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  1. I'm lost for words, He was an amazing builder and person. My respect and condolences to his family and friends.
  2. I have finished my mods to the Bugatti. With thanks to pimp my Bugatti for the gearbox, front suspension and Hog. Ive added Working door handles, openable glove box, rear brake light, higher mounted shifter with foot pedals and + gears on the right side, gear selected display next to the shifter (using the sticker numbers on the sheet), 7th gear limiter 7-1 1-7 as the real cars 7 speeds, 45deg rear calipers and lastly a working rear spoiler brake. The spoiler brake can be activated by either pushing a axle on the dash down, pushing the brake pedal or manually at the back left with the key (where the raising of the spoiler use to be). Move the manual raising of the spoiler to the right side. the brake does not affect the spoiler when its in the down position. I left gravity to do the work for the brake part of the spoiler to fall down as when being played with, the spoiler brake lifts and falls with fast sudden stops (a request from my middle son). lxf file here of the mods used above. A link to the video, sorry cant seem to get it ti work.
  3. Wow, this should be an official C model, can't wait to build it.
  4. jono rocky

    Climbing 20 degrees hill

    Huge..uni..kitty..I agree the train accelerates pretty fast. would you show pics of your mods, my son would love to try it.
  5. Its simply amazing that they did this. Would be good to see all those transparent pieces be available to the public. I wonder if it was just as a scary type of drive for the test driver as the real car is going flat out? I would be thinking hmm no suspension and held together by pins, one bump in the road and......
  6. Another interesting build. Cant wait to see more.
  7. jono rocky

    [TC14] 3D Dizzy

    Wow. This is perfect. the level of attention right down to the rocking sign and one way gate. Hats off to you, I love it.
  8. You've done an amazing job, it aint what I would call rough so now I'm interested to see what you create as good. Its complex but simple. Keep it up.
  9. Absolutely agree with you. Another great model. 4 buggy motors sure seem to do the trick.
  10. Looks and works just like the real thing. would also love to see it pick something up or say put a panel on a Lego car.
  11. This is a masterpiece. You really captured the whole car and is on my must have list.
  12. I have done something similar also, including adding foot peddles. I moved the shifting mechanism up about 3 studs for the brake peddle to activate the rear air brake (almost finished it). The lxf file is here and replaces steps 343-360.
  13. Not sure if its been done yet but Ive done a rather simple HOG for this car. Here is the link to my Bricksafe folder to the lxf. files. Changed steps 364-373, step 736, steps 725-729, step 376.
  14. Brilliant D model. Looks like it needs buggy motors and go tear up some snow. Well done.