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  1. Void_S

    42100 QA Issues

    That's true, it would be a challenge to pull this axle anyways, as double-pulley, like double-halfbush provides even more friction than a single-bushed part. It's even an official technique to secure an axle.
  2. Void_S

    42110 - Land Rover Defender

    Yeah, and just for a small off-topic here is the list of his official A or B models: https://brickset.com/sets/list-20970. Returning to topic, I can't say why but despite the great design and technical complexity I can't say I like it... Maybe just not my type of vehicles
  3. Void_S

    KAMAZ 43118 flatbed truck

    Great model, even not taking into consideration such a small scale. I like the detailed and well-engineered things but such compact and complicated neats deserve special awards! Bravo!
  4. Void_S

    42099 Mods and Improvements

    Well, they have increased in price at BL, to be honest
  5. Void_S

    42099 Mods and Improvements

    Well, they are here, at BrickLink already: Technic, Steering Axle with 2 Pin Holes, 2 Axle Holes and 2 Ball Joint Arms with Dark Bluish Gray Wheel Hub (46490 / 92909) Technic, Steering CV Joint Axle, Wide Technic, Steering CV Joint, Large Ball
  6. Well, why not to keep making something while there is a such possibility... Almost forgot to add the main thing here: it's a just +1 one axle, but I tried to reduce the stress on the diffs (as it fully compatible with all RC mods) and made it as close as possible to the reals trucks where each diff takes the toque load for only its axle and is not engaged into torque transmitting to other axles. It is not as critical for the default tandem axle model but tri-drive mod that is supposed to manage with a bigger workload mustn't chew the diffs and gears if motorized. So, here is a parallel connection of the 1st driven axle (2nd if take into account the undriven front steer axle) and the sequent tandem of 2nd+3rd (like in the official model). Too bad the diffs size and the fifth wheel position doesn't allow to make the same for the 2nd axle, so far...
  7. You're welcome! It was the smallest thing the I was able to do to support this amazing C-Model and its creator (ghm... and the original set so-creator BTW). Now, it's time for some imagination… Have you ever heard about the bird tri-drive trucks? They are very common in Australia and barely legal is some states and provinces in NA creations with three driven rear axles. The purpose is a better weight capacity (three axles can handle more load) and better performance on non-asphalt roads in countryside. Let me present my modification for Mack Anthem A-Model: tri-drive rear half-frame. It is fully compatible with the original model and many other mocs and mods based on it (including the famous Grohl's Granite) and works the best with RC mods. https://bricksafe.com/pages/Void_s/42078/truck-mod-tri-drive You can find a building instruction (only steps for a modified subassembly) at Rebrickable for free: https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-27224/VoidSerpent/42078-mack-anthem-tri-drive-mod/ As a teaser, I'm trying to make more modular mini-mods easily compatible with the official model (and others that share the same subassemblies) like: Daycab + shorter rear half-frame, flattop 48" sleeper, side steps and gas tanks without aeroskirts (with optional tank protection rails), frame extension (why not to make even longer?) and a front bumper that Mack company calls as "basic chromed" instead of a default aero one. No side skirts and smaller bumper makes it better ready for a heavy-duty work increasing a road clearance...
  8. Void_S

    Mack Granite 6x4 dump truck

    Wow! What an amazing model! I fall in love with 42078 set and still working and working on some modifications and MOCs that may make the Mack-around models family even bigger but this model looks just beautiful, if it can be said about a brutal heavy-duty worker Granite. Forgive me M_longers and Grohl but that frontwheel fenders... They are insane! Would you mind if I borrow the roof design? I'm preparing the Daycab and 48" Flattop sleeper mods for the original Anthem among with other compatible changes and your design with a front slope with front identification and clearance lamps are the golden truth I was looking during many attempts (there was a curse - one more pinhole is always needed).
  9. Void_S

    Grohl's Creations

    Great C-D-E (etc... ) models, as usually! I like how the rear wing looks like: a huge downforce is in action, ughhh!
  10. For the fair play, I would compare them with Portal Hubs and well Normal/42000 Hubs separately, as they have many similarities and differences at the same time: Normal Hubs Planetary Hubs Portal Hubs Gear Ratio Fixed 1:1 Fixed 1:5 (approx.) Depends on the gears used: 1:1 / 3:5 / 1:3 Steering point offset Inside the wheel Inside the wheel +3L offset Suspension and steering angles Limited by CV joints Limited by new CV joints (similar to old ones) Limited by U-joints (smaller than CV angles) Robust/Torque handling NO. CV joints are the weakest part and twist easily Amazing. The model can do wheelies when reversing and accelerating at full speed. Medium. Can handle a high torque but twist the axles between the wheel hub and gears Sand/Dust/Grass protection Small. Some piecese may fall between hub parts Good. Sealed and more or less closed against the external environment NO. Some pieces may fall between hub parts and definitely will on opened gears. Implementation in the model Good. There are a lot of examples in official models. Normal. Very similar to normal hubs but the ball joints are in-built. Hard. It really needs to plan the model before the portals applying. Wheels fixation Good. 3-pin hubs + possibility to use an axle. Normal. Only 3-pin hubs. Good. 3-pin hubs + possibility to use an axle. Ground clearance Normal. Normal. The same as for normal hubs Good. A much higher clearance
  11. Void_S

    42098 - Car Transporter

    Probably, it was done to make the resulting files smaller (better for mobile devices) and have easier navigation as it not a very good UI/UX practice to scroll a very long list (of pages).
  12. Void_S

    42099 Mods and Improvements

    Yeah, it seems to be a point: "as it looks like a previously released Crawler model, it should be it but underperforms!". Really there is nowhere said that it's a crawler so just enjoy the off-road truck that runs and jumps nice. The similar thing was for a tracked Stunt Racer that was fun enough to roll and wheelie-starting but wasn't a tracked heavy offroader
  13. Void_S

    42099 Mods and Improvements

    @Horace T, do you mean a dark-blue livery?
  14. Void_S

    42099 - 4x4 X-treme Off-Roader

    Just in case, a small update for "42099 Replica" topic:
  15. Void_S

    WIP 42099 Replica

    And.. Here is about 95% accurate replica: https://bricksafe.com/files/Void_s/42099/42099 New.lxf