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  1. Yep, the bottom one doesn't have a half-visible White Globe. Both instructions for A and B models are seem to be in paper. By the way, I was surprised to the same for 42063 (BMW R1200 GS). Anyway I don't think that this set is too complicate to have a two instruction books: only boat itself, sailboom, sailboom rotation pulleys with gears and also geared rudder with a steering wheel.
  2. Usually it doesn't since sailors needs to control them independently to move with a variable angle to wind (sailboom rotation = direction and strength of a wind pressure > "speed" of the boat movement / rudder = direction of a boat movement). Instead of that, I'd suppose that the steering column (this 5L DBG liftarm) just tilts to the left-right sides to stand off the line from the sailboom to have a better sight angle and be a counter-weight to the roll caused by a wind pressure (it rolls the yacht to side where the sail oriented). Plus, since we have moved the discussion here, let me duplicate the links to LDD replicas: A-Model (the yacht) by @Tomik: Attempt to make a B-model (the catamaran) by me:
  3. I think it's a good idea, becasue I believe other memebers will join the discussion and the topic turns into the "yacht discussion" very soon
  4. Still dark azure... Well, like was promised.
  5. The PDF file with instruction is ready: https://bricksafe.com/files/Void_s/42063/42063 C-Model BMW Concept Hover Bike.pdf
  6. @Andy D I just scrolled a bit forward and saw which assembly should be a result... However it was funny. By the way, I'm about to finish PDF instruction that should be less disorienting. If Mr. Reindl don't mind.
  7. @Andy D For me it was easier to build it physically, just because I have one screen and constant switching between YouTube and LDD is a pain.
  8. Do you mean that LA is sliping and doesn't move the arm, right? I don't remember the all details, but there were a couple of white clutch (slipping actually) 24T gears, so may be they slips and doesn't rotate the LA shaft...
  9. Just to add a formal note: only normal motors exclude a Servo motor, as it uses the all four wires.
  10. I did, and even made an LDD version with a small change: 2x2 dish headlight doesn't fit under the transparent panel, so I swapped it with 1x1 round tile. Here is the file: 42063 C-Model Flying Bike with two Impellers.lxf
  11. Thank you! I've adjusted the color (it should be dark azure, if I'm not mistaken) and tried to make a B-model (in the same file): https://www.bricksafe.com/files/Void_s/2018-sets/42074-A.lxf
  12. It's me) I've started and did some progress, but you already beat me! Could send the link to your LDD file (PM or here - it's up to you). By the way, I like how the keel was made by two wheel with two smaller ones (for "tacks").
  13. Heyyy! Finally the official pics came! Well, I didn't expect too much but, the yacht positively surprised me by its steering and a sail control pulleys (despite of my expectation for some more winches). Basing on its color, how I wish that this 42050 Dragster was also released in Dark Azure...
  14. I believe the same (or in other color, at least), since we got a number of sets that uses them recently (in red and LBG color), so I see no reason to change the mold or invent a new part while the current one works fine. Especially in a pair with a new worm gear.