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  1. Yes, exactly. I spent two more minutes to make a proper assemble in Photoshop, as I don't have this set. Here is:
  2. Void_S

    General Part Discussion

    Wonder if the bigger number of contacts (6 now versus 4 in PF) means that it has some more features like different behavior for the reverse, like blinking instead of the constant light that is perfect for some warning lights on construction or tow vehicles (it's always nice to have such things out of the box). Otherwise, it's strange to have two more wires for no purpose. Anyways it looks more compact than PF ones, too bad that they can't be stacked using this new socket. Say goodbye to Christmas tree-like MOCs
  3. Since there are many Silicon sprays were mentioned why not to make a short recap? Cyclo C33V Silicone Spray Lubricant (Silicone + Oli distillate + Heptane + Propane). Used by LPE Power, looks like safe. Petroleum Jelly - provides too thick layer, may increase the slip resistance for LPE. Wet platinum premium lubricant - used by nerdsforprez, no issues were observed WD40 PTFE Spray (not WD40 Spray!) - used by Berthil for GBC, no issues were observed As for me, I used WD40 Specialist Silicone Spray (Geraniol + NSF H2) with no any issues, but for a too short period to say something.
  4. Most probably it is! The rotation must be stopped when something (rotating superstructure, crane arm etc.) stalls touching the limiter, whereas the TLG wheels don't provide enough friction to really stall trying to push the wall. I tried to do that (wanted to reach the power battery overheat) with modified 9398 (with no diffs and very strong reduction), so it started jumping instead of stalling.
  5. You're welcome! I just did my best to turn amazing Attika's model into the LDD, plus bring some changes made by IRONDUCK, so now the link refers to the more ore less finished model
  6. Exactly, it perfect moves when even one wheel has a firm grip. Great model, too bad that don't have 4 L-motors (so far)!
  7. Nice video, thanks! Interesting that 2WD (RWD) and 4WD buggies lands differently: whereas RWD ones do that flawless (except the cases when they touch the ground with suspension liftarms), 4WD must keep the RPM at the same level before the landing, otherwise it can make nose-over because the transmission and motors work like brakes.
  8. They are already available: book 1 & book 2 Great, so now it's time to publish the whole LDD model. Isn't it? https://bricksafe.com/files/Void_s/42083/42083 Bugatti Chiron.lxf
  9. Yes, it clicks for sure (I've built it physically first). This connection isn't perfect but I just reproduced the original assembly of RM8. You may see how it was done in his video (2:38). And... I think you hadn't to quote the images). I like RM8's idea in general, but is still trying to make it more braced and more compact, however, it's not an easy task because of the buggy motor shape...
  10. I spend some time to make the LDD version of it: https://bricksafe.com/files/Void_s/9398-4199-crawler-mods/Crawler Axle with the Buggy Motor.lxf Also, I rebuild it a bit by adding front skews (I didn't like so rectangular front end that stuck in obstacles) and increased the width: https://bricksafe.com/files/Void_s/9398-4199-crawler-mods/Crawler Axle with the Buggy Motor v2.lxf
  11. It also got these Porshe wheel arches, Claas tires and wheel hubs and some new other parts.
  12. I do agree completely. I was very surprised by a great number of semi-illegal connections while was making an LDD version these days, and I just couldn't add some parts just because of some small bending of then (a very little, but enough to be discarded by LDD): liftarms at the bottom edge of the doors, 2x4 L-shape liftarms between the front arches and doors etc. Now I see the obvious reason for that, nice touch
  13. Void_S

    General Part Discussion

    Yes, and it looks like 20T gear (notice the same inner "cross") but with an inclined rim instead of the teeth crown.
  14. The first one really looks like a Straddle Carrier that moves very heavy steel plates. Front + Rear axles steering, very rigid frame and a colossal bearing capacity. That's it, @CopMike is right. The second mostly reminds Liquid (Molden) steel carrier (look at the giant "cup"). For more information, you can also refer to Kress machinery: http://www.kresscarrier.com/CarriersLadle.html.
  15. Void_S

    General Part Discussion

    Guys, maybe I missed it but didn't find here, but some new parts of 42083 arrived at BrickLink: 35186 - Technic Driving Ring Extension with 8 Teeth Inside and Outside. That has less backslash rather the older one with 4 teeth. 35188 - Technic Changeover Rotary Catch. 35185 - Technic, Gear 20 Tooth Double Bevel with Clutch on Both Sides. Finally!!! 35189 - Technic, Steering Wheel Hub 3 Pin Holes Round. Holes instead of pins, that dramatically reduce the use scope, but compatible with new wheels (see below). 37383pb01 - Wheel 62.3mm D. x 42mm Technic Racing Large with Silver Outline Pattern. Not very useful like the previous one, but works with Braked-hubs (see above).