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  1. @Didumos69, is it feasible to rotate the 3L axles with a stop at 180 degrees to put their "stops" into the gears' holes? I think that should look even better, but don't know if it may affect the physical aspect somehow.
  2. I believe that it's for 8475 and 8366 sets, not for the MOC
  3. Sorry for replying in a very old topic, but I couldn't resist to make an LDD version of it, and publish here: https://bricksafe.com/files/Void_s/8051/8051 MOC Hardtail Chopper by zor2ox.lxf
  4. PG52's creations

    It's a very nice and accurate solution to move the steering rack (racks, in your case) outside of a pendular axis. I like the way how you did it.
  5. Do you mean where the diff was placed, taking into account a battery and Servo? Well, I don't mid as well... But since the instruction for 4WD (is it 4WD or AWD, by the way, how the axles are coupled?) is paid, the author may prefer to keep it in a secret
  6. Yes, they didn't but I can't get rid of the idea that they still made it as an option: 42029, 42039 and other sets of a similar size have two (at least) voids: one behind or above the rear axle and the second behind the steering rack. They perfectly fits Servo and L-motor (or XL-Motor after a minor modification).
  7. Just got a new e-mail from Kickstarter. Well, what can I say? Finally...
  8. I think that the idea was to replicate a such thing: caterpillar treads over the pneumatic wheels, like John Deere 1270G 8W.
  9. If got it correctly, I_Igor meant that existing Claas tires are too big for this model, and TLG used the common small balloon tires (smaller + commonly used everywhere = cheaper). Claas tires aren't cheap and, if they appears in this set, the price (that was already raised in 2018) become even higher.
  10. Is it a full-blue, two blue shades (blue + dark azure), or blue and black?
  11. Well, keeping the same "unofficial research" idea, I believe that 42073 with two pull-back motors (one per axle) without a hard link, may show the best result: you know, two different wheel sizes, two torque moments etc... It should come as two-stage gearbox (smaller wheels provide a better acceleration, and than bigger ones will keep increasing the speed). Sorry for offtop if I am...
  12. Thank you for a great review (again!). Maybe it would be correct to test them on some dirty/sandy surface? Since "Whack!" is painted on a road track, and "Bash!" on a sand one, I think that there are no doubts that 42072 wins on his "home" surface. Is there any way to compare them at Bash's track?
  13. General Part Discussion

    Just as an informal announce, user Manybicks spotted that coming set 42082 (Rough Terrain Crane) will have a number of 24121 Gear Rack 11 x 11 Curved (4 of them, most probably) in black color. It's time to build big cranes without a color vomit situation, isn't it?
  14. Yes, it really looks cool. Even the half-studs matches perfectly. I can not say that this part is really required, but I don't mind if we got it as the official TLG part. However, returning back to the topic, I still afraid that TLG will put a simple V-shape engine...
  15. Yes, unfortunately. However the changes becomes true. Slow, but still comes.