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Found 113 results

  1. 8206 Tokyo Pit Stop 8638 Spy Jet Escape 9483 Agent Mater's Escape 8201 Classic Mater 8426 Escape at Sea 8487 Flo's V8 Cafe (Flo's V8 Café) 8486 Mack's Team Truck 9484 Red's Water Rescue 8484 Ultimate Build Lightning McQueen 8677 Ultimate Build Mater I have these 10 CARS sets for sale. After this lot, the only themes I will have are Star Wars and Superheroes. I would like to sell these as a lot. Using the 6 month averages on Bricklink, I came up with a total of $275 for these. I will offer free shipping in the US if you buy these. I can also work on international if needed. Please ask questions and make offers. I would like payment via paypal. I may also be open to trades. I am after any 2015 Superheroes or Star Wars sets. Thanks for looking, Jamie
  2. I present to your attention my new MOC - Mitsubishi Evo IX. I really like original car, that was the reason to built it in Lego version. In the first version of my machine was two speed gearbox, but I decided to remove it. Due to the heavy weight of the body, electronic parts and old receivers (V1), the machine even with 2 buggy motors drives badly. The model was built to Ukrainian Brick Fest 2014. Features / Functions: 1. Four-wheel drive through a center differential from slow outputs of two buggy motors. 2. Two receivers V1 3. Lockable central differential by M-motor. 4. Fully independent suspension. 5. Opening doors and trunk. 6. You can easily remove the battery boxes. 7. Steering with auto-reset by M-motor. Thank you for watching!
  3. Pizza Planet Truck from Cars by Oky - Space Ranger, on Flickr Hi everyone. This is just a quick build I did recently and thought I'd share it. It's a recreation of Todd the Pizza Planet truck from Pixar's Cars movies. Here's a reference image: Here's a picture of the back. It didn't really come out as detailed as I had hoped, but it was hard to do without decals at this scale. Pizza Planet Truck from Cars by Oky - Space Ranger, on Flickr I hope you like it. Feel free to comment.
  4. I was just watching a video about pinewood derby and it hit me... Why dont we make such races in Lego? And we can judge cars by performance, looks, originality, creativity, etc... We could standarize ramps so anyone can race at home and we can compare times. What do you guys think? What scale do you suggest?
  5. skcheung

    Francesco Bernoulli

    Hello, I am Francesco No one is competitor to me... I can't find any... Help me find one if you know~~~ There are too many unsuccessful trials of building, especially the front wheel. Altogether it takes me 16 months. Finally the wheels look like this. This is the most difficult process. Another difficult part is to deal with the curves... My video: Actually this is the last piece of my CARS trilogy. They are all in mega size. Hope you will enjoy my work. My previous work: Lightning McQueen: http://www.eurobrick...topic=86632&hl= Tow Mater: http://www.eurobrick...topic=86539&hl=
  6. Hi, I organized contest "Trophy 4x4" at our russian language Technic community ( It is at final voting stage. Dont wanna translate all the rules, but main rules are below: Contestants shoul build technic offroader. No cosmic design. Common rules: - AWD - body whidth - 15-17 studs - axle width between rims - 14-16 studs - Wheels can be from 62 to 83. two main discpilines: 1) Standart. You should build your car using reference chassis 4x4, instructiuon is available. Changes of this chassis should be minimal. But you can adjust wheelbase and middle part. Pf is not mandatory, but you should leave free place for it. Mainly design contest. 2) PRO You can build any chassis you want 4x4 or 6x6. PF and demo video is mandatory. For advanced builders who dont want to be limited by simple refence chassis. Author name should be a secret till the end of contest. Authors age is frrm 12 to 30. So dont be too critical:) Here I will post some photos of finalists and info about models. Links to full gallery will be below. You will not find any unique and new ideas below, cause main idea of contest was to create offroaders in similar scale and with real-look design (no copy). STANDART №1 - Trophy Truck 1 XL + 1 М Manual winch, fake engine №2 - Pickup IP SUV 1 L motor + M motor Roof behind the cab is detachable №3 - Expedition-Van 2х L motors, M-motor, L motor for winches front and rear motorized winches with gearbox in the middle. Fake V6. Openable doors. LED front and rear lamps №4 - 1938 Raven HotRod ХЛ + М - motors working fake engine detailed saloon and opneable doors №6 - Road car for active life L + М motors openable doors and trunk №11 - Carston Hawk 2х L + servo Opnable hood, doors and trunk
  7. pabloglez

    MOC Lego Cars Island

    Hi all, This is the latest MOC I built after not having built anything for a long time. This MOC comes from the idea of making my son Omar a garage for his Lego Cars collection. After several attempts we finally decided to make a resort on an island The island has a cave that communicates with the interior saltwater lake. On the first floor is the island´s branch of Flo’s V8 Cafe from Radiator Springs. On the first floor their is multipurpose room, movie theater, and ballroom. On the third floor there is a gym with the most modern machines. Over the gym there is a terrace with stunning views of the ocean. All this is topped with the logo of the Island "Cars Island". Below there are some photos. Click on the images or links to view larger. Hope you like it. Lego Cars Island_01 by pabloglez and Omar, on Flickr Lego Cars Island_02 by pabloglez and Omar, on Flickr Lego Cars Island_03 by pabloglez and Omar, on Flickr Lego Cars Island_04 by pabloglez and Omar, on Flickr Lego Cars Island_05 by pabloglez and Omar, on Flickr Lego Cars Island_06 by pabloglez and Omar, on Flickr Lego Cars Island_07 by pabloglez and Omar, on Flickr Lego Cars Island_08 by pabloglez, on Flickr Lego Cars Island_09 by pabloglez, on Flickr Lego Cars Island_10 by pabloglez, on Flickr Lego Cars Island_11 by pabloglez, on Flickr Lego Cars Island_12 by pabloglez, on Flickr Lego Cars Island_13 by pabloglez, on Flickr Lego Cars Island_14 by pabloglez, on Flickr Thank you
  8. Hello everyone I'm new to Eurobricks and I want to build a small competitive RC race car. I'm using a servo motor for steering but I don't know what to use for propulsion. I want either the M motor or the L motor but I don't know which!
  9. narbilu

    Youtube Movie - Mater

    Cars 2 - lego build Mater movie Excellent short movie
  10. skcheung

    Huge MOC Lightning McQueen

    Hello. This is huge MOC Lightning McQueen and its little brother the metal McQueen. Yes, like Tow Mater, it rolls. This weird idea comes to my mind one day when my son's birthday is coming: I wish to build him a giant McQueen and let him sit on it and ride it. By that time my son is 7 and you perhaps won't believe that LEGO bricks (without technic bricks or liftarms) can support a boy. The secret lies underneath the vehicle. I install more than 110 wheels there! Please enjoy the photos...
  11. skcheung

    Huge Moc Tow Mater

    My 8-year old son likes this and I wish every kid or kidult also likes this. Mind you... it rolls. In each of the big wheels made of black plates there hides 4 real tiny wheels. In the first glance these wheels (16 in total) can't possibly support this giant vihecle but the headache is resolved with the proper use of technic liftarms. Want to see it rolls? Watch this: https://www.facebook...&type=3 This link below shows how the wheels are made. Sorry, I don't have much time to write in the meantime. This website is in Chinese but the pictures speak themselves: http://www.minifigs....highlight=Mater
  12. Hello, honourable Eurobrickers! Warning: Picture-heavy topic... It's been a while since I've posted any new content on the forum. It's not like I haven't been building at all since August, but I've been to a few events, for the first time in my life, and I was lucky enough to be invited to contribute to Megan Rothrock's LEGO Adventure Book. It's all really been an adventure over the past six months or so. Anyway - I haven't been able to photograph my latest MOCs and get them online until now. They've been uploaded to my Flickr in the last week, so some of you may have seen them there. But here they are all together in a single topic :) After having built four, eight, five, eight, fifteen, and sixteen cars earlier (yes, I still have them all, and let me tell you, 56 cars take up a lot of room), I have more or less found the niche that I'm comfortable building in, for now anyway. My builds now are primarily concentrated in two different 'themes': The hot rods/vintage cars and the modern interpretations of classic City sets. I try to incorporate a rear licence plate in all my builds. It's not always possible, but if I can find a way to cram it in there, I will. I also generally try to give the cars rear-view mirrors and indicator lamps. And all the stickers are official LEGO - some of them may be cut, but they're all from original sets. Before I start, here's my new setup for photographing MOCs. I've been planning to get a proper lightbox for a while, and this is how it all currently looks when operational: Very happy with the results I've got so far, and they will get even better when I start experimenting with longer exposures, now that I've got a remote for my camera. Oh well. Here we go! 1) Cowgirl Cruiser. I'll start with a modernised version of the classic set #6627. This is part of my pet project, Updating the Classics. The original set is one of my favourites among the oldest sets I've got, and I knew I needed to use that new cowgirl hat/hairpiece for the modern interpretation. Two different generations meet! 2) Speedy Seven. A small British sports car that ended up reminding me a bit of the Lotus Seven. So I gave it a colour scheme that seemed to fit with that idea. I don't know what all those monkeys are doing there, but they may have been attracted by the sweater. Although Seven-esque, the car is beefier and bigger when compared to the minifig. The front end is held together by using some 1x1 plates with light clip - it's a remarkably sturdy solution: 3) Super Square. This next one is a result of wanting to try my hand at building a sand blue car - and then I needed to make do without doors or panel elements. So I ended up with an open-sided solution that I admit is a bit unusual. Naturally, the owner has a sand blue shirt to match. The front end would probably be very unpopular among modern car legislators, with the pedestrian impact rules we have today - but from my point of view, the only thing that mattered was that it looked aggressive. And it does. The roof comes off, so it can be used as a convertible... ...but the design can hardly be described as 'handsome' in any case, and to remove the roof doesn't do it any favours. 4) The State Limo. Morty, leader of the Norwegian LUG Brikkelauget, asked me if I would do him a favour and build a limousine to go with his fantastic minifig-scale version of the Norwegian Royal Palace in Oslo. This was the first version I put together in MLCad. We then decided that it was a bit too narrow to fit with the massive palace. I still ilked the design, and it's pretty much exactly what I think a L@go limousine should look like, so I built it anyway. Here's a little story to go with it: The movie star and her boyfriend, chased by the paparazzi. Nothing new there. 5) Royal Ride. So this is what I ended up with instead of the previous one. It's a much more modern type of car, and something I'd never tried my hand at before. I went for a sort of edgy Cadillac style mixed with a Rolls Royce-style grille, and I'm reasonably happy with how it ended up. I was afraid it would end up not being sturdy enough, but it's actually rock solid. Yes, I have cut the bottom tap off the plume to make it fit into the jumper plate. That's not the only parts butchering I've done this time, I'll get back to that. I painted the plume with a silver marker, but the rest of the chromed parts are from Chrome Block City (recommended). I actually built two of these, because we invited the Norwegian Crown Prince and Princess to the event (50 years of LEGO Norway), and intended to give one away if they showed up, but they couldn't make it. So I've kept them both. They'll be in Copenhagen for LEGO World, on display along with Morty's palace, and by then they'll be equipped with proper Norwegian royal licence plates - 'A-1' and 'A-2' - instead of the dollar bills they have now. Here they are, HRH Crown Prince Haakon of Norway and his wife, HRH Crown Princess Mette-Marit, waving to a group of affectionate Norwegians. And at least one foreigner. 6) The Vintage Truck. Also built on request - birgburg wanted a car that she could use in her fabulous Klosshavn diorama at the Oslo event. I came up with this: I'm quite happy with the colour design on this. The truck is also asymmetrical; it's got an exhaust pipe on the right-hand side and a step for easier access to the driver's seat on the left-hand side. And about those strange doors: They're a result of my mad Photoshop skillz :) - they were meant to be 1x3x2 doors, but the BrickLink seller I ordered them from sent me the wrong parts, and I had to use two 1x3x1 doors for the photosession. They have since then been replaced. The owner is probably involved in some sort of activity that we weren't supposed to know about... 7) Cobalt Speedster. (Accidentally mis-named "Cobalt Cruiser" when I started this topic.) A low-slung roadster built mainly to find out just how long the front of the car would actually get if I used those long slopes. The answer is: Very long. I know there would have to be a twelve-cylinder engine underneath such a long bonnet, so I added some chrome bits and twelve minifig hands to mimic small exhaust pipes. The owner has an affection for navy-style clothing... and, whaddyaknow, he plays tennis. 8) Six'n'Twelve. Another monster roadster with twelve cylinders - but with a definite twist to it. I've always had a thing for six-wheeled cars - the Panther Six, the Covini CW6, the old Tyrrell P34 F1 car, Captain Nemo's car from The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen... and they all have four wheels up front. So, I thought, why not build one? I've realised it will probably look prettier without the front pair, with a long overhang, but the six wheels make it different. And I was told that it would go well along with Jon Hall's sky-fi planes, which is probably true, it's got a bit of the same design going on. The owner relaxes with a cup of something while caressing her beloved roadster. And before you ask me about that mudguard: Yes, I did. And that's about it! "Hey, wait a minute!" I can hear you scream. "That's just eight. He promised us fourteen! Can't he count? Where are the other six?" The parts are trickling in as we speak, and I'll be updating this post when they're ready. That's another very varied batch: - The Whizz Midget, a little speedster - The Sensor GTR, a six-wide supercar - The Étoile d'Élégance, a neo-classic bling luxury coupé - The Wolverine SS, a vintage sports car ...and two more modern interpretations of classic sets - which I think you will like. I do, a lot :) Also, there's another, bigger project in the pipeline. But that's a secret for now... Comments and criticism is, as always, welcome, and there are more pictures in my Cars and Trucks and vans photosets on Flickr. Thanks for looking! To be continued...
  13. Max's Interceptor, my first attempt at replicating a famous car. Max and Ironbar (Thunderdome)