn't *always* go with what makes sense. I won't want an apology, I won't be giving any 'I told you so' s', I won't get an ounce of happiness or satisfaction from being proven right. Heck, I'm not even arguing that it *will* be microscale, just that it can't be irrefutablly *dismissed* just yet with what we *know*. But what I will be/do, is be hugely disappointed and as upset as any one of you who are happy at this point in time accepting it is minifig scale, as *that* is what I want it to be too!! I'm not arguing back at everything someone says that disagrees with me, as above, I'm constructively debating their points with my own. So far, there have been many different points put forward, and have enjoyed countering the different points. I do not intend to constantly repeat over the same points as I've already said my piece on certain points that I fully know it is pointless and unnecessary to repeat myself. But my posts are very much on topic, not heated, not name calling, not getting aggressive towards, I'm simply countering certain points. If you don't like it, move on, or feel free to report me and a mod shall intervene in a manner that he/she/they see fit to do so. I don't know much about HP, I just enjoyed watching the films. I think so far, TLG have done a great job with the sets, especially the recent waves. I don't post much because there's plenty of people already giving the same thoughts on it all that for me to do the same, adds nothing but another post for someone to scroll past. What I do enjoy, is seeing the build up of a rumour and the tiny tidbits of info being leaked, and things coming together to form a general consensus on what the set/s may be like, and how people piece these bits of info together. I like how people come to certain conclusions, and sometimes am sad that it turned out to be wrong given how much everything so far pointed to it. I'm happy when people get things right (although typically dislike the 'called it!' posts...). I'm an overthinker, bored with seeing the same posts over and over, but enjoy a good discussion and exploring every 'possible' avenue of something no matter how much sense it might not make. Hopefully, that gives you an insight into my debate about this... And to try and show you I'm not being an argumentative bellend for the sake of it, I fully agree with your last statement! I would not buy it either! *edit* But seeing as how people seem to be getting offended/tired of it, I'll drop it. Say what you like, I'll just shut it. Silencing people because you dont like what they say seems to be a thing nowadays
  10. Fuppylodders

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    Crack on So, you're telling me the Helicarrier and it's ancillary vehicles/flying crafts are scaled exactly microscale to the nano/microfigures and is the same scale as Hogwarts Castle? Because I can tell you right now it's not, but that's classed as microscale. Your assumption there is very very wrong indeed, for someone that's been saying that for months and months, you should know lego and what the scaling is like, and therefore that microscale is *not an exact scale* but a representation of a very large thing to be tiny and much more affordably made in lego. See the bigger picture. Microscale isn't determined by Harry Potter and the Hogwarts Castle. So yes, you can, because TLG already have changed the scale and called things the same scale. 6-7 years is fine for me and probably many other people. If you miss out, you miss out. Same as any other modular set or ucs vehicle or exclusive or any of the many other things that are one and done. Not everyone is a 'I must has this naow or never!!!' kinda person, and is happy to drop a ton on a set once a year, I probably wouldn't be the only one either. Just because you couldn't wait that long doesn't mean no one else would... . I'd in fact love it. To know that all the main DA buildings were going to be modularised and released, but not know what ones exactly when, or what their take on them will be, or what 2 might be done together...They could very easily do as @Surge said. They could also slap star wars level of tax on it and I'd still get it. And yet it'd still be cheaper than getting all the sets of 2 waves a year. Wouldn't have to be Harry in every set either. Rotate through characters relevant to the shops, and perhaps throw a unique Ron, then a unique hermione, then a unique Harry, then a unique dumbledore, etc... Use your imagination If they did that, sign me up for a solid 10 years of it. If I was to miss the first few, Heck, I'd still buy the rest.
  11. Fuppylodders

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    We already have many other sets from Harry Potter before the recent re-do, but TLG redo stuff all the time, so you're right, it is tiny and insignificant Also, its barely just one side. But again, I hope I'm wrong and it's not microscale, Im just in the same position as Roebuck, I don't feel safe until there's some solid proof, not just hypothetical/circumstantial 'as good as' proof. I was hoping for minifigs with the Nintendo licence, and they gave us something completely different and new, and to me, for the most part horrible. I'll let my excitement out when solid actual proof of minifig scale is released :) What would be awesome, and I'm certain it'd be a winner, is if they released the entire street one building a year, in the modular style. Makes it affordable, brings in modular building fans to Harry Potter if they're not already, and would give an ultimate DA display, affordable if spread out over the years.
  12. Fuppylodders

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    I don't normally join in either, and as I already said, I'm really hoping it's *not* microfigure scale, but it can't be dismissed simply because 2 minifigs have been spotted. As for your point one is a play style of Harry and the other is Florien, Absolutely nothing makes that more play style than display style. 2 sides of his face doesn't denote purely play style, it also gives multiple display options. The face print with smudging is actually really good, as is his torso printing. The lack of leg printing on both is not surprising so also not really valid for dismissal. As for Florean, already been pointed out being a founder etc... And all the counter counter counter arguments Not to mention, finally, we trying to make logic of TLGs character inclusion? We know what their character choice can be like sometimes I'm just saying, the current 2 minifigs by themselves just aren't enough to dismiss microfig scale... Here's a rare time I'm hoping I'm wrong and it's definitely minifig scale!
  13. Fuppylodders

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    Just because we have minifigures, means in no way solid that it will be minifigures scale. You seem to forget the Hogwarts castle came with 4 minifigs, but was microscale, and had 6k pieces. Assembly Square has 4000 pieces, and look at the size of it? It's nothing in comparison to the size of DA. Now imagine using just an extra 1000-2000 to make a decent minifig sized DA with many shops, a center street annnnnd Gringotts! While I'm hoping for minifig scale DA, if it is, it'll just be store fronts with a bit of interior similar to city but a bit more in depth. Or perhaps, it'll be the end of DA right where Gringotts is, and include the closest shops to it (2 or 4 of them). But you can't at any stretch use the fact we seen minifigs to dismiss microfig scale. Hogwarts Castle is proof enough of that.
  14. That is impressive! Even more so that it is in scale with the rocket too! I'll be honest, I have no clue about the actual building itself, but it must have been massive to house that inside it! I hope you get the automation of the sliding doors working, that'd be an awesome detail to add. Speaking of the doors, excellent job on those!
  15. Fuppylodders

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & Discussion