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  1. Taha99

    Your Best Technic Bargains

    Lego technic supersonic rc for $469.00 BRAND NEW
  2. Taha99


    Nice to meet you, welcome to EB!
  3. Taha99

    Hi, I'm Owen.

    Welcome Owen, nice to meet you!
  4. Taha99

    [HELP] RC Unit

    Ok thanks guys!
  5. Taha99

    [HELP] RC Unit

    OK let's make this simple. To connect an rc motor to an rc unit do I need this: Or this: http://www.bricklink.com/search.asp?q=Black%20wire%20with%20brick%202x2x2/3%2026%20studs%20long
  6. Taha99

    [HELP] RC Unit

    The RC units orange/red output?
  7. Taha99

    [HELP] RC Unit

    What do you mean?
  8. Hello all I was just wondering if I could connect an RC unit with 2 RC motors using 2 power functions extension wires?
  9. Taha99

    Small lego RC race car

    Probably I'm using a train motor
  10. Taha99

    Small lego RC race car

  11. Taha99

    Small lego RC race car

    How many RPM's does a train motor go?
  12. Taha99

    Small lego RC race car

    Train motors... How would I use those? I'm afraid it will mess the weight distribution
  13. Taha99

    Custom Made Driving Rings (3 function)

    Love to see this handle high torque!
  14. Taha99

    Small lego RC race car

    I started building the model on ldd, but ran into a problem straight away with the chassis. It was too long Iv'e searched on bricklink and RC motors are WAY too expensive I don't know how to make the chassis smaller. Currently, both the servo (for steering) and the L motor are in line
  15. Taha99

    Small lego RC race car

    Thanks I've decided now!