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jono rocky

Technic Lego models + instructions

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G'day all. I have over the years done a couple of alternate models and attempted to make instructions for them, some better than others. All of them can be downloaded here or from my mocpages signature link below but I'll add an individual link with each one.

My first attempt was a bulldozer from set 8043 quite some time ago. Argof made a topic here about it and I just stumbled upon an old bad quality vid and this is it.

Instructions: Freespace or Bricksafe

I was driving Hooklift trucks for a while and the Lego set 8052 came out so I had to RC one version and a full RC overkill another.

This one I over did but didn't make instructions for it.





24914530462_7e4891c8ac.jpg I added an extra exhaust for duals to the instructions.

Instructions are done by LDD here or the lxf is attached.

So being a truck freak person I pulled out an old set 5580 Highway rig and jammed in an XL and M motor to RC it but keeping it looking as close to the original as possible.




Instructions: Dropbox or Bricksafe.

Next one is an alternate model of the set 8297 into a tow truck. I put he M motor on top of the fake V8 to look like a supercharger but its gear driven to the winch and bypasses the V8.



Instructions: Freespace or Bricksafe

I got the lego set 9398 and turned it into an RC quadbike. nato8181 (Renato) made a topic here on Eurobrics about it.


Instructions: Freespace or Bricksafe

My next was for a competition here (a while ago) and I used the Lego set 9394 jet plane and turned it into a helicopter. Here is the thread for it. The goal was to have a pull and release trigger to spin the rotars and still have them to be able to spin freely.


Instructions: Bricksafe

This one I did for fun, I call it the lowrider logger. The idea was to make two versions of logging trucks from one set and no motors. The first was a truck and dog, the second was a folding B double with a loader.

A model


B model


Instructions: Bricksafe

8052 RC.lxf

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Thanks for the instructions. My son is currently building 8052 and he loves to add PF so this should help a lot. Thanks again.

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