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  1. Hi Guys, been a while! Just thought I would drop a quick line letting anyone know that instructions are available for my GTHO, only 4.5 years after I first started building! hahaha. I have received a lot of enquirers about the instructions and its those people that keep me at it, through to completion. Please check out Rebrickable. :) Now I can finally start on something new! YAY ;P
  2. Could someone be so kind to summarize the last 38 pages of this topic to update on what we know. (pretty please) I'm quite impressed with the first pics! The new panels look awesome! Also I have a 3rd party solution for slack new hubs if anyone is interested I could make a topic. :) (I assume these are 42000 hubs) :)
  3. Good job! Having looked at pics on google, I think the nose needs to be a little bit sloped down. But this is no easy task, as it is a very curvy truck. Well done for sticking with it for 5 months!
  4. Awesome entries guys! Best of luck to all. :D 16: 10 5: 6 3: 4 10: 3 14: 2 17: 1 (woops typo)
  5. This is really cool! I like it a lot. Awesome how even the turning of the figures kinda sounds scary, unless you added sound effects? I'm impressed with the use of the fog machine too! I shall have to learn how to do that. Great job
  6. May I request a few more hours please? I'm working as fast as possible, but she is a big lady!!!!
  7. 10. Dock Container Crane Main functions are: •Sideways movement via 2 M motors •To and Fro action controlled by cable, powered by L motor. •Raise and Lower controlled by 4 cables, powered by 2x L motors •Grab action using pneumatic cylinder. •Extra L motors for pneumatic switch control and pneumatic pump. •Sbrick controlled Discussion topic" http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=116244
  8. Thanks Jim! I should have time to make a really good video too, its been a while since I have done one!
  9. WOW that looks really cool, I'm loving all those cables!
  10. Hey, when I purchased mine from bricklink, they were very pricy compared to the rest, but were certainly worth it! They were near perfect condition with just a bit of dust. I'm hoping that bricklink shop owners are trustworthy with their descriptions, and my advice would be just go with your gut feeling.
  11. Quick update, probably the last for WIP. :D I'm very impressed with how straight the main boom is, only drops half a stud over 1.5 meter span! And haven't finished squaring it yet. This is the container that will be used. Its dimensions are near perfect! The mechanism will be opened by a small pneumatic cylinder and a rubber band will pull it closed, so even in pressure fails it won't drop the container!
  12. Ahh yes I see what you mean! Yes I will be doing that, and suspending some lines to keep it straight under load. Yes my poor fingers! 8 hours of building like that really does hurt. HAHA, I wish! I'm actually borrowing most of it. LOL. I will try a tower crane again after this one, hopefully that one wont be such a failure! Thanks man!
  13. Not sure what you mean? :) I will try to put some diagonals in, unlike the yellow crane above. That should help with structure, it is starting to wobble a bit. I'll see how much it weighs so far tmr. :D I'll have to use a lot of BB for counter weight as that is the only thing that is legal yeah?
  14. Thank you very much! I doubt it will win any beauty contests tho! It is very very strong tho, with a span of the main legs about a meter long requires significant force to bend, like 10-15kg easy. In hindsight I should have built the main boom like this and used the frame work for the legs, oh well. Here's where im upto now. These are the rails the cab will run on.