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  1. I believe (for purists), the rubber "feet" can be also made of 2l rubber liftarms. As for the model itself, these self-balancing things are still a kind of magic for me! Great to see our magicians doing something unusual
  2. It reminds me RC buggy models, especially the title photo, quite authentic! It even inspired me to stop the existing projects and make some similar one - crazy lightweight thing. The only moment I don't like is an extremely low gound clearance under the front axle (that H-shaped liftarm that embraces the motor connection)...
  3. I was never fan of the original model (I really don't like it) but yours is just fantastic! So Willis, so military so olive-green! The only thing that is needed here is a white star in a circle at the hood for 100500% authentic look!
  4. Hold on, man. I know which brands are good and which are not (just preferred not to mention the exact names here) and I have nothing against Xiaomi - my concern was only for doubts in copying them. And, kindly don't ask others to do something in a such manner. We're all good friends here and have no bad intensions. I believe
  5. Alternatively, you can use this part to push the 3L axle-pins from outside: BrickLink - Part 10197 : Lego Technic, Connector Axle and Pin Hub with 2 Perpendicular Axles [Technic, Connector] - BrickLink Reference Catalog
  6. Yeah, especially as you really changed it a lot. That were just my own doubts.
  7. Thank you for the model and your efforts! And that you dare to do it! Honestly, I was looking at the non-LEGO (all kind of them, not only legal ones) models for a long time and among of well-known copies, there were some really interesting models. The story is not about the "copy - is it good or bad" but my own doubts in making a copy of some model - for sure, it's always OK if you do some reverse engineering for yourself, "for home use only". However, I still feel some ethical dilemma here: On one hand, it is great to try and explore something new, like we do for not-yet-released sets. To imagine how this and that was made and how it works using only some blurry images. On another hand, are we allowed to publish it? For LEGO sets, for sure not - we're here for a fair play and should not cross the border of "official/leaked" terms and make a present for copycats. For other ones - Rebrickable (I like their position) is made for MOCs, so it is welcomed to publish the Own models. On the third hand (well, I can't figure it better, sorry), I feel some freedom regarding the illegal brands - "so, you copycatted us, so I will you too", like a kind of a counter attack. There is a feeling only, as I really that the ice here is sooo thin.
  8. I think, all these treads should have some ordering, like a list of included models in the first topic. Axle collection thread is a nice source or random goods but worst ever thread to find something certain... I really wish these trucks/trailers treads will not turn into that heap of random assemblies.
  9. Void_S

    [RUMORS] 6x6 Mercedes Zetros

    Historically, very first models had a fixed front axle (the "cabin" half-frame's artuculation was enought to act as pendular suspension) however it was nearly impossible to drive them 20+ km/h. So, they quickly got a suspension. I wanted to say that fixed axle will work too but only for crawler-speed machines only... Maybe, this Zetros will not be so fast?
  10. Void_S

    [RUMORS] 6x6 Mercedes Zetros

    It comes from the LEGO nature - the truck frames are made of ABS plastic, so they must be additionally secured in comparison with real-life steel ones. So try are bigger in size and have not some many space inside to put the inclined prop shaft. The horizontal one better fits the horizontal frame with horizontal pinholes
  11. Void_S

    [RUMORS] 6x6 Mercedes Zetros

    Well, with planetary hubs I see no real necessity to use new ("RC") differentials. For sure, it would be great to have them (and I really hope) but let's keep in mind as the drivetrain is speeded-up in 5.5 times it will be less loaded in 5.5 times too. So the new differentials are purposed for a heavy-duty application will bring no gain here...
  12. Void_S

    General Part Discussion

    So, looks like it was not a knockoff but an absorption I really disappointed with the lattes things happened to parts molds and colors: I don't care if the inner part of pins is squared or rounded, but the axle hole must be always 90-gregrees oriented. Not 89.9, nor 90.1
  13. Ooh, I like this rear side, with the easiest access to the battery compartment!
  14. Hmm, I see rear suspension))