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  1. Void_S

    Kostq's MOC space

    Wow, man, the models are fantastic! I couldn't imagine that "steering lock" for pullback mode can be done with quite a limited number of parts
  2. Void_S

    General Part Discussion

    I wouldn't say so... I still remember some failed ideas of very compact chassis where this part was literal salvation. MOCs will show the future of this part)
  3. Void_S

    [MOC] Rat-Rod

    I would say it's more for Scale Models forum but the rat rod really amazing! I love the engine design with glasses. Makes me thing about some relations to bootleggers
  4. Void_S

    Flaperons [IDEAS]

    Amazing idea! I see one more (may weird enough) use of this thing - a suspension. Imagine that "flaperons" shafts now a the wishbone shafts (they must be turned at 90 degrees). Red output will act as "both wheels together" suspension and may be used for the ground clearance adjustment Turntable will act as "left-right" suspension. As an option, the turntable may have a harder spring and red output softer. This assembly will work with a suspension with a kind of anti roll-bar.
  5. Void_S

    Decreasing number of MOCs

    I afraid that splitting the forum to sub-forums will actually split the people too: I believe that "criticism not allowed" may just become a kind of museum, we you saw something and them moves along to the next one. Shh, keep silence and don't touch them! The "scale models" forum was split once and the activity is very low now... Instead, I would just add the same "criticism allowed" and "criticism not allowed" sentences to the individual posts, if the author accepts, refuse, or just doesn't care about the criticism. As the MOC and total activity, I would say that following to social networks, the global trend leads to system-like sets (Star Wars and other similar things), whereas the Technic ones are "complicate enough to be a restful toy in our complicated World". So, only "techno maniacs", a very limited group of people, shared this spirit of The Grey Gear and Axle.
  6. Void_S

    [MOC] The firsrt plane.

    Just a grain of nerdy nagging: the navigation lights are should follow the rule: right=green left=red. Great model, besides that, reminds me very first stud-less Technic models. I would call it "bicycleplane"
  7. Additionally, if you want to make it more complex, it may add a lifetable tag axle (explicitly tag, not DAF's pusher axle). EU-North countries loves them they performs the best on icy and snowy roads.
  8. Hmm, reminds me Scandinavian sliver-careers. Nice and authentic use for Scania truck!
  9. Void_S

    General Part Discussion

    Yeah, just the same wheel but with different center hub (2*2 studs instead of a center single one). I also wanted 4-stud one but will still wait and hope...
  10. One more modification is coming: A twin-steering truck which are highly popular in Canada and New Zealand (better weight distribution and handling on slippery roads). The main idea is to have a Mack-compatible chassis, for all other trucks and axles -wheels combination, but now its presented only for Anthem, as a variation of the "Euro Panthech" twin-steering Kenworth (Australia). https://40ton.net/245-metrowy-zestaw-z-pojedyncza-naczepa-eksperymentalny-sposob-na-niskie-spalanie/ I need to polish the linkages and then publish the filished model.
  11. Void_S

    [MOC] 42110 model B (truck)

    I especially love the "REDNEFED" (ɹǝpuǝɟǝp) logo under the windshield and at the steering wheel Besides the jokes, the wheel arch use is pure genius! I recall the discussion of its possible use when the 42110 was revealed and now it looks like the total end of the discussion.
  12. Perfect! It was a surprise for me to see that it also an alternate build.
  13. Possibly, it reminds a bit Tesla's Cybertruck... Anyways, it also definitely had inspiration from Dodge M4S "The Wraith". Just my impression
  14. Void_S

    [REVIEW] 42112 - Cement Mixer

    I wondered why they did such a strange assembly with a 3L axle with stud and a tile and now they just returned back to the old-good scheme. Did they just try something new and failed?
  15. I calculated the same: [2L fender] + [11L body] + [2L-fender]. The only moment is here, is how the axles are made - do the wheels aligned with the fenders or placed even wider?