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  1. OK so here they are, the videos showcasing my "Boss-forcer Devastator" mod: Part 1 Part 2 Enjoy!
  2. Lol, thanks, hopefully I'll get round to finishing the LXF and video soon.
  3. So here it is, my first mod for the 41999. Not sure if you can really call it a mod, it's more of a... thing. Anyway, maybe some people remember the Enforcer, my entry for the Technic competition which came second to rm88's Boss. It was only a matter of time before I decided to try to recreate it using the 41999 so I did. However I added a few 'modifications' using parts from my 8455 backhoe loader. Firstly, an excavator bucket has been added to the front bumper for a more 'evil' appearance. Secondly, a wheel powered cannon has been mounted in the rear bed. It can be raised, lowered and ammo can be fed by pneumatics and the cannon is just two rapidly spinning wheels powered by a geared up M motor with a clutch gear to stop me blowing up the motor in the event of a jam. So here it is, I like to call it the 'Boss-forcer Devastator'. Sorry about the poor image quality, hopefully I'll get a video sorted soon.
  4. Awesome, thanks that will help me convert my latest mod of my 41999 to LDD. When I do finally dismantle it, I want it digitally recorded. I will be posting pictures of it soon...
  5. Woo, picked up my 41999 today, set 02732 of 20000. Having an epic time building it! Got some cool mocs planned using the parts too!
  6. It's been delivered today but I cant pick it until tommorow! Not impatient at all!
  7. I'm getting it delivered to relatives who are in more than me to collect parcels so I really hope it doesn't get lost, forgotten, dropped, incinerated, squashed, etc... by the delivery people or anyone else!
  8. Awesome! Has anyone else from the top 100 received their prize yet? Anyone reckon the delivery may be slower for England cos I really want mine to be delivered at the weekend!
  9. It's awesome that us top 100 get one as a prize, I feel very lucky but I wouldn't be surprised if our prize sets have been pushed back into the second batch and delayed for a few weeks after this mad struggle for the first crawlers. The wait is killing me! Exactly what I was thinking. Cheaper than the Lego rechargeable box and no mod for the 41999 will be required.
  10. I wonder when we will see the "set 00001 of 20000" plate up on bricklink or eBay for like 1000$/€/£ and if anyone will be crazy enough to buy it...
  11. I think they will be sent, it's just that the prizes are last priority which means that the winners may not see their prizes until a week or so after the 1st August. But I could be wrong!
  12. You mean if the demand for the set is too high, they will cancel the prizes?! Is Lego really that evil? I've been looking forward to my copy of this epic set for months! Should I stop?
  13. Awesome, I thought that the rechargeables may not last as long but if they do that's great.
  14. Bit of a noob question but does anyone know if the battery box will take rechargeable AA batteries? I know power will be lost because they run at a lower voltage but I get the feeling that this model will guzzle battery juice and I don't really want to have to keep a large stockpile of regular batteries. Can't wait to receive my copy. I don't know when prize winners receive their models, after August 1st I guess, however it could have been sent already and I wouldn't know because I'm on holiday, I think I could make some great MOCs by using the parts with my good old 8455 pneumatic backhoe loader that I still have lying around!