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  1. I got my box today (yes, I'm tooo late ) and it has the "old" number on the sticker sheet (10100106 / 6400575), like yours on the left side but I cannot complain about the Lime Color quality: The Lime is now a perfect match for the ABS parts (I see no "bluish-lime" shade as was shown here by other builders) - like the right image The Gray-shaded images are light enough, like on the left image, I see no "deteriorated print quality" in comparison to other sets. The "paper" is somehow different - it looks like not glossy white paper but more like a kind of very thin white plastic. To recap, it seems TLG made a 3rd variant - a new revision of the 1st one, but with corrected lime color.
  2. I wish.. Do know the story about 500 shades of blue? Blue, Dark Blue, Dark Azure, Medium Blue, Ligh Azure - they all are only in Technic, while City/Creator has even more "blue" shades...
  3. 42039 (and 42129, just a few parts) was in Bright Green color, that is lighter than regular Green.
  4. Then, both options are possible equally. Let's wait and see.
  5. A weird idea... What if that Black axle is a 3L friction pin with 2L axle part? Ten, the axle part is used for 16t gear and a pinholes, while friction part is used for the wheel. I don’t rmeeber if these thin wheels were ever made with axle hole, but with a pin hole they are used at the Dump Truck. So, this setup will use the existing parts and allow a better turn feature, while a solid 9L axle will not...
  6. I clearly see all these screw-drive pipes mounted on all your fantastic machinery. They perfectly match. Should we ask Jim or Milan for a badge with not a 16t gear but this new screw-worm?
  7. Or a kind of part inside new Rack+Holder for crane boom expansion, this time for worm gear instead of straight rack and straight gears.
  8. I think it has only a lifting function. The "primary lever", the arm connected to the gear driven by a wormgear stays too distant from the vertical "rails", so the "fork" in the bottom position will be counter-tilted. Normally the forklifts put the "fork" tilted toward the the cargo when lowered (to ease the loading/unloading) and counter tilted to prenet the cargo sliding out when lifted. For this nice tiny set, we may add this feature by lowering the gears as far as possible and by adding an additional linkage between the "primary lever" and the "fork cart" to control the "rails" inlcinage, as now they seem to be connected by only gravity.
  9. As I expected, they decided to follow the plan and didn't change the tires. I know, many of us didn't like these ballon tires, and would prefer Wrangler ones, but I still think that ballons are more suitable here, and, moreover, being permanently presented for Pull-Back sets of Monster Jam series will give equal capabilities in all aspects. Otherwise, having newer sets released with new tires, it will impact the older sets "value" and, possibly may violate some terms of agreement with Monster Jam.
  10. Wow, somehow it's a "good" twink of previously released small trucks... It immediately reminded me this one, by its "City-scale" smaller wheels, bright-orange (not regular yellow) cabin, DBG number, and Dark Blue cargo bed.
  11. Just in case, here is an overlay of V2 model with highlighted new/replaced parts in comparison with V1: 3L liftarm + bricks stack to secure the Mersedes Tri-Star round shield 3L bars with connectors to keep the hood locked Parallelogram hinges to keep the doors locked due to increased friction and additional mount points. A new screw-locked Hub
  12. I think, the aim that they do not exist in our life and have no typical things... Hmm.. Like in one of NFS videogames, Police versions had caltrops-spikes, EMP, and other "catching" functions. While "getaway" cars had turbo-nitro-boost abilities. That could make a challenge - if you need to add a "booster" or "buster", not only different color scheme.
  13. Ahhh, the rare and expensive part that it used only as a footrest... Just in LBG, just a ordinary footrest. I love this set already
  14. It definitely opens much more variants... I remember City/System had cush crazy subthemes as: Galaxy Squad with insect-like lime alien vehicles vs orange human futuristic vessels Alien Conquest with similar lime alien vehicles vs full-blue giant human machinery (a-la Classic Space reborn) and absolutely fantastic for Technic replication Space Police 3, with bright-colored "evil" truck-alike flying sonthign that holds, hooks and steals something. They are the farest away form he original Space themes but way to open for Techic indtruders. BrickLink Reference Catalog - Sets - Category Space / Space Police III
  15. Gha-ha-ha-ali-lli-dor... Sorry my flu