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  1. Technic Pub

    When is the technic forum theme going to be put back on? still trying to work on it and figure out the polls?
  2. I have the first edition and love it, it helped me so much when I first got it, I would buy this version but I already have experience with the new chapters contents
  3. TLG has replaced a few parts for me, I would just contact them again and tell them what happened, I'm sure they will send another part
  4. Technic Photography

    Amazing photo, what did you use to light up the ground?
  5. [MOC] Jeep Wrangler

    Yet another incredible MOC, I like the suspension a lot, I had an idea like that and was going to use it in one of my crawlers but never did. Because of the way the suspension was made when it travels does it change the steering angle?
  6. Worked for me, using Firefox
  7. Test Poll

    Still does not work for me, I'm using firefox by the way
  8. Test Poll

    This did not work for me, confusing...
  9. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but an Sbrick will get fried by a brushless motor if they were even compatible. Lego motors are brushed so they have 2 wires, while brushless motors have 3 wires, and require a brushless system, the Sbrick is brushed so it will not work. Your best bet is to get a 1100mah or higher Mimh-LiPo battery, brushless ESC, a FlySky remote-reciever combo because it is cheap but high quality, and a 380 brushless motor, anything else with a larger can size will be much harder to deal with, @PorkyMonster has used a 540 in his builds with success though.
  10. Show us your Working Place

    I made a border out of big duplo blocks for my desk
  11. Show us your Working Place

    @Mesabi I have large 2.5~foot drawers with deviders in them and they are full of parts and I use sort them by type of part and usefulness, I don't have any labels and after years of using it I still use the wrong draws 50% of the time or more when I need 1/2 beams or gears
  12. Effe's MOC Corner

    That looks like a 3d printed differential, its like a lego one but has thicker walls so it does not grind
  13. Doing this will deform the tire, I don't recommend doing it, I did it with the 81.6mm over 9398 hubs and they are much larger then they used to be and don't grab the rim very well anymore.
  14. Same here, I thought it was just me
  15. Sounds interesting, I think that you should not be able to use LiPo's though, they give you a huge advantage to people that can't afford them-don't have any. I don't like motor limiting except no Buggy motor's Definitely no Buwizz, Sbrick would be ok because it keeps the same voltage.