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  1. NickRussia79

    [MOD] 7686 Cabover

    .Lxf file will be a bit later.
  2. NickRussia79

    Decal Wish List

    2014-2016 Police badge/logo.
  3. NickRussia79

    [LDD MOCs] Everyday Vehicles....

    Well. Waiting for more cars from GTA.
  4. NickRussia79

    [LDD MOCs] imvanya's sports cars

    Police version. Like a NFS Hot Pursuit/Rivals: This is the part of the Police Department of my LDD city. Ivan, thank you for these beautiful models.
  5. NickRussia79

    [LDD MOC] Vehicles for my city

    Hello! Cars is very good, only the fire truck the wheels seem too big. Waiting for the continuation! P.S. Since I'm building a city in LDD? I would like to ask lxf file to download some of them. Thank you...
  6. NickRussia79

    MOC - Modular Car

    Thanks. Here body options from me:
  7. NickRussia79

    MOC - Modular Car

    Hello everyone! Today I decided to give you a revolutionary idea in LEGO the automotive industry. This is a modular vehicle, its function in that it can from one base to make a few variations of body and lining. Look! Versions: Sedan Station Wagon Hatch Coupe The version number is limited only by your imagination. Limo, Pickup, Van, Hearse, caravan, Taxi, Police car, etc. Вe creative, I only will be glad! Here is a link to the .lxf file. Comments and criticism are welcome.
  8. NickRussia79

    Midget love

    Oh! Saw this video on RFFL. Didn't know that you'll post it on this website. Nice.
  9. NickRussia79

    MOC: The Cars of Wasabi District

    Sorry, but I can't send you a message. Try you me. Apparently I haven't wrote in here... I'm so sorry that I forgot the password to your gallery.
  10. NickRussia79

    MOC: The Cars of Wasabi District

    Very decent car. I liked your Rolls Royce Phantom. I can throw the LDD file?
  11. Guys, I like your program and render it much brighter than in PovRay. And when will the next version with the corrected sky?
  12. NickRussia79

    Where in the World is LEGO City?

    I have a few suggestions in this regard. In sets with ambulance painted "Star of Life" is characteristic only for the US and some European countries. This refutes the version of Russia, because we have the Red Cross instead of the Star of Life. So as a form of forest police in 2012 is similar to the shape of the US Sherrif. So as a form of police in 2014 is a bit like Seattle police officers. In LEGO CITY: Undercover, the city is a blend of San Francisco, New York and Miami, but in rural areas there is a castle, which is not present in America. The game is clearly a taxi base on 1950-1980 Checker Marathon, which was a taxi US, but fire trucks resemble the European model. My conclusion: Either the United States or Western Europe. Sorry my bad English.
  13. NickRussia79

    10197 Fire Brigade Mod

    Not bad. Himself with such pleasure he wanted to.
  14. NickRussia79

    [LDD MOC] Trolley

    Hello. I recently played in a very old game called Sim City 4. And there I saw a small railway car, which quickly went on the rails. Perhaps knowing what I remember. And today I had the idea to create something like that out of Lego. So I built a little car railroad workers. Front view: Back view: With the train: Files to download: Thank you! Sorry my bad English.