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  1. Void_S

    Black Interceptor

    Well, it could be also done in a more legal manner with a black sticker. Not such authentic but better than nothing.
  2. Void_S

    Black Interceptor

    Heyyy, Immortan Jim has called him to Valhalla, he's awaited! Really great to see how perfect this model came right in time.
  3. Void_S

    Grohl's Creations

    Great! You really keep challenging yourself by beating yourself's perfectness again and again. I just watching how you're making the best c-models of your own models and... What, is that a magic, right?
  4. Void_S

    42112 Concrete Mixer Truck

    Plus to that, 2013's 60018 City Cement Mixes has exactly the same design (and even a tiltable cabin, in the City series!), so the chances to get something different than 8x4x4 (8 axles, 4 driven, 4 [other] steerable) cabover truck are very low. And for the functions, as the cabover EU-like trucks are a very common type of Technic sets, they supposed to be: Openable doors, I don't remember the truck in the same scale with no openable doors. The steering. It was proved that the 1-2nd axles are steered so it would be great to have something with 42078-level complexity but personally still I expect 42008-ish dead-simple scheme with the racks and 3L and 4L steering arms. And an orange flash beacon for HOG. It was perfectly made in 42079 in the same livery (and possibly by the same designer), so the chances are high. The 3-4th axles are driven. It is a mandatory thing for construction machines so I really hope that TLG won't be lazy doing 8x2 constriction truck. That would be a fail. No suspension. Plus something for the mixer drum rotation I believe.
  5. Void_S

    Black Interceptor

    Plus to that, it must come as "untitled wasteland car", as the ideas platform suits only non-branded non-related to any IP or franchise things. So, "Mad Max" won't work here. One more reason not to put it on ideas (because pointless)...
  6. Void_S

    42111 - Fast & Furious car

    Yep. It has a lot of pipes behind the front seats
  7. Void_S

    Central differential

    As far as I can see, if the central diff is presented, it's the single one between 1+2 and 3+4 axles. The LTM 1070-4.2 has 3+4 axles driven and 1+3+4 in some modifications, so I wouldn't use it for 3+4...
  8. Void_S

    42111 - Fast & Furious car

    Yeah that would be way better. However, if it's not an "F&F" charger but "F&F 9", it's a 1970 charger with widebody kit and... mid-engine! If so, the first mod would be to return the engine back to home!
  9. @Clever Nickname, so far not, unfortunately. I'm taking a pause for a few months due to family reasons. Added 2019-02-21. OK, now it's some time to continue... I haven't finished the Granite model yet but the Set-Forward platform is ready and have very a few differences to the original 42078 model, so all modifications, all RC motorizations are compatible. https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-36219/VoidSerpent/mack-pinnacle-set-forward/#comments https://bricksafe.com/pages/Void_s/42078/truck_mod_pinnacle_sf Since 2018 year the Mack Trucks company is producing the Mack Anthem model that replaced the set-back configuration of Mack Pinnacle model and now they both, Pinnacle set-forward and Anthem (set-back), shares the same platform, engines and other things that include even interior stuff.So, let me introduce the Anthem's modification that turns it into it's more brutal brother Pinnacle.Features Modified front frame ending where the front axle is placed 3-studs forward for a better weight distribution. Old-good American classic configuration! All other things like steering, mount point for other submodules are the same, so it's fully compatible with all Anthem modifications (custom cabins, custom frame length, etc. including my lovely tri-drive one). Modified hood that was borrowed from grego18's Mack Granite Dump Truck, that I modified to better match the Pinnacle grill and fenders. Custom "flat" bumper that represents the chromed plate which is the most common bumper option for set-forward trucks. Luckily to its shape there was no necessity to add any extra things like virtual pivot points or something similar. Just literally the same scheme from Anthem, so all RCing mods are fully applicable here. And now few match-renders of the original axle placement (blue) and new one: As a teaser, the Granite is not far from the finish, together with compatible to all "Mack family" (existing and coming) Daily cabin.
  10. Yawww... Now it's a fully playable set that has imho even more playability rather than the A model. I see this set now is accompanied with 42098 as a fantastic pair or truck-about competitors: DBG vs Red, modern-effective vs old-school classic (I still prefer 42078 for unique solutions). And new models still keeps coming, thank you guys for making this world amazing!
  11. Void_S

    Technic 2020 Set Discussion

    Well, it may come true: drive + halfframes rotation/steering + dump unloading. The same features, so even don't need to change something in the software. However, looking on how TLG made the Control+ layouts, controls etc. making any B-model generally may mean making another Control+ profile. Unless it's the same A-Model but differently shaped.
  12. Void_S

    42112 Concrete Mixer Truck

    So, the color scheme is the same as for Bucket Wheel Excavator and Heavy-Duty Forklift: Dark-blue + Yellow + White/light bluish-gray. Suppose some stickers for the cabin with yellow stripes.
  13. Void_S

    42115 Lamborghini

    That could be taken as just "non-ordinary opening doors" rather than exactly "gullwing". By the way, these doors (Lambo-ones) were already presented in 8070 and worked amazingly.
  14. Void_S

    42113 Bell V-22 Osprey Helicopter

    Did you mean that one?
  15. I believe so but just wasn't very optimistic as the model itself could be bulky enough to fit the full-size unit. Like 42109 that was screaming for something more compact So, I'm really looking forward to see 2020 H2 sets anyways.