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  1. Thanks for the info. I'm going to look into that. I see you're using 2 battery boxes. That must be one to each s-brick to prevent over-loading?
  2. Wow, awesome creation. I would love to see a parts list on it, just out of curiosity to see the count and estimated cost. It is seriously impressive. Question... what is this about the 14500 batteries and the dummies? Is there somewhere I can find more information?
  3. Really nice looking build, especially for a true C-model. I know it can be difficult to get what you want with the parts limitations. That's a neat idea with the differential between the motors too. All around great job
  4. CF 28

    [MOC] [Control+] WTCC Race Car

    Wow looks great. I like how you made those fender arches work laterally at the front and back. How do the new XL-motors work compared to the pfs?
  5. Wow great build. I really like how well you replicated the tube chassis and roll cage of the real truck. Looks great
  6. I have a failed pump from that set too. It worked at first but no longer. Can you tell me what is the number of the new pump? And where did you get it for $5? I've seen them on ebay for around 15 but they look just like my failed one.
  7. Hello all. I'm an aerospace engineer in his early 40s living in the northeastern US. LEGO was one of my favorite toys as a kid. Myself and my older brother had the old expert builder sets in the 80s, I can remember the "auto chassis" for sure and also the little red dune buggy... ah those were the days. Went through the "dark ages" in my 20s and 30s, doing the career stuff but also some dirt track racing. I built a few real cars for the racetrack, and later a Subaru impreza swap. I guess I've always been a gear head. So now that I'm old ;-) I started getting back into LEGO a couple years ago with a second hand 9398 set. Great fun. I've bought a few more sets since then and like to build when I can get a little free time. I've lurked around here for some time in the technic threads and thought I should finally join the community. Happy building :-)