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  1. @miata92, no, you can't update V1 to V2 just using some software tricks - they are seems to different inside (a different hardware that more stable and could handle a higher power with no issues, I suppose). It's a reason why the application recognises which the version is connected.
  2. [TC13] Micro clock

    Well, you may add few tires or a heavy brick (73090b) used in trains or ships. I would be very sad to have this amazing creature disqualified.
  3. Got mine BuWizz 2.0 yesterday and would like to share my opinion: 1. The "Ludicrous" mode appears only if you activate it at the settings screen (where you assigns the controls to the sockets). After its activation, the three-position switch changes from "Slow \ Normal \ Fast" to "Normal \ Fast \ Ludicrous" values (I was expecting something like "Slow \ Normal \ Fast \ Ludicrous", well, who knows... ). 2. It was a surprise that polarity (or direction?) has been changed in 2.0 version: right after replacement V1.0 to 2.0 in my MOC, I found that it drives and steers backward. It didn't drop the settings (I've used one motor in inverted mode), just inverted the polarity. Now it seems to match with TLG receivers and Sbrick. 3. "Servo tremor at 4th socket" - honestly I didn't check it yet, but I will soon and let you know, @Andy48. To recap, the Ludicrous mode looks like a real 4th step above the "Fast" - it provides about the same gain to Fast, as the difference between Fast and Normal. I feel I must care about brakes now
  4. That sounds like #1 reason, together with the following one: I agree that a studless boom more than allows having two stages with only 5L thick. Or, maybe the boom isn't just a 2-staged one but contains something else that still requires having 7L thick...
  5. @JamesJT, what are the motors and gearing ratio did you use for them? And did you compare the speed with a "fast" mode? I'm curious if the difference really visible... I found the original video (with LiPo) were Miura drives not so fast, so I'm asking about the gears if you have changed them occasionally:
  6. In between "very-very" and "not so very" shades? Yeah, Mery Christmas indeed...
  7. But if you compare the length of this 5x3 / 7x3 Dogbone part with 3x3 T-shape one: you may see (I saw, for example) that the "dogbone" part is too tall to be 5x3. Anyway let's wait and see. As for the black / blue panel - remember the 2-years old story about black and gold or blue and white dress? It was an amazing example how the light and visual appearance in general may change the perception.
  8. @degenerate, @jojotakeda, yes, exactly like it happened to 9398. Also I'd add that a dangerous machine is about to must be visible and recognizable at a far distance.
  9. 42078 - Mack Anthem

    Or make another gearbox with two levers that switch directions for both functions: left one for the main liftarm (big LAs), and the right for smaller arm (small LAs).
  10. Wow! Finally, we got another really new part, however, I'd prefer it in LBG... Meanwhile, I'll pray no not getting this "autonomous" loader with pull-back motors
  11. Or a bigger-sized 8270. A wheeled excavator but with a crane arm instead of a bucket:
  12. @degenerate, thank you a lot man! Wish you a Merry X-mas too! That could be like a B model of 42063 - flying futuristic bike, that was made together by TLG and BMW and didn't have any existing prototype, or even already published somewhere. As for the tires bigger than CLAAS - I think that it's about the same to make an XXL motor - it will twist axles and other connectors even faster And moreover - imagine how expensive the sets will be.. No way, I believe.
  13. Plus longer distance and bigger speed mean a less chance to catch the model when it's about to fall...
  14. As I promised, here is the LDD file: https://www.bricksafe.com/files/Void_s/42077/42077 A-Model Rally Car.lxf This model is very roomy inside and should be easily motorized. Also I found a lot of space under the engine - it's a perfect place to put some gearbox for those who wanted it