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  1. It looks really great! Looking forward to see the final result, but the only thing that I'd changed is a "double-layered" hood. So far it's an interesting combination of 42029 and 42039-B
  2. You can just put it somewhere outside the main assembly, rotate and put it back.
  3. Yeah, I tried to copy 1969-1970 original model that has relatively small wheels (even R14 in some editions), so I it was an initial size that I tried and so far it fitted perfectly, especially since this model wasn't a scale model initially. Now I see that I have to check the dimensions and, right, the hood could be adjusted. @Nebulaire, well, I'd like to make a dragster version as well (ahhh, the wheelie start with burnout by a pair of buggy motors), but a bit later
  4. @rm8, yeah, I remember, and it's a reason why I decided to try it . I'm also looking forward to see it once, "a dish from the chef".
  5. So far it has a fake V8 engine, and I don't believe that LPE could fit here... @Leonardo da Bricki, @I_Igor, @kbalage - thank you guys! I'm also not satisfied with a current hood, so I have to fix it and make it longer. Thanks for a note.
  6. Hello everybody! A long time ago I got my 41999 and decided to turn the hull back to the car that it was initially - a classic American muscle car. Initially it was just the same car with a lower chassis, but I preferred to make it more authentic and more detailed MOD (and a bit MOC  ) saving as much as possible original solutions and parts. There were a lot of speculations of the exact model (41999-question), but I like Dodge Charger R/T 2nd generation ('68-70), so it's the final target and magic has been started... First of all, I started with modifications of 41999 Crawler. It's a great model and I was just happy to see how Egor turned the car shapes into the curved panels, but Boss Crawler was too high, so lowered the chassis by 4 studs (removing the bottom section with Servo and two 5x7 frames), added a front axle with an independent suspension and a rear live axle. Both of them uses a shorter shock absorbers, meanwhile the front axles has a torsion suspension in the real live. I've made a draft of it and will add to the model some later... So, the result is following: v1. The chassis. Muscle Car 41999 MOC v1 Chassis.lxf v1. A road version. Muscle Car 41999 MOC v1 Road.lxf I's a default hull with some minor visual modifications, mounted on a lower chassis. However it's still too high, in my opinion. v1. An off-road version. Muscle Car 41999 MOC v1 Offroad.lxf I liked @efferman's Station Wagon and @NOS_Dylan's modification, that better meets a lower chassis. v2. A major modification. And finally the better version that I've made so far: even more lower than version 1, wider by 2L and now has a Big Block - fake V8 engine. To be continued...
  7. Why not? They are strong enough, has a good bogie feature with nice limiters and could be easily mounted without any stress for a drivetrain.
  8. Well, I don't think so... There is no portal hubs with 20/12T gears reduction (1.6667 ratio), yes, but in the same time the wheels size is smaller as well, and the ratio is even bigger: 94.8mm (Crawler tire) vs. 41mm (big tread sprocket) has 2.312 coefficient, so 9398 Crawler with 42069 tread attachments slower in ~1.387 times (2.312 / 1.6667).
  9. I did, but only on LDD so far. The Crawler becomes narrower by 4 studs: -1 without Portal Hub at the each side and -1 at the each side due to the tracks (they are narrower that tires) and lower by 2 studs, so I suppose that it becomes less stable against the side-roll and has a smaller ground clearance. Moreover, it looks to cute and small against 42069
  10. Yeah, and due to its construction, they could be mounted seems to everywhere as replacement for 42000's / Claas wheel hubs, or Portal Hubs after a minor modification of kingpin mounting points. I really love these perfect tracks! Did someone put them on 42070 already?
  11. It's all about practice and keeping a desired result in your mind. I also started from "physical" bricks, but now I'd prefer to check some assembles in LDD (that allows only legal connections ) and then build it and perform some physical tests. As for gears pairing, you just should rotate one of them at 360 / (Teeth_Num * 2) degrees (half-step between two nearby teeth) and then it will fit perfectly.
  12. Thank you! Here is the very first draft (WIP, however the preliminary size is more ore less understandable) of the Rally Car: http://bricksafe.com/pages/Void_s/2018-sets Update: made some additional progress with livery. I think that this model should be a combination of 42039 24h Le Man Car and 42050 Dragster, basing on the size. The black 20T gear at the roof is a HOG steering control, so there is no PF. And features could be: - Steering (via HOG) - Fake engine. Most probably 4L, but I don't know where it could be placed: there is not so much room under the front hood, and the engine could be placed only transversely (or the front suspension must be McPherson), or it could be placed in a roomy rear part with direct connection to the rear axle.
  13. I'm trying to make an LDD replica of its livery and wheels (so far we don't have any belly shots or even features description) and exactly Claas rims perfectly fits into the given scale and panels size. I realize that I'm not allowed to post it so far, isn't it?
  14. Hmm... Did any better image leaked (who should I PM to?)? I realize that a rally car must have bright calipers, hubs, shock absorbers (as well as be covered by a lot of stickers), but can't see anything at the current image.
  15. @WvG_853, yeah, usually such sets are likely "H1 flagships" that means a middle-to-big size model with some PF or PF-compatible features, but not so tasty and impressive as in the real flagship. So far I expect the second encountering of 42024 Container Truck with the same wheels, but long-nose licensed truck and a semi-trailer featured by side outriggers like 42070 has. Anyway, let's wait and see...