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  1. Void_S

    [MOC] Volvo Mars Mission

    I can't add even more! It's an amazing (ehh… Martian robo-dozer?). I don't know how to call it but I love it Really great MOC. I especially enjoyed the driller animation (such an awful monster nose) and how fast the auto-tilt reacts on the surface changes, nearly immediately.
  2. Void_S

    New LEGO Forma

    @TeamThrifty, it sounds very reasonable. Personally, when I was reading your text I imagined a bit different kinetic sculpture - the Koi model that is made of levers and counterweights and moves (in the same manner, probably) by the air movement (wind or breath), not by a number of gears and lever. Just stays somewhere and moves independently while you're just watching.
  3. Void_S

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    I think that it's mostly promo for 42077 to warm up the customers willing to get it. Anyway it's too explicit to be a hint: "It's Mustang in a Lego Technic livery. Guess what kind of a real car will be one of next sets?" Porsche and Bugatti were very hidden until their release.
  4. Void_S

    LEGO Forma - 2019

    I build this model (yes, I reverse engineered it but will not publish anything related to it as I respect the IP) and can say that it's something should be done with a tail - it really moves in a wrong direction violating the "bit by bit" sequence. I would add one more levers pair to move the tail correctly.
  5. Void_S

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    It could be not a big challenge if they use new gearbox elements (I really hope), but at least I want to not having V2 or V4 (something that appeared in a similar scale models)
  6. Void_S

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    I afraid that it could be something between a loader and dozer (a dozer that can raise the blade/bucket higher then normally) as we just got a forest harvester and more or less usual wheeled dozer. Whereas the tracked dozer has been released years ago.
  7. Void_S

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    Here is the translation: 42088 - 车汽升降机 - Car lift 42089 - 汽艇 - Motorboat 42090 - 潸逃卡车(回力车) - Escape (getaway) truck (pullback car) 42091 - 逭击警车(回力车) - Sniper? police car (pullback car) 42092 - 救煖直升机 - Rescue helicopter 42093 - 雪佛兰 Corvette ZR1 - Chevrolet Corvette ZR11 (previously was introduced as Super Car) $49.99; - 579 parts 42094 - 履带式装载机 - Track Loader 42095 - 遥控特技赛车 - Remote control stunt racing 42096 - Porsche 911 RSR (previously was introduced as "GT Race Car"), $149.99 - 1580 parts. Maybe the "licensed cars" are just examples of how the models look like? 42093 is close to B-model of 8041/42041 Race Truck or 42075 First Responder taking into account the parts number, so it can't contain so many features... "GC Race car" probably, is just an RWD car like 42077, but in a circuit race livery, a-la 42077 with 42039 aerodynamic kit.
  8. Void_S

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    Some my thoughts on the sets, their price and parts count. 42089 Power Boat, $14.99 - 174 parts. Is that another "Hydroplane Racer" or more boat-ish vessel? A pull-back pair: 42090 Getaway Truck - 128 parts ($21.99?) 42091 Police Pursuit, $19.99 - 120 parts Reminds a well-known pair of Getaway Racer and Police Interceptor. A truck and a car? 42092 Rescue Helicopter, $39.99; - 325 parts As it was mentioned earlier, it looks a bit overpriced for its parts count. Maybe a some interesting comes? I do think that it's due to some branding tax. However, it possibly may have a lot of gears inside, like main and tail rotors, the winch... 42093 Super Car, $49.99; - 579 parts The parts number and price reminds me a B-model of 8041/42041 Race Truck with 56mm wheels. Mayme closer to 42075 First Responder, but with more details. 42094 Tracked Loader, $79.99; - 827parts I wish the B-model is not a snow groomer, please... 42095 Remote-Controlled Stunt Racer, $99.99; - 324 parts Following to previous RC models, I suppose that A-B models should be a road-track and off-road-like cars. 42096 GT Race Car, $149.99 - 1580 parts Looks like a successor of 42039 24H Race Car ($129 / 1219 parts) and 42077 Rally Car ($100 / 1005 parts). The price seems to corelate to the parts number, so it definitely should be a car on 68.8mm wheels and with no motorization. Doors, hood, trunk, HOG and a face engine. As it's a GT, V6 or V8? The B-model... SUV, Buggy-like car, what's next? That should be something with a bigger road clearance, may be some Pickup?
  9. Void_S

    Washing in Dishwasher

    They contain the metallic and electric parts that will have an oxide cover that will break them. I would be advised to remove the PF parts from the models, disassemble them and apply some Loctite-like electric parts cleaner. The faster you did that the more chance to save them and revive.
  10. Yes, exactly. I spent two more minutes to make a proper assemble in Photoshop, as I don't have this set. Here is:
  11. Void_S

    General Part Discussion

    Wonder if the bigger number of contacts (6 now versus 4 in PF) means that it has some more features like different behavior for the reverse, like blinking instead of the constant light that is perfect for some warning lights on construction or tow vehicles (it's always nice to have such things out of the box). Otherwise, it's strange to have two more wires for no purpose. Anyways it looks more compact than PF ones, too bad that they can't be stacked using this new socket. Say goodbye to Christmas tree-like MOCs
  12. Void_S

    Question about an ABS safe silicone spray

    Since there are many Silicon sprays were mentioned why not to make a short recap? Cyclo C33V Silicone Spray Lubricant (Silicone + Oli distillate + Heptane + Propane). Used by LPE Power, looks like safe. Petroleum Jelly - provides too thick layer, may increase the slip resistance for LPE. Wet platinum premium lubricant - used by nerdsforprez, no issues were observed WD40 PTFE Spray (not WD40 Spray!) - used by Berthil for GBC, no issues were observed As for me, I used WD40 Specialist Silicone Spray (Geraniol + NSF H2) with no any issues, but for a too short period to say something.
  13. Most probably it is! The rotation must be stopped when something (rotating superstructure, crane arm etc.) stalls touching the limiter, whereas the TLG wheels don't provide enough friction to really stall trying to push the wall. I tried to do that (wanted to reach the power battery overheat) with modified 9398 (with no diffs and very strong reduction), so it started jumping instead of stalling.
  14. Void_S

    Tribute Model 8880 Evo

    You're welcome! I just did my best to turn amazing Attika's model into the LDD, plus bring some changes made by IRONDUCK, so now the link refers to the more ore less finished model
  15. Exactly, it perfect moves when even one wheel has a firm grip. Great model, too bad that don't have 4 L-motors (so far)!