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  1. Not sure if its been done yet but Ive done a rather simple HOG for this car. Here is the link to my Bricksafe folder to the lxf. files. Changed steps 364-373, step 736, steps 725-729, step 376.
  2. jono rocky

    Lego 42069 - D MODEL

    Brilliant D model. Looks like it needs buggy motors and go tear up some snow. Well done.
  3. You just put my 9yr old in a good mood for the mourning before he went to school, he couldnt stop laughing. Thanks mate.
  4. Thanks Didumos69. That is a great mod. Definitely going to put in my one when I get it.
  5. jb70, whats the difference to the bugatti gearbox and this one?
  6. I followed a pic of the Mack with a bullbar. I made the middle bar narrower so you can still see the number plate plus it looked too bulky. I can still see the pics and the link in my previous post but HERE is the link to my brick safe folder. And one last pic of the full customized one cause I forgot to fill the gaps in the bonnet and I've updated the file for it in the folder.
  7. After a long spell and still waiting for my Bugatti to leave the warehouse, I decided to mod the Mack a little and came up with these. All LDD files for each one can be found here on my Bricksafe folder. First up is a bullbar and the redesigned lower front bar to allow the bullbar. The bonnet can still open as normal. Dual rear tires and modified smaller fith wheel Filled hole in bonnet Cleaner exhausts All mods together to look like this Due to the way ldd uses the Brick, Round piece, I couldn't insert the exhausts. I've tried to make each mod interchangeable with the original truck design and made a full modded design with files for LDD.
  8. jono rocky

    Ford Mustang GT 350-H

    I'm gobsmaked, youve done it again raising the bar. Well done. Need an "Elenor" version from gone in "60 sec".
  9. jono rocky

    42078 - Mack Anthem

    The rim part is 56145 and the tyre is 15413. The tube I used is part 25214 but it dosnt fit an axle the whole way in so I removed the axle in the stack to get it to sit underneath. The dual conversion was simple. The steering colum dosnt go so I put a 3L axle in instead of a 4L and lifted the uni joint up half a stud and a bit and that works. The windscreen sides dont fit at all no matter what I tried.
  10. jono rocky

    42078 - Mack Anthem

    Had a little play around with this truck and I think dual wheels and chrome is better. Its a working progress.
  11. Wow.... well done. The rotors are beautifully executed. I know taking videos are hard and tricky (I'm hopeless at it) but learning to cut out certain parts can go along way to a more easy watch like for example at the start cut out the parts where your hands moves the helicopter in the 360 view so its just the model turned in each view. But in all it really is a great C model and my middle son (12yrs) loves it, his words "coooool, is that a real lego set?" Keep up the great work.
  12. This is Going together perfectly and that cab is brilliant as you have captured all the lines spot on. Your client would be insane not to own it.
  13. jono rocky

    [MOC] Black Envy Supercar

    Damn that's one beast of a car, Batman would be really jealous of it. Can I suggest a small change, the #2 connector on top of the seats changed to two 1x2 lift arms and angled forward a bit just to make the seats a more forward look then up in the way they finish at the top. Would love to see a vid. too. Really love this car
  14. jono rocky

    [MOC] MegaDozer V1

    Well done. She is definitely a beast of a dozer. I too would love to see it in action. It may be square but it works just right and I love the overkill on the arms for the blade and ripper. Your off to a great start. Looking forward to more of your mocs.