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  1. It also got these Porshe wheel arches, Claas tires and wheel hubs and some new other parts.
  2. I do agree completely. I was very surprised by a great number of semi-illegal connections while was making an LDD version these days, and I just couldn't add some parts just because of some small bending of then (a very little, but enough to be discarded by LDD): liftarms at the bottom edge of the doors, 2x4 L-shape liftarms between the front arches and doors etc. Now I see the obvious reason for that, nice touch
  3. Void_S

    General Part Discussion

    Yes, and it looks like 20T gear (notice the same inner "cross") but with an inclined rim instead of the teeth crown.
  4. The first one really looks like a Straddle Carrier that moves very heavy steel plates. Front + Rear axles steering, very rigid frame and a colossal bearing capacity. That's it, @CopMike is right. The second mostly reminds Liquid (Molden) steel carrier (look at the giant "cup"). For more information, you can also refer to Kress machinery: http://www.kresscarrier.com/CarriersLadle.html.
  5. Void_S

    General Part Discussion

    Guys, maybe I missed it but didn't find here, but some new parts of 42083 arrived at BrickLink: 35186 - Technic Driving Ring Extension with 8 Teeth Inside and Outside. That has less backslash rather the older one with 4 teeth. 35188 - Technic Changeover Rotary Catch. 35185 - Technic, Gear 20 Tooth Double Bevel with Clutch on Both Sides. Finally!!! 35189 - Technic, Steering Wheel Hub 3 Pin Holes Round. Holes instead of pins, that dramatically reduce the use scope, but compatible with new wheels (see below). 37383pb01 - Wheel 62.3mm D. x 42mm Technic Racing Large with Silver Outline Pattern. Not very useful like the previous one, but works with Braked-hubs (see above).
  6. I thought so, but wanted to get rid of any doubts, so I'll put it on hold so far. Thanks!
  7. Sorry if it may help anybody illegal one, but I'd prefer to ask beforehand. Am I allowed to publish here the LDD model of this set? I finished it by ~50% already and strongly believe that it may help in the further mods.
  8. Void_S

    General Part Discussion

    He was talking about a worm gear-like changeover thing (that not yet released), not about not so recently issued 1L worm gear.
  9. Sorry if it was replied, but the diff looks unchanged and moreover it connected yo two 2T double bevel gears - regular driven tan and a new blue that just supports the diff's crown.
  10. I think so, a brake disk should be a middle part between the disk and hub (both with pins), so the brake disk should have 6 holes.
  11. Void_S

    General Part Discussion

    In general, this clutch gear (I suppose that you mean the white one that can slip) will start slipping when the torque exceeds some limit. The result will remain the wheels with a very low-traction tires: a motor will be trying to rotate that gear that slips easily. So yes, the model will get stuck over obstacles. I don't think that it's a great idea to use them, as the portal hubs are for torque increasing, but those gears will just ruin the result.
  12. Void_S

    axle 5.5 different lengths

    Great observation. It's the same story like "axle with stop / stud end": they have 3, 5, and 8 lengths when inserted in a pinhole, but 2.9, 4.9 and 7.9 in case of an axle hole. And as for them, I don't like be getting +0.1 axles.
  13. Sure thing. Look at that LBG Axle and Pin 3L Perpendicular Connector that holds the top end of the shock absorber, its movement is limited only by the friction provided by the axle parts of black pole reverse handles. I afraid that only friction is not enough here and after some N-th change of the "wings" position (while the spring is pushing up this construction), the 3L connector just will start moving on these axles.
  14. Nice finding, but I afraid that a new part won't slip off from these connectors once.
  15. Void_S

    General Part Discussion

    Yes, for sure. I was meaning the parts that mostly used as structural connectors rather usual bushes (to fill the gap). For instance, I really don't like when these connectors appear as parts of the high-loaded axles. Maybe it's just my engineering paranoia