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  1. The 4x4 version of a 6x6 version of a 4x4 car. XD I like how it looks, though not very sure about the red. Would love to see how it performs. Also any pictures of the back? :D
  2. It performs extremely well! Don't like how the IR receiver sticks out though, but it can't be helped with something this small. Great job! :P
  3. It looks brilliant! Can't wait to see the video :D
  4. Amazing model! If it was made with white and black parts it might look more awesome :D
  5. Awesome work man! You should try other coloured wheelcaps as well. Also, could we have photos of the back? Or is it not finished yet? :P
  6. The front differential is flipped XD
  7. Love it! Really like the colours! The front grill and lights can still be improved though(maybe different colour?), comparing to the actual car (See signature XD). NEEDS MORE PICTURES.
  8. That'll be pretty cool actually, would save space and maybe make it easier to build in some cases where you want an engine.
  9. There are Rwd rc drift cars, those are much harder to control considering you have to countersteer, it's much rarer.
  10. That's a shame :P Oh well, can't wait till the end of the month :D
  11. Actually, I didn't really try it until now. It actually looks alright! Not sure if placebo but it feels softer now, and when you press it you can hear the air coming out.