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    Dodge Challenger Srt8

    Impressive, I like it! Some small suggestions: https://docs.google.com/drawings/d/1uVGd8kPyLC1-yAZ6rFZ2AgEIdX8keMSZZ2l7EqYYgTc/edit?usp=sharing
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    [MOD] 42008 with Power Functions

    Hi, welcome to Eurobricks! (I see this is your first post) In the future, please don't necro threads. If you wanted to get this mlcad model, I would advise you to send him a private message.
  3. how much faster is ludicrous mode compared to normal mode?
  4. Congratulations on funding, I am very glad because this will be excellent for compact builds! I do hope that the API is open-source, however. Open source programs, historically, are higher-quailty than closed-source programs. I also hope the 75k stretch goal is reached. Question- what is the speed difference between non-ludicrous and ludicrous? I would like some factual data on this, is it 5%, is it 10%, etc.
  5. Excellent, I am very happy that this is only $1400 from funding success, surely it will reach this as more people see Jim's review.
  6. you should try again, maybe from a different email address? They might think multiple people are interested.
  7. I posted about buwizz on Reddit, hoping I can help out!As far as social media, though, it doesn't seem like BuWizz is doing any work to get their product out.
  8. __________________________

    Could someone help me find this MOC

    Thank you, that's correct!Time to use that shower design in one of my MOCs (;
  9. __________________________

    Could someone help me find this MOC

    I am thinking of this MOC, I remember it being very impressive. I am hoping someone could help me find it. It is a modern-architecture style building on a baseplate with a great-looking black border several studs tall. It had a minifgure-scale Porsche 911, something like this: in black, I believe. The kitchen had this thing hanging from the ceiling which held wine glasses in it upside down. One of the mini figures had a suit on. The description for it was that it was built as a study for an architecture class. There was a driveway, I believe. The windows were large. Also, I saw it originally on Flickr, I think this was probably 2 years ago.
  10. __________________________

    Slammed Dually Pickup truck

    Nice widebody kit, looks like Rocket Bunny
  11. The Ludicrous setting looks excellent. I do not think you will reach founding goal, however...please prove me wrong, I am very interested in this project!
  12. Realistic, I read the wikipedia page on Moby Dick and then looked back at the pictures in this thread, you have overall captured the look of it well.
  13. __________________________

    [Porsche][WIP] Mission E

    Very recognizable, you have captured the new design language of Porsche well, you can see it in the headlights, taillights. However, from the side view, it does look very poor.
  14. __________________________

    Show us your Working Place/LEGO room

    My kids, however, will have around 120 sets before they are born
  15. __________________________

    Show us your Working Place/LEGO room

    I did not know you were a programmer, Jim, respect